thread I just shaved my ballbag.
permalink Always a good job for a Sunday afternoon.
permalink Butt
permalink He'll do his butt next.
permalink Johnathan Ross
once shaved his arse in a Scottish hotel.
permalink Why not?
permalink i'm vaguely fascinated
and horrified as to how you manage to do it without there being so very much blood
permalink I thought you cyclists shaved everything
An aerodynamic scrotum must surely be an advantage.

Let's face it, if you can shave your face without cutting it to ribbons, you should be able to shave any other bit.
permalink I've only once shaved my legs
I don't think I'll do that again, it was OK whilst shaved but growing back wasn't fun
permalink Once you start shaving any given bit of skin... have to stick with it.
permalink that doesn't seem to apply to
the face. I swing wildly between clean shaven and beardy.

With shaving legs, the pressing issue was where to draw the line, so to speak.
permalink When shaving one's ballbag,
you don't want to shave too far into the barse, as it can get incredibly itchy. I tend to leave the last inch or two of ballbag unshaven.
permalink If you think that
your face must be a lot more wrinkled than mine.
permalink it's mainly for ease of cuts and scratches
the aero is bollox.. in my team at uni we had 'the wholly mammoth'
who was built like hooy and just a mess of blonde hair
shaved from the crotch down looked hilarious but saved him lots of trouble
permalink Very, very carefully,
after a bath, with a fresh blade in a good quality razor and shedloads of shaving foam. No blood at all. The rest of the bush got a good trim too.

I did try it a few years ago with the electric razor; never again, it stung like fuck, and nicked the scrotum.
permalink I've been smooth for years.
Sharp razor, plenty of appropriate foam/oil and not a problem.

I prefer oil as I can see what I'm doing.
permalink Yeah,
I've tried that too. But it makes said ballbag more slippery when shaving it, and a good grasp is, of course, vital.
permalink It's an art.
and, indeed, a science.
permalink I don't think I've ever
nicked skin whilst defurring, and if 'aerodynamic scrotum' isn't a band name it bloody should be.
permalink also a craft beer
permalink nutty aftertaste.
permalink but a smooth mouthfeel
permalink ...and a creamy head
pulled from the wood
permalink Having tried it once and expressed how difficult it was
I was told (by someone here/4thur) that the trick is to use an egg cup to stretch the skin.
permalink Philips do an electric trimmer for men's body hair.
The Amazon reviews confirm it's safe for sack and crack.
permalink Adverts
permalink Ha ha, what?
Specially aimed at Richmond supporters?
permalink if you can't see your tiger for the forest you're either big foot
or a very very small small foot
permalink What ever did become
of Webclam?
permalink this is hardly pg-13 Sunday night viewing!
permalink Remember Channel 4's red triangle?
It's loads of those.
permalink It's OK
some of us have, thus far, managed not to talk about any pubic topiary we may, or may not, have going on...
permalink why?
permalink Seemed like a good idea at the time,
when I first started doing it a few years ago. Just got into the habit. Having a smooth ballbag is one of life's pleasures.
permalink I still don't understand
but that's ok
permalink Indeed, we are a broad church
Not, however a Broadchurch. I hope.
permalink i guess once you start
you get the itch to continue
thread An hour until my flight from amsterdam to stansted is scheduled to leave
unfrotunately it wont leave until 20 past midnight.

as much as Schipol is by far the best large airport in western europe... I really could live without this right now.

