thread This is currently occurring at the end of my friends' garden.

A bloke climbed into their garden from a neighbours... running scared... they tried to calm him down, but he climbed their back fence and ran onto the ECML. A train ground to a halt and he climbed on top of it.

Seige situation ongoing.

permalink i can imagine the radio conversation
"control, there is a trespasser on the train"
"why are you telling me, give him a penalty fare"
"no... he's ON the train"

permalink He was up there all afternoon.
They had to turn off the overhead power so he couldn;t kill himself with it.

Which took out ALL the overhead power coming out of Waverley in either direction...
permalink Crikey!
permalink Wow!
That makes my 'MAGPAS eggbeater landing very close to my house this aft' tale seem a bit tame.
permalink MAGPAS Eggbeater?
Great Peel Session in '77
permalink Was this resolved safely?
permalink It was.
Although the poor guy is clearly a bit of a mess mentally. I hope he gets the help he needs, but I'm not overly optimistic.

Romanian. The BTP told my friends that he's drug free, but essentially has lived with a life of trauma and never known love, safety, or stability. So he's in lizard brainstem fight or flight all the time, and has precious little understanding of the intricacies of daily life...
permalink Sounds like a lot of info
.. sounds like the bit in Wayne's world where the limo driver gives way too much exposition...
permalink One of my friends followed up with the BTP because she's like that...
permalink there's a recycling plant/warehouse on fire in st helens
so there's an apocalyptic pillar of smoke rising from snelens and covering wigan. Bastards.
permalink I just saw that on facebook
it looks pretty epic..
permalink GTA5 is free, offer ends tomorrow (Thursday 21 May)
permalink My business would crumble if I did that.
One year I'll just decide to gain 50 pounds and splurge on GTA
permalink Ew.
permalink it's now changed
to Civilisation VI
permalink Got a governors meeting today
which includes reopening plans.

When I took over being a governor from my overburdened clergy friend he never said that if I got this wrong ppl would die.
permalink To be fair,. You can say the same about driving.
Also, it does seem there is growing evidence that kids are massively less likely to catch and transmit the infection, and if you stick them all outside for as much time as possible then outdoors transmission seems to be pretty rare as well.... So open the windows to ventilate the stinky buggers.

permalink It's not just about how likely the children are to spread it.
My kids are staying with my 75 year old mum and returning the kids will force myself to mix with her as she lives a few miles away and I will have to pick the kids up and drop them off. I'm going to work still and there is at least one person off with confirmed covid19.
permalink you need to hose them down with vodka before dropping them off

but your set up sounds like a case of "don't do this" either they don't go back, or you need a different set up... or a way to avoid mixing with your mum..

permalink I have two staff who are pregnant, lots who are high risk so not in school
and others who live with high risk people. Lots are parents who have been forced to send their own kids back to school because we can't provide places of wet don't have the staff.

We have a number of parents whose grasp of English is scant at best, and a number who certainly aren't boothroyd with distancing and will gather at the gates unless shouted at.

It's far more complicated than "kids are a low transmission risk".
permalink yep, for sure
but the people who aren't boothroyd with distancing will do that wherever they are.

and arguably it's the kids from more difficult backgrounds who have much more need to go back to school.
permalink Good schools will already have them in, at least part time,
but there's no legal driver for parents to send them in.
permalink There is for those children who are already designated as
permalink You don't need an EHCP or anything official like that,
you just need the school to identify you as vulnerable.
permalink Which I sort of dislike, because teachers are really poorly placed to make this sort of decision,
being (for around 79% of them) inexperienced of any scenario that is not 'being at school'.

But yes, it works for those who it catches.
permalink There are kids in my school for one day a week
who have been identified by the school as young carers, but not anybody else.

If they didn't have the authority to declare those kids as vulnerable then they'd be carers without any kind of respite for months. Until at least September for most of them.

