thread it's not worf it.
permalink there seems to be a new film called
Barking in Essex.... This annoys me as barking isn't in Essex so
permalink It's true, Barking is not in Essex.
However, Barking in Essex is a play, and would appear to feature Keeley Hawes.
I am very much in favour of Keeley Hawes.
permalink historically it was in Essex
it has only (relatively) recently become part of greater london
permalink this.
I always knew it as being in Essex so I was surprised to find it had been moved.
permalink To be pedantic,
it's Essex that's moved, not Barking.
permalink well,
obvs :P
permalink As far as I'm concerned
everything east of Whitechapel is Essex
permalink Sadly,
I do not believe you are the official arbiter in this matter.