thread fact of the day
Seagrass is the only plant that lives entirely underwater.

Seaweed is technically algae

permalink why did the lobster blush?
because the sea weed.
permalink I have this desperate compulsion to stare at seaweed
I really must see kelp
permalink Nice work.
permalink I've been bladderwracking my brains for a worse pun
But afraid I came up empty handed
permalink I've got Fucales
Does that even work?
permalink Dunno
algae me coat!
permalink The fact is slightly less impressive
when you realise that "Seagras" is simply the trivial name for all vascular plants that live under water, Zosteraceae, Posidonia and other shit.
And honestly, defining plantae to not including green algae! Tut!
permalink But, as I understand it, there were good reasons
to kick the algae out of the plant kingdom
permalink Him and fucking
Biggles, aye.
permalink Ha!
Wot japes!
permalink Just the ones that turned out
to be fungi incorporating other cells. Some are fine IIRC.
permalink they are all-gay
permalink More to do with the fact
they never get a round in in the pub. Tight fisted little bastards
permalink pffft
permalink nice
permalink Gordon Bennett!
That was mentioned on Radio NZ this morning. Although nothing to do with question 2
permalink He's clearly tried.
permalink wouldn't you?
though you probably wouldn't lie about it
permalink Of course you would!
There was a young man from Nantucket...
permalink gradually learning the difference between academia and civil service
me: *quotes half-remembered figure about some technology*
all the other academics in the room: well actually no we've got 100 top-rated journal papers on the subject who are you anyway shut up

me: *quotes half-remembered figure about some technology*
civil service: you are now the official resident expert in this subject and from now on all requests to do with it are going direct to your inbox