thread And in the real world... fuck off.
Too late to reconsider as I'm here now. LCY-Rotterdam.

I had to make this as quick as possible to fit in with other work commitments.

Train was possible in theory but times didn't work (it takes 5 hours on the train plus the faff time at St Pancras.. I did it in half that door to door) and the train was stupidly STUPIDLY expensive.

I can't dedicate the time for the overnight ferry, plus I'd have to get to Harwich, which is another hour and a half train from Liverpool St.

Trains need to become competitive costwise. You know I always train to Scotland and back.. haven't flown that in years. Despite my years of frequent flying, I am very much pro-train if at all possible.

Love you, Al, but in the friendliest possible way... fuck off.
permalink Ha ha!
I wouldn't recommend trying that in NZ either...
permalink I'll just back into this hedge here