thread It's all getting a bit Smethwick 1964, isn't it?

Edit: I spent most of summer absent from social media. I think I might extend it til after the election or I'm just going to spend my time arguing with idiots.
permalink Obviously not good
But I'm also glad it's not getting Smithwicks 1710
permalink I used to drink that all the time.
Never liked Guinness, and Harp can fuck off.

Thank fuck there's a proper selection of beers in Ireland these days. It was literally the Big Three when I was a kid, with Murphy or Beamish instead of Guinness if you were in Cork.
permalink Oh aye, same here
But I could never stand Smithwicks. Always tasted like a bitter with half a bag of sugar chucked in. Until I developed a taste for Guinness, I used to drink lager
permalink I doubt if I'd like Smithwicks these days,
now that I've drunk deep of proper craft ales and lagers in the UK.

But it was the best of a bad lot back in the day. Even then though, beer was fuckloads better in the UK than Ireland; at least there was stuff like Newky Brown, London Pride and Timothy Taylor Best Landlord
permalink Beer was always better in the UK
due to the continued existence of real ale. CAMRA don't get the thanks they deserve. Beer drinking started properly once I made to Blighty in 95
permalink This.
Very, very much this.
permalink Indeed (and both Amy and I are paid up members)
However I disapprove of their recent decision to exclude any sort of craft beer in their remit.

I mean they have cider.
permalink In all fairness
craft ale doesn't need any help at the moment (at least if London is anything to go by).
permalink isn't it that they get really shitty about keg rather than cask
or vice versa?
permalink yep pretty much
permalink I'm on the other side
they were set up to protect the existence of cask ale against the desires of the big breweries in moving to types of beer with better profit margins/lower spoilage

after a brief resurgence cask ale is again in decline, whereas keg is on the ascendancy and bring pushed by big breweries in preference to cask because it's easier to keep

so in terms of CAMRA being a lobbying group to keep alive traditional british beer types that would otherwise go extinct due to commercial pressures, I think it's good that they are maintaining that focus - keg doesn't really need that support

similarly they protect 'real' cider/perry against the economics of big breweries wanting artificially carbonated ciders that last longer

so even as a lover of both cask and keg, I think that cask needs supporting against keg, as otherwise we'll only have keg - it's not that keg isn't 'real' ale
permalink i agree, but there is a bit of a crisis
of 'fake' craft beer, where the big guys are putting out middling quality IPAs and calling it craft beer and buying up smaller breweries to consolidate them etc.... this is a different fight but one they should be helping with. SIBA are trying but if camra were willing and able to help smaler breweries "Camra certified craft beer" or whatever it could help a lot.
permalink Entirely agreed
They pretty much saved decent beer in this country back in the 70s and 80s, but they need to move on a bit...
permalink the Cambridge branch being highly rebellious
had a keg bar at the summer beer festival.
permalink splitters!
permalink Those goddamned
crazy muthafuckers!
permalink I liked their first album
but after that it went a bit too prog rock.
permalink I can imagine that as a subtitle at the start of a Monty Python sketch
One of the real benefits of working by the sewage works is never knowing if it's you that smells of pop, or whether it's the general background ambience.
permalink I've been to Tesco, outside definitely smells of poo
I can't rule out that I do too of course, but it's a start
permalink Next time I'm in said
works changing a disk or summat I'll be sure to wave in your general direction :)
permalink I'll keep an eye out
permalink I've undoubtedly told this story before, but
around 2001 I was temping and got sent to the freeman hospital in Newcastle to do audio typing. Another temp started at the same time who was in her 60s.

One of us smelled. Not in an up front way, but a bad smell lingered in our office and indeed, the whole corridor. It got to the point where I was showing several times a day because its become paranoid that it was me.

After about a month I was told that they'd figured out it wasn't me, and because nobody quite had the balls to tell the other temp that she was too smelt they just told the agency that they didn't need her any more.
permalink I remember when I was living
in Cambridge in the 90s, an engineer called Mike who absolutely stunk. I remember the Monday he got some Tippex on his arm, and it stayed there all week and was gone the following Monday, suggesting that he basically washed once a week, at the weekend. The office manager did tell him about his smell though, and he'd get better for a while, then would slip back into being smelly again until she told him off again.
permalink Amazingly,
we had Tories on our doorstep last night. Only for long enough for me to tell them to fuck right off, but in a Labour safe seat what can they expect?
permalink I find this attempt at humorous satire successful

permalink The whole thing is as bleak as fuck, frankly.
I wish I could manage to not engage with it, but it's hard work.

Also hard work is this week, where I've agreed to do two new jobs for two new clients by Monday, which is (in any conventional assessment of the situation) impossible. Can't exactly turn away work in your first month, can you?

However, I've already invoiced more than I'd predicted was my realistic maximum turnover for November, and these two jobs will double that so there's always that.
permalink Sounds fun.
I think you'll find asking a few key questions will delay the deadline somewhat.

If you need someone to wield a pen on Monday morning give me a shout.

But do remember it is better to turn away work than take it and fuck it up
permalink Thanks for this offer, which I was too busy to see until 11 days later...
Both went fine.

The one that was the straw that looked set to break my back went particularly well, and the client will phone me again, at which point I can refuse work. I am pretty sure if I'd turned the first offer away, that would have been the only offer they made!

The only significant issue arising is the near total loss of two weekends, and an extremely painful back from two weekends of drawing board hunching...
permalink today I drove to Reading
for tomorrow there is a wedding

only the 3rd time I've driven all the way south, the M4 at 5pm on a wet Friday is that kind of special experience us in the provinces miss out on
permalink Ah yes, things I don't miss about living in Reading*
trying to get out on the M4 on a Friday evening. Especially heading west

*apart from almost everything
permalink I'm ditching virgin media.
As much as I like 200+mbps internet I don't really need it, and my bill has gone from £45 to £61 this year for no apparent reason. I don't really want to be with a company who will charge me more unless I complain about it, so I'm switching to vodafone 63mbps adsl.

I've also spotted that VM didn't actually cancel a postpay mobile when I called to cancel it in May, which I'm a tad annoyed about.

Edit: of I had decent 4g at home I could just use my unlimited data sim for £7.20 a month
permalink We are about to ditch their TV part
But will keep the broadband in the first instance... Waiting for someone else to provide fibre around our way
permalink We went from Virgin to Sky to BT,
who turn out to give an excellent service, and aren't expensive.

Virgin went down for nearly two months, and when we refused to pay our bill because of that, they threatened to send in the bailiffs. So we had to pay, and then it took 5 months to claw it back when we left them. Sky started well, but the service dropped to a max of 14mbps, and often no more than 3 or 4. BT do 80-100, and are rock solid.
permalink Where I am
Vodafone via CityFibre is supposed to be available "soon"
permalink They'll offer you to do TV with for cheaper than without
permalink Scotsmen:
What's sleekit, in the context of a person? Al doesn't really use it.
permalink Ingratiating? Devious? Untrustworthy? Insincere?
All that sort of territory.
permalink Gotcha
permalink Ah!
Enjoy... which one?
permalink The Way Of All Flesh,
one of the Ambrose Parry ones.