thread Isn't it lunchtime yet?
permalink It's coffee time
and I'm researching how to change the settings on the coffee machine, because some bugger has made it so a cappucino only has 11 seconds of milk, which is about half as much as I want.

Desperate times.
permalink Eleven Seconds of Milk
sound like a rubbish emo band from the early 00s
permalink they curdled pretty early on
permalink Well, they were really creaming it in
for the first couple of years
permalink yes, yes it is
/early lunching

Does anyone want to buy a car?

Mates rates available
permalink I'm holiding out for another half hour
Then going to the pub for a pie.
permalink hmmmm pie
permalink and mmmm pint.
permalink waaaaaaaay ahead of you
just wolf'd one of those yummy new flavoured Soreen loafs.. 16g protein for 50p
can't argue with that!
permalink Noodles and Calvins
permalink hmmm chewy
permalink The banana ones are great
and unpopular, so I got a load heading for landfill for free
permalink great score!
haven't seen the nana ones.. definitely look out for those
permalink I was in Helsinki the past two days.
Crazy Finns eat lunch at 11am EET. Which is 10am in Berlin where I live. And 9am in GMT where my brain still thinks it is despite having lived in Berlin for over three years.

I was essentially eating braised ox for breakfast. I mean, it was nice, but still. By the time we finished at 5pm I was ready to die.
permalink we were in helsinki exactly 6 years ago this week
it was bloody freezing but i liked it a lot.
permalink It was chilly,
but at around -5ÂșC minimum, not as cold as I'd expect for Finland in the first week of February.
permalink I assume you broke out the Hawaiian shirt
And flip flops
permalink Morning.
I've started using the percolator for tea. Not loose leaf or anything, just three tea bags in the filter.

It tastes fine and stays warm without stewing, and I can use an Internet plug so I can set it going from bed.
permalink this is the future they warned us about
permalink I've also won a miele triflex to test and keep.
Not sure which model yet.
permalink Well, don't make
a Miele out of it
permalink or get a trifle