thread Probation period is standard and legal.
Also, some staff started today without 12h off shift since yesterday and we were told that we may have to take our breaks in two 15 minute chunks.
permalink A couple of us had to do the less-than-12h thing last year
and were given an extra day Annual Leave in compensation.
permalink Is that a thing now?
I wonder if it includes travel? If so my boss owes me a ton of time off....

Oh hang on, he knows exactly how much time I spend arsing about on the internet..
permalink I don't think it's an official thing.
But my place is pretty good about that sort of stuff. They also gave us taxi expenses, because we didn't leave the office till 1am.
permalink We've discussed this before
Your boss is a lunatic, I wouldn't dare broach the subject with him!
permalink Mine's a total cunt too
The fucker doesn't even seem to pay me, from what I can tell
permalink Man, what a cunt
Sorry mate!