thread In the pub garden with the Spaniard and Mizemma
Cute puppy at next table. We make a fuss of it.

Food arrives. The Spaniard says, “I’m going to wash my hands”

Emma: “Me too... I’ve been dogging”
permalink seems about
permalink plus there was the puppy
.... boom boom.

I trust you nicked some chips while they were gone.
permalink As long as there were no more than six people
that seems OK to me
permalink it's ok there was money changing hands
there's no limit if it costs money
permalink We paid for the food?
permalink Kerching!
In which case, dog away to your heart's content!
permalink As an aside
The velogames cycling thing is getting very close.

I've got the main leaders, but others have the sprinters who have the likelyhood of winning a couple in the next few days.... Could be very tight.

permalink oo
how the mighty have fallen. al_ is now last and i'm on top...

going to be a bit topsy turvey for the next couple of days.
permalink my team is
quite cursed
permalink i've had 3 retire
poor old meep had most of his out or injured on the first day.

permalink it seems to have improved
but yes, for the first half I did seem to have cursed my picks - I remember one early stage where 5 different people fell off the peloton due to separate mechanicals/crashes and I had every one of them in my team
permalink You have some good chances today I think
permalink well
permalink fucking
permalink Indeed.
It's going to be so close for you to get second.... All will depend on if WvA wins tomorrow.... Which I wouldn't rule out.
permalink it's all on tenterhooks
chez meep
permalink Not just nineterhooks
But tenterhooks
permalink chaos
as all the sprinters go down hard at the intermediate, leading to Irish heartbreak and Pogacar winning a sprint to the finish winning green
permalink It wouldn't surprise me
permalink thankfully
that didn't happen
permalink We have a power cut.
I wandered out to send an email to work telling them, before i remembered that i am a penniless unemployed tramp.
permalink Are you ok?
permalink I would say 'no'.
On the whole.
permalink Oh that's right!
grass me up to tthe board.
permalink This is a safe space
No judgement here