thread well then
we have a new favourite cycling team
permalink 48, years old

permalink epo and monkey glands
very good for maintaining a youthful outlook
permalink Mmmm
spicy monkey glands!
permalink it's not natural
literally, in this case
permalink Due to inability to tell you about it on their webnanny,
you'll be unaware that my previous employer/least invoiced client sponsored a half decent cycling team:
They used to take the fitter land directors and some consultants out for a ride/heart attack every autumn after the season ended.
permalink I had noticed that and meant to ask about that

permalink Our parent company's
UK distributor of things that carry the parent company's branding (so not our products) in the UK is headed up by a cycling but who seems to spend basically all his marketing budget on sponsoring races, teams (this year two one men's and two women's) and individual riders.

Sadly we have nothing to do with any of that.
permalink Our MD was a cycling nut also, and there are several in his management tree
However, he was fired by his dad earlier this year, that management tree is being extensively pruned, and I don't expect they'll be doing the sponsorship deal again.
permalink hah
announced this morning that their new sponsor is Soreen, Replaced by Malt Loaf.
permalink Replaced by Malt Loaf
was a decent album, let down by they poor lyrics though.