thread Guess the airport Bofo's
permalink Darwin?
permalink Not yet -
Ngurah Rai
Just leaving the Costa del Sol of Australia.
I must admit I don't get what Bali is about.
permalink Dunno, I haven't had the pleasure
I believe, much like the Costas, there are really beautiful bits if you head away from the beach
permalink We did this.
but if you wanted to go anywhere (even for dinner outside your villa it was a minimum $15 taxi ride.

I guess we already live in hot and humid conditions, are not big fans of the beach, and see enough Aussie bogans on a day to day basis as it is.
Found a few nice things to do with kiddo though - he at least seemed to enjoy it.
permalink To be fair
You could probably achieve much the same on the Gold Coast! Although Bali is probably closer to you guys!
permalink Wasn't expecting
A minor existential meltdown at my desk this morning, but there we go. Think I've dealt with it constructively. But being asked "what are you long term career goals" is just unfair.

Currently listening to the Polyphonic Spree to cope.

Been listening a fucking lot to the new Alt-J song "3WW" in the last week. I've generally been a bit put off by their stuff before, it's always come across to me as if they think they're much more clever than they really are. With this though i think they may have managed to make something truly outstanding. I keep hearing new details each time. And they've gone for much simpler yet at the same time more intelligent lyrics. I have an obsession here
permalink Oh, yes, it's really exceedingly good isn't it?
I even listened back to the first two albums on Saturday and the progression of the skills and song-writing is incredible.
They may turn out to not be a short-lived gimmick band, and actually be really exciting indeed.
I'm eagerly awaiting the album.
permalink I've made a development action for this year essentially be
"work out what the fuck I'm doing with my life"

So that's progress.

Could be an issue if i fail
permalink I think the answer is
short-term career goal: make it to 5pm
medium-term career goal: make it to Friday 5pm
long-term career goal: make it to Easter holidays
permalink 5pm?
I knock off at 4:45
permalink You'll never achieve your goals
with an attitude like that... etc.
permalink I write quite well.
I was thinking I might write novel to try and avoid travelling all the time.

The thing is, I have no idea what to write about. I am toying with biblical or classical stories, from the perspective of a minor (and invented) character, but I am unsure. I could write about existential dread, in the manner of Crime & Punishment or Knut Hamson's 'Hunger', or I could write from experience, if I had a focus.

I thought I would ask.
permalink I have a zombie horror type plot i mull over in my head occasionally
bu i hate scary films / books so i'd never do anything abou it..

I think books about people taking their clothes off (in the presence of vikings / romans / crusaders) seem to sell a little better than your existential dread ones nowadays... worth bearing in mind.. get dotty to illustrate it.

permalink I am best at prose - I need a vague plot and I can then develop dialogue and story well
I tend toward the wryly amusing, if I am honest.

I just need a plot.

Vikings are fun - I could do an historical novel I suppose - then the outline of the plot is already done.
permalink have you read Quarantine by Jim Crace?
a re-telling of The Temptation via a suite of minor invented characters, quite weird and interesting
permalink No.
If I am honest I do not know The Temptation either.
permalink Oh! THAT temptation
Yes, I know of that - not read the book though.

Biblical is fun, but would not sell well in the US once I had fucked it about.
permalink just write
the transatlantic publishing deal comes later
permalink I always preferred
the Four Tops myself
permalink Adlai's Son's Herds
A Book by Manley
permalink Vague update
today has been dreadful - but then every day was dreadful before and I notice it more now.

I think I am getting better, but I need to find something to do. I genuinely believe I would be a great NED, but I do have to accept that I am not going to make it that far and I need to slow down, so . . .

What are the options for weird, artistic eccentric men? I think I could act a bit, and I can write, but I cannot ask for money well. Anyone need a professional show off? I am mostly good at being affable and believable, understanding problems quickly, making decisions and negotiating.

If only I could apply any of the above to my actual own life.
permalink Are you still employed?
Apologies if I've missed something.

Also: NED?
permalink I am still employed, but I recognise that it is not sustainable.
Non-Executive Director
permalink Ah, right
I thought you were planning a career as a Glaswegian chav
permalink Have you looked into
Motivational speaking / team building etc etc

Seems like the sort of toss. And ex military it exec has a ring to it.

Have you considered sitting around in your pants posting purile photoshops on the internet ?

permalink I used to enjoy doing that.
Sadly it pays poorly. I thought a novel might get me out of work.
permalink C_I has a friend who is a rather successful novelist IIRC
He may be able to advise you on the time it takes to get from having nothing written to having a viable and sustainable income from writing.

