thread A couple of decades ago
me and some mates came up with a concept production company called BURNT RING PRODUCTIONS, largely because of our love of spicy food. We could resurrect that and bring it into the twenties.
permalink Can I just say that I am exceedingly freaked out by the fact
that in less than five weeks, we will be in the 2020s?

Fuck's sake!
permalink and me & Mrs Witchy will still
think the mid-90s was only 10 years ago.
permalink Well to be fair, they were!
It most certainly can't be 20 years since I finished my Ph.D.

Screw you time!
permalink next year will be 25 years
since I graduated university.

I almost had heart failure when I worked it out as 35. So that's how long it takes to forget basic maths apparently.
permalink Last my group of uni mates went on hols to celebrate our 40th's.
We were shocked to realise one progeny was 10 already.

I only realised the other day that when we turn 50, he'll turn TWENTY.

Fuck that.
permalink *shuffles past, smelling of wee*
permalink Aha, y'ould codger ya!
permalink Hahahaha :)
permalink I danced for hours last night
at an XR fancy dress 90s rave party. My knees are absolutely fucked today.