thread In Fantastic Silly Names News...
I had a meeting with a Chinese guy who goes by "King Kwong".
permalink Enjoyable
permalink I still treasure the day
German architect Helmut Koch came to the office.
permalink He really needs
to meet Queen Kwong the band in that case!
permalink Don't suppose you (or anybody else) knows about projectors?
MrsJam doesn't like our 40" TV because it's too big, but that's just about the actual object and so is happy with the notion of having a projector instead.

There's a load of £200ish projectors around making big claims about brightness, I'm guessing they'll be super cheap LEDs which are going to lose brightness really quickly?
permalink it's been a while since i had one, so they probably got a lot better
but they tend to be noisy, with less contrast and requre a dark room.

permalink Hmmm.
I've been looking at decent home cinema setups, so going cheap is looking more likely as I've bugger all chance of splashing 1.5k.
permalink In other news,
my fire tv stick has stopped working. It reboots after the splash screens.

It's a few years old but I thought I'd see if amazon would replace it anyway. It's cost me more than £40 in stress - they keep telling me to try different things and I can't because it keeps rebooting, and they try things at their end which is pointless because it's rebooting before it's on the network.
permalink in yet other news...
The Spaniard and I were at Letters Live at the Albert Hall last night, and therefore saw Rory Stewart resigning from the Conservative Party without realising that he actually meant it...
permalink It's only so he can
run for Mayor, all the way from Penrith.
permalink Indeed,
Letters Live was absolutely extraordinary.

They never announce who's reading in advance, or what the letters will be.

We got funny stuff, incredibly moving, even gruelling stuff, famous letter writers, ordinary people. Letters by Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Toni Morrison, Marcel Proust, Patti Smith, Roald Dahl, Emmeline Pankhurst, the Queen Mother and many more, including an Austalian bloke who claimed to have eaten more kinds of meat than anyone else.

Read by Stephen Fry, Benedict Cumberbatch, Asim Choudry, Alan Carr, Jude Law, Florence Welch, Taika Waititi, Louise Brealey, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Olivia Coleman among others.

What an extraordinary evening.
permalink And in case you haven't picked it up...
The letter Rory Stewart read was from a master at Eton to Stanley Johnson, complaining about what a lazy entitled little shit teenage Boris was and how he clearly thought the system didn't apply to him...
permalink Aye, someone tweeted
it last week, Johnson was and always will be a horrible little cunt.
permalink That sounds amazing
permalink It was fucking awesome.

Previous events:

And utterly extraordinarily...

It's an amazing event. One of the best nights out imaginable.

permalink I really cannot recommend it highly enough
They do it now and again, around the UK and beyond...
permalink He'll still be a tory though.
I got Spotify premium with my phone contact, I'm rather enjoying the Speaker Testing Tracks playlist by Cambridge audio.
permalink oh yes.
Some sort of independent conservative or something.
permalink fifth place in the mayoral election
after a spectacularly ill-judged pivot to outright Islamophobia in a mistaken belief that cab drivers are significant proportion of London's voters
permalink I think the funny thing about Rory Stewart
is that he's just a normal tory. In a John Major, middle of the road (by tory standards) nothing terribly exciting vein.

He only looks in any way exceptional thanks to the take over of the party by the criminally insane...25 years ago we wouldn't even have noticed him
permalink Entirely agreed
He's an old-school Tory twat. Just looks eminently reasonable in the context of the maniacs that run the show these days...
permalink He has a steak of honesty that is certainly
Different from current counts

And also not entirely from the playbook of the old school Tories, though they may have gone that way in these circumstances
thread Warwick Davies update
The wife papped him at assembly.
permalink no word on whose ear that is
permalink you can almost hear all the teachers whisper
"please don't say anything offensive" over and over to themselves waiting for their class joker to make a scene
permalink the child says
"he's very small"
permalink tomorrow I've been asked to give a talk to various visiting dignitaries
about Scotland and climate change

I've just seen the itinerary, and I come just after the Auchentoshan Distillery Tour