You say they're inexperienced of anything outside of school, but they know who is getting fed, who is getting a decent night's sleep, who has a regular supply of clean clothes, etc etc.
permalink Yeah, but they flag up a LOT of false positives for people who are not exactly like them.
It is a weird situation we have, where we expect to get young people ready for life after education in an environment where nobody has experienced it.
permalink Jim is meant to be going back to school and that terrifies me.
That said, I may well have to go out looking for work soon, too.
permalink isn't she a bit old?
permalink Hilarious.
I am grumpy, for obvious reasons.
permalink You're always grumpy.
permalink That is the obvious reason.
Philip just came in covered in hot tar though, which has added to my dismay.
permalink Cat? Dog? Child?
permalink Schofield?
permalink He's a one.
permalink Felis catus

permalink Part cat
Part raccoon, by the look of it
permalink I'm not convinced it's necessarily the right time
but the child needs to go back, she's going up the fucking walls stuck here
permalink i'm surprised they are being so even with it over the whole country
i mean my borough has had 2 or 3 confirmed cases in the last week, i can see the sense of sending them back now (in some form) but some areas are a bit more messy.. and another week or two would make sense there.
permalink Here our council and our academy Trust have told us
That they've got our back whatever decision we make.
permalink it's your duty to rebel against the govt's use of the oi polloi as canon fodder
to make it look like the UKs economy is working
thread Why antibody testing for immunity is problematic
permalink I thought the reported accuracy of the Roche test
makes the false positive rate only around 4%
permalink in the given example
that drops the total number of false positives from 49500 to 39600, which is still 80% of the positive results being incorrect
permalink Roche is claiming 100% sensitivity and 99.8% specificity
which will obviously remain to be verified, but at those numbers the false positive rate is single figure % depending on prevalence

our learned doctor friend is correct, we haven't made use of tests available to date because Bayesian stats magnify any inaccuracy, but the tests we're talking about now are accurate/specific to the point where that is an acceptable/useful level - particularly if they are generating an extremely small number of false negatives, which are obviously more important
permalink And that's
permalink now we just have to hope
that the antibody detected actually grants immunity
permalink And that most people actually create specific immunity following infection.
It's a hard one.
thread We did another film double bill
We watched The Dish and Search for the wilderpeople... As a Sam Niel double bill.

I really liked the dish, I'd never heard of it but it's really funny.. and a good heartwarming nonsense.

permalink I really should get around to watching the Dish
Have heard good things. And Wilderpeople is obviously ace.
permalink i was recommended 'The Castle'
fuck noes why it's soo popular.. though i did like the line
"there's only one thing dad liked more than serenity, and that was the sound of a 2 stroke at full rev"
permalink Frankly, I am deeply suspicious of anyone who doesn't love the Castle
It's a solid gold beauty. But then it was always more about the vibe of the thing

We went to a Castle themed evening at the Strine high commisioner's place last Welly food festival, which was great.
permalink That is going straight to the pool room.

permalink Tell him he's dreamin'
etc etc
permalink Since I have been WFH
I've found it very difficult to watch (focus on) TV or a film in my down time. I tend to check my phone a lot or do something else. I've assumed that is because I'm at a computer for 8 hours a day now rather than the 90 minutes a day if I was in work and If I have down time I'd rather spend it with my new family.

Mostly my partner has been watching Upstart Crow which has it's moments, Gossip Girl which doesn't and Barry which I have enjoyed.

Does anyone else miss sport?
permalink bundesliga is back on
maybe taking your H&S break from the screen and playing frisbee golf with the fam may solve both of those issues
permalink The exercise in my break is something I am (we are) doing
It is very enjoyable being out and about, good weather makes this much easier to cope with

I think I am just a bit grumbly because I've not had more than 2 1/2 hours sleep in one go for a while.
permalink It's because you've got a small person to look after.
I used to quite happily spend all day at work on a PC then come home and watch endless stuff.
permalink a triple bill with 'Possession' would have been interesting
i watched 'I Love you, Daddy' by louis ck and besides the difficulty in finding any empathy for the characters..
the overwrought music & headache inducing insistence in the use of soft lighting and bokeh.
the whole thing seemed to be a rationale of woody allens past & possibly his own revolting behaviour. i'd give it a miss
fortunately the day was saved by 'Like Cattle Towards Glow' which was both funny and experimental
permalink Is this the sequel to 'Dirty Grandpa' ?
permalink Those are both crackers, actually.
permalink I've watched all of the live star wars
Rogue One is brilliant. I enjoyed the new three. The Mandalorian was great.

I've now started watching Sewing Bee.

I don't watch much any more.
permalink i was pondering re-watching the prequels
people have been saying they aren't as bad as you remember...

permalink I enjoyed episode 1
permalink *manually expunges cj
from history*
permalink It's mostly the pod racing,
which I particularly enjoyed because of the N64 game.

