thread I'm ditching virgin media.
As much as I like 200+mbps internet I don't really need it, and my bill has gone from £45 to £61 this year for no apparent reason. I don't really want to be with a company who will charge me more unless I complain about it, so I'm switching to vodafone 63mbps adsl.

I've also spotted that VM didn't actually cancel a postpay mobile when I called to cancel it in May, which I'm a tad annoyed about.

Edit: of I had decent 4g at home I could just use my unlimited data sim for £7.20 a month
permalink We are about to ditch their TV part
But will keep the broadband in the first instance... Waiting for someone else to provide fibre around our way
permalink We went from Virgin to Sky to BT,
who turn out to give an excellent service, and aren't expensive.

Virgin went down for nearly two months, and when we refused to pay our bill because of that, they threatened to send in the bailiffs. So we had to pay, and then it took 5 months to claw it back when we left them. Sky started well, but the service dropped to a max of 14mbps, and often no more than 3 or 4. BT do 80-100, and are rock solid.
permalink Where I am
Vodafone via CityFibre is supposed to be available "soon"
permalink They'll offer you to do TV with for cheaper than without