thread Well, I'm two days into working for myself
and it's not gone red and fallen off yet.

I also now have a couple of grands worth of Dell's finest, and by Timothy laptops are very swish when you spunk shitloads on them. I figure I'll be on it 8-10 hours a day for two years, so better get it right...
permalink I don't think they'll work well for very long
if you spunk shitloads over them
permalink I maybe should have phrased that slightly better...
permalink To be fair
I was impressed you could manage it for 8-10 hours a day!
permalink Nice
Remember you have a Christmas party allowance to spend soon.
permalink But watch out for the boss
He's terrible after a few drinks!
permalink Hands like a bloody octopus
permalink I've had high end Dell laptops for years.
I find a specced-up 15" XPS pretty much spot on for my needs, which include some fairly hungry tools.

Speaking of hungry tools, I'd better check on The Politics...
permalink This is an XPS 13 2 in 1
with the new 10th gen i7, and 32gb of RAM.

I had a Surface Pro at my last job, and wanted the same ability to take it absolutely everywhere without thinking about it.

I may augment it with an external GPU for use at the desk though.
permalink I find mine drives an external monitor as well as its own screen quite happily
without the GPU struggling too much.
permalink This seems to do some strange things in AutoCAD
currently, but there doesn't seem to be a speed issue.
I'll be keeping an eye on it.
Photoshop performs brilliantly with all that RAM...
permalink I've got 32Gb in this too
and a couple-of-years-old i7

It's great. PS is fine, video editing is fine, AutoCAD, Max, Rhino all cope OK.

Even some of the weird realtime lighting visualisation stuff I use are alright.
permalink My 7 year old i7 with 8gb ram
is suddenly feeling sub-par
permalink I dunno
back not so many years ago, Moore's law would have rendered a seven year old laptop laughable, these days, there's really not that much difference.
permalink Yeah, and fortunately
the currys I work in doesn't have high end laptops on display, so there's only a couple of i7s and they have 8gb ram in them.