thread Do you not just stream everything?
Bt do a nice one, but this is entirely based on the box as we don't have any set up in store

Edit, tellies though... What's your budget?

If you're not going for an LG oled then this is next best thing:

Dolby atmos, a7 processor (same as in their £1300 oled), nanocell. Good telly, awesome sound, just not oled.
permalink budget is small-ish
as will the telly be, we currently have a 32 which is basically fine, a 37 ould be idea but they are rarer.. a 40 would be a bit chinky for the space

we would stream, but I like having a stash of recorded series etc, we often fall way behind then find stuff is no longer available. it's also better for remembering what you've watched and what you havent.. and obviously means you skip ads, which you cant on ch 4's player
permalink Depending when you last bought a TV
it might be worth going into a shop with a tape measure (currys have paper ones up by the fridges), bezels have got much smaller in the last ten years so you may be able to go up a size. But there aren't many 40"s, it's usually 43".

Probably worth waiting til black friday (or at least a week for retail Christmas to kick in).
permalink yeah, i've measured over the bezel of this one...
going to 40 would be relying on the 'bezel dividend' quite heavily.

permalink Jesus Christ
why do I need to spend £700 on a telly?
permalink oh....
*puts credit card down*
permalink You don't, but if your budget is around £700 then that's
by far the best. You can spend £100 more on the next model up but there's no perceptible difference, or £100 less and lose the processor and Dolby Atmos, and the next step up is £1300 for the lowest model LG OLED (which is remarkably good but beyond most ppl's willingness to spend on a telly).

If you combine UK average hours watching telly with an expectation of a decade lifespan of your telly then that's 0.05p per hour for your £700 telly.
permalink we will mostly be watching repeats of QI on dave
if that helps
permalink Pick a telly you like the look of with a remote your happy with.
There's not a lot of difference between them at that size.

You'll struggle to get better than that LG.

This is the TV box I like the look of:
permalink we were between that one
and this one
the downside being that it needs an aerial for some reason, but it can record 4 things at the same time.

permalink It's because you want to record live telly, isn't it?
permalink yep
permalink probably something around £300

I note someone marked this down because it had no teletext

maybe stretch to £350 if i could be convinced it was better.
permalink Good telly that,
it may well come down for Christmas.

We had it on at £200 a few weeks ago and sold out.

I had someone ask if a telly came with teletext last week.
permalink noted
... cheers
permalink I can recommend LG as well
We got this one a couple of years ago and it's great!