thread playing or streaming?
playing i'd get a cheapo tablet or even a kindle and grab/sync.

streaming is always going to be a batter hog so like other say an older android with a new (bigger) battery or a cheapo tablet again or theoretically you could fire up a usb stick into a tin with a battery and use xmbc with a tiny remote
permalink Any tablets that you'd recommend?
permalink tbh
i'd have to have a mooch around. if i was buying, id get a nexus 7
flan'd be your man for the more esoteric and cheaper stuff
Aye, I'd ask flan but I haven't seen him yet this morning.
permalink i doubt he's doing anything productive
so i presume he's ill
permalink post vodka and weed
permalink having said the above
im suprised we dont have a 3.8" form factor android none phone mini-tablet doing the round akin to the USB sticks but with a screen stuck on

permalink The web here is still playing up, I can't get to that link
permalink a phone without the phone on it
i'm not sure if that's brilliant or mental.
permalink hooked up to a TV
with dual switchable output for displays? that'd be good
permalink You mean an ipod touch?
permalink but without being an ipod
so much easier to use?
permalink There's a 4.3" one at scan:
permalink *waves*
*goes and does the school run*
permalink They are letting you near
the school again?
permalink That's why he's running
permalink Flan has an android powered HDMI dongle
that would do the job I'd have thought. May involve some hackery but was cheap as chips.
permalink I just bought an Acer A210 10" for £205
Not cutting edge, but good screen, good battery life, decent memory & an actual proper-sized usb connection

They've gone up a bit since I bought mine - http://www.debenhamspl...

permalink That's more than I want to spend.
Asda are selling the acer iconia for about £100 but I don't have a clue as to whether that'd be any good or not.
permalink The A200 is an Iconia
It was worth the money for a 10", so I guess the 7" would be similar quality.
permalink Thanks.
permalink *cough*
permalink Ta. What's the battery life like on that?
permalink I don't personally know
but judging by the 91 reviews on Amazon it's pretty good, the RK3066 chipset is the best of the dual core budget SOC's at the moment.

The USB dongle approach is another option, but steer clear of the MK802 (single core), MK808 (dual core, but shit wifi) ones, the MK808B is the better one, or there's some quad core ones starting to appear now, not got my hands on one of those yet as it's chinese new year and his missus has just sprogged.
permalink Shame that dongle's wifi
rather than wired.
permalink There's a few custom roms
that will allow you to use a USB to RJ45 doofah, but you also need to plug it in via a powered hub.
The wifi problem on the 808's is in the kernel and there's no source code been released, so no fix, but you can slap a USB wifi adapter in there
permalink I see.
I was talking to mrsjam about a small thing for iplayer (rather than using a console) and that'd probably do though a pi might be cheaper.
permalink Pi is cheaper and more geeky but...
is a piss poor CPU and GPU compared to the RK3066, the 3066 is virtually a Galaxy S2, but running at 1.6 instead of 1.2
permalink I see. How much is it in real money?
edit: that third one you mentioned
permalink the getting rid of stuff thing didn't
last that long ;)
permalink I'm not getting rid of everything
just stuff I don't actually use, which is most of it.
permalink Which one ?
it's been a looong day
permalink MK808B
permalink Here

But, as I said, the wifi caps out at 65 if you use the built in wifi, the B has bluetooth, the stock 808 didn't, but I just use an RF MCE remote on mine
permalink Ta for the info, but it turns out that
the 100mbps upgrade means the consoles stream iplayer HD stuff well enough for us not to need to try something else.
permalink 55 dorrers
me love you long time
permalink Say what?
You've had an additional child?
I had no idea you were expecting!
permalink Not me numbnuts
my mate out in China
permalink Jesus,
I can't read and digest information anymore.
permalink funny.. that's what most builders
say about architects
permalink *polite applause*

permalink this is
fair comment