thread I'm off to
the Netherlands and Belgium tomorrow night, for a weekend of cycling and watching bike racing.

What fun plans do you have?

If your answer includes "watching Half Man Half Biscuit in Cambridge tomorrow night" I have bad news for you.
permalink Birthday parties on saturday
And maybe watching some cycling on Sunday.

permalink I'm going to do the watching
in Kwaremont
permalink Remember to check the percentages of the beers on
Saturday night.
permalink This was a fun thing to do
permalink Don't forget
we're picking up some free compost
permalink Rock and
permalink never turn down free compost
permalink Yeah, glad I didn't make the trip
to the Junction like last time!

Weekend plans uncertain. Some gardening, some running, probably some Ph.D. thesis examination. Depends on the weather. Which isn't looking terribly flash at the moment.
permalink flash!
haven't heard that in a while.. how's your kiwi accent coming along?
permalink Yeah nah bro!
permalink On my way north right now...
work to do en route. Should be done and on holiday by about 2pm.

Grab my gear from mum's and drive to Glen Nevis... tonight in the bunkhouse at the Ben Nevis Inn... up early tomorrow for the Ring of Steall in late winter conditions. Weather's looking good... should be superb.

Back to mum's tomorrow evening, then pick up minilluminator on Sunday morning, go to airport, fly to Paris, meet Spaniard off Eurostar, then 4 days of Paris/Disney/etc.
permalink my plan is roughly
today: train to Ipswich, cycle to Shotley, tiny ferry to Harwich, find something to eat there, board massive ferry
tommorow: get off massive ferry at Hoek, cycle to Antwerp (weather looks ok) including at least one further small ferry.
Sunday: trains to Oudenaarde and bus to Kwaermont, beer & chips (with mayo) at the Tour of Flanders, bus + trains back to Antwerp
Monday: ride to Rotterdam
Tuesday: Rotterdam tourism, short ride to Hoek for overnight ferry
Wednesday: direct train home
permalink That sounds splendid
I like this.
permalink If you can work in the delta works
to the route from anterp to rotterdam i highly recommend it. though not in a headwind.. and it's a bit of a detour.

also the hague is a nice place to visit. could be good for dinner before big ferry home.
permalink hang on...
given your choice of viewing point

isn't going via rotterdam rather... out of the way. canterbury is closer.

permalink The whole cycled home from Barcelona
doesn't understand why someone would want to go for a long ride....
permalink guilty m'lord,
i was just wondering why the bus was needed.

permalink staying in a hotel in Antwerp.
Kwaremont is an (off the bike) day trip from there
permalink sounds quite full on
have you been to the 'Lost Valley'? that's somewhere south near glen nevis isn't it
permalink Glen Coe
Not far away.

Lovely. Special place. part of the route up, or down from, Bidean Nam Bian.
permalink Wether forecast had changed completely by Friday night
It wasn't shit, but the cloud was lower. Conditions on top were fairly full-on snow-on-rock chaos. I hooked up with a group of 4 from Edinburgh and we had a great ascent of An Gearanach, but got well along the ridge to An Garbanach before reaching a bit that was just not safe in those conditions (especially since not everyone had ice axe and crampons... I did , but I still thought it was too hairy in the super-low visibility.). So back we went. Still a good 7 hour day on the mountain though.
permalink Lying on the sofa,
up to my eyeballs in painkillers, my left knee wrapped in ice. Spent 4 hrs yesterday at A&E at UCLH, yelping in agony regularly, then an x-ray told me nothing I didn't already know (bone crumbling on the top surface of the tibia). Seems to be some sort of ligament damage this time, but they barely register on x-rays so I have to wait till the swelling goes down and get it MRI scanned. Meh to the motherfucking max.
permalink ouch...
you should have listened to baz luhrmann

permalink Not sure how Sunscreen
could help...
permalink Oh tits
permalink I was just about
To say that
permalink *hugs tits*
permalink hang on
a goshdarned minute
permalink It's all gone a bit wrong
Whether that's a boardspack, or all my own doing, who knows!
permalink you'll miss them when they are gone.
permalink ouchieMcOuchKnee!
you need more yoghurt :)
permalink In further developments,
I've been speaking to BUPA (got free health insurance through work) and they're being lightning fast in organising an MRI scan and an MSK appointment. So by the middle of next week, I should know what the fuck is going on. I do feel ever so slightly guilty about going private, but I'm justifying it because a) I have it as part of my pay package so I might as well use it, and b) it'll free up an MRI slot in the NHS for someone who doesn't.
permalink also C:
you pay income tax on the cost of it as a benefit.

