thread HNY you scamps!

*sups hair of the dog*
permalink HNY!
I've got to try to rouse Bea and we are supposed to meet Emma in the pub in half an hour.

She left here at about 3am after four of us got through a pretty prodigious amount of booze...
permalink And pub cancelled by mutual agreement...

I may apply hair of the dog in a while, but without leaving the house. Or indeed getting dressed.
permalink Well indeed,
I've only got dressed 'cos the house is a bit chilly. New house even moreso, fortunately I know the chimney is good for proper fires. Time for another ale and some grub I think. May head pubwards in a bit.
permalink I've got as far as dressing gown and one of the left over sausage rolls
Bea has only made it out of bed to go to the bathroom in order to throw up.

Time for a beer, I think.

Can't finish clearing up until the dishwasher finishes and I can refill it.

It appears that we got through 3 very good bottles of red, 2 white, 5 fizz, a few beers and a good chunk of the maple liqueur we brought back from Canada.

(fizz quantity amended. I missed one)
permalink I can see why going to the pub
might be a little ambitious
permalink All four of us agreed that it wasn't really necessary.
Or in Bea's case, possible.
permalink hehe, poor lass :)
I did head out for a walk pubwards but my local was shut so if nowt else it was at least a couple of miles outdoors.
permalink I ended up out dancing till about 3am
Which was suprising after a 20k run earlier in the day. Drank a bit, but not excessivly, but did end up smerking a load of ciggies, which probably wasn't clever. Jan 1st was low key, but not as hungover as feared. Was spent mostly sat on the sofa reading though. Then followed by a QI marathon.

Hope Bea is feeling more human now!
permalink Jeez, was it really that much booxe?
No wonder pub was not holding any attraction. I have eaten my way through the day. Thanks again for a fab evening! And hope Bea feels better soon.
permalink She was more or less human by 9pm
I'm at fucking work.

Which can fuck off.
permalink First - good to know
Second - boo! Hope it's not too painful.

Extra - see you in the pub later for consumption of our prize
permalink Indeed
I plan on leaving here pretty sharp today. I'll be in touch.
permalink Sounds good to me!
permalink What sort of weird backward country
does not have Jan 2nd as a bank holiday? Savages!
permalink It's fucking grim.
I miss living in Scotland.
permalink It's certainly something
I approve of in NZ
permalink I stuck to beer only
on NYE, so was OK yesterday, despite necking a metric fuckload. Brandy and limoncellos at lunch, obvs.

Dry January starts when we get back to the UK, so am currently sipping Prosecco in Napoli airport.