thread If any of you London types are down near the river on Saturday evening...
within sight of London Bridge, Cannon St rail bridge and Southwark Bridge...'ll find that the "Illuminated River" bridge lighting will be doing silly things for one night only, celebrating the Lord Mayor's Show.

That's been me, that has.

Ridiculous amount of work for one night only, but hey.
permalink sounds fun
do you finally fancy catching up at some point for a pint? I can give you:

A) this very evening in Clerkenwell (hatton Garden)
B) Friday Evening in Walthamstow
C) Somewhere near a bridge on saturday Night*
D) Lunch on sunday somewhere betwixt thee and I (or possibly leytonstone

* subject to familial approvals.

permalink Note for husbands and others
that I am doing choir things on Friday night.
permalink Sunday might be best.
I'll check with Bea.
permalink cool.
we are in clerkenwell anyway this evening catching up with a mate... so if you decide that beer is required at the last minute, we have the available infrastructure
permalink I am full of the cold
and going home to work slowly there for the afternoon, so I'll pass on tonight!
permalink On for Sunday lunch though - suggest a place via an appropriate channel...
permalink will do
permalink hang on
you can't tease us all like that then not finish here.
permalink We may or may not go to a pub

Have emailed
permalink I feel cheated
permalink We went to a restaurant
and then a pub.
permalink Splendid afternoon it was too.
Lovely to ser you both.
permalink I'll message you if I see any bulbs out
permalink Don't you start.
permalink One for those who feel strongly about what biscuit goes in their tea,
and can bear poetry
permalink Also. I take it we all have seen this pile of bonkers

"Not tonight Josephine, I've chopped your head off?"
permalink Yes, we did
Fucking hatstand unpleasantness.

Those crazy Russians, as some wise German/Americans once sang
permalink Here's some slightly lighter
Russian news. Involving fat cats, but not the oligarchy!