But as you say it frees up NHS resources. I went 6.5 years with corporate heath cover and never used it.. then left and spent a year in and out of hospitals.
permalink This'll be the second time we've used it
(Mrs Dublin is on my policy too), ironically both for fucked knees.

Thing is, the NHS MSk guy I saw a a year or two ago told me I'll have to get that knee replaced in 12-15 years one way or another.
permalink Just knock it through and put in a side return with an island kitchen

Add a load of value
permalink and somebody without insurance is one step closer
that's how I justify using mine.
permalink And now
on top of all that I have the most horrendous dose of food poisoning. The mayonnaise in a sarny yesterday I think.
permalink I too justify my use of health insurance
by the fact that it frees up the NHS for others, plus I'm paying tax for the benefit so I may as well get some use of it.

It was certainly reassurring when I had a cancer scare a few years ago and could have the barrage of tests done immediately, rather than having to wait several months.

When you go for your MRI scan, ask for a copy of the scans on CD/usb - you can get free medical imaging software online to render them at home. It's great fun looking through your own internals like that.

My knee:
permalink Cool!
Or maybe not. I can't tell if it's supposed to be like that or not.
permalink I have two scans of my knee, one before surgery
and one after, and I'm damned if I can tell a difference.

Either way, my knee is still a continual source of problems.
permalink I have been told not to take painkillers today,
as I'm seeing the consultant this afternoon. As a result, my knee is made of pain.
permalink You have my sympathies.
I've lost track of the number of times I'd contemplated a diy amputation.
permalink I can see that.
Today, I am awash in Nurofen but it's still fairly hurty.

The consultant told me it's actually probably a hamstring injury, though we won't know till the MRI on Friday.
permalink I've got my head on a CT scan
Keep wondering how hard it's be to have my brain and head 3d printed.
permalink I think it's easier to isolate the brain from scans
as the tissues are very different, so show up clearly. Although I neglected to get a copy of my head MRI when I had one done, so I've not had a chance to try it.

permalink are you going to join
in with the race?
permalink he could get involved like this guy did
permalink yeah, rubbish
It's the child's 5th birthday tomorrow, so hoards of screaming children tomorrow then the family Sunday. Fucking hell.
permalink Just got in from street pastoring. One lass told us she'd been told about street pastors
in her a-level RE, and she was going to tell her teacher she'd met us.

then we walked past the retro bar and they were playing my music, so I'm feeling a bit old.
permalink being taught about in RE
does that give you a god complex.

permalink Will constantly being called a good boy
give you a dog complex?
permalink Woof

*Head tilt*
permalink *scratches alistair behind ear*
permalink we found out we're having a boy!
and he's a hell of a wriggler.
permalink Easier answering here rather than twitter,
you should be able to get a maternity exemption card, ask your doctor or midwife. That'll get you free prescriptions and free dental care, and includes the right to send your man to the nearest chemist with it to get peptac/gaviscon. It lasts for a year after birth too, I think.
permalink I have one
I thought I'd have to get a prescription to use the card.
permalink yay to the continuation of the patriachy.
i think.

permalink well Dave was the last of his name
so he needed an heir. and he gets to play boy stuff with him probably. I suspect lots of car tinkerings together.
permalink And how would this have been different with a girl exactly

permalink I've trained you well
You are, of course, correct.
permalink I walked past some kids in my street playing football
with my mum and my two year old. My mum said "it's a shame you're not a boy or you could play football too".
permalink How subtle were you
about kicking her in the ankle?
permalink I told her she was wromg
and assured Eve that she could play football if she wanted, but not with big kids using a hard ball as she'd get hurt.