I'm tempted to buy it on GOG but it might be rubbish.
permalink Never not relevant
permalink Video unavailable
This video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
permalink But bizarrely not in NZ
It's from Spaced. I am sure you can all imagine which scene
permalink Jaffa
permalink No the bit where Tim is bollocking the kid
who wants a Jar Jar doll
thread FFS again.
Two blokes from separate households were waiting in my street together with golf bags. A third bloke rocked up in a BMW and off they all went together to play golf.

Three households, one saloon car.

Some people really do not give the slightest tiny bit of a shit.

2nd wave coming. The wave of the idiots.
permalink it wouldn't be so bad if they just took themselves out
but I despair for all the NHS workers who're catching this from idiots
permalink Exactly.
I couldn't give a fuck about them, but one of them might well be shoving past me in a local shop tomorrow.
permalink yeah
if the idiots all walked into the sea it would be OK, but they're a l l a r o u n d u s
permalink I think the worst people are collectively
Called the government.
permalink indeed
setting up to cover their arses and blaming the oi polloi if all their (un)planning fails
permalink Fanny(ing about)
by Gaslight
permalink I'm hoping this wave is the cull of the stupid
If anyone's interested (Scoff I'm mostly looking at you) there's a new Transglobal Underground album out. Let me know if you'd like me to tape it for you.
permalink This is why I'm not sending my kids back to school.
Before the lockdown other parents were sending their kids in while showing symptoms, so the question is do I trust other people and the answer is a resounding no.
permalink we've been talking about it obviously
there's no way I'm committing to anything for at least another week, I don't trust our school, and at the end of the day I'd prefer to risk her seeing her best friends outside in the park ahead of whatever fucking lunacy the school plan.
permalink Ooh, nice
It is on teh Spotify, and I am listening now
permalink Rather good
Didn't know they were still a going concern
permalink me either
heard them on the radiogram the other day
permalink to be fair the current rules are a bit nuts
I mean I can go and meet someone while amy meets someone else.. and then we can swap round... in fact i could meet 100 people a day, just one at a time.

but both of us couldn't meet the same person at the same time. Or as someone pointed out on facebook, you can't have your mother over to meet your kids, but you could employ her as a baby sitter, then it's legal. I think the NZ social bubbles is a much better idea

that said, getting in a car was dumb... I went on a cycle ride to essex with a mate of mine today, drove past a busy car park and thought., "what the hell is that"... ah golf course.

We also saw a mobile kebab van set up outside a garden centre... presumably their cafe is closed.
permalink is trumps golf course open.. probably only reason biff added it to the list
garden centres for the grey vote & tennis because all those golfing widows need to get back to sharing fluids with their coaches
permalink Golf feels like one of the few activities which are reasonable
It is pretty distancing based - just drive their in your own fucking car!
permalink Probably similar reason
Nannies are allowed again.
permalink think Scotland
is still keeping the golf courses shut
permalink on the other hand
I saw a pub tonight that was definitely open for regulars and a fair few suspect others
permalink I need the address and a shell suit
permalink it was this wonderful piece of vernacular architecture

I've been struggling to find reference to it in the latest CAMRA listings
permalink Clearly a garden centre
permalink There's an ice cream van that has been coming around our street every day through the whole thing.
To flog ice cream to the same bunch of horrible kids.
permalink so what happens if they've already had it say 6-8 weeks ago?
i'm pretty sure i had it quite early on.. i still wear a mask going into shops but that's mainly to put people at ease.
i imagine (without any scientific numbers so i'll make them up) at least 60% of londoners have had it.

if only we had a test to actually check..
permalink while nobody knows
it's much much less than 60% unfortunately

more likely 20% of londoners

however it MIGHT be 60% of NHS workers.. which might come in handy.

permalink 90% nhs fontline workers (management not so much)
most londoners were still travelling on tubes/night buses shaking hands at meetings mid march.. WELL over 20%
permalink A newspaper suggested 19 million Brits have had it.
That's under 30%.

Polio needs an 80-85% uptake of the vaccine to prevent outbreaks so I'm guessing it's similar for COVID.

