thread well its better than the alternative
I feel abut 75 today due to booxe and late nights.

i am also a fecking idiot, we went to currys to buy the new tv, looked at the right one and picked up the box underneath it with the picture of the same tv on the front of it... paid for it, sat in traffic and then realised we'd bought the 43" version not the 40" version..

which is bloody typical and there is no way i'm taking it back today....
permalink Meh,
what's 3 inches amongst friends.
permalink That's what she said
permalink It annoys me when boxes are in the wrong place.
You've got to 14 Jan to take it back for a refund
permalink The fact we didn't notice that we paid 70quid more
Than we should have expected shows the level our brains were operating at

permalink so what you're saying is
you nearly got away with it but Amy finally sussed you out?
permalink I wish I could claim it was premeditated, I was just hungover.
If we had agreed to get a 43" there was a better one than this one as well