I'm not even on the corportate travel budget any more so i can't just go and get a hotel room or similar.

permalink Well that was sort of lucky
Turns out I haven't changed any of my clocks. Good not to miss the flight by an hour and also good to have an hour less to wait
permalink Errrr good?
I think you still had an hour to spare.
permalink I think my flight today from Westport was probably more fun!
I like flights where you can see into the cockpit and read all the instruments whilst flying. Plus we had a nice view today, unlike the massive rainstorm we flew over in on Monday
permalink Yeah
They've just closed the door on his flight now. From what I can tell he'll be entitled to £15 compensation so cover the cost of refreshments.
permalink And I guess it's not really
a day trip any more!
permalink Well it more more literally a day trip
in that Al was up for 22 hours.
permalink and him with his brain and everything...
stuff that for a game of soldiers.
permalink That is approximately what I said
when I picked him up at 2am.
permalink Hello
From new job.
Can’t stay long. I like it! But I also barely know what my job is yet.
permalink Yay!
I hope you still like it when you know what it is!
permalink helleur new job
and new peoples and new stuffs. Hopefully there is still much woo and yay after a month.
permalink Wifi? Tea? Coffee?
Fruit? Window? Arseholes? These are the things inquiring minds want to know about.
permalink nice one
but keep frosty
permalink the CTB been cut was really at the worst time
i hope they weren't connected.. you really could have done with a rest
permalink ??
permalink ??
permalink corporate travel budget ( - was that the confusion?)
anyway i hope you're feeling better and have some time to recuperate
permalink the budget wasn't really cut
it's just that i started paying it myself (i've set up on my own)

but not connected as far as i can tell.

permalink oh yeah i forgot you set up on your own
will this impact on your possibilities/insurance e&?
permalink hopefully not too much
but inevitably a little.

permalink I went to Reading today
permalink Having lived in Reading
for 3½ years, I find this hard to understand. Although, there seem to have been hats involved
permalink The Museum of English Rural Life
(at the university) went big on the twitters this week with pictures of "absolute unit" cattle, sheep and pigs. Great content. Top engagement.

So I figured I'd go check it out. Nice museum, interesting content well presented.

But in Reading.
permalink Ah yes
I did see the buff sheep pic
permalink Did you bum
permalink On Monday it's 20 years since I first met
permalink 20 years ago i started my first year out placement at uni
which was in the south of spain... that was fun.
permalink ...
I was half way through high school
permalink I was ¾ through
my Ph.D. In, as it happens, Reading.
permalink I thought
you did geology
permalink Badum
and indeed, tisch!

I did, although that did involve plenty of reading in Reading
permalink Which is where the lovely MissPrism now does her genetics
permalink It's only 15 since I met Mrs C
But tomorrow is our 13th wedding anniversary. Sadly I am in Wellington, and she is in Brisbane. ANZAC Day in a few weeks' time (25th) will however mark our 10 years in NZ. So we'll probably save going for a big slap up meal till then
permalink Just back from dinner
to celebrate our 4th
permalink blimey you've been there for ten years!
i remember having some go away drinks with you jeffna mizemma C_I and a bunch of other scoundrels ;)
permalink Yes!
I remember that too. The brain isn't totally shot yet...
permalink Indeed.
I just have trouble parsing that that was all 10 years ago. Jebus!
thread There's all sorts of mysterious things in my case
including light meters and filters, and a filter cutter, lots of gadgets and cables, etc...

but at Dubai airport, they just confiscated an almost-finished roll of insulating tape, telling me that it's "Not allowed on planes".

permalink I'm having a fun time
having had my first ever epileptic fit in the states and another when i came back.. all fun and games. It gives you an odd fuzzy amnesia for a bit that is not actually unpleasant.

but I can't drive and it's taking a whilet to sort out doctors things.

permalink Blimey.
Hope you’re ok!
permalink crikey
have you got insurance?
permalink they are paying for the american stuff
permalink shit!
I hope you're being looked after!
permalink amy is doing a sterling job... i think she's more worried about it than me.
it's honesltly quite enjoyable in some regards as you suddenly remember about mates you've not thought of in ages.. either because you haven't seen them in ages (and now remember about them) or you just forgot about them.
permalink Had you had any inkling you may
be susceptible though? Bolt out of the blue otherwise :/
permalink Completely out of the blue
.. most odd.