There was something rough going round in January / February that was similar to COVID but wasn't it.
permalink to be fair
golf is very much for cunts
permalink I absolutely despise golf
and all the damage it has done to this world
permalink it isn't just that it is environmentally destructive
(golf course use an extraordinary amount of water and are biodiversity deserts) but the politics. Oh god the politics. Golf clubhouses gave us Farage's UKIP. Golf gave us Trump.
permalink I'm picturing little Al at 9 years old not being able to get his
ball in the hole,then having a massive tantrum.

to be fair, golf clubs were already fucked, continue to be slightly fucked and hopefully will be completely fucked.

the number of courses owned by local councils is suprising though.. i was slightly outraged that walthamforest has one.. but then the course is small and in the middle of epping foest taking up a tiny percentage of space so.. ahh there are bigger battles to fight on that one.

permalink don't think I ever cared about golf as a kid
it's as an adult, hell it's in my thirties, that I've developed a deep and burning hatred for it
permalink there was a golf course up the road from me when i was 10
i learned to despise golf courses very early on
this became kind of an anthem
permalink I used to quite enjoy golf
but when we played it was basically wandering about a field getting drunk, the hitting a little ball about was largely incidental. There's no denying that most golf is populated entirely by wankers.
permalink Crazy Golf
or GTFO.
permalink oh, now
crazy golf I'm very much here for. Crazy golf is the people's golf.
Suit and tie fascists hate crazy golf
permalink golfists
especially hate crazy golf.
permalink And now I have a bucket list.
permalink the only one on that list
I've ticked off is Paignton, whilst at a sailing regatta there. As part of our pirate themed evening. There was a lot rum before and after. One of the ladies of the group managed to injure herself during the golf
permalink I got introduced to golf as a kid (maybe about 10yo)
as a kind of normal scottish thing, taught by a lovely old guy in a bunnet (given it's a working-class pursuit in the south of scotland as well as for estate agents and rich wankers)

I quite enjoyed it, had a few lessons, got interested in trying more - then as soon as I tried to look at clubs to join that interest was quashed by horrible, horrible wankers, everywhere, never tried again
permalink My brother took me for lunch at his golf club a while ago.
The meals didn't come with any veg. It was just varieties of meat and potato.
permalink sounds like my sort of place

back home there is a thai lady who does the catering but also runs a take-away from there... there is currently a 2 week waiting list for orders.
permalink video conferencing.
Anything free that does elective breakout rooms?

Zoom does breakout rooms, but the host has to put you in. Any where delegates can choose breakout rooms themselves?
permalink I think house party does this
But it's got other problems
permalink Noel Edmonds
and that Blobby creature for a start
permalink I LOL'ed
permalink And today, several of our neighbours are having visitors.
Massive Fucking Twats.
permalink Wow, piers Corbyn turns out to be a bit of a nutjob
He predicts earthquakes based on solar activity and denies climate change.
permalink Is it really that surprising ?
Seems like Jeremy would have joined pretty much any protest going and wasn’t very bright either.
permalink Well there is that
But the Wikipedia makes it look a lot more than "have placard will travel"
permalink All feels a bit
permalink wait have you only just learned of him?
I knew of Piers long before I was aware of Jez.
permalink He used to be the go-to man
fr the Daily Express etc to get a forecast of a boiling summer or freezing winter from
permalink We've got one of them in NZ
Called Ken Ring. Massive twat.
permalink is that
double barrelled?
permalink I think I'd heard those predictions
But never connected the dots
permalink The best one was a family from Barnsley
driving all the way to Sheff for their protest. They were the only ones who turned up and the lass said the way the govt had handled the virus over the last 5 years made her do some 'research'. Probably soon to have her child taken away for its own safety.
permalink ^
he was one of the big anti-wind cranks we used to have to deal with around the early-2000s (as his weather prediction business gave him a semblance of credibility) before the anti-wind lobby realised he was a liability

I remain about 80% sure he's the main guy behind the anonymous Barclay-funded group who are the main source of anti-renewables articles in the Telegraph/Times
permalink Oh yup, he also thinks it's because of 5g

The guy is an astrophysicist... surely hes seen the massive glowing ball of radiation in the sky.

Though now I want to see him on some sort of chat show with Jacob Reece mogg.
thread FFS.
I have a call at 16.00 on Webex. By the time I stop I'll have been on Webex, Teams, Zoom and GotoMeeting today.

Three of these are shite.
permalink I always used to like webex
I can't believe people are still using it.

I feel quite old fashioned still using Skype most of the time.
permalink The WebEx voice that answers the dial in conference call
Gives me chills... Reminds me of years spent logging on for pointless calls and meetings with corporate teams.