I then had a word with my mum about limiting anybody's horizons.

She comes from a "women, know your place" kinda church though, so it's very much her culture.
permalink Jolly good
Women do know their place, it's everywhere :)
permalink oh I agree
I would expect him to do the same stuff if the child and he wanted to together. I know I'm going to teach the boy how to cook, clean, fold and iron and sew and knit and craft in general.
permalink Skip the ironing
Nobody needs to know ironing.
permalink But you know *how*
in case of emergency.
permalink exactly.
if you don't know HOW to do it, how do you know to avoid it?
thread No new posts since Thursday?
We're slacking people.

We had a fun weekend of Captain Marvel, lunch with my family and looking after a small doggo. Kitty was not impressed, but less not-impressed than expected.
permalink I Captain Marvelled on Friday. Good isn't it? Though at least one too many bouts of fisticuffs
if you ask me. At least 20 minutes could have been trimmed off the running time. Saturday was more disappointing with a bowl of laksa not living up to my hopes and Bohemian Rhapsody being a bit like a Hallmark Channel biopic. Yesterday was spent squinting at my phone and the bad connection to the memorial event for my favourite cousin who died last weekend in Mumbai. Today I have the day off work and am going to the V&A to see the Dior today and am hoping - probably totally uselessly - that it won't be absolutely heaving on a Monday.

By the way, I have more plant leavings if you would like them? Also, I think I totally confuzzled Giles last week as I was in F&M in the tea department and gave him the big hello. He was terribly polite in response as you'd expect but I think had no idea who I was. I dropped your names in to the conversation to give him a clue.
permalink he is easily confused.

permalink Yes, I am.
permalink The Big Final Fight In Space went on a bit too long
and seemingly to very little effect, but I didn't feel l suffered unduly. Disappointing Laksa is a great peel session, but a very poor dinner.

Sorry about your cousin, I hope the memorial was as good as can be expected. At least it didn't coincide with the Laksa Incident, that would've been too much.

Heh Giles didn't mention he'd been accosted by anyone, but then he's probably forgotten everything that happened in the shop last week by now! Plant leavings, yes please, I have a dead succulent that needs replacing. How often are you watering?
permalink Yes, exactly. I did get a bit bored but I liked the characterisation
and the 90s details.

Thanks, it's been a bit tough. Very sudden. Didn't get to see much of the memorial but apparently it's been filmed and will be shared. And I think the Laksa Incident is my own fault for thinking I could get something in London that would taste the same as the laksa in Singapore...

Yeah, I wasn't surprised that he'd no idea who I was. Plus I was out of context which befuddles me too. Cool, will put more leavings in the post to you. I water whenever the leaves feel wambly but on the whole they are pretty hard to kill.
permalink Is wambly a technical term?
permalink "Underground, Overground, Wambling Free
The Wambles of Wambledon Common Are We"...
permalink Straight outta Gardeners' Question Time
permalink Oooh... and I meant to let you know...
Monsieur Le Duck was bloody epic.

All the duck. All of it.
permalink Cor. I do want to go there...
permalink Not sure how long it's open for...
busy evenings, but lunch is probably achievable.
permalink Sorry to hear about your cousin, very sad
Haven't caught Captain Marvel yet, but want to.

We did however catch Older Than Ireland, which is an absolutely brilliant doco interviewing a bunch of Irish centenarians. Funny, sad and all over brilliant.
permalink aparently
Endgame is over three hours.

I mean I'll go watch it, but fucking hell, have they let Peter Jackson direct it?

permalink Yeah. We've been a bit rubbish, haven't we?
This weekend I mostly did amazing cooking.

