thread Fuck this week.
And fuck incompetent wankers.
permalink huh? you should sleep late man.. it's just much easier on your constitution
permalink I could do with about a weeks' solid sleep, tbh.
permalink Just had a call from my team leader.
Everyone is back next week. My provisional working hours were based on three of us going back, not everyone. I'll find out on Friday what I'm working.

This is a bit rubbish in terms of planning childcare.
permalink were they definitely incompetent
and not just being arseholes?
permalink it could be both
permalink I bet they
have piggy little eyes as well!
permalink All of the above.
Absolute pisstaking fucktards
permalink has today got better yet?
permalink Yesterday was unrelentingly (and unnecessarily) shit
But today is much much better. Yay!
permalink Yesterday was great fun for me
today has been hard. I feel burnt out just by doing lots of talking
permalink We are clearly tag-teaming
permalink Nothing but MFCs as far as the eye can see?
I know you like a good Munro. Did you see this. Bloody hell!
permalink I hatre everything about this sentence:
"He normally follows a plant-based diet for performance reasons but ate some dairy products on the challenge for easiness meal-wise."

Easiness, meal-wise? It is like a parody of 1985 American.

permalink For you
permalink do you get a puppy with that job?
permalink Well I was highlighting the whole search, rather than just the one job
but I certainly do hope so.
permalink Thank you!
permalink Yep.
The last guy held that record for 10 years, and always said he reckoned someone could knock a few days off it...

These guys are mental.
permalink That they most certainly are
As are any of the FKT people. Although at least some of the smaller ones are only a few days, but over a month without a break at it.
permalink I concur.
If things do not improve soon, I may have to have another breakdown to distract myself.
permalink aside from the below SEO thing
are you looking more widely at civil service jobs? I have a general alert set up for any IT/data roles they have going and there seems to be a lot of product ownership-type stuff available at the moment, which as far as I understand is not entirely dissimilar to what you did before, and most CS jobs are flexi/home working at the moment
permalink Linky?
I have been very ill and my child has been in hospital, so I have been less active, although I had 4 chats today with different folk, who are fishing.

I am the embodiment of concern right now, but setting up alerts would be good for me.

permalink if you create an account
at https://www.civilservi... you can set up 'job alerts' for a filter on area/organisation/role

As I say I have one for general analytical/data positions in Scotland and most days get an email for 2-3 new positions nationwide which are open to folk working from anywhere

There seems to be a huge volume of digital recruitment going on in the CS, partly in response to a big increase in demand for digital services and partly for Cummings' grand projects, so I'd be surprised if there isn't stuff in there somewhere that's up your street, lots of non-technical delivery roles and that kind of thing
permalink It looks as though they're taking on "PowerPoint Bullshit Generators" at a rate of knots.
, judging from the leaked "Moonshot" presentation...
permalink I understood none of that,
but you kind of described my strengths.