thread that's impressive, I can't do more than 3 days even with people I get on with 100%
my favourite line of xmas, overheard when I stepped out of the room to get a drink: my mum to her friends: "when he comes back, we really need to stop listing who's died or dying, or he won't come next year"
permalink Now your say it
having people in the house is really the problem, more than anything else.
permalink people
are the worst!
permalink Bea headed back to London today, having arrived on Christmas day after a few days in Spain..
I'm heading back tomorrow once I drop Minilluminator home at lunchtime.

One of the main reasons I headed for the hills last weekend, with a night at the Nevis Inn bunkhouse, was to get some peace and quiet before being stuck here for a week. My mum is basically fine, but I'm running out of patience and am a bit fed up with being seen as her excuse to do very little and "have a rest from being busy" because I will do everything. Busy? She's 89, on her own, long retired obviously, and spends most of the day drinking tea, sleeping and reading the fucking Telegraph. I'm the one who could use a fucking rest.