thread pfft...mind you
I think most people would react weirdly to being woken by a finger in the ear

so, of course, as we are away on holiday (currently Costa Brava)...all hell is kicking off back home in NZ:
permalink Are you back to the UK at all?
I am in the process of moving house but I should be able to take an evening off that
permalink Nah, a frayed knot
We are in Catalonia until Saturday (I think, must check)...then we start making our way home (via a night in Shanghai)
permalink bum
I guess I missed you then
permalink I'm back in the UK
been in France for two weeks. I like France
permalink cycling?
permalink Between the sailing
I was in Brittany for a World Championships. With a European Championships for a warm up. Also went to see the TdF stage finish at St Malo. Missed the crash, as 50m from the finish was too close to the line to see the action.
permalink random bits:
on the ferry home we used the Ouistreham (Caen) - portsmouth route, on a the MV Mont St Michel. Quite confused when we went to our two bed bunk cabin and could only see a sofa. The sofa flipped to become one bed, but it wasn't immediately obvious where the second bed was. A bit of head scratching later I found a handle on the ceiling- it folded away flush. On the Bretagne on the way out, the upper bunk folds lumpily against the wall and is dead obvious.