I'm thinking it might be best to ditch the powerpoint in favour of a singalong
permalink Get them to sign up to all the most bonkers of schemes
Itll seem like a great idea at the time
permalink How did it go?
permalink I entranced them with talk of heat networks,
wowed them with discussion of net-positive interventions for the fuel poor, dazzled them with figures on the hydrogen economy and the path to zero emissions

and then I got a bit flummoxed when they asked me lots of things about building performance standards I didn't really know

there were also a few scandinavians there, which meant a few raised eyebrows following me talking about amazing new projects using European Regional Development Funding that are basically doing stuff they've had since the 70s
permalink thermal perfomance of new builds is not
terrible nowadays, scandinavians look like they have more insulation but the uk went fairly far on that, then focussed on air tightness.. which is not terrible.

but obviously they must be looking at older glasgow buildings and wondering what part of beirut we imported them from
permalink this was in Clydebank of all places
(which to be fair is a hell of a lot nicer than Clydebank 10 years ago)

me: ...and we're taking waste heat from local industrial processes and using it to supply heat to local social housing via an underground network of pipes! All paid for by all of you lovely people.

Danish municipal delegate: uh huh.
permalink there are still industrial processes in clydebank?
who knew
permalink well
there's an industrial-scale chippy
permalink At the other end of the spectrum....
I’m just grabbing a bite before heading into Westminster Abbey for my 3rd consecutive evening shift. 9th in the last three weeks.

It’s well weird when there are just my colleague and I, two electricians, and a bloke practicing on the organ...
permalink so far today i've spent 1h45m NOT on a call
.and 6.45 hours on calls
permalink More teasers:-
thread Word of the day: appurtenances
Read form a quote for a pool designer

I'm not sure I want anyone's appurtenances in a swimming pool

permalink The filthy bastard
permalink that's your word of the day, every day.
permalink It's certainly one of them.
permalink Yesterday's phrase of the day was
eat a bag of dicks
permalink punting on saturday
has left me with a knackered right wrist
permalink *scratches chin*
i see

sticking to that story are we?
permalink I like this.
Good for me.
permalink I am fully aware
permalink In curry's staff have a tablet
which gives them access to product information and stock count. It also now allows us to sell from the tablet, which seems like a slightly surreal shipping experience that doesn't involve going to the till our walking away with anything, but having spent quite a lot.

Edit: Steve Davis (him from the snooker) is in a band called The Utopia Strong. You should check it out if you haven't already.
permalink He's also quite a tasty
club DJ. Plays all techno and house, at the right speed and all.
permalink Indeed, who knew he'd turn out to be quite interesting after all
The new band is with Kavus from Cardiacs and Gong, with whom he also does a load of prog DJing too
permalink I've met him a few times at Cardiacs related
japes, nice bloke. Even he calls the old days 'the interesting ones'. There's a pic of me, him and William D. Drake at a Spratleys Japs gig a couple of years ago :)
permalink I hope you were pulling your best
Len Ganley stance!
permalink Snookerstar DJ!
permalink +1
permalink Here we go!
permalink A conversation this morning with a millennial colleague
who thinks everyone older than her, especially those with grey hair, are all the same shade of Old.

“So do you remember the Cuba missile thingy? Must have been scary thinking nuclear war was about to break out.”

“No, it happened before I was born.”

“Did it? I thought it was in the 70s”

“No, October 1962. A year before I was born.”

“Oh, you were born in 1963. Do you remember the Kennedy assassination?”

“Of course not, I was a 5 weeks old when he was killed.”

“I thought he died in the 80s.”

Fortunately my phone rang at that stage.
permalink "that was the film JFK"
was your next response obviously

permalink I’m going to tell her some lies
next time I bump into her at a tea point. The Thatcher assassination, for instance, and how Churchill defeated Napoleon.
permalink The IRA bombing St Pauls
Then Norman Foster rebuilding an exact copy.
permalink No predictions about 2020 please.
permalink in a similar vein
I've been amazed by the number of people talking about this incredible Chernobyl disaster thing they never knew about, who are old enough to have been aware of it when it happened
permalink maybe they were standing a bit too close to it when it happened

glasgow was in the route of the fallout i guess
permalink my 5-year-old is convinced that I was alive at the same time as dinosaurs
although she's also adamant that the Mr Men books are about real people, so I'm not sure I trust her judgement.
permalink I'm beginning to loathe the little miss books.
They lack the charm of the felt tip Mr Men books, nearly all make no effort at a story and a lot of them have a terrible message. Little Miss Curious, for example, is really negative about curiosity.

