thread In a somewhat familiar theme of late round here
Friday morning began with reading a message that my former Ph.D. supervisor, who then became my boss for the 10 years I worked in Cambridge has dropped dead of a heart attack, at 58.

Fuck. And he was always the fittest bastard, played really competitive squash etc etc. Flipping hell. And although we had our differences, returning to Cambridge always involved popping up to have a chat and shoot the breeze with him. Always thought I'd be doing that for years...

I'm not sure I really have an AQ...other than how's the snow?
permalink Light but cold.
Touch wood, I don't know anyone who has dropped dead recently..

permalink That's a bit rubbish.
It barely snowed. Grass was still poking through, if I was a child this wouldn't have counted as snow. But the buses stopped and schools closed.
permalink Oh shit man,
I'm sorry to hear that.

*backslappy manhug*

Cold and melty. I can't feel my toes.
permalink Ah shit. that's no age
and quite the shock.

Heading to York tomorrow for a driving day on Sunday... barley a smattering from 2 days ago in narrch but taking a BMW Z4 up north is starting to concern me a touch.
permalink Very very sad news about Jeremy Hardy too.
A truly great bloke, a real hero of mine. Brave, clever, compassionate and very very funny.
permalink i'll be having strong words with tabz
that's a real shitter, he was fantastic... and easily had another 30 years of radio comedy still in him.

permalink Absolutely this.
permalink Yeah very sad
Didn't get to hear much of his radio stuff of late. But was really sad when he left the Grauniad. Didn't always agree with him, but very funny and thoughtful.
permalink his singing in ISIHAC was one of the best things on radio
permalink Oh indeed.
permalink really good interview with him on this podcast
permalink oh bugger
i always enjoyed his bits.. surprised he didn't get on the tv more
permalink Awful shite
Rather sums up both bits
permalink sorry to hear that.. i was reading somewhere that treatment for high blood pressure
can be actually detrimental to the killer aspects of the disease (even though it looks good bringing down the symptoms)
the european (i think french) system is to prevent the killer aspects first then through diet work on the other symptoms

but it kind of explains these folk that aren't that old but out-of-the-blue collapse/stroke/die
weird.. should look into a bit more really
thread Morning all
What ails you? I've got a persistent throat cold, seem to have got an ear infection and I left my own phone at home so I'm cut off from teh socials
permalink Oh if only I could tell all.
lower back pain. massive fatigue and exhaustion and all of that leads to feeling quite depressed because even walking to work is slow and painful.
permalink Generally knackered.
But nothing specific at the moment.

And it's sunny and it's after 11am and no-one has fucked up my day yet.

permalink I like this
good for you.
permalink my left knee is being a bit twingy this morning
and my ring finger on the left has a hangnail... and my cholestorol is a bit high, and i'm still taking the epilepsy drugs.

permalink I'm reducing my arthritis drugs
so I'm strongly hoping to feel exactly the same. My plantar faciitis is giving my gip though.
permalink downward dog
is the thing that fixed my plantar
permalink Ooh, plantar fascists are horrible
Rolling the arch with a ball (lacrosse balls are perfect) is good maintenance, although probably not if you're all ready fascistic
permalink Well normally I do calf stretches while I brush my teeth
but at the moment I'm using shampoo which you have to leave in for 3 minutes, so I'm brushing my teeth in the shower to waste time, and doing stretches at the same time is just crazy talk. It's very complicated you see.

But yes I have a spiky ball and stretches and orthotics and various things (what kind of weirdo has a lacrosse ball in the house?!)
permalink I only have a lacrosse ball
because I found one on sale in a running shop in Seattle as a massage/torture device. Plus my sports masseuse recommended them.

Mind you, what sort of weirdo brushes their teeth in the shower?
permalink Well, I agree on that one
but I don't get anywhere near 3 minutes just washing and doing my hair so drastic measures had to be taken. To be fair it didn't take long to get used to it.
permalink It's been such a long time
since I had enough hair to make it worth 3 minutes of attention!
permalink I've had some kind of lurgy,
which involves a fair amount of thick gloopy snot, for a while now.

