thread Yesterday I only left the house to go to the shops - about 3 mins walk each way.
By the time I got back, I looked as though I'd been pulled out of the sea by a lifetboat.

A couple of fence panels blew up the street, but not too bad round our way really.

Today it's sunny and lovely, albeit cold as fuck.
permalink snow!
permalink Just regular interludes of pissing rain here.
My colleague who is sitting in Edinburgh reports slushy grey snow shit.
permalink Just seen post match interview
From Scotland England women's 6 nations at Murrayfield and its pissing with snow
permalink just got on a train to that London
shall be interested to see if I make it

if not, no worries, tis a silly place
permalink I met my brother and family for a Nandos of average delinquence
but they had to get a train, so they ran off leaving me to finish off the remains

some teenagers passed me gnawing the final shards from the bones of two whole demolished chickens and nodded with respect
permalink Ha!
The scruffy teens cheeky Nandos nod of approval!