You may sense from my tone that I am immensely sceptical.
permalink I think that is a reasonable place to be, but I could write and work for a bit.
See how it goes.
permalink Amy's mate is a novelists
She's had her first book reviewed on Richard and Judy and has now written five or six... she is basically earning less than if she worked in a shop
permalink My friend Chris is 21 books in, 22nd publishing soon, 23rd just finished writing.
At one a year, he does very well.

Getting started took him a few years of writing hard whilst doing other jobs in journalism, and I think it was the third or even fourth novel he finished that actually got him a deal.

He stuck at it because it was what he always wanted to do, and to be fair, he has considerable talent for writing fiction. He only got going because he worked his fucking ass off for a few years without making a penny out of it.

Worth it for him, as he became a full-time novelist and has done very well, but it definitely wasn't an easy thing and required a lot of resilience. He is also much more successful than many novelists... A lot make hardly anything.
permalink does said friend, perchance,
boil frogs?
permalink He has done.
That is the very chap.
permalink Fwiw non fiction is in at the moment
Write a biography , a damatised one at least
permalink Chapter 11 - Weighing my Shit
Chapter 12 - I Have No Engine
permalink The little van that couldn't?
permalink Well I am in city airport this morning
After getting up 2h20m before my flight departs I somehow managed to get here, through security and finished breakfast with an hour and 15 until my flight left, too efficient really.

Tune in later for my thrilling "guess the airport" on the way home
permalink This is why I love LCY.
I once got there on the DLR and discovered I'd forgotten my passport. Luckily I was living in Stratford so I got the DLR back to Stratford, grabbed my passport and got a taxi back to the airport.

I was then through the entrance, through security, to the gate and up the steps of the plane within four minutes, just as they closed the doors behind me.
permalink Sounds frightfully slow and busy
compared to Exeter.
permalink I used Exeter once
seemed a bit big and fancy compared to Newquay
permalink I've never used
permalink amused by this
story abouyt them dropping security checks there

Especially the "but maybe a terrorist would travel to Barra to board a flight to glasgow to try to hijack it so that they can fly a piddly little twin otter into something" line of reasoning. Christ, you'd do barely less damage flying a private cessna into a building
thread Tabz, dude!
Not Chuck. He was only 90.
permalink "he was still alive?"
me, on hearing he'd died
permalink Most people, I think!
90's a good innings for anyone, especially a rock'n'roller...
permalink shows that being an abusive
paedophile doesn't do you any real damage
permalink I think we already knew this.
We live in such a utopian age.
permalink It tends to be the kid's orifices that get damaged.
And their minds.
permalink I've been thinking about this, mostly following 'bees' post about it on FB.
Berry hadn't recorded anything since the late 70s, and that was certainly not his finest stuff.
I've been wondering at what point the nature of the person begins to outweigh the body of their work.
I found the grief at Bowie's death odd, but understandable, as he'd just released a good album, and there would be nothing more to come, which is saddening.
However, with Berry, there was no more music to be had and that had been the case for nearly 40 years. So what does his death cost society, and why should we be sad?
We didn't know him, his death has exactly zero effect upon us. At the absolute most, let's play a couple of his tunes and celebrate his music. The person having died is largely irrelevant, right?
permalink I think Bowie, as a celebrity, had a big impact on a lot of people
back in the day, when he was breaking a lot of rules that hadn't been broken before and allowing other people to feel more comfortable about their own way of life.

I don't know if Berry had that impact when he was releasing music, it's possible.
permalink Really?
How could you not know he had not died? He was fucking Chuck fucking Berry.
permalink to be fair
I was the same. But I'd not given him much thought recently.
permalink I keep being surprised
by vera lynn still being alive
permalink Well, it was her hundredth birthday
thread i apologise for being a bit of a low-budget jeremy clarkson
but i have another car question.

if i hire a car in italy, can i drive it into another EU coutnry like slovenia and coratia without needing to pay someone a ton of cash.... i've looked on a few hire sites and they are astonishingly vague about the whole thing. .... anyone got a clue?

now , who would like to cook me a steak?
permalink it's probably more the insurance policy
than the terms of the lease
permalink i was surprised to find that
my car insurance covered the minimum third party for eu states, i wonder if it's a law that they must.
permalink I dont know. But people do cross-border hires often enough. Can't be too crazy.
I spent most of today clearing out the Edinburgh studio storage unit. Fuck me, there was some history in there even I'd forgotten about.
permalink Jeremy Clarkson
wouldn't ask for help
permalink Jeremy Clarkson
Is beyond help
permalink given that he was on record last June as being pro-remain
I'm still pissed off they didn't just flood essex with massive billboards with his face and the slogan "VOTE REMAIN YOU PILLOCKS"
permalink Even a stopped clock...
But yeah, that could have swung it (given how idiotic people are)
permalink Just say you were making the most of your right to free movement
Before they take it off you, before you get it back in an independent scotland
permalink It very much depends on the hire company.
Best bet is to call and ask. Most are very wary about their cars being driven into "the East" though.

