thread rage against the machine is best for running
very even tempo and angry enough.

the prodigy is also good... maybe some queens of the stone age.

permalink I've been tending to use more downbeat
Baxter Dury is good, New FADS, Dry Cleaning who me and Albert saw a few months ago, the new Transglobal Underground, I quite like Burial too.
permalink i may not be too much help then
i need to be angry to run... metronomy? tame impala?
permalink How about 'thy damnation slumbereth not',
that's definitely got a trottable beat, as has 'the light at the end of the tunnel (is the light of an oncoming train)'
permalink I thought you might like this
permalink Aye, I saw that the
other day, most splendid.
permalink I like this
permalink I tried HMHB
but was struggling with singing along
permalink Ah yes,
I can see that being an issue.
permalink I used to cycle to school - 25 miles in Devon
and I had a tape with a loop of Paradise City on it, because the tempo really worked for me.

permalink How about some
permalink It's a way of life!
permalink The nearly way of life
... if I remember correctly.
permalink We should ask
Zog if he remembers.
permalink He's too busy meming his tits off