thread The whole thing is as bleak as fuck, frankly.
I wish I could manage to not engage with it, but it's hard work.

Also hard work is this week, where I've agreed to do two new jobs for two new clients by Monday, which is (in any conventional assessment of the situation) impossible. Can't exactly turn away work in your first month, can you?

However, I've already invoiced more than I'd predicted was my realistic maximum turnover for November, and these two jobs will double that so there's always that.
permalink Sounds fun.
I think you'll find asking a few key questions will delay the deadline somewhat.

If you need someone to wield a pen on Monday morning give me a shout.

But do remember it is better to turn away work than take it and fuck it up
permalink Thanks for this offer, which I was too busy to see until 11 days later...
Both went fine.

The one that was the straw that looked set to break my back went particularly well, and the client will phone me again, at which point I can refuse work. I am pretty sure if I'd turned the first offer away, that would have been the only offer they made!

The only significant issue arising is the near total loss of two weekends, and an extremely painful back from two weekends of drawing board hunching...