thread No office for me.
Why so nobody hiring? (I know why)

Anyone know any ways to make small amounts of cash on the internet? Content writing, copychecking, whatever? I am capable and really getting into dire straights fast.
but i bet it's really shit money/hassle ratio

you could also look into virtual PA stuff. but again not sure many people ar hiring.

have you spoken to agents who previously head hunted you? what do they say?
permalink They say:
permalink chatty bunch
permalink It is distressing when even spamming recruitment agencies
who used to call me more than once a day, won't even acknowledge or respond now. Not even to actual requests.
permalink it's quite likely a lot of them hae been furloughed
if tey haven't then the people making hiring decisions will have.

i can see things perking up as soon as the first big chunks of redundancies are done...
permalink I need them to perk up
somewhat sooner.
permalink AGH!
The civil service uses SEO to mean nothing whatsoever to do with SEO and I spent 3 days formulating a statement for a pointless and irrelevant role.
permalink I think the civil service acronym
precedes the internet one by some decades
permalink It probably does,
but i do not use swastikas as decorations these days. Times change.
permalink Thank goodness you
were previously earning stupid amounts of money...that should help, right?
permalink i'm sure there's a reddit
for these kind of problems
permalink Apparently
you want to get yourself invited to industry slack groups, that's where you'll hear about mates of mates jobs.

Don't ask me how you get yourself invited though, I've been in the same job for 15 years.