thread I have to download some chunky BIM files from an ftp site.
Yeah. An actual ftp site. Old skool.

It's currently managing about 35-40KB/s. The first file is going to take about 5 hours.

What fucking planet are these people on? Is the server on someone's fucking 3G phone or something?
permalink Our internet's all to shit today
so maybe everyone's streaming porn today.
permalink It's a bit windy
Maybe everyone has stayed in for a wank rather than going out to play barbecue golf with only 35 of their friends and family.
permalink i think 'they' were fixing it last night.. it was down 6-9ish then 3-6
on this side of the Lee
permalink i blame 5G radiation
permalink last week of homeschool potentially
I've got my project: https://www.quirkbooks...
permalink They're just making sure you're
committed to the cause.
permalink I'll have to be committed to something after this...
The whole lot totals about a Gb... it's going to take all weekend!

(Oooh... I just checked and it's got up to a blistering 89KB/s)
permalink sounds like my upload speed
it's less than a tenth of my download speed...
permalink oh noes
looks like you might have to crack the beers early this weekend..
permalink that sounds like fun, do the modem noise and then pull the plug out at 78% downloaded
for the real 90s experience.
permalink I have been doing a bit of hobby video editing for fun and education
and my work laptop.. which is 2 years old and was never top spec... is really being pushed to its limits... I can't quite justify a new one...

but doesn't stop me looking at curry's website.
permalink So, what you're saying is
You're upset at having a slow grind on a chunky bim?
permalink Living the dream