And when they interact with another character is almost always a Mr man, not another little miss.
permalink I'm with you on that
there's a couple that are fun, but most are shit.
permalink bet half of them are printed on vegan paper as well
permalink I don't think it's that she's a millennial.
It's that she's a thicko.
permalink Huzzah,
Chris Morris is back.

thread We went for a pint this afternoon
In the bogs there was an original advert above the urinal for "hogs of war" on the PlayStation... Which was released in 2000

I'm amazed the ad had lasted that long, I mean 19 years before that poster was out up, the Falkland war hadn't happened. I wonder at what point you have to contact some museum.

EDIT: Also in the same pub the couple next to us were going through travel agents brochures to choose their holiday.. i didn't think they still printed them
permalink Where was this?
permalink I am zooming south on a new LNER Azuma.
Except we're going from Edinburgh to Newcastle via Carlisle because of major work on the ECML.

So a 6 hour 18 minute journey tonight...
permalink Impressive.
Maybe the landlord likes his retro gaming?
permalink there's a coffee shop round the corner from me
that has Tony Hawks 2 set up next to the counter so you can have a quick round while you wait for your brew

I don't seem to have the skills I had 20 years ago
permalink *cough*
Tony Hawk's

not Tony Hawks

unless he's fallen on hard times and that ain't a joystick.
permalink Or is dragging a fridge
round Ireland
permalink I'm trying to convince curry's
That they should have a retro console set up in the kitchen department for bored kids / husband
permalink The North star in leytonstone
Good pub, and has had a refurb
permalink Excellent pub that.
Used to drink there a lot when my mates lived out there.
permalink Must try it.
Not outrageously far for us.
permalink It's very good
permalink went to the Blake exhbition
at Tate Britain, which was nice
permalink Because of resting gammy ankle
I did not do any exercise, but I did do all teh weeding

And we went to see Ad Astra. Which was OK, not great, not terrible. Apart from the usual well dodgy physics, which seem par for the course in sci fi these days
permalink we're going to a school "fun" day on Friday
Warwick Davies is going to be there.

Wasn't Hogs of War shit?

In the late 80s/early 90s there was a punk band called Frogs of War.

/end communiqué
permalink This is quality content.
permalink I am edumacated
Although I had to google Hogs of War.

But I'm all for Warwick Davies content
permalink I'll try and get a picture of/with him
permalink I have a dentist appointment at 2:30
I have waited all my life for this day
permalink I like this,
permalink Good for you
permalink I see stereotypes about British teeth
didn't lie to me.
permalink or the ones about the german sense of humour
permalink Is that what happened to the pub from Goodnight Sweetheart?
thread It was the Spaniard's birthday yesterday
So we both had the day off.

We went to Brat forlunch (been meaning to go there for ages and fuck it's good...), then cocktails in Covent Garden, then saw Matilda, then got some late night tapas, then came home.

What a lovely day!

Back to work today though... and my third late night this week commissioning at Westminster Abbey.

How goes it, folks?
permalink I am off to Glasgow today,
Hopefully this will involve a pint with Mr meep.

But I've opted for train (eco warrior me) and a later train home so I could get first class.

All ok though, Holliday's in 3 weeks
permalink doing everything possible
to knock off early
permalink at present I'm 50% through delivering deliverables, the second one is a ballache
I'm theory though we're ditching the child on grandparents Friday to Sunday, so aiming for cocktails and dinner Friday then just sitting about breathing Saturday, maybe even going to the pictures.
permalink I have just, for the third time, explained to a (Ukrainian) colleague
how addresses work. And how they tend to be formatted differently in English-speaking nations to most European ones (street number before/after street name, postal code before/after city, etc).