I now also have this thing where I can look at a crowd of people and have the odd feeling I recognise them.
permalink Fuck,
that's all pretty shit. Except for the interesting bits obvs.
permalink By the way
Sue says she gets this afterwards too. She also gets feeling/seeing flashbacks to being in the fit and will suddenly get a few seconds of terror.
permalink none of that so far thankfully.

permalink christ on a bike,
how weird. 'Rah for Amy!
permalink If you have another one
(which I hope you don't) I'll get it on video and then you'll know why!
permalink hopefully you'll be in bed and get a free
vibra-mattress experience ;)
permalink crikey
permalink Oh Jebus, that's not good
Hope you're feeling better and the not driving thing doesn't fuck things up too much
permalink that's terrifying.. good job you weren't driving
permalink Today, I are mostly be,
shitting through the eye of a needle.

I am having a camera stuffed up my hole tomorrow, and from lunch time today will be not only nil by mouth, but also taking very powerful laxatives, to make sure the pipes are nice and clear. Fortunately, the sedatives they give you shortly before the (w)hole unpleasant business kicks off are ALL teh lovely, so I won't notice it going on. Last time I had it, there was a large gap between being wheeled into the camera-up-the-hole room and coming to an hour later, sitting in the discharge room (ugh, couldn't they have come up with a slightly less icky name for it than that?), fully dressed, all giggly and stoned, albeit with a sore bum.
permalink Fucking
permalink You currently
Walking like John Wayne?

Hope you're feeling better, and yes, the discharge room really isn't the best name, is it?
permalink Went to bed last night
in underpants and trackies, having spent the day pissing with my arse
permalink yay for bum control
permalink what you don't want is the one that goes down your throat.. minimal sedatives
just a weak numbing spray
and the pipes that go down or not like the ones in 'House GP' those being the size of a pencil..
real life it's more like a dyno-rod thing and the closest to being waterboarded i hope i ever get
permalink 90nz0 had one that you swallowed
that passed right through you then you download the footage.
permalink Turned out OK in the end.
I'd been given a bum deal with the appointment forms, and just had a sigmoidoscopy, which just up up to the first turn, instead of a colonoscopy, which goes all the way to the other side. But I'd already been given a colonoscopy's worth of sedatives, so I drifted my way through it, all wrapped in fluffy clouds made of love. Came to in the waiting room, fully dressed, fiddling with my phone and drinking coffee. The very fact that I was hugely enjoying a cup of manky instant coffee attests to the strength of the sedatives. Am home now, smoking more cigarettes than is usual and still feeling a bit nicely buzzy.
thread ducking hellBalls
yes london has had a few stabbings/shootings but i didn't realise it had gone international
friends of mine from paris glasgow and washington DC are worried about coming here in june because of the level of murders?!
one of my neighbours pretty much knows all the people that were recently killed and said it was simply postcode gang related

this stuff usually happens in the summer what the is going on?
and scoff did this news make it to nz?
permalink We have a friend who lives in Kent who doesn't want to come to London
because of the terrorist attacks. It's weird.
permalink London still has a lower murder rate than North Wales...
permalink In an onsen in Japan a couple of years ago,
I spoke with a couple of young Japanese students who were nervous about coming here on some student exchange thingy, on the grounds that 'Everyone in London carries a knife, yes?'
permalink now you know how it feels to live in Glasgow
which has a reputation that was almost entirely made up by a London journalist 80 years ago

my usual response is, "It's not like that any more - I've lived here for years and hardly ever been stabbed"
permalink I lived in Glasgow (Shawlands) for 8 years,
and only got into one fight, which I won. But I did know people who routinely carried knives, and had one acquaintance who got stabbed, and another who went down for carrying a gun.
permalink speaking of which
I've just invested in my first 'proper' knife, a Wusthof 8"

now to watch lots of chopping videos and bemoan all the wasted time of my life spent chopping badly with bad tools
permalink Never heard of Wusthof,
but a quick Google and they look pretty cool. I've actually got rid of two knives recently, and am now down to a kit of one big chopping knife, two paring/filleting knifes and a bread knife. I may be a right ponce in the kitchen, but I do like to keep my cooking kit lean and mean. Two small saucepan, one big one, a frying pan and a wok, and a few other utensils, and that's pretty much it.