It's like ptsd
permalink I'm amazed at how much better the sound & video quality are
using Zoom or Teams compared to Skype.
permalink which one isn't terrible?
permalink If you're running the book,
I'd like to put the princely sum of 1x beer on Teams please
permalink Teams is the worst of the lot.
In order of preference:

permalink Teams is my current favourite.
It also means that we don't have emails with 30 people cc'ed in doing the round any more. It is just dropped into SharePoint and flagged on the chat.
permalink You have just described why Teams is dreadful.
I mean, great for a team, terrible for conferencing.
permalink I think whatever software we use,
conferencing will always be dreadful
permalink About 12 hours each and every day
forever and ever, amen.
permalink This is mainly because people are awful.
permalink I know I am
permalink Oh, I'm appalling.
permalink I am a horrible arsehole.
permalink \thread
permalink we are miserable sinners
filthy fuckers
permalink A-AAH-AHH-Souls
permalink I prefer zoom to teams, though I haven't run a teams meeting myself.
I'm going to have a play with Meet later now it's free for all.
permalink I'd put my beer on Zoom
because it's the only one that doesn't consistently start with someone unable to connect and 5 minutes of tech support

Teams is good for a team which is used to using Teams and has ironed out the wrinkles.
permalink This.
Exactly this.
permalink Yep yep yep.
Mrs Witchy is currently having a support nightmare trying to get Win10 on her fairly elderly i3 desktop thinking it'll manage 500 users* in a massive conference in July. I've told her to speedtest her broadbeans first 'cos if that connection's shit it doesn't matter what workhorse you put behind it.

*I'm guessing Zoom will run in 'person speaking in hi res' mode with a select few others across the top, or possibly even none.
permalink I've been on a 150-user call
each person, including the organiser, just sees a random 25 shots, including the speaker and (I think) the most recent speakers

presumably she isn't running the actual server?
permalink No, but she
IS hosting, I don't know how much extra demand that puts on the client. I'm expecting many tales of woe when she rings later. She's even prepared to go into work to do it as long as she can be in a room by herself on the JANet link.
permalink you can have a maximum of 49 visible participants
beyond that I guess it'll work the same as it does on the phone, you have to scroll to see different groups of people
permalink Zoom has a conference option, which you pay for.
You can have up to 150 speakers and 10,000 viewers. I'm guessing there's better controls on who is speaking and has the main screen.
permalink We have an enterprise account,
limits are limitless.
permalink I have come to conclusion that video chat
is purely so you have pretend to pay attention rather than just listen with 1/2 an ear whilst being productive.

Anymore than 4 people on a call doesn't work for discussions.
permalink I just ran 2 4-hour academic workshops for 16 people
and it can work, but you have to have a proper agenda, chairing and facilitation, in much the same way as a face-to-face meeting

useful links, curtesy of arctic_roll that I would recommend to anyone trying to do the same:

Because of the bullshit presenteeism thing I also added to the meeting agenda: 1. attendees can drop in and out of the meeting as much as they want to without having to give any notification or reason; 2. cameras are entirely optional at all times
permalink You're right.
Having a structured approach helps enormously.

Slide packs are now sent out before but it is still often a case of death by PowerPoint. We can't seem to trust the conclusions without seeing all the data. I saw one pack, that thankfully I was on paternity leave for, that is 380 slides long
permalink could be worse
could have been the same amount of data but all on one page...
permalink 1 slide for a 4 hour lecture
or 1 slide every 90 seconds for 4 hours?
permalink I've finally made time to go through this theory properly.
This is being shared with my team. Thanks

permalink Haven't had the joy of Webex or GotoMeeting
Zoom is great for chatty stuff, but we can't use it for work

Sadly we're moving from Skype to Teams as an organisation. Not that Skype is brilliant, but they don't actually seem to have built most of the functionality of Teams yet. I'm sure* it'll be lovely when it's finished

*I am not sure at all
permalink What's missing?
I'm not doing anything complicated, but the only problem I have with Teams is that it throttles your bandwidth.
permalink The ability to actually have some control
over things like your webcam? Which is there in Skype.

It seems weird that there would be fewer features like that in what is essentially Skype the next generation
permalink Hm? The toolbar when you're
in a conference has 'turn off camera' and 'mute' buttons. I use them all the time.
permalink Unfortunately it doesn't actually physically throttle some of the participants
permalink I'm trying to fix a friend's broken PC.
I need to make a win10 boot disk.

I can't because I don't have a USB stick that's 8GB or bigger.

permalink if only you knew someone
that worked for an electronics shop
permalink tee hee
bad matt!
permalink I made one recently
it only needed <6GB; the problem was the creator i was using formatted it FAT32 instead of ExFAT which meant the main data file couldn’t fit on it...