For example, if I hire a car in Berlin to drive to Vienna, there's an extra charge if I want to drive via Prague rather than via Munich because it's going into "the East" - even though Vienna is further east than Prague.
thread Shall we have a new thread?
Status Report:

Too much work to do.
Awake since 5am.
Need a shit.

permalink yeah, basically
permalink Friday edit
Tell you what, don't have a 2 hour meeting with ophthalmologists when you've got a hangover.
permalink that's easy for
you to say
permalink Cloudy.
3 jobs stalled for reasons.
Tea & Banana
optional hula hoops.

Black Calvins.
permalink Tea and banana!
In a Cock-er-knee stylee
permalink Bless yer sister
permalink rainy rainy rain rain
on train to edinburgh to waffle about energy policy

generally feeling quite good, it's taken me a good while to recover from my operation last year but suddenly these past few weeks I seem to have got my mojo back for the first time in probably a couple of years. While I've never suffered from depression, I can empathise with some of the stuff below from realising how much harder everything is when just doing day-to-day existing needs considered effort
permalink Damaged
Went to the doctor todey as my tonsillitis didn't go away by lying on the sofa for a day. Am on penicillin.
permalink end of the working week for me
not been the most productive one,
planted some seeds in the new greenhouse
might go for a cycle tomorrow.
are you around this weekend ? boozes in E17 on satuday night.
permalink This is a Scotland weekend for me...
I think I'll be working in any odd moments that make themselves available.
permalink I have been much better for a couple of days
but tonight I am suddenly descending in to darkness.

How do I stop that occurring?
permalink replace the cellar lightbulb?
sorry, I don't know. But isn't that the sort of thing CBT is for?
permalink I don't know
I have not had my first appointment yet.
permalink Recognizing it's happening
is already helpful. You could try the basics, exercise, eating well, time with the girls.
permalink Although if we're talking this evening specifically
ummmm.... Call the Samaritans?
permalink they are very good
they still get a direct debit for being very good
permalink ??
permalink know what?
you don't. You see it's happening, and you learn to work out the light at the end of the tunnel. It's shit, but it's coping, it's grim. I almost collapsed in tears in the office today, who fucking knows.

Tell you what, come to Cambridge, let's get drunk, Al will tell you about bike lanes, Witchy might come out, you might hate us, we might hate you, but the Thai place near the Elm Tree is pretty good.
permalink Sounds like you
might need to go to the doctor too....
permalink I've been
They're very good, I'm generally ok and coming out of my funk.
permalink Well, if you ever need to vent
we are very used to it and really do not mind.
permalink Tbis
But not next weekend.

Also we can probably hook in a mushybees if she's available.
permalink That would be cool some time.
The difficulty is in getting time off - when I am not working I tend to be at home.
permalink Understandably
See if you can add a day to a London trip. We're close
permalink I am often in London, obviously - I seldom stay if I can help it, however.
I meet Mushybees in town occasionally.
permalink usually you give a 1hr warning/umbrella
sometimes i've thought "i'll meet the cunt and one look at me he'll realise his problems don't amount to shit"
then i look at the posting and you've probably already pissed off
permalink It is the nature of the beast.
If I knew I had 4 hours ahead of schedule then I'd go home instead.

I also know that I have it good - I have literally everything I ever wanted.

Can you imagine how hopeless life seems when you have everything you ever wanted and it is still this dark?
permalink If you give me warning for Cambridge
I might be able to train it over. Maybe even bring the broken one if its afternoon to evening.
permalink certainly make a change
Is bees a she? I missed this completely. I don't believe we're Facebook/Twitter chums
permalink Its a choice
she has made. Damn sight better at makeup than I am too.
permalink I had assumed that "they/them"
was the appropriate pronoun.
Am I incorrect?
permalink well yes
but if that is what that person has chosen. I go by that.
permalink or I followed Al's lead
permalink Bees told me that she wants she / her.
My eldest child uses 'they'.

I find 'they' really hard - I cannot hear it as a singular and I get things wrong (like refuse to collect because I had only one empty seat in the car, once). I am working on this.
permalink Here you go:

permalink Oh, cool
That's pretty explicit.

If there's ever any doubt which pronoun is appropriate I try to use they, but it's very hard indeed, I agree. Maybe society will change language in time so future humans don't find it sounds so odd.
So it's nice when people are clear.
I'd seen the t-shirt, but I'd not seen her wearing it filled in!
permalink Yeah, I find they a terrible choice, to be honest.
I try and do what people like, but they already had a meaning and I wish my child had chosen something entirely new.

