thread For those of you who don't know this stuff, talk amongst yourselves
for anyone else.

Our friends have 2 pretty autistic kids, one of them is a fucking nightmare at nights. They're thinking of having a remote 'light show' in her room that they can control from their bedroom/downstairs/elsewhere.

Now, I know fuck all about this stuff but realise that there are people on here that might be able to point me at a way to do this sort of thing. Any bright ideas where I could get something off the peggish?

Actually, for those that don't, I've been trying to buy loads of new music for when I "run", recommend something to me. Nothing too fast.
permalink Hola!
This rather has my name on it...

Let me have a think. Must be something around that's reasonably cheap and cheerful, or some things that can be hooked together without too much pain.

If you're prepared/able to put a bit of appropriate work in, something with a Pi/Arduino would be easy enough... have it serve a webpage for controlling it, stick it on the wifi, and they can control it from phone/tablet. It's easy to get cheap chinese colour-changing LED tapes and hook them up to a Pi/Arduino, like cowjam did recently...
permalink I saw 100 individually addressable RGB LEDS on a string for £15 earlier
but didn't buy it so don't have a link.
permalink History?
permalink No I was in app
Not I've found them #Aliexpress £7.93 | 50-100PCS WS2812B LED Module String Panel Pre-soldered on Heatsink with 10CM Wire 5V WS2812 Built-in SMD5050 RGB Idividually
permalink God that's cheap.
I know they'll be a bit iffy but for home/hobby fun, that's fantastic.

And matt - I think one of these would work with it: https://www.aliexpress...

The App actually looks usable (ie it isn't in Chinese)...

This stuff is so cheap that it's basically worth a punt.
permalink Oooh...
we're approaching that time of year when I get reminded that spunking money on AliExpress isn't really affordable...
permalink thank you
I'll have a look
permalink is one of these

and one of these

a but too simple?
permalink they're both the same thing
but I can see what they say
permalink oops
basically one of those starry night projectors and an app-controlled plug
permalink thanks
just trying to get ideas at the moment
permalink That's good thinking for a simple solution...
If they just need to be able to turn something on and off, a wifi plug and whatever lighty toys you can find.
permalink Unbranded wifi plugs are fine.
Mine are yagala and are significantly cheaper, work with alexa, Google and have a free and easy to use app.
permalink thanks
to be honest at this point everything is an option
permalink I've not had chance to play with it yet, but I've just bought one of these
#Aliexpress £7.24 | M5Stack Official 2020 New Arrival ATOM Matrix ESP32 PICO Development Kit Arduino IMU Sensor Python

It's an esp32 with addressable rgb led square that's also a push button.

In other words, it's a programmable wifi doodad with a colour display that's also a button.
permalink This thing is awesome.
I'll have a go at some light pattern stuff.
permalink rage against the machine is best for running
very even tempo and angry enough.

the prodigy is also good... maybe some queens of the stone age.

permalink I've been tending to use more downbeat
Baxter Dury is good, New FADS, Dry Cleaning who me and Albert saw a few months ago, the new Transglobal Underground, I quite like Burial too.
permalink i may not be too much help then
i need to be angry to run... metronomy? tame impala?
permalink How about 'thy damnation slumbereth not',
that's definitely got a trottable beat, as has 'the light at the end of the tunnel (is the light of an oncoming train)'
permalink I thought you might like this
permalink Aye, I saw that the
other day, most splendid.
permalink I like this
permalink I tried HMHB
but was struggling with singing along
permalink Ah yes,
I can see that being an issue.
permalink I used to cycle to school - 25 miles in Devon
and I had a tape with a loop of Paradise City on it, because the tempo really worked for me.

permalink How about some
permalink It's a way of life!
permalink The nearly way of life
... if I remember correctly.
permalink We should ask
Zog if he remembers.
permalink He's too busy meming his tits off
permalink Out of curiosity
what problems are they having? Friend has autistic first child, melatonin gets her to sleep but she's awake again 4 or 5 hours later...

(ie. around 2am she's up for the day)
permalink I am not advocating this, but . . .
when she was not working, my mother used to divide a fortnight into 21 days.

I would get 4 hours' sleep, followed by 12 hours awake, rinse and repeat. You need good curtains, but I just would not ever sleep for more than 4 hours, whatever happened, but it turned out that i would do it more often than expected, so I had 3 'days' in every 2 actual days.

This is all pre-school age mind, and I went to school at 3, so . . .
permalink That is some very dedicated parenting.
My friend's retraining to be a nurse, with the intention that she'll be able to be around more at the times when they need her and sleeping when they're at school... I don't know how that'll pan out!
permalink essentially that
the melatonin has never kept her down for more than a few hours. Last night was 1-4am shouting then up for good. It was a bit better when she was at school full time, but not much.
permalink Aye similar problem then.
If the lightshow helps I'd be interested to know!
permalink Also I hate running
so I can't help specifically, but Lizzo is good for dancing. If you like Burial, maybe Flying Lotus?
permalink I will let you know how they get on
permalink I don't listen to music when I run
I prefer to hear the rhythmic piston-like pristine movement of my perfectly-honed body

that and the wheezing and palpitations
permalink And the abuse hurled by the denizens of Maryhill...
...disgusted by your attempts at physical exertion rather than eating chips and drinking Bucky on the corner?
permalink this^^
I don't like running with music, as I like to be aware of my surroundings, whether that be fuckwits in cars trying to kill me or other people running/on bikes if on trails
permalink I've just discovered a new negative side to running
got up this morning, squatted down to pick something up, and my pyjama bottoms ripped neatly in two all the way round

I'm definitely blaming this on the glutes, not the pies
permalink I'd consider it a considerable victory
that you could squat deeply enough to rip them!
permalink I prefer no music on trails/roads
and fast music on a treadmill

although I don't run much nowadays. I tend to walk or go out on the bike
permalink Drop the kids off in a forest
And tell the parents not to have any more
permalink Ah, yes
parenting, Northland style