thread I am sitting in my actual real life physical office
for the first time in months, it's very quiet and the aircon is very cold. My little Christmas cactus looks very sorry for itself, but I've got loads of paper and pens.

Might take my trousers off.

Edit: ooh I have missed the smell of the sewage works.
permalink I was in our workshop yesterday
and the day before trying to sort problems with the phone system and spent a happy half an hour sat in the main doorway reprogramming the door entry system. Funs.
permalink how novel

I am at home as usual for me... but will have an afternoon of 'working' with the tour de france in the background.

Speaking of which, who is auberdjinn in the velogames thing? they are doing crazily well, and are 10th overall in the whole thing. meep isn't doing quite as well.

permalink that would be my better (at cycling knowledge)
permalink ah
well the difference in scores somewhat underlines that.
permalink she's been very good about it
better than I would be
permalink Hah!
Mostly luck and a Yorkshirer's eye for a bargain! Feels pretty good right now but we'll see how things pan out. Expected to drop a couple of hundred places after the thing that happened today but somehow back up to 14th from 47th!
permalink i was really worried when i saw your team
but then i realised it was Dayer quintana, not nairo.

permalink Last year
I spent pretty much the whole thing where meep is now.
permalink I'm still
fairly happy with my progress
permalink depending on how the EF guys get on today
i'm not feeling too bad about my selections so far.

permalink I've been in my actual physical office most weekdays since early June.
It's been lovely, as there were only a handful of us coming in, so as to meet distancing requirements, as well as keeping it to those of us who live close enough to walk or cycle in. This ended up being a pretty nice small group of proper grownups who actually like each other.

As of today, we have some more people back. Personally, I wanted to change the locks before this happened but I wasn't allowed...
permalink We had an email yesterday
saying there's a confirmed case in our biggest office. The closest I've been to my office was meeting my parents for lunch the other week (which actually was quite close)
permalink Back in the office yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks
Since (a) NZ jumped back to level 2 thanks to Auckland, and (b) since I had a fucking awful cold last week, so would have been staying away anyway. At least it is definitely not the corvids. Caw!
permalink I've been on variable 0-5 days a week in the labs
since not long after lockdown started, when we figured that we counted as essential (as our customers definitely did and they needed support) and put in place a pretty strong safe system of work.
Genuinely the company has been doing well by us through all this, barring one or two minor to majors gripes that I won't post about in public.
permalink I’ve been in work all the way through,
it feels weird when people who haven’t been in the office come in.
permalink A cow orker who'd mostly worked through said the same
Along the lines of "it was great until all you fuckers started reappearing"!
permalink i hate it when you pull an allNighter
and then the interfering fuckers start dribbling in
permalink No office for me.
Why so nobody hiring? (I know why)

Anyone know any ways to make small amounts of cash on the internet? Content writing, copychecking, whatever? I am capable and really getting into dire straights fast.
but i bet it's really shit money/hassle ratio

you could also look into virtual PA stuff. but again not sure many people ar hiring.

have you spoken to agents who previously head hunted you? what do they say?
permalink They say:
permalink chatty bunch
permalink It is distressing when even spamming recruitment agencies
who used to call me more than once a day, won't even acknowledge or respond now. Not even to actual requests.
permalink it's quite likely a lot of them hae been furloughed
if tey haven't then the people making hiring decisions will have.

i can see things perking up as soon as the first big chunks of redundancies are done...
permalink I need them to perk up
somewhat sooner.
permalink AGH!
The civil service uses SEO to mean nothing whatsoever to do with SEO and I spent 3 days formulating a statement for a pointless and irrelevant role.
permalink I think the civil service acronym
precedes the internet one by some decades
permalink It probably does,
but i do not use swastikas as decorations these days. Times change.
permalink Thank goodness you
were previously earning stupid amounts of money...that should help, right?
permalink i'm sure there's a reddit
for these kind of problems
permalink Apparently
you want to get yourself invited to industry slack groups, that's where you'll hear about mates of mates jobs.

Don't ask me how you get yourself invited though, I've been in the same job for 15 years.
permalink I popped into work to buy a fridge freezer for my mum.
It was nice seeing people, but they all looked a bit frazzled.

According to my boss we're doing ok and we'll all be coming back, other than a middle management restructure where I think we're gonna lose one. So I'm likely to be back in work by the end of the month.

Now I know my job is safe I want to stay on furlough.
permalink I just read something from a lady called
Helen Fucks.

I am sure she does, but still.
permalink It's a pretty blatant come-on.
Contact her and sign it "Manley Fingers".
permalink I love the feel of rusty poons
permalink I'm back a home now
after a week at the in-laws.

it is a quieter and more comfortable.
permalink I watched War of the Worlds (the Tom Cruise one)
the other day and it had more of an impact now I know how stupid people are in a global crisis. But there was an odd heartbeat sound through most of the quiet bits which I noticed but didn't think about.

Now i'm watching Pacific and it's back.

Only I've realised that it's my external hard drive sat on top of wooden drawers reading the film from disk.
permalink Haven't seen the fillum
But I was looking at the Pacific the other day
permalink It's a 10 episode series
that's like Band of Brothers but nowhere near as good
permalink Fair enough
My one is a big ocean that starts here* and goes all the way to Chile

*if you want to keep the Tasman as a separate sea
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permalink well
that's a first
permalink Does this mean some spider has found us?
permalink we often get bots creating accounts, I purge them every so often
but nothing has ever gone so far as to actually validate the account and post something, which is the benefit of it being a completely custom website

which means Dilivi is most likely a real person

permalink It's a registered company

I'm presuming advertising like that is illegal, not sure who to report it to though?