thread oh ffs
this is the first day iin 8 years where i havent owned a car.

what pops through my letter box today? 4 PCNs for driving down a "buses only" street

but it's not me, some scroat has copied my numberplate.

so police, dvla, newham council, the new owner (that'll be fun) all have to be sorted out. grrn

And in every single shot on the notices there are loads of other cars doing the same thing, seems really badly signposted. fortunately in one of them you can see that the wheels are differrent to my car.

not a relaxing friday.
permalink However... it is Friday afternoon. And almost pub time.
Thank fuck. Stupid week.
permalink I have had a motherfucker of a day
which ended with me telling IT to go fuck themselves.

I have necked a couple of shots of whiskey, and am guzzling beer like it's going out of style.
permalink I had a crazy busy week
But in a good way as I've been freewheeling for a bit.. and I was busy but had no interaction with fuckwits..

Which is rare.

Then I got the PCN bullshit and was in the pub at 5.30 which happened to sell an excellent range of beer s.. and I took advantage.

This feels like an Instagram post in text form... I'm drunk and don't remember why I started it
permalink ARGHHH...Monday!
Fuck off Monday!
permalink uh oh is it a bad one?
thanks for the heads up
permalink It's probably no worse than average
But is certainly most unwelcome. And the 04:30 alarm was not a great feature
permalink It got better
Despite extreme tiredness, Kate Tempest was, as ever, absolutely fucking brilliant!
permalink I don't get Kate Tempest
it's all a bit GCSE music for me.
permalink Fair enough
Not as impressive on record, very much more so live. But we all don't have to like the same stuff
permalink I think she's magnificent.
Angry, passionate, clever, intelligent. haven't seen her live, apart from on TV, but I'd love to see her sometime. Mate of mine is a mate of hers, and says that what you see is what you get.
permalink very much this
i find here endlessley annoying. but that might just be because 6music plays her all the time.

she's one of those artists, who in principal i'm glad exist, i just wish they'd do it somewhere out of earshot.

EDIT: right on cue, there she is on mary anne hobbs show.
thread I'm at a gig
There's a bloke a bit further forward who looks like Al but he hasn't turned round yet. Al, if it's you, I'm under the stairs, back left.
permalink it is Al
permalink oooh
do we now play a game of 'guess the gig both Al and matt would go to independently?'

permalink Take That at the GMEX?
Bjorn Again?
permalink much smaller than that
so of course I ran into another friend and a colleague, neither of whom I was that surprised to see there.

Fairly sure the band played every song they've written. In about forty five minutes. Tight.
permalink this is what I need from a band
Played everything, finished by 10
permalink Having seens Al's BaceFook feed earlier
It appears to be a beat combo called Dry Cleaning

Did they manage to get that suit sorted out you left with them before the gig?
permalink even the most persistent stains
permalink whatever they need to do
to stay solvent
thread Gor I'd forgotten about this place
Anyway, basically, I just did a really big poo.

There's this bit in Mobey Dick where Captain Ahab has struggled with Moby Dick for so long that he's really upset as the sharks eat the blubber from his prize catch, because he has grown a respect for the whale and he describes it as his brother.

I too now have a mismatched brother that I struggled with for hours. If any of you guys see me pushing this enormous log around in a wheel chair over the next few days, stop and say hi.

I'm going on Amazon to order it a tiny Hawaiian shirt.

See you the next time I remember about this place.
permalink Aren't the sharks in the Old Man and the Sea?
I haven't read Moby Dick mind you.

I look forward to meeting your shit son.
permalink It is in Moby Dick
I know because I'm reading it to little brown Chris as a bedtime story starting tonight. I don't want it to grow up uncultured.
permalink So Captain Ahab does catch Moby Dick in the end?
Must be a sequel.

Mind you I have only read the Pop up version .
permalink I've not read it either
Clickhole published it as a single web page as a parody of lifestyle opinion columns. As you do.
permalink I read it during a field season in Greenland
Can't actually remember a great deal of it, one of those classics.
permalink I read it at University
It’s awesome. There’s no other massive-whale-as-multi-valent-metaphor story to beat it.

Bloody long though. I admit to not having re-read although I would like to.
permalink I've read it one and a half times.
Second time was a few years ago, and I ended up getting bored, having loved it first time.
permalink I tried it,
couldn't get on with Melville's style at all.
permalink It's so bleeding heroic,
one can't help but love it when one is 18. Then you read it again 35 years later, and it's just tedious.

