thread I can imagine that as a subtitle at the start of a Monty Python sketch
One of the real benefits of working by the sewage works is never knowing if it's you that smells of pop, or whether it's the general background ambience.
permalink I've been to Tesco, outside definitely smells of poo
I can't rule out that I do too of course, but it's a start
permalink Next time I'm in said
works changing a disk or summat I'll be sure to wave in your general direction :)
permalink I'll keep an eye out
permalink I've undoubtedly told this story before, but
around 2001 I was temping and got sent to the freeman hospital in Newcastle to do audio typing. Another temp started at the same time who was in her 60s.

One of us smelled. Not in an up front way, but a bad smell lingered in our office and indeed, the whole corridor. It got to the point where I was showing several times a day because its become paranoid that it was me.

After about a month I was told that they'd figured out it wasn't me, and because nobody quite had the balls to tell the other temp that she was too smelt they just told the agency that they didn't need her any more.
permalink I remember when I was living
in Cambridge in the 90s, an engineer called Mike who absolutely stunk. I remember the Monday he got some Tippex on his arm, and it stayed there all week and was gone the following Monday, suggesting that he basically washed once a week, at the weekend. The office manager did tell him about his smell though, and he'd get better for a while, then would slip back into being smelly again until she told him off again.