thread Since I have been WFH
I've found it very difficult to watch (focus on) TV or a film in my down time. I tend to check my phone a lot or do something else. I've assumed that is because I'm at a computer for 8 hours a day now rather than the 90 minutes a day if I was in work and If I have down time I'd rather spend it with my new family.

Mostly my partner has been watching Upstart Crow which has it's moments, Gossip Girl which doesn't and Barry which I have enjoyed.

Does anyone else miss sport?
permalink bundesliga is back on
maybe taking your H&S break from the screen and playing frisbee golf with the fam may solve both of those issues
permalink The exercise in my break is something I am (we are) doing
It is very enjoyable being out and about, good weather makes this much easier to cope with

I think I am just a bit grumbly because I've not had more than 2 1/2 hours sleep in one go for a while.
permalink It's because you've got a small person to look after.
I used to quite happily spend all day at work on a PC then come home and watch endless stuff.