The best Duck dish I've ever cooked on Saturday, and crackin herb-crusted veal yesterday. With the Spaniard's mexican feast on Friday, we've been eating well!
permalink Doggo has been dispatched to owner
i thought he was pretty happy here, but he got all yelpy when he saw her and his tail must be aching by now with all the wagging.

cat has not emerged yet.
permalink Yeah, other beings will always be second best to Moira :)
This is normally kitty nap time so I'm not surprised he's not come down.
permalink hewwow
im getting so chonky. oh and we have a new anemone for the fish tank, lots of appointments over the next month or so...especially since the midwife to hospital transfer of my maternity file went missing. I'm meant to be under consultancy care. Ehn...
permalink I've opened a fried chicken place

cfb, sfw
permalink I like this!
permalink haha
permalink Spent the last few days in Dublin
with the folks. Very good time had by all, dining on excellent fish every day, going for nice walks in the countryside, chilling with drinkies, and being reminded what cool people my parents are.

Also, as noted by Scoff on FB, we did the Dun Laoghaire to Howth boat trip which was *superb*. Had a lovely day for it, saw gannets and guillemots, and had a superb fish lunch at The Oarhouse in Howth, which is one of my favourite fish places in Dublin - started with some lovely grilled mackerel and mained on a baked whole sea bream which was to die for.

Next time you're in this hemisphere Mr Cruddle, you has *gots* to do the boat trip. You can pick it up in Dublin on the North Quay, take it to DL, then Howth, then loop down around Dalkey Island and back, or any part thereof. All very civilised indeed. Also, pints and grilled hake in The Club in Dalkey, natch.
permalink Sounds good
I wasn't aware of the harbour cruise. Mind you, I only just caught up with the ferry to Holyhead no longer leaving from Dun Laoghaire at all.

One assumes you didn't get beaten up by your erstwhile acquaintance. I had an image of him hanging round the arrivals at the airport
permalink Nah,
he clearly wasn’t paying attention.
permalink We had an unexpectedly really hot and sunny autumn weekend
So Saturday was all the gardening, Sunday some running and more impromptu drinking that was probably wise. Monday was "difficult"
permalink I'm thinking of building a pizza oven in the garden
permalink you'll never use it as much as you think you will and
might as well just buy 3 years worth of posh pizzas delivered instead.


but you might have great fun building it...

permalink my italian neighbours tell me
that the pizza round here is all terrible
permalink build it in their garden then
and hang around the fence expectantly
permalink your Italian neighbour
is likely to think all pizza is terrible, apart from this one place in a small village somewhere
permalink ..owned by his cousin.
permalink Quite
permalink even if it's only 1 pizza made
it's worth it

yay for middle-aged tinkering
permalink you do realise to get a real pizza oven hot enough you need
to stoke it with wood for about 3 days, and 3 trees... Not at all viable. My brother has one in mallorca and it takes more than 12 hours to get warm enough.
permalink The italians say
that you should use twigs rather than big stuff as it burns quicker and hotter.
permalink just do it
and if you get bored of it you can always make a funfair out of it for the guinea pigs
permalink have they never heard of bellows?
i'm guessing that's why the industrial revolution never started there..
permalink we had bellows
I think it was badly made, or the chimney was blocked. Send in the small child to clean it.
thread a listicle today made me look this up
in 1999 th following films were released

american beauty
the matrix
fight club
green mile
galaxy quest
office space
being john malkovitch
ghost dog
toy story 2
sixth sense
Edit: also
Payback (mel gibson)
boondock saints
eyes wide shut
pushing tin
human traffic
east is east
Edit......... Also lock stock and 2 smoking barrels

Which is a pretty strong list of cool innovative and interesting films for a single year... of course in a sign of what's to come it also featured: Star wars - the phantom menace
permalink Oh man
we should watch Office Space.
permalink also the year of two of the best maternally-titled films
All About My Mother
The Mummy
permalink the blair witch project
permalink aparently the swingline stapler never came in red
before the film, but it is still their biggest seller.
permalink I never really liked American Beauty
and with 20 years distance I think I can admit that now.
permalink I found it self-indulgent
and up itself.
permalink Interesting set.
american beauty - didn't like
the matrix - liked
fight club - liked
green mile - liked
bowfinger - haven't seen
galaxy quest - loved
office space - haven't seen
dogma - loved
being john malkovitch - loved
magnolia - haven't seen
ghost dog - haven't seen
toy story 2 - loved
sixth sense - hated
Payback (mel gibson) - haven't seen
boondock saints - meh
eyes wide shut - hated
pushing tin - loved
human traffic - loved
east is east - meh
permalink Ghost dog and bowfinger
Are great.

