thread How far
down south?
permalink Tierra del Fuego
permalink basildon
permalink del Fuego?
permalink maybe. I find it hard to understand what anyone's
saying this far south.
permalink In Basildon,
every other word is profanity, so you can disregard those.

Also, they probably think you're an extra from Phoenix Nights.
permalink I've got a flat cap with me
But I suspect people may think it fashion rather than northern
permalink I've just realised, I assume you're at Basildon & Thurrock Trust,
who were spectacularly in the news yesterday.
I heard the Chief Exec on the radio - her name is Clare Panniker.
I'm sure she's incredibly calm in a crisis, but I can't help thinking the contrary.
permalink ha! I've not met her. I'm not working at board level.
permalink Based on the care quality reports,
she's not working at all...
permalink maybe, buy she's got some people in who know what they're doing
. . .
permalink unfortunately you're right
if i spot you in london wearing one i'll kill on site.. no offence
permalink just say
"cor blimey, love a duck" in reply to everything, that normally works.
permalink "Hello, we're cockneys, don't you know"
/Fast Show
permalink ..