thread Remember when my van got bumped?
Well, the insurance said it'd be sorted without us paying the excess or damaging our no-claims. Then we waited ages for them to actually do anything. Today our van was taken away, but the replacement vehicle hadn't been sorted.

MrsJam has repeatedly called and web-chatted with Privilege and got really angry today. She was told Thrifty would drop a suitable replacement vehicle off tomorrow and was offered £80 compensation.

He actually used the word 'compensation' rather than 'gesture of good will', so MrsJam said "£80 is suitable for the loss of our vehicle for a day, but puts no value on the time I've spent contacting you about all this". So we're getting £150 as a bank transfer.
permalink I'm am now a berlingo driver
permalink do you feel better for it?
permalink No, I feel significantly older.
That said, it'd make a nice executive car. It's ridiculously easy to drive, comfortable, and has speed control, speed limiter, and lane assist.
permalink amy's the same
her spanish is improving no end.
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permalink Don't encourage him
permalink Watch out,
CI will steal her from you.
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permalink nice one MrsJam!