See also Robert A Heinlein.
permalink So, how much did the baby weigh?
I'm assuming you went full Manley?
permalink Just under a stone
permalink Impressive
I trust mother and babe are both doing well?
permalink Hey-de ho!
permalink Unfortunately it turned out to be twins and the second was still born
I'm grieving now, though I may have to go again within the half hour. I reckon I might have not cooked those chips properly.
permalink ok, so i dont want to sound racist, but....
did you drink guiness last night

are you now a mixed family?

permalink I rather enjoyed the fact that my glasgow hotel lists the filtered water on the buffet
Cooncil juice

permalink Growing up around the Toon
tap water was always called 'Council Pop'
permalink I still refer to it as council pop.
permalink Somehow 'council juice'
Sounds rather less savoury...more like what fatbergs float about in!
permalink to be fair
Glasgow water is the best
permalink they seem to have plenty of it falling from the sky

thread Found a new podcast (to me) at the weekend,
'Something rhymes with purple' with Susie Dent out of off of Countdown, co-hosted by The Brandreth. TIL that our word 'ghost' was originally just 'gost' but due to the demand for printing the original King James bible back in the day a typesetter from Belgium was employed and he thought 'gost' looked wrong so he lobbed the 'h' in there.

Splendid stuff.
permalink Bin men, thin men, lexicographers
Squid yes, not so octopus
permalink I was briefly upon Westminster Bridge
permalink Not sure I have any good HMHB bantz of late*
Although the milk thief general is playing in a couple of weeks (I'm not going).

*other than now being a mod of the BaceFook HMHB page!
permalink Egg sandwiches on a coach trip in June?
I simply won't be there.
permalink I may give it a go as I am training to Glasgow tomorrow.
Though I have a bit of a backlog as this is my first trip of the year.
permalink visiting a friend in hospital thy had a documentary on tv about
Peter Manuel the pics of the east end in the 60's not much has changed
permalink This morning, I am mostly listening to...
various Andrew Weatherall remixes. RIP.
permalink This, very much this.
Two friends of mine were good mates with AW and are, of course, utterly devastated. Sounds like he was a nice bloke.

I'm loving this one today:-
permalink enjoyed that muchly.. most times i've heard himit was pretty meh but that was cool
ended up watching that interview with him doing lino cuts
did seem like an interesting fella
permalink that's pretty cool
if the guy had kept at it we'd all be rolling r's and generally fleming it up
permalink I've been listening to The Young Tractarians podcast
which is high church anglo-catholic stuff. Not my kind of church at all but I'm interested to know about them.

It's by a Hungarian priest who is based in the North East and Andrew Sabisky. So I've interacted with him on twitter, and I've friends who know him.

So it's been weird watching him blow up on twitter, some of my friends who know him coming to his defence, and some of my friends who don't know him being outraged, and lots of retweets by non Christian friends being outraged.

He just seems far too smug and up himself without enough self awareness.
permalink You could level that at every single fucked-up wankbat
currently 'running' the country.
permalink Some are deliberately malicious though
permalink quite aside from his views and statements
there doesn't appear to be anything that actually backs up his claims to be a 'superforecaster', and his stated field of 'geopolitical forecasting' isn't really a thing (there's loads of research showing how you just can't predict political trends from data). Insofar as such things do exist, such methods are generally used in commodity trading, and people who are good at them are, obviously, millionaires who don't need questionably secure government jobs. At best, he's a snake oil merchant.

So really it's more evidence that Cummings is a bullshitter who also doesn't really know anything about data science or forecasting, and whose main goal in life is to self-aggrandise as an iconoclastic genius, rather than someone genuinely interested in governance via data-driven evidence (which we do anyway, just in a far more decentralised manner than he wants).
permalink Indeed,
and I do wonder how much of a dead cat Sabisky was.

Anyway, he's gone. As has the podcast I was enjoying, which is a shame.

I'm left wondering how any christian can support the tories. I know I'm on the radical end of things but still.
permalink I'm left wondering how any christian can support the tories.
That's baffling regardless of faith, I mean you only have to look at Trump supporters to see how Christianity has no bearing on how much you empathise with strangers.
permalink True
thread I have been having a lot of weird dreams recently
Last night it was Johnny Ball’s Hot Tub Moon Brothel.

I worry myself.
permalink I recently dreamed two song pastiches,
one of which was, a la Carly Simon, You fell out of the party/like you were falling off of a yacht

And the other was, in a blues styley, I woke up this morning/my dog was dead/my shit was yellow/my piss was red

I amuse myself.
permalink I stole the front three carriages of a central line train the other
permalink by helicopter.. i didn't just drive off in them
... left them outside my old house
permalink Great Peel session in '91 though!
I have a lot of weird dreams, thankfully they mostly fade from memory very quickly
permalink Also, let's face it.
If somebody made the film Johnny Ball’s Hot Tub Moon Brothel, we'd all watch it
permalink I'd be IN it.
permalink Ha ha!
Think of a number.
permalink I'll have a word with Johnny and the girls.
permalink time I'm on the moon.
permalink Best tell the Clangers
to stay away, they look like they won't suffer damp too well.
permalink I'm guessing Rule 34
means there must be Clangers pron
permalink Ew.
permalink Oh come on
The soup dragon looks like a right goer
permalink I'd go with the Soup Dragon,
but I'd be thinking of Major Clanger.
permalink Good euphemism
'Look at the major clangers on that!'