I'm not sleeping very well so I'm not really bothering going to bed til late, then I'm always up early, so I'm tired all the time.

But other than that life's good. Eve just about managed all weekend without shouting or crying, and Jude turns four months today so he just gets easier and easier.
permalink Tinnitus,
neuralgia, high blood pressure, diverticulitis, tendonitis and the tail end of a pretty rancid cold.

On the other hand, my insomnia has disappeared since I stopped drinking, and, well, without wanting to be indelicate, things have been way jauntier in the trouser department too.
permalink nothing really
a bit of a sore ankle from foolhardy running in the snow, but otherwise fairly nigglefree
permalink Hmm, I am somewhat ironically getting the usual
post-race DOMS. Stiff and sore all over, although no injuries per se.

Otherwise OKish. Not sleeping well, and shit last night, due to a combination of late to bed, noisy cunt neighbours, and too hotness. Muggy as fuck, and gonna be hot today. Hopefully a jump in the harbour later will help
permalink this time of year I'm 70% another, especially cycling, and I need a tooth seeing to
apart from that, relatively good health all in all.
permalink i got a smart trainer this winter to try and get/keep some form over the winter
and i've committed to doing a rather long tour in march...

permalink how far?
I've been dragging myself out in the cold and haven't fallen back on the turbo yet. Yet.
permalink I'm assuming using a turbo
is the cycling equivalent of using a treadmill as a runner. i.e. fucking awful. No matter how shit the weather, I'd rather run outside than on a dreadmill
permalink ive got one of those zwift things so
you ride a virtual course with the hills making the turbo go harder.. it's much much better than just a trainer. slighty adictive if anything. and the alternative is rain and the dark etc.

I used to run in winter in my brief stint of running, but cycling you need a couple if hours for a decent ride and it can be just shit in traffic in the wet
permalink you could get the full experience
by getting amy to run next to you every so often on a treadmill screaming in your ear while trailing a basque flag
permalink for my tour i'm making it more realistic by adding my panniers and racks
and filling them with weights
permalink Nice rack!
*twiddles moustache*
permalink at least its your own bike
it can be a bit shit but nice to binge a whole load of netflix or tother.
permalink it's not fun
but it's handy for quick HIIT before breakfast
permalink barcelona to london
1k miles
permalink cool
over how long?
permalink 2 weeks ish
permalink I'm hoping that the cross Channel part
is on a pedalo?
permalink only if we miss the ferry
permalink iian sinclair went up the thames from hastings on a swan pedalo
some kind of protest about the east-end 'rejuvenation'
looks like they had fun..
permalink Can I just say it's stupidly hot?
It's almost 10pm, but it's still 27°. Fair enough in Straya, but not in these parts!
permalink it's abour 2 degrees outside at the moment
i'll post you some
permalink That'd be great
We can swap some?
permalink Also, fuckwit of the month:-
permalink Christ.
It's a packed field this month, but yeah... she's well up there in contention.

Stupid cunt.
permalink how the hell can that be real
.. i mean it's got to be a sign of something very wrong in her head.

as well as on her head.
permalink And frankly
No tattooist should agree to doing that to someone. She clearly has issues!
permalink 1. It's probably fake.
2. Even if it isn't, it's a long way from the worst facial tattoo.
3. She earns money by being famous. All publicity is good publicity.
4. Why do you even care? Are you a big fan of hers?
permalink definitely fake
fresh tattoos don't look like that and I'm pretty sure you'd take your foundation off before getting one
permalink To be honest hopefully it is
She's still a twat either way
permalink She's now admitted it is fake
As it obviously was
permalink Ha!
I'm not sure if this makes her more or less of a twat.
permalink both
A sort of Schrodinger's Twat.