Payback is decent nonsense
permalink Payback is an exact remake of
Point blank the 60s Lee Marvin revenge film.. a bit less psychodelic
permalink My summary of ghost dog:
Forest Whitaker plays a samurai assassin who works for the new york Italian mafia, directed by Jim Jarmusch with soundtrack by Wu tang Clan... What's not to like.
permalink Oh *that* Ghost Dog.
Yep, saw it a few years ago. Was drunk though, so I don't remember much of it.

And I loved Point Blank.
permalink It is very good.
I love the french guy.
permalink Wait... You haven't seen Office Space?
I can only recommend that you remedy this asap
permalink from what he posts on here
I think it might resonate a tad
permalink Everyone who's ever had a printer fuck them over
should love Office Space. Never mind everything else
permalink I called a printer a cunt this very day.
The cunt.
permalink Splendid!
permalink east is east was meh! are you nuts?!?
that was beeston when i was growing up.. totally.
and i loved the bit about never taking off his parka

BowFinger is awesome and probably the last decent thing steve martin ever did.. eddie murphy is genius and heather graham.. just perfect.
do yourself a favour and watch it asa
permalink Twas indeed, a very good year
although this means I finished my Ph.D. 20 years ago. Fucking hell.

american beauty - liked at the time, would be interested to see how it has aged
the matrix - LOVE IT absolute stone cold classic
fight club - LOVE IT ditto
green mile - seen bits, not really fussed
bowfinger - not seen
galaxy quest - only seen bits, do need to see, as I am sure I would love it
office space - GREAT
dogma - loved it at the time, again, would be curious to see how it looks now. Still Alanis Morissette as god.
being john malkovitch -LOVED IT
magnolia - actually have not seen, should get around to it
ghost dog - not seen
toy story 2 - CLASSIC
sixth sense - meh. OK once, but it seems so obvious.
Payback (mel gibson) - not seen, but Gibson isn't a good start
boondock saints - not seen
eyes wide shut - not seen, but should. Cruise-aversion doesn't help, but it is Kubrick
pushing tin - seen bits, seems good
human traffic - LOVE IT, up there with Lebowski for a I feel shit, watch a cheer me up fillum
east is east - good, nothing brilliant, but perfectly OK
permalink The Church of England copyright police got in touch today.
Apparently the CofE using material produced by the CofE for a CofE podcast isn't ok so I can't use it for one of the alexa skills I created yesterday.
permalink how queer
permalink I haven't seen 6 of those
including Boondock Saints which I've never even heard of.
permalink Never heard of that either.
Am I the only one who, in their head, is going "Boondock Saints, Boo Boo Boo Boondock Saints" to the obvious tune?
permalink Nope.
permalink Well, I wasn't
But I am now
permalink my work here is done.
permalink 50/50 really
never watch hollywood animation stuff so no toy story but the rest were all pretty mediocre to how-the-hell-did-this-get-funded except
east is east
human traffic (totally agree with scoff there)
pushing tin
ghost dog (not his best.. in fact probably one of his more forgettable films)
office space.. even though i only saw it some time in my b3ta phase as everyone banged on about it)
bowfinger and fight club were real delights

i did think they were older than that though

in other news had a lovely picnic of different cheesecakes and a variety of fresh ground coffees using my new design alcohol stove (4-5 mins to boil 400ml with a wind deflector.. compared to a smidge over 3 mins indoors)
permalink you watched the matrix and thought
"mediocre to how-the-hell-did-this-get-funded" ?

my point wasn't that everyone would like them all, but the breadth of novel ideas and plots, styles, concepts etc is significantly more varied than the current comic sequel fest.

