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went to look at tellies yesterday..... they are all fecking massive nowadays, the 40 inch ones were tucked in a corner like you'd be a freak to want one. Thos LGs do look good though, we might have to mock it up and see if we can squeeze in the 43" (ahem) and wait to see what happens in the sales obvs

btw, if oyu ever see a stereo system (idally like a midi system) which takes a mic-in and mixes it karaoke style, my mane wants one, surprisingly hard to find, they are all either super crappy karaoke machines or top end audiophile systems.
permalink It's because party speakers have cornered that market
I'll have a look later

I had a Persian chap in recently who couldn't understand why we sell 65 and 75 inch tvs when all the houses in England are small
permalink Yeah, she doesn't want 2 separate things
Which is the tricky bit

75 is monster sized,. You'd need do move your head all the time .
permalink Just spotted that that LG tv is £30 off at the moment
But I don't know how you get that online, we use a barcode for it in store