She exists in two states of twattishness simultanaeously.
permalink she sucked you into her publicity machine pretty easily
so either way she's not daft.
permalink To be fair
I don't think Pxy has in any way been sucked in* by this "lady"

*or off for that matter
permalink He spread her story to a group of people
who wouldn't otherwise have seen it, and he's talking about her.

Surely that was the whole point of the fake tattoo, to get people talking about it? She succeeded.
permalink This
very much
permalink And what did that achieve?
More people think she’s a twat. Doesn’t gain her any money and/or useable publicity.

That old saw about any publicity being good publicity is in fact bollocks. I mean, I'm sure Liam Neeson wishes he kept his mouth shut today. I can see his point in saying it, but what did he expect? Knees jerk left right and centre, and suddenly he's the worst kind of racist, even though he actually isn't.
permalink apparently it indicates that everyone is latently racist
I'm sure I have subconscious bias, but I'm not sure it's ever led to me waiting outside a pub with a cosh, that I remember
permalink I'm pretty sure I can be
prone to subconscious bias, but I do my absolute level best not to, and when I catch myself doing it I try not to bang on about it in a way that makes me sound like some sort of ultraviolent white supremacist thug.
permalink Yeah cos unique view to her twitter
isn't usable.
permalink Yeah, right.
Numbers make it aaaallll better.
permalink 1. So?
2. So?
3. You’re not thinking down the line.
4. Yet another point skilfully dodged. I’d never heard of her till yesterday. I think she’s a fuckwit because I think she’s a fuckwit. And no, I don’t care
permalink 5.
6. Profit!
thread Tell you what though,
not eating meat definitely has its merits, avoiding lunch in a terrible restaurant that does close to fuck all veggie stuff with one’s team being one of them.
permalink We're having lebanese in the office, but not until 4pm.
In the meantime, client has lengthy conversations to agree scope, client tries to change scope at the first sight of the end result, I say no. Account manager says the client has had a rough ride since they joined us and what can we do. I've so far restrained myself from writing back 'dont' you think that might be his fault, not ours?'
permalink If it wasn't for clients,
most people's jobs would be so much easier.
permalink I often say working at a university would be inestimably easier
if we just got rid of the students

which I always suspected was the attitude of the staff back when I was one myself
permalink brexit might actually fix that for some pople
permalink Pople!
A cross between popes and popples

permalink Are you trying to sell tofu to me
by claiming I can blame avoiding my co-workers on my diet choices?

I'm asking, because it's working.
permalink Yes.
permalink I'll meal prep some tufo on monday using this recipe
I've tried it before and it's rather good.
Would probably work with paneer as well.
permalink Nom!
There's a few tofu recipes on our site:-
permalink today we made haggis gyoza and spring rolls
for tomorrows haggistravaganza

they look good. the little pre-made pastry (?) things were very good.
permalink Haggis Gyoza,
great Peel Session etc etc.
permalink Nothing to do with meat
I've had a week of training on how to properly use the printing press I work on, delivered by the head trainer who is a little "unreconstructed" to say the least* and VERY VERY LOUD

*Though remain, thankfully- he might be a sexist racist homophobic but he recognises how good the EU is for our business
permalink are you working on inky stuff now?

permalink been on inky stuff
for about three years
permalink I'm afraid I've not been keeping track
I thought it was glue

.walks around for a bit
permalink I had a pint of ale tonight,
and it was ALL teh lovely. I made it last 90 minutes and will have no more.
permalink I'm sure you could ignore the lunch invite
Even if you were still full carnivore...

In other news, knackered after mountain race at the weekend. And it is very warm, and only getting hotter. 33° tomorrow apparently. Fuck. Thanks Australia...thralia
thread So off to see Idles tonight
Which I have to admit, I'm rather excited by

Any gigs you're looking forward to soon?

AQ: snow? 25° here today
permalink I've never really done gigs.
I went to see skunk anansie a few years ago.

It's about 3° and raining. The weather forecast said snow but we rarely get snow in Wigan.