ghost dog became a bit of a touch-stone in my group of mates, we all listened to the soundtrack and quoted it to each other.
permalink i'd fallen out with the sci-fi thing around that time so watched it a couple of years later
in the meantime i kept getting comments on my web design concepts like
"this is really cool i like the matrix thing going on"
so actually seeing it was a bit of a disappointment but also a relef as there was little connection i could see

i was more interested in S.Korean Japanese and Mexican films at the time
but yeah there was a great deal of invention from U.S. semi-independents i guess
i guess Iranian Turkey and Brazilian films are the interesting breeding grounds at the moment.. besides the explosion of documentaries
thread Just back from town where we combined
another *fantastic* lunch at Ella Canta with a bit of marching for a second referendum. Great atmosphere at both.

Best placard of the day was one that just said 'Feck'.

Am now slumped on the sofa, sipping tequila and blood orange juice, and deciding not to eat again today.
permalink I've just taken a peek at developing Alexa skills.
If you do two before the end of the month you can get a free hoodie (or backpack or water bottle).

Edit: Just built one. One more to go.
ediedit: That was remarkably straight forward.
permalink "alexa please summon god"
that kind of thing?
permalink "Alexa? Smite Jacob Rees Mogg"
permalink Sort of.
permalink today i am using a mouse for the first time in 18 days
and yesterday was the first time i've typed on a keyboard for 17...

it feels very odd.
permalink Scott Walker,
wasn't he?
permalink maybe.... maybe.
permalink i went to the london coffee festival thing for the first time in 4 years
wow.. what a cunt magnet that is now
still.. fun enough lost track of time and missed the march
thread Cunty Fuckarse
I just schlepped all the way out to Wembley from Old St... 45 mins or so to get to a 1 hour meeting.

The people who were supposed to be presenting were 20 minutes late, then couldn't get their product demo to work.

The client had to leave at the 55 minute mark, and the room was only available for an hour anyway.

Then 45 mins back here.

What a fucking waste of time.
permalink one day tele-conferencing* will take off and peoples carbon footprint will plummet
*the hologram kind

HELPIE.. i need to buy some hiking trainers (they're actual trail runners but i'll be using them just to walk in.. La Sportiva Akyras)
they come in goretex or just normal and i can't decide which to get.. goretex help keep the dust/dirt/sand out beside the rain
but obviously if they get wet on the inside and it's a 5 day walk.. west highland way or something.. you're fuckered (i could always just wear my
or maybe get some of these ;) )
having the protection would be great but the possibility to dry/wash them out at the end of the day would be useful also..

also where can i try shoes on before i buy them on the internet with the massive discounts (30-50% on these babies)?
bricks & mortar places seem like hens teeth.. checked footlocker JD and sports direct and they're just fashion bollocks!
permalink I'd always go Goretex for something like that
it's not just that they keep shit out... they're also breathable so your feet don't stew in their own sweat.

Go to a proper outdoors shop - an independent if you can find one, or even a chain like Cotswold or Go Outdoors, or even Blacks. They should have an ok range and let you try things on, then you can "go away and think about it"...
permalink I'm in Edinburgh tomorrow afternoon...
I'll be trying on some new boots at the superb Tiso shop... I looked a couple of weeks ago... they didn't have the right size... so they've got them in for me to try on... no commitment to buy. If I don;t like them or they don;t fit, they'll just put them into stock. If I like them and they do fit, they've made a sale (a fairly serious sale too... these are not cheap boots!).

Proper service.
permalink I would say the opposite
If you're after trail shoes, go with standard, as they will breathe and also drain much better than the gortex coated ones. As for where to try stuff on, no idea in the UK these days, but there should be a few specialised running shops in that London.

