thread Happy new year!
permalink happy new year!
I'm starting the decade as I mean to go on

making chicken stock
permalink happy new year there
I'm going to bed.
permalink Snogs.
And indeed MOAR SNOGS!
permalink I like this,
good for me.
permalink HNY you scamps!

*sups hair of the dog*
permalink HNY!
I've got to try to rouse Bea and we are supposed to meet Emma in the pub in half an hour.

She left here at about 3am after four of us got through a pretty prodigious amount of booze...
permalink And pub cancelled by mutual agreement...

I may apply hair of the dog in a while, but without leaving the house. Or indeed getting dressed.
permalink Well indeed,
I've only got dressed 'cos the house is a bit chilly. New house even moreso, fortunately I know the chimney is good for proper fires. Time for another ale and some grub I think. May head pubwards in a bit.
permalink I've got as far as dressing gown and one of the left over sausage rolls
Bea has only made it out of bed to go to the bathroom in order to throw up.

Time for a beer, I think.

Can't finish clearing up until the dishwasher finishes and I can refill it.

It appears that we got through 3 very good bottles of red, 2 white, 5 fizz, a few beers and a good chunk of the maple liqueur we brought back from Canada.

(fizz quantity amended. I missed one)
permalink I can see why going to the pub
might be a little ambitious
permalink All four of us agreed that it wasn't really necessary.
Or in Bea's case, possible.
permalink hehe, poor lass :)
I did head out for a walk pubwards but my local was shut so if nowt else it was at least a couple of miles outdoors.
permalink I ended up out dancing till about 3am
Which was suprising after a 20k run earlier in the day. Drank a bit, but not excessivly, but did end up smerking a load of ciggies, which probably wasn't clever. Jan 1st was low key, but not as hungover as feared. Was spent mostly sat on the sofa reading though. Then followed by a QI marathon.

Hope Bea is feeling more human now!
permalink Jeez, was it really that much booxe?
No wonder pub was not holding any attraction. I have eaten my way through the day. Thanks again for a fab evening! And hope Bea feels better soon.
permalink She was more or less human by 9pm
I'm at fucking work.

Which can fuck off.
permalink First - good to know
Second - boo! Hope it's not too painful.

Extra - see you in the pub later for consumption of our prize
permalink Indeed
I plan on leaving here pretty sharp today. I'll be in touch.
permalink Sounds good to me!
permalink What sort of weird backward country
does not have Jan 2nd as a bank holiday? Savages!
permalink It's fucking grim.
I miss living in Scotland.
permalink It's certainly something
I approve of in NZ
permalink I stuck to beer only
on NYE, so was OK yesterday, despite necking a metric fuckload. Brandy and limoncellos at lunch, obvs.

Dry January starts when we get back to the UK, so am currently sipping Prosecco in Napoli airport.
thread Merry Christmas you lovely bunch of ‘Bodians
Love you all dearly, you weirdos.

With Love,
this weirdo.
permalink Meri Kirihimete
To y'all too
permalink Also, who you calling a weirdo?
You weirdo! x
permalink Happy Christmas!
permalink And spangle Christmas balls
to you all.
permalink indeed, happy Christmas everyone
I've been up since 5. So it must be time to start drinking...
permalink Oi, I resemble that comment!
Happy stuffins to you and Bea. This is my last day of on call for over a week so tomorrow may get messy. Actually it probably won't, too much work to do.

I def need to crack open an ale in the new house though.

Hope the rest of you have a fun day :D x
permalink merry crimbins
currently counterbalancing my parent's extremely relaxed attitude to food hygiene/storage with as much antibacterial hard alcohol as possible

how they've both survived this long I'm not sure
permalink Now I'm curious
What do they do?
permalink aside from the usual old person view on when food is past its best
which is bearable, a habit of leaving raw meat and similar out in the open for extended periods, 'defrosting' being something which takes days/weeks rather than hours, using the shed as a second fridge regardless of ambient temperature / number of mice.

Add in an attitude of never, ever throwing food away and there's a good chance this year's smoked salmon is the same packet as last year. You spend the days going by your nose and politely demurring where things are obviously going to give you botulism.

2 years ago we got the turkey out on xmas morn to find it looked and smelled like stilton, my mum said, "thats strange, it's only been out of the freezer for 4 or 5 days". In the fridge? "No, the dining room".
permalink I thought I was quite blasé
but that is another level.
permalink it's a bit annoying
as I get on with them fine, they're a bit long-term-galloway-entrenched which means the only topics for conversation are intensely parochial (as I'm sure you