thread So as I see it Dominic Cummings has some questions to answer
1. Does he always wear a beany hat when it's really warm or has he just been avoiding the press since winter....
2. Does he always have something on his head , like a hood or headphones, or are journalists and picture editors doing some subtle trolling to highlight his baldness.
3. Why, oh why oh why?
permalink Did he deliberately drive up to Durham
to infect his parents when he was told he had the plague.
permalink how else
is one supposed to collect on life insurance/inheritance nowadays?
permalink Good point.
Still, uninfected doctos can travel for a shag and they get forced to resign and pilloried in the press. Plague-boy here goes to his family and everyone seems to be fine with it.
permalink And you just know
that nothing will happen to him. He'll get away with it.
permalink Scientists resign
Politicians brazen it out shamelessly.
permalink that's fine
because then he becomes another bat for the opposition to smack the government around with, and this one's great because all across the land people of all political persuasions are firmly agreed that lockdown sucks and this was wrong

let him stay in post, now we're in a post-Corbyn world with an effective opposition, as it's proof that Cummings is more powerful than Johnson. The reason the govt is standing in line behind Cummings is because he has ordered them to.
permalink Still,
that unelected EU eh! Glad we've got rid of them. *eyeroll*
permalink I admire your optimism
I share absolutely none of it
permalink it depends on the end
I'm still resigned to a shower of Tory bastards until 2025, even though I doubt Johnson will be heading them for very long

obviously I want the end to be a Labour victory in 2025, which is wholly achievable if the govt persist in destroying their standing with the middle english swing voter, but if this extremist lot can go further and remove their party from contention for decades, that would be good too

I'm also pro-Indy so this is all helping Sturgeon too
permalink The only guaranteed thing that will come from Boris and brexit
Is the end of the union.
permalink I'm a bit drunk
but still self-aware enough not to post my 4000 word diatribe about Scotland being the 5th Nordic State

I promise it's slightly interesting in parts
permalink There are already
permalink I said I'm a bit drunk
which made me forget Denmark is Nordic

(it's an important distinction though - Scotland is definitely diverging towards Nordic, but not necessarily Germanic, and definitely not Scandinavian)
permalink haha
permalink The voting record of this country for the past decade
has proved the intelligence and compassion of the electorate to be found wanting.
permalink but we're fucking clapping and everything
every fucking week, that woman from the end of the road has got a fucking rainbow!
permalink i'm an satanic anarchist
and i'm quite liking the 'lockdown'
so neeer!

*juggles comedic footie shaped bomb*

helloooooooo NSA ECHELON
permalink Oh, he is the very model of a
modern satanic anarchist...
permalink Nice to read this morning that none
of plague-boy's trips were childcare-plague related, one was for his mum's birthday and retirement party and the 2nd was his wife's birthday. What a nice man* he is. There's now a graph of Durham covid cases show a distinct spike after his visit. Could be coincidence of course.

permalink the problem with you mainstream media fake news left wing campaigners
is that you don't love your families enough to do exactly something perfectly legal but the opposite of what you're telling everyone else to do.
permalink where the hell is scoff?
a 5.9 went off right under my mates feet a few miles up from his manor

last nights pubbage probably.. speaking of which quite a few breweries had opened their taps today
& a few pubs (plastic cup take-out) along with pizzerias selling g/v&t 's to those waiting for pies
permalink He's mentioned it on Facebook
so he definitely felt it.
permalink *waves*
Yes, was a good rumble this morning. Took a while to build up to, so we were a bit twitchy it was going to be bigger. Damage: an almost empty bottle of moisturiser fell off a set of drawers.

Have a friend up in Palmy who said it was pretty strong up there. Ironically, we've just booked to go away to Waiterere Beach this weekend, which is probably the closest settlement to the epicentre (which is just offshore).
permalink it'll be fine
it's been pre-disastered!
permalink To be fair
most of the country is pre-disastered!
permalink I'm sorry for your loss
permalink Thanks, much appreciated
permalink ah she lives in waikanae
sounded like quite a start to the day
permalink Yeah, I expect it was rather stronger
in Kapiti.
permalink I don't understand why
he hasn't resigned/been fired
permalink the line i liked is
"asking Boris to fire cummings is like asking emu to fire Rod Hull"

then there were witty remarks about him falling off a roof.
permalink Has the "rogue" civil servant
that tweeted this been fired?
permalink Thing is, he's a spad so not accountable to us.
He's accountable to Johnson. He's an unelected bureaucrat in a role created for him.

Johnson has resigned twice following being caught lying. And yet he's PM. Resignation means nothing, you just shuffle into another position.

So I reckon if Cummings actually resigned Johnson would find him another £100k a year role and he'd carry on doing exactly what he's doing now because that's Johnson's experience of resignation.

We shouldn't be demanding Cumming's resignation, nor should we be giving him any air time whatsoever. We should be ignoring him entirely and demanding that Johnson resign (and Cummings will go when he goes).
permalink You should perhaps be aware
that scummings is The Central Spad. He's managed to create a role where all the other hand-picked (by him) spads report to him. This blew up after he had The Saj's spad frogmarched offsite by armed police, which is obvs SLIGHTLY beyond his remit. Spaffer then made it his remit. So that's ok then.
permalink my favourite bit today
was when the Prime Minister, who supposedly answers to nobody in Government, holder of the highest office in the land, said he has been "forbidden from giving any more targets or guidelines."
permalink I do believe that,
when I read that he'd said those words, I shouted 'WHO FUCKING OWNS YOU?' and probably startled my neighbours.
permalink tenner says Cummings leaves on Jan 1st after GBD
to go and become a director of his ARPA project, from whence he will wield his dark army of data scientists