thread I've watched all of the live star wars
Rogue One is brilliant. I enjoyed the new three. The Mandalorian was great.

I've now started watching Sewing Bee.

I don't watch much any more.
permalink i was pondering re-watching the prequels
people have been saying they aren't as bad as you remember...

permalink I enjoyed episode 1
permalink *manually expunges cj
from history*
permalink It's mostly the pod racing,
which I particularly enjoyed because of the N64 game.

I'm tempted to buy it on GOG but it might be rubbish.
permalink Never not relevant
permalink Video unavailable
This video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
permalink But bizarrely not in NZ
It's from Spaced. I am sure you can all imagine which scene
permalink Jaffa
permalink No the bit where Tim is bollocking the kid
who wants a Jar Jar doll