thread This is the most delicious thing ever.
Why wouldn't you want to follow us on Instagram?

permalink Because
it'll make me hungry.
permalink it's not really in keeping
with my fashion influencer profile
permalink Lacks batter.
Not deep-fried.

No cheese or gravy.

permalink I'm sure the chips are just out of shot
permalink I was assuming that.
Chippy sauce too, obvs.
permalink if you're angling for a fight
I am a chippy sauce fan, many teenage years of cheese-in-burger suppers from Franco's in Stockbridge
permalink Oh so am I!
Funnily enough I lived along the road from Franco's for a few years in the late 90s.
permalink Of course.
We can't have our food ponce reputation being sullied by manky eats.
permalink I only really use Instagram to watch skateboarding videos...
Witchy about?

Mik Artistik in May? https://www.eventbrite...
permalink Oo! Currently that's far
too far ahead though, a lad at work's invited me to his 40th in April and THAT's too far ahead too :)
permalink I've got to buy a hoover, so it'll have to wait to next month anyway!
permalink I doubt it'll
sell out. The lads at work are still taking the piss out of me for going to the LAST one.
permalink think big!
the back room of the Blue Moon only holds about 20 people...
permalink A few weeks ago I saw The Display Team there
who are a 6-piece, including the band there was a lot more than 20 in there :) It's a lovely sweaty little venue.
permalink Maybe...
Greetings from the side of the Tasman that isn't on fucking fire
permalink Is your sky a funny colour though?
It looks fucking horrendous in Oz. Shocking.
permalink Comes and goes depending on the wind direction
We have had a few days of apocalyptic skies, but moved away again. This was Auckland on Sunday

And bear in mind, we're as far away from the fires as you lot are from Moscow
permalink I don't do instagram
and I'm not that arsed about food.
permalink How very nearly interesting.