thread whats the scanner for? or do plotters just come with that nowadays?
I was just going to buy 3 cheap a4 scanners and tape them together....

I've not handled a drawing over a3 in about a year.

i take it you have bluebeam by the way?
permalink I draw housing estate layouts by hand at 1:500 on A0 trace
It's by far the quickest way to get through them, but it does turn into an epic arseache without a big scanner.

The scanner is 60% of the cost of the scanner.
permalink alright confucius, but philosophical that.

permalink Yes,
a graph of the cost of the scanner in proportion to the overall cost of the scanner resembles a conch shell.
permalink Just draw the plans
at 1:1000. Simples!
permalink As configured
Although it is reel to reel, the printer I work with will do a max of 800x333mm for any individual image.

However as it can do that with zero gap between images, and it can handle variable data, clever design could get you a single image 2000000x333mm
permalink wide-screen
permalink Indeed
Not of course what it's designed to do