thread how novel

I am at home as usual for me... but will have an afternoon of 'working' with the tour de france in the background.

Speaking of which, who is auberdjinn in the velogames thing? they are doing crazily well, and are 10th overall in the whole thing. meep isn't doing quite as well.

permalink that would be my better (at cycling knowledge)
permalink ah
well the difference in scores somewhat underlines that.
permalink she's been very good about it
better than I would be
permalink Hah!
Mostly luck and a Yorkshirer's eye for a bargain! Feels pretty good right now but we'll see how things pan out. Expected to drop a couple of hundred places after the thing that happened today but somehow back up to 14th from 47th!
permalink i was really worried when i saw your team
but then i realised it was Dayer quintana, not nairo.

permalink Last year
I spent pretty much the whole thing where meep is now.
permalink I'm still
fairly happy with my progress
permalink depending on how the EF guys get on today
i'm not feeling too bad about my selections so far.