thread well that blows goats in a 'first world problems'
type of way. Been using a nectar card for aeons if not longer and today tried to get a replacement. Turns out it's not registered to me. Fuckbuckets. It's got £80 on it as well.

AQ: int aircon brilliant.
permalink Is it registered to someone else?
If not, why can't you have it?
Is the old card bust? If not, just go and spend all the vouchers on booxe then get a new card.
permalink I have to get permission
from whoever it's registered to, which may be the ex in which case I'll just get a new one. I'm just annoyed at all that collecting.
permalink Can you not get a decoy
to confirm permission?
Presumably you know enough about her to pass security?
permalink it's not worf it.
permalink there seems to be a new film called
Barking in Essex.... This annoys me as barking isn't in Essex so
permalink It's true, Barking is not in Essex.
However, Barking in Essex is a play, and would appear to feature Keeley Hawes.
I am very much in favour of Keeley Hawes.
permalink historically it was in Essex
it has only (relatively) recently become part of greater london
permalink this.
I always knew it as being in Essex so I was surprised to find it had been moved.
permalink To be pedantic,
it's Essex that's moved, not Barking.
permalink well,
obvs :P
permalink As far as I'm concerned
everything east of Whitechapel is Essex
permalink Sadly,
I do not believe you are the official arbiter in this matter.
permalink feel happy you fucked up their
tracking system a little bit
permalink she'll be wondering why she keeps getting voucher s
for beard polish.
permalink hahahahaha
permalink and all done in
the best possible taste
permalink try transferring the points online
to amazon or sumfink, with the card number you should be able to fudge it or speak in a higher voice
permalink you can hire voices?
permalink you need to log in to do that
and I can't be arsed.
permalink air con is great when you're on your own
otherwise it ends up with most people being slightly uncomfortable and not wanting to make a fuss.

In other news I'm yet to find the perfect seat arrangement in my car, which is silly. I can wear off the peg suits and they look tailored I'm so standard a shape, yet I can't find a driving position that has arms and legs at a comfortable distance.
permalink I've got to get me some of that
I just had to do some manual labour outside, I'm sweating like Noel Edmonds at a Radio 1 reunion.
permalink Ha!