It's getting quite tiring.
permalink It's not his fault that you're

On the plus site,he has only to write one address per shipment. I hear returning undeliverable mail to the sender doesn't seem to be a thing in the UK.
permalink Only for registered post and stuff
I think the open the letter if it needs to be returned.

Or they throw it in a bush.

permalink Don't they just deliver it to the address whatever name is on the letterbox?
I keep hearing fond stories of Christmas cards from people who knew the long dead former owners of the house and stuff.
permalink There are no names on letterboxes
You can humourously rename your recipient.

However if you move house you can register to have your mail (to your name) redirected to your new address.
permalink A mate of my was an intern for a publisher in Bloomsbury.
As she got many calls from people who failed to get the catalogue because they moved, she innocently suggested maybe to write return addresses on the catalogues.
She was of course rightly told to stop being so German.

permalink It probably runs as much risk of all the catalogues being delivered to you
Instead of the recipient
permalink It can be done,
if the recipient writes "Return to sender" on the envelope and puts it back in a postbox, and it has a return address.

Having to have your name on the postbox here causes so much fuckery. Even when DHL do decide to turn up to the building.
permalink I am defucking
an undefuckable project. The original CAD Associate who set it up has been off the last few months with depression, and the junior they gave it to has FUBARed it good and proper. When I explain to him how to do some fundamental thing or other, he looks at me like a dog might look at you if you showed it a magic trick.

On the plus side, I am getting nearer to publishing my stories. I'm doing the occasional teaser on Instagram:- https://www.instagram....
permalink Oh and,
permalink not with only two posts
where's your fucking content? Call yourself an influencer!
permalink Hey,
drip feed. Can't be putting it all out in one go.
permalink Ooh,
just got another nibble from another publisher. Got three to consider now.

This is, technically, scary.
permalink are you publishing under your real name or
permalink Very Very Old by Nik Devlin
will be on the cover.
permalink I've never done Instagram,
soz. I'm not even sure why I'm on Pinterest tbh.
permalink In the throes of property hell - selling 2, buying 1
while working at my third Old Street fintech disrupter start up.

I've become a Guardian parody.
permalink If you work in a startup
You aren't supposed to be able to afford a house...

permalink Not if he keeps on
eating all that smashed avo on toast!
permalink That's for the millenials
not the few grownups they keep around the place to impress investors
permalink I'm in the news mom!
Well, the tiny computer security company I work at found out medical image archive systems are very often directly accessible by internet.


International headlines, here we come.
permalink Oh yeah, I saw that on the interwebs yesterday
... you work at an internet security co and they let you log onto unsecured message boards like this?
permalink I'm doing support here.
I'm not airgapped.

permalink now known as 'doing an Ecuador'
doo do do do do doo do doo do
permalink *reaches for lasers*
*isn't sure why*
permalink that would never happen in the UK
they seem to have to fax any information between one NHS room and the other
permalink Sounds lush.
I'm coasting along working like a bastard and waiting for housey things to happen, currently boiler and roof guarantees from the sellers. I doubt they'll materialise. I've also been reading a lot about the myths of rising damp (the wet stuff not the TV series) after I was told every wall in my new house is wet.

Fun stuff.

Also no booze for the forseeable because I need to lose weight and thanks to 'Sysadmin Day' I've scored a full Linux Engineer set of courses + exams for $299, normal cost $998. I'm sure this is only interesting to me and my cow-orker.
permalink Most "fishing damp" is internal condensation
And if you did get the guarantees they are unlikely to be worth anything.

permalink I'm more interested on seeing when
the work was done for both. Doogle Earth is showing a massive rooflight above the bathroom in 2007 which has gone by 2011. The previous couple bought the house in 2006 so the boiler could be 13 years old but it fired up fine when I tested it the other week despite being unused for several months.

Damp proofing, it would seem, is a scam.
permalink I'm assuming you mean re-damp proofing
existing buildings.