Edit: I've broken a thing on a web page I've made, so when I click 'close' the box closes and immediately reopens. Clicking close and watching it slide out then back in again is quite mesmerising.

EditEdit: I suppose I do do gigs. I've seen quite a few Christian bands who are probably more mainstream than the stuff you lot listen to.

Tim Neufeld and the Glory Boys are great fun, and my favourite band wot i saw in 2018.
permalink Well, that was bloody amazing
And officially the sweatiest gig ever. Like my fingers went wrinkly. And I wrung a good pint of sweat out of my t-shirt at the end. I almost went in shorts, but thought no, nobody goes to gigs in shorts, so went with trousers. Envied Bowen (lead guitar), playing, as ever, just in his pants...
permalink going to see Cake tomorrow
which I'm expecting to be either grate or terribad, and most likely a bit of both
permalink Aww, used to love me a bit of Cake
Never seen them live, but I imagine it could go either way. Someone saw them recently and said they were great though.
permalink it was good
I know absolutely nothing of the band other than having heard Fashion Nugget 20 billion times, so as far as I knew they could have just been a tribute act, but they did their material well with a good slacker vibe and not taking themselves too seriously
permalink To be fair, Fashion Nugget is a great album
Their version of I Will Survive is one of my favourite covers

Have listened to a bit of their more recent stuff, and it's fine.
permalink I get they'll be good
I saw them at latitude about 6 years ago and they were good fun.

Might have to watch the short skirt and long jacket video again now you've reminded me.
permalink they're also playing my old student union
so should be a bit of a nostalgia trip
permalink with the obvious exception of having
to go to work the next morning
permalink And cheap lager
Probably no longer being about a quid a pint
permalink no but you remind me to check when the VTQ are playing next
they played near my house about a month before christmas.

permalink Yep,
The Residents on the 4th of Feb, Giorgio Moroder on the 2nd of April and UNKLE on the 19th of April
permalink Blimey hyraki
didn't realise the Residents were back!
permalink New walbum
and everything. Sir Gideon of Coe is playing new tunes from them from time to time.
permalink I've kind of lost touch with The Residents
in recent years, though a quick peek at my iTunes shows 887 tracks. It's a friend at work who got the tickets; we suprise each other every now and then. He's not a big disco fan, but he's coming to Giorgio Moroder.
permalink Kathryn Joseph at Union Chapel next month
Great venue, should be perfect for her.
permalink Got the Display Team next month at Naaaaarch Waterfront
who are a bonkersly excellent 5 or 6 piece (depending) with a singing drummer called Chuckles The Clown. the surrounding acts I've never heard of but the headliners are ska but in a metal fashion which could be entertaining.

This of course means JIVA! Ales beforehand? Feb 9th.
permalink oohh very tempting.
I'm about and only 3 days after my birthday.
*pencils you in*
we can do lunch if you like and a lazy hang out.
permalink Huzzah!
Keep me pencilled :D
permalink *shaves off Witchy's eyebrows*
*pencils new ones in*
permalink *looks permanently
permalink there's nothing really leaping out over the next couple of months
The Wave Pictures are at the Portland this week but I can't do it. HMHB in April, hopefully stuff will appear.

It's pretty chilly today, and I've got a cold. January is shit.
permalink Don't know them
But HMHB (presumably at the Junction) is a must!
permalink I don't really do gigs
I've got some holiday time planned but it all kinda hangs on Dave being paid on Monday.

Then the world is our lobster. Not quite sure what we're going to do but there's a shit load going on I can't say anything about until late February when lots of changes are coming. He's got a new registered company...
thread So that was odd
I was at an opening party for a hotel at Luton airport last night... They had themed it around flight so the people dishing out the gins were dolled up as 60s air hostesses and there were passports and departure boards and stuff ... But it's a polish owner so they had invited two priests to bless the occasion... And there was a live sax player playing over random House music.

Every time I looked around and caught all three in the same part of the room I thought a Benny hill sketch was about to start.

