thread if you create an account
at https://www.civilservi... you can set up 'job alerts' for a filter on area/organisation/role

As I say I have one for general analytical/data positions in Scotland and most days get an email for 2-3 new positions nationwide which are open to folk working from anywhere

There seems to be a huge volume of digital recruitment going on in the CS, partly in response to a big increase in demand for digital services and partly for Cummings' grand projects, so I'd be surprised if there isn't stuff in there somewhere that's up your street, lots of non-technical delivery roles and that kind of thing
permalink It looks as though they're taking on "PowerPoint Bullshit Generators" at a rate of knots.
, judging from the leaked "Moonshot" presentation...
permalink I understood none of that,
but you kind of described my strengths.