Definitely worth trying, as fit /feel is very personal. Never tried La Sportivas, but have heard good things about them
permalink Fair.
You're a runner, I'm a hiker/climber. Slightly different agendas, I guess.
permalink well that's the dilemma.. they're technically runners but i'll be using them mainly for trekking
and while most runners aren't good for trekking the design on these makes them good for both
i won't even be able to use them for a few months but i'm paranoid that they'll sell out..
the trainer universe is soo bloody fickle with new models coming out all the time (it seems to me anyhow)
umm.. maybe i'll wait and these discounts will happen again
permalink From what I can tell
La Sportiva seem pretty stable with their shoes, don't chop and change as much as some
permalink yeah i think you're right
i've decided to go non-gtx as like you say.. in trainers your going to get wet so embrace it*
not like with my goretex boots that breath amazingly and have enough height i can wade through small streams

*i'll probably get some waterproof socks for days when it's likely light drizzle and no chance of fording
permalink It's probably more of a Kiwi thing
I have to admit to spending a lot of time previously trying to keep my feet dry. The general modus operandi over here is that your feet are going to get wet regardless (lots of tracks with multiple river crossings), so deal with it. So the aim would be to have footwear that drains well and that will dry out faster if possible. YMMV, of course.
permalink There's a Decathlon in Chingford
Also there used to be two or three proper shops in Notting Hill.
permalink yeah i checked them cheers
the only place mentioned here i hadn't checked (online) was blacks and unsurprisingly that was a blank

looks like i might have to go 'proper' shopping and mill about covent gardens speciality shops.. the prospect of that as a typical bloke is hulk like rage! ;)
permalink That's what I saying
there are 5 or 6 speciality shops in Notting Hill and it's more pleasant than Covent Garden. And you can go into Holland Park after.
permalink got ya!
i'll give that a bash cheers.. or maybe just be lazy and order a bunch on amazon prime.. returning them so i can pick up the deals some place else
permalink 10 hours travel today
for a 30 minute presentation

it was quite an important one though, and I find I get a lot more done on trains than sitting in an office of functional-but-incessantly-vibrating engineering types
permalink Can't beat that
But we are in the midst of the clusterfuck that is both reorganisation of teams etc and panic budgeting a new programme.

I have however escaped and am at the airport, with beer, on my way oop North for my first ever gay wedding
permalink We have made it to Portsmouth
Now a mere 81 mile pedal to the pub.

I'm pretty sure my cooked breakfast would not be recommended by a sport nutritionist, I might have some petrol station sushi later.

permalink Excellent
permalink By Christ it feels like we saw more cars today than the last 2 weeks combines
And our tally of dangerous drivers seen on the road (Spain 2, France 5) was surpassed by British knobends in a single stretch of road.

But the beer is better here so what are you going to do?
permalink ride in continetal europe
drink beer in the UK.

Though I'm taking a trip to the tour of flanders, should be OK for both there
permalink I feel bad now
I only did 20 miles before stopping for cake.
permalink happy birthday
to you
permalink thank you
permalink congratulations
was there any special reason for the route you took.. views land marks that kind of thing or is it special for another reason?
permalink it was the flatest available
that also went through sancerre where my mate who's husband is a winemaker lives.

permalink so keeping up the filmic theme
some 'Sideways' action took place then :)
permalink You.
Old Street.

permalink Yeah. We should.
Any favourites?
permalink Nincomsoup in the arcade is great.
Or Arancini Brothers. I'm meat free these days, and they both do excellent veggie and vegan, plus the soup place does some superb fish soups. Message me at the start of the week and we can diarise.
permalink I've been to Nincomsoup.
It was good.

I never though our palates would come anywhere close to coinciding.
permalink No?
I can get pretty poncey with my palate, but I like good quality simple stuff too, and Nincomsoup does that very well. Their smoked haddock chowder is especially good.
permalink cream of tomato or minestrone?
. .
permalink I'm not a soup person
so I'll have ordered whatever my colleague ordered.

permalink Soupy twist!
permalink Could be worse.
You could've schlepped all the way out to Wembley to present to some idiots who would only give you an, and then you arrive 20 minutes late and then you couldn't get your bloody product to work.

This week I've gone to the wrong venue twice but managed to get to the right one in time. Today I spent the day in a primary school interviewing for a TA role in pre-school. It was fun, but I'm knackered. Probably shouldn't be on the internet really, but social media is a bit mesmerising at the moment.