thread Hello via my phone hotspot in
the current temporary office space of the new Dino Acres. Me and a cow-orker moved all the heavy shit today which was excellent, a job well done. Didn't make much of a dent on the stuff in the garage though so by this time tomorrow my limbs may be screaming for a day off.

Hurrah for a new house! Chin chin.
permalink excellent
permalink D'you know, this is my 5th
house move on the flatlands and I've never had a housewarming, possibly because they were never my houses. This one is so it's a possibility! Would people schlep the one extra stop from Ely though? 80p in train fare? Bus at weekends while they extend the platforms at Littleport station?
permalink Yes
permalink It's not so much the extra stop beyond Ely
as the 18000 km to get to Ely in the first place!
permalink Well you WILL
live on the other side of the planet.
permalink well done,
just burn down the last place, much quicker
permalink She's selling it so
may get a little miffed. I still have to clean the place though, and since I know I'll be a liquid mess by the time I've finished moving everything (car's currently full of monitors) I'm getting a man in.