Pretty sure putting in a good quality damp proof seal when actually constructing a bulding is still a good idea!
permalink I've always thought of DPCs as odd,
particularly in the old days when they used slate. You have yer foundations then you build up 4 bricks above ground level then put a layer of something that standard mortar might not necessarily adhere to so isn't the whole rest-of-house floating on that single layer? This crossed my mind when I rebuilt all the floor supports in my Northern Residence.
permalink the weight is meanign it wont slip anywhere, they dont moce sideways a lot
slate wasn't very good because it cracks.

permalink I'm assuming in modern times
they use some sort of impermeable membrane? Also, not building in a swamp helps too

Obviously they don't believe in such things here. Although the core of our house is late 1920s anyway. There is a corner that just is slighly damp, not much we can do. Kept at bay by heating and occasional dehumidifier. Just need to watch stuff in wardrobes
permalink it's been a thin membrane-ish thing for years
a bitumen-coated felt type thing (not unlike roofing felt) for ages and now cleverer modern membranes.
permalink The stuff I used when I rebuilt the
floor supports was plastic-ish, certainly felt like that but it was probably full of chemicals to ward off evil spirits. That was back in the day I thought capillary action would drag groundwater up into the brickworks and these days I learn that that's bollocks.
permalink is it a timber bulding?
i'd be surprised if that couldn't be fixed.

permalink Burn it down
Start again?

permalink anyone got any recommendations
for decent but cheap places to eat in Brussels (somewhere I've never been) on a Monday evening? And then bars? Sadly not going to have much/any tourist time
permalink Does it have to be central? There is an amazing friteria doing
"stuff and chips" or moules frites near Anderlecht.

Otherwise if Dr walvus cafe (the walrus) is still open it was cool and in amongst other cool stuff.
permalink staying at the Hilton Brussels City
which seems to be pretty damn central
permalink brussels is a bit odd, a lot of central places are
a bit like canary warf / city of london.

i liked around here
where cafe walvis is

the victor horta house is worth a look..

and if you can get there, this place is really cool
permalink Roxi, Rue du Bailli 82, 1050 Ixelles,
A small eatery/cafe that is exactly that: decent and cheap.
permalink we are in a place called
9 et Voisins when we were there. That was very good.

There was a big bar round the corner that was good as well, I'll try and work it out from Google maps
permalink very probably

Would make sense, the hotel was near there and we ended up pissed in a place called Le Corbeau
permalink Shitty week at work
Which got even shittier when I twisted my ankle running on Weds. On what appeared to be a perfectly easy trail, no idea what I went over on. First time in about 4 years, and sucks, as the weather is lovely at the moment and I need to run to remain remotely sane (and not fat).

Obviously it's all about the world cup over here, so I am already massively over hearing about the All Blacks. Hopefully the Saffers beat em tomorrow. I'm more interested in the AFL prelim finals anyway. Go the Tigers!
permalink try the fish curry
I had intended to say "try cycling" but autocorrect seemed to have a better plan and who am I to argue.
permalink Meh. I used to cycle a lot, but running is so much nicer
Plus, I don't think cycling with a busted ankle is any more sensible than running with one.

But the fish curry does sound good
permalink I got my colleague discount card at work
so now have a sim only contact for £7 a month with unlimited data, £50 cashback and Amazon prime for a year.
permalink just down off Braeriach and having a fish tea
at the Happy Haggis
permalink ooooh! Braeriach is a cracking mountain.
A long day. But worth it if you get the weather, which today you should have?
permalink it was clear and sunny
but there was a weird temperature inversion - the top was calm, but from the lairig ghru to about 1250m was absolutely insane wind, gusting to 60+mph. ended up in a big impromptu pack of walkers staggering up together for morale (including one guy finishing his round)

it's a fair old walk, been meaning to gird my loins for it for ages
permalink parents are down for a visit
went punting yesterday, as the sports and social club at work has some Scudamores season tickets
1. Blimey I wouldn't be doing that if I was paying, for a standard punt it's £33 an hour or £132 for a day
2. Ow. Shoulder, back, but especially wrist, are now fucked.