thread We did another film double bill
We watched The Dish and Search for the wilderpeople... As a Sam Niel double bill.

I really liked the dish, I'd never heard of it but it's really funny.. and a good heartwarming nonsense.

permalink I really should get around to watching the Dish
Have heard good things. And Wilderpeople is obviously ace.
permalink i was recommended 'The Castle'
fuck noes why it's soo popular.. though i did like the line
"there's only one thing dad liked more than serenity, and that was the sound of a 2 stroke at full rev"
permalink Frankly, I am deeply suspicious of anyone who doesn't love the Castle
It's a solid gold beauty. But then it was always more about the vibe of the thing

We went to a Castle themed evening at the Strine high commisioner's place last Welly food festival, which was great.
permalink That is going straight to the pool room.

permalink Tell him he's dreamin'
etc etc
permalink Since I have been WFH
I've found it very difficult to watch (focus on) TV or a film in my down time. I tend to check my phone a lot or do something else. I've assumed that is because I'm at a computer for 8 hours a day now rather than the 90 minutes a day if I was in work and If I have down time I'd rather spend it with my new family.

Mostly my partner has been watching Upstart Crow which has it's moments, Gossip Girl which doesn't and Barry which I have enjoyed.

Does anyone else miss sport?
permalink bundesliga is back on
maybe taking your H&S break from the screen and playing frisbee golf with the fam may solve both of those issues
permalink The exercise in my break is something I am (we are) doing
It is very enjoyable being out and about, good weather makes this much easier to cope with

I think I am just a bit grumbly because I've not had more than 2 1/2 hours sleep in one go for a while.
permalink It's because you've got a small person to look after.
I used to quite happily spend all day at work on a PC then come home and watch endless stuff.
permalink a triple bill with 'Possession' would have been interesting
i watched 'I Love you, Daddy' by louis ck and besides the difficulty in finding any empathy for the characters..
the overwrought music & headache inducing insistence in the use of soft lighting and bokeh.
the whole thing seemed to be a rationale of woody allens past & possibly his own revolting behaviour. i'd give it a miss
fortunately the day was saved by 'Like Cattle Towards Glow' which was both funny and experimental
permalink Is this the sequel to 'Dirty Grandpa' ?
permalink Those are both crackers, actually.
permalink I've watched all of the live star wars
Rogue One is brilliant. I enjoyed the new three. The Mandalorian was great.

I've now started watching Sewing Bee.

I don't watch much any more.
permalink i was pondering re-watching the prequels
people have been saying they aren't as bad as you remember...

permalink I enjoyed episode 1
permalink *manually expunges cj
from history*
permalink It's mostly the pod racing,
which I particularly enjoyed because of the N64 game.

I'm tempted to buy it on GOG but it might be rubbish.
permalink Never not relevant
permalink Video unavailable
This video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
permalink But bizarrely not in NZ
It's from Spaced. I am sure you can all imagine which scene
permalink Jaffa
permalink No the bit where Tim is bollocking the kid
who wants a Jar Jar doll