thread I'm going back to work on Sunday.
I might have to get new trousers.

How's your work life?
permalink Same old.
Are your kids back at school/wherever?
permalink Eve is in reception now, and she'll be knackered for the
first couple of weeks.

Jude turns two on the 28th and he'll go into nursery in the afternoons.

I'm going to find it rather strange not having either of them around.
permalink Same as the last few weeks, except it's getting a little bit busier out there.
Still massive chunks of central London much much quieter than usual in terms of peoplle, although there does seem to be a fuck-ton of traffic given all the people who aren't back in the office.
permalink It never stopped
It's very tiring
Ive got a weekend off coming up
So I can leave Cardiff at last
To meet my new niece
permalink Well they've locked down caerphilly
So it's possible I won't get to go anywhere, everyone please cross your fingers that they don't lockdown here too
permalink i'll throw in my legs & toes
and tie me nethers in a bow..
permalink At least they haven't locked down recklessly
/predictable gag
permalink Caerphilly jokes
Only work if you don't pronounce it caerphilly
permalink Shit.
Just about to start work for the day and I can't fucking wait for it to end already.
permalink Stop rubbing it in
permalink Work is meh
Lots to do, but very low motivation. Been back in the office since early June though, with a small interruption a few weeks ago.
permalink we had a 3.3 earthquake
in leighton buzzard this morning.. not quite up to your standards but
it all gets added to the approaching apocalypse tick-off list
permalink Not my fault
that one.
permalink And I must be knackered at the moment
As I totally missed an apparently pretty wobbly M5.7 just after I went to be the other night.
permalink lucky sod
i've been to paradise but i've never been to be
permalink I've been to me
I wouldn't bother
permalink non-existant
I have had literally 1 interview with an HR lady and that is it.
permalink due a storm of
my own projects being done, the new ones looming but not here yet and other projects having some stuff that needs done, bone crushingly dull
permalink admin or support work?
permalink testing
permalink can't you just laser some trousers
out of firewood?
permalink Speaking of which...
I've got it working, I'm just not very good with it. It's our eighth wedding anniversary and I'm trying to do a little something. I turned the laser up a bit high and it caught fire, so I'm having to do it again.
permalink but weird
the stuff I was supposed to be doing, I'm not any more, so I'm doing stuff I've never really done before, which is odd after 20 years in various iterations of the job.

Child is at school for now so that's a bit less stress, but the wife's grandad has just died (basically of being very old) so that's different stress.
permalink Not really altered.
Although as of this week I will be going back to normal hours, which is a mixed blessing.