Apart from two blenders, some baking trays and measuring things, an ice cream machine, an electric whisk, a foamer*, two thermometer, a smoker* and millions of poncey glasses, plates and bowls from all over the world.

And monogrammed chopsticks.

*Used once
permalink similar.
permalink And a creme brulee torch that's mostly used
for lighting snouts
permalink nose-to-tail eating?
permalink Yes*
**Well yes
permalink You do seem to get into rather a lot of fights
for a peace loving semi-vegan.
permalink One stands one's ground.
permalink my missus is in London today
can you all avoid murdering her please? I can't work the Tesco delivery app.
permalink I make an effort
To try not too kill people who's partners are unable to shop online, but I'm promising nothing.
permalink she survived
worst comes to the worst I'll have to start using Sainsbury's.
permalink First time I ever went to Noo Yoik
I was nervous as fuck because of the murders that got reported here but in a week the worst crime was someone getting hit with a metal skateboard during an argument at a barbeque in Queens after a ConEd feeder cable went and took down half the Borough and quite a bit of Manhattan. Oh, and 4 Bronx cops shot each other in the knees trying to quiesce a rampaging pitbull terrier.
permalink haha
i'd love to see that footage of the bronx cops!
permalink aye, me too!
No film though sadly.
permalink much of it is bollocks hype
by racist journalists.

Alsthough there is there is the problem of both police and other services having been cut to the bone, and the remaining cops being racist as possible.

anyway, this is excellent jazz https://open.spotify.c...
thread Having broken myself up the mountains yesterday...
...time to go EDI-LHR-DBX.

My legs are stiff.

Good day out yesterday up near Crianlarich, but fucking hard snow-work. Great to get the crampons and iceaxe out, but fuck, that was tough on my own.

A bit sketchy on top with total snow cover and in the cloud. Challenging navigation and a rather hairy descent down a steep gully full of soft snow.

TLDR - Ow, me legs.
permalink Hmm, were I to have my H&S hat on
I'd wonder about going out on your own in that sort of stuff. But it does sound like fun. The only real proper winter stuff I did was up there.

My legs are a little sore, but that's mostly to do with not managing to get any yoga/swimming in the last few weeks. And only some very lazy running
permalink I have the mountain-craft, as they call it,
and, super-importantly, I know my limits and when to knock it on the head and get down..
permalink wow! sounds exciting..
with my fucked up body and no muscle mass i've been walking up the hard way (55 degree angle) to alexander palace
10 rounds today.. which is exactly 380 steps a go
seriously tempted to do the WHW but not sure if i'll be fit enough before the wee beasties fuck everything up
permalink Sounds a more fun way to stuff yourself up than mine
furniture assembling and fixing & dog-proofing an ancient 30m fence
permalink Your 30m fence isn't enough to keep your dog in?
How high can it jump??
permalink Doesn't matter how high it is
If it is crumbling with holes in the bottom.

permalink it starts 30 metres up
and just keeps going
permalink It's a Caucasian Shepherd
It's less about it jumping over & more about it just smashing through to eat or mount passing cars.
permalink 'kin hell!
those things scare wolves.. what the hell do you feed it?
permalink Lots and lots of offal
and burglars
permalink I spent the week in Scarborough at a Christian conference
which was very good. The range of main speakers was superb.

It was at the Spa centre, which is at the bottom of the cliff on the south bay. We were staying at my uncle's holiday flat, which is at the top of the cliff on the south bay. Lumping the little one up and down the hill has left me a little achey.

permalink not being funny but what do christians speak about
i mean the bible is the word.. your instruction book is right there
permalink Indeed.
It's about the practical application of what it says in this context at this time, encouraging those already doing good stuff and a kick up the backside for those who aren't.