thread I have been having a lot of weird dreams recently
Last night it was Johnny Ball’s Hot Tub Moon Brothel.

I worry myself.
permalink I recently dreamed two song pastiches,
one of which was, a la Carly Simon, You fell out of the party/like you were falling off of a yacht

And the other was, in a blues styley, I woke up this morning/my dog was dead/my shit was yellow/my piss was red

I amuse myself.
permalink I stole the front three carriages of a central line train the other
permalink by helicopter.. i didn't just drive off in them
... left them outside my old house
permalink Great Peel session in '91 though!
I have a lot of weird dreams, thankfully they mostly fade from memory very quickly
permalink Also, let's face it.
If somebody made the film Johnny Ball’s Hot Tub Moon Brothel, we'd all watch it
permalink I'd be IN it.
permalink Ha ha!
Think of a number.
permalink I'll have a word with Johnny and the girls.
permalink time I'm on the moon.
permalink Best tell the Clangers
to stay away, they look like they won't suffer damp too well.
permalink I'm guessing Rule 34
means there must be Clangers pron
permalink Ew.
permalink Oh come on
The soup dragon looks like a right goer
permalink I'd go with the Soup Dragon,
but I'd be thinking of Major Clanger.
permalink Good euphemism
'Look at the major clangers on that!'