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going to take the bad way to work today (driving). Glad this doesn't involve going anywhere near Duxford, as the M11 and A505 are shut thanks to bits of the roof of the big modern hanger at the museum peeling off.
permalink yes, that enlivened my commute
permalink this week
it'll be interesting to see what effect the Extinction Rebellion mob have. They've certainly raised a lot of gammon blood pressure already.
permalink Not entirely sure why they dug
up the lawn outside Trinity though, but a falsely attributed pic on the twitters with an ambulance turning round certainly brought out those who are quite happy to advocate the murder of people they disagree with, which was an entertaining read.
permalink aye
every story on Cambridgeshire live* facebook (who are fucking loving the web traffic I bet) has a link to a Private group called "ANTI EXTINCTION REBELLION! IT'S GONE TOO FAR!" (set up today, and already changed from "ANTI XR!! LET'S NOT TOLERATE THESE IDIOTS!") which I'm presuming is for discussing vigilante violence.

*Cambridge News, formerly Cambridge Evening News, formerly credible
permalink I've been enjoying
winding these vigilante-action advocating cunts up on FB. Got myself banned from one anti XR group I joined specifically to annoy them.
permalink I had to bite my tongue
reading comments like 'I'd just go get my car and run them over'. People are cunts.
permalink I've been hitting the "report"
button. had a few comments removed but no accounts deleted yet