thread THE drive?
Tsk. Bloody amateurs, etc.
permalink The whole point of RAID?
My little Buffalo NAS has had a drive fail... but I was running RAID-thingy and replaced it. I'll probably have to replace the other one sooner or later...

I know RAID on two drives isn't that smafrt, but it works for domestics...
permalink We always hang in a Buffalo NAS
We do the drive every time we dance
permalink I'll give you love baby not romance
I'll save your files nothing left to chance
permalink Raid 1 (mirroring) on 2 drives is absolutely for domestics.
A backup to a single drive isn't a backup and I'm baffled why 'reputable' NAS people sell single drive options.
permalink Of course.
But at least it works at that scale. It is R, and it is an A. Generally the Ds are fairly I.

A single drive solution isn't R and isn't an A?
permalink Correct.
It's just something else that could fail messily.
permalink I know.
It was a gift, and I've never been able to justify spending on a two bay NAS given I don't use it for anything important.
permalink Where do you back up your
family pics to?
permalink owncloud and google photos
I've lost so many over the years I find it all a bit pointless now. If they go they go.

Edit: Although now I've got kids I suppose I should do better. I might start making photobooks.