thread i've said i'll nip down to hers and have a look at her old bike for her
these things could be combined.. perhaps we would venture to howling hops / park combo
permalink Well yes...
Howling Hops have the tank bar open for offsales now, although not draft pints.

I've just ordered for collection and intend to see how I can balance a case of beer on a TfL bike.

(I must bring my bike back to life too... shouldn't take more than WD40, a good clean and two new inner tubes.)
permalink I'll say it before Al does
remember WD40 isn't a lubricant, especially on bike chains.

Get an uber jump bike.. bigger baskets and they are a lot of fun to ride... you just need the uber app.

though take a rucksack for back-up.... or drink half of it before you set off.

I'd heard they were doing flagons / growlers.. which sounds like a good "sitting in the park" volume, if they are chilled.
permalink It's OK... I have proper lubricant. I had the WD40 in mind for unsticking duties if required.
Good though - I'll see if there's one nearby.

They are doing Flagons and Mini-kegs as well as cases of cans.
permalink And who doesn't enjoy a nice growler
in the park?
permalink because they love confusion
WD40 do sell a bike chain lubricant
permalink My WD40 does contain
permalink Peculiar Tiny French Enemas?
permalink Please titty fuck Etonians.
permalink Pull tab, free eagles
permalink Punch Tories,
feel excellent
permalink WINNAR!!!
permalink *applause*
Have the rest of the day off.