thread Got a governors meeting today
which includes reopening plans.

When I took over being a governor from my overburdened clergy friend he never said that if I got this wrong ppl would die.
permalink To be fair,. You can say the same about driving.
Also, it does seem there is growing evidence that kids are massively less likely to catch and transmit the infection, and if you stick them all outside for as much time as possible then outdoors transmission seems to be pretty rare as well.... So open the windows to ventilate the stinky buggers.

permalink It's not just about how likely the children are to spread it.
My kids are staying with my 75 year old mum and returning the kids will force myself to mix with her as she lives a few miles away and I will have to pick the kids up and drop them off. I'm going to work still and there is at least one person off with confirmed covid19.
permalink you need to hose them down with vodka before dropping them off

but your set up sounds like a case of "don't do this" either they don't go back, or you need a different set up... or a way to avoid mixing with your mum..

permalink I have two staff who are pregnant, lots who are high risk so not in school
and others who live with high risk people. Lots are parents who have been forced to send their own kids back to school because we can't provide places of wet don't have the staff.

We have a number of parents whose grasp of English is scant at best, and a number who certainly aren't boothroyd with distancing and will gather at the gates unless shouted at.

It's far more complicated than "kids are a low transmission risk".
permalink yep, for sure
but the people who aren't boothroyd with distancing will do that wherever they are.

and arguably it's the kids from more difficult backgrounds who have much more need to go back to school.
permalink Good schools will already have them in, at least part time,
but there's no legal driver for parents to send them in.
permalink There is for those children who are already designated as
permalink You don't need an EHCP or anything official like that,
you just need the school to identify you as vulnerable.
permalink Which I sort of dislike, because teachers are really poorly placed to make this sort of decision,
being (for around 79% of them) inexperienced of any scenario that is not 'being at school'.

But yes, it works for those who it catches.
permalink There are kids in my school for one day a week
who have been identified by the school as young carers, but not anybody else.

If they didn't have the authority to declare those kids as vulnerable then they'd be carers without any kind of respite for months. Until at least September for most of them.

You say they're inexperienced of anything outside of school, but they know who is getting fed, who is getting a decent night's sleep, who has a regular supply of clean clothes, etc etc.
permalink Yeah, but they flag up a LOT of false positives for people who are not exactly like them.
It is a weird situation we have, where we expect to get young people ready for life after education in an environment where nobody has experienced it.
permalink Jim is meant to be going back to school and that terrifies me.
That said, I may well have to go out looking for work soon, too.
permalink isn't she a bit old?
permalink Hilarious.
I am grumpy, for obvious reasons.
permalink You're always grumpy.
permalink That is the obvious reason.
Philip just came in covered in hot tar though, which has added to my dismay.
permalink Cat? Dog? Child?
permalink Schofield?
permalink He's a one.
permalink Felis catus

permalink Part cat
Part raccoon, by the look of it
permalink I'm not convinced it's necessarily the right time
but the child needs to go back, she's going up the fucking walls stuck here
permalink i'm surprised they are being so even with it over the whole country
i mean my borough has had 2 or 3 confirmed cases in the last week, i can see the sense of sending them back now (in some form) but some areas are a bit more messy.. and another week or two would make sense there.
permalink Here our council and our academy Trust have told us
That they've got our back whatever decision we make.
permalink it's your duty to rebel against the govt's use of the oi polloi as canon fodder
to make it look like the UKs economy is working