Oh and Jason Donovan sang 6 songs....

I may have dreamed the whole thing
permalink -- the people dishing out the gins were dolled up as 60s air hostesses
even the men?
permalink There were no men on the drinks trolly duty
permalink you know when 3d printing robots become sentient
self-replicating and escape our control...

i think it might look something like this
permalink That's awesome.
I love places that remind you of a post-apocalyptic film.
permalink I've got an Echo Dot
and some RGB LEDs that I can control around a mirror in the lounge (the chunky wooden frame lends itself nicely to housing LED strip slightly out of sight) and in the bay window and porch.

We got home after dark earlier and as I had my hands full I shouted "Alexa, turn all the lights on" from the front door and it worked. My neighbour was doing his usual trick of staring at us through his window and mrsjam said he was astounded.
permalink hehehe, excellent.
I've built my own automated lights and still need to add a loop that basically pings my phone's IP address and if the lights are off, turn them on.

This means that when I pull up in the car my house should light up.
permalink Interesting idea.
Have you done anything with IFTTT?
permalink Nope, I did all this
before IFTTT was a real thing, all 433MHz sockets and a raspberry pi to do the controlling so pinging my phone is a piece of piss. Might do that today actually.
permalink I'm a bit concerned that your neighbour might think this is witchcraft
and come after you with flaming torches and pitchforks.
permalink I'll just say "Alexa! Sick him!"
and they'll all run away.
permalink Well... also odd, but joyously so...
... I was at the memorial party for Alan Davidson (Hayes Davidson), who died last year.

Alan was known for throwing great parties... and he wanted a big bash to be held to celebrate his life... he largely planned it before he died.

It was at the RIBA, with about 500 people there. Many of the great and the good of Architecture and Design wandering about - Graham Stirk and Ivan Harbour (I didn't see Richard Rogers), Chris Wilkinson, Jim Eyre, Thomas Heatherwick, Amanda Levete, Julia Barfield, Richard Murphy. Various old-guard from Fosters, Grimshaw, KPF, etc, etc, etc. Lots of faces I recognised but couldn't place, probably including pretty much every significant architect in London and many from further afield. All the architecture and design journalists of any credibility. Plus people from all sorts of fields who were Alan's friends.

Great speeches, including Lord Stephen (LibDem peer, knew Alan since Primary School) who was utterly hilarious.

Then, some milling around drinking and chatting. I was talking to Graham Stirk when I realised that behind him, three women dressed as standard lamps had appeared. Music started and they proceeded to circulate the room, whilst a 54 yr old gay guy dressed in a super-camp sparkly blue bunny suit ran in carrying two big red balloons, which he susbsequently burst with his arse. He camps about then uncovers a thing on stage which turns out to be a massive mirrorball on a rotating stand, and introduces a gymnast/dancer in a sparkly leotard who does her thing on the rotating mirrorball for a while.

A stuffed (or model) polar bear was wheeled in at some point and stood in a corner.

Next, bunny-man introduces a David Bowie tribute act (Alan was a huge Bowie fan).

Then there was a brass band.

The most gloriously bonkers memorial I've ever been to.
permalink *sweeps up
all the dropped names*

permalink The place was knee-deep in them...
permalink My mate Caro was there I think
She went out with him briefly.

permalink To be fair
That sounds even more like a fever dream than alistair's above!
permalink we watched this terrible film yesterday.
oddly precient

(skip to 54m10s)
permalink What the hell?
Although, jumping in at 54 min, I can't decide if it is absolute nonsense, or Godot-like philosophy
permalink meanwhile
at a Liverpool Travelodge a tradesman is unhappy about late payment
permalink oh dear...
silly boy.

permalink oh, it gets better
so very much better
permalink Oh deer
Bet he was fumming
permalink dear god
that's going to take at least a fiver to fix

also, if it was 2005 and I could be bothered, Travelodge Minidigger Rampage would be a great flash game.
permalink great Peel session