We have a deal. I do not care how they identify, but in exchange they have to tolerate an old man getting the pronouns wrong sometimes.
permalink my neice had a bit of this for a while
seems to have settled down a bit now....

now the problem is she wants to leave school at 16.
permalink I knew about the frocks
I didn't realise there was more to it. Fair enough.
permalink But then she needs to be, my dear.
*flutters eyelashes*
permalink oh you cad
*lightly punches in arm*
getting so close to 40 I'm not so sure. Still I don't have to look at this fizzog. :) other people do
permalink she switched her facebook over
and facebook does have neutral options, so she it is.
permalink Indeed.
I am non binary on Facebook.
permalink Very sunny, bee-yow-tee-full late summer/early autumn* day
Lots of work to do, but the really shitty bit of the week is over, where I needed to pull both a poster and a talk out of thin air. Which was achieved yesterday, when I was awake from 2:30am.

Today is a bit more chilled, was woken from a deep sleep at 6:45 by the alarm. Had a swim, have done some light work. Just been out for lunch. Mrs C returns from Auckland this evening too, which is nice.

*delete according to your preference
permalink Plus I am "working" whilst having the cricket on on my phone
off to the side. Of course, I'd much rather have taken the day off and gone and watched it in person, as it is being played just down the road, and sat in the sun drinking beer
permalink not looking forward to my next call with my mum
she's going to go on and on about that bloody dog shooting

it was obviously tripping on some spice/bath salts blahblah
permalink busy morning
coffee machine broken but milk and very large double chocolate cookie consumed.

worried about getting up early* tomorrow for a run to park run, then park run (first ever) and run home.

*before 9 because its just WRONGE on a weekend.
permalink i dare you to wheelchair to the park
run the park
then wheelchair back home
permalink I don't at this
current time have access to a wheelchair. I do however have a bike and that sounds even better because I'm tired now after a run at lunch today.
permalink I did my first Parkrun in about 9 months just now
It was quite hard...and humid. And I got my traditional sandfly bites afterwards
permalink But definitely recommend
Parkrun is awesome. Total mix of abilities, very supportive
permalink was considering going tomorrow
but, as is the usual problem, that involves putting down this bottle of rum right now
permalink Ha!
As I was collecting Mrs C from the airport last night, followed by dinner, this limited my drinking enough to make it work. It's the 32k long training run tomorrow I ain't looking forwards to!
permalink PARKRUN!
permalink Yeah about that
Legs are really feeling it. I've done 500 over calorie goal every day since 23rd Feb and I'm trying to nail this month. It's killing me sporting or walking (far) to hit goals every day.
permalink A week yesterday I put the cat out
and he didn't go round to come in via the catflap. That meant he couldn't make it over the small fence between the front door and the catflap.

The day after he lost mobility. He spent the weekend laid in front of the fire being fed icepops and being cleaned regularly.

We had him put down on Monday.

We got a sympathy card from our vets, which was lovely.
permalink awww bugger
poor kitty,... sounds like it was reasonably swift though, my mate just had a long drawn out trauma over months.

out little bugger is now 10, chris barker (who's board name i forget, he was in the catermoles) got an almost identical cat the same month, i must check he's still kicking around
permalink Dr Dunno
permalink :(
so sorry. poor kitty.

our vets do lovely things like that too. Plus a lovely box with the ashes in.
thread I paid for my first MOT tiday
only 4 days late, fortunately the place booked me in today after calling in the morning, took 45 minutes and only charged me £40.. most civilised I thought.... Now that i think about it though, are MOT certificates normally written on inside out chicken boxes?

in other car news, i seem to have got an insurance quite whcih is a black box type, i found it by actually reducing my voloutary excess. but it's £350 cheaper than the next best quote. They seem to say it's all about pricing the renewal quote, is there a chance they don't like the mileage i'm doing or the way i'm driving and withdraw cover half way through the year?
permalink Usually
The black boxes either give you some cash back after x months or may charge you extra after x months.

Prolly worth looking through the paperwork before getting the insurance.
permalink Chrome on my desktop
(Windows 10) has taken to crashing if I open wikipedia
permalink it's because of all the fake news
permalink sad
permalink soo sad
permalink There is a chance that will happen, yes.
Mr O'Speed had it happen in fact, although the circumstances were extreme, and it was entirely his fault.
I think they'd given him a warning about his driving, and when he went too fast a second time, they told him the policy was cancelled as of midnight that day.
The catch was, the infringement occurred at about quarter to twelve, so he had 15 minutes to get the car re-insured, or off the road.
He now has to say "yes" to the question "have you ever had a policy cancelled?" which hurts his premiums a lot.
permalink how fast was too fast?
permalink Not sure, but
over the tonne

He's a silly boy. Just look at his choice in men...
permalink Good point!
permalink I just saw a van with "Rage and Pies" on the side.
My sort of company. That's two of my favourite things right there.