thread Back in the days when I could still
have a bath* I'd enjoy said bath then spend the rest of the week with one lame foot. Took me ages to work out that the cause was the way I was resting my heels either side of the taps while stretched out.

(*this house has a bath but the boiler can't spit out enough hot water to fill it, so thank feck I have an awesome shower)
permalink And wouldn't you know I fucking
did this last night when I put my feet up. Awkward angle on the left side so now I'm in agony. Boll and indeed ocks.
permalink you could always light a fire
under the bath
permalink mm lovely lovely
melty melty.
permalink only in a plastic bath.. and then it gets splashy splashy
pretty quickly.

in my previous visit to a bath factory* they showed some photos of their polish team using one of their products as a BBQ, which seemed to work surprisingly well

*remember the fun reason's we'd leave the house 6 months ago.
permalink Plastic bath as a BBQ? Whatever next.
Unfortunately the splashy splashy fun would be in the kitchen but since I'm planning on putting a downstairs bathroom in anyway...

One of Mrs Witchy's more epic work trips was to a bog factory in The Valleys, she had to fly to Cardiff then get driven all the way to look at the fine porcelain and ultimately not buy any of it.
permalink it was a steel / enamel bath
and shower tray place...

and while i dont buy any myself, I do put them in standard spec books and they sell a metric shit-ton of them... though they had enough baths and showers in stock to entirely refit something about the size of edinburgh, and that was 3 weeks stock.
permalink have you considered
not using this bloke?
permalink we only work with the best,
so we have to.

permalink fully understand
that your hands are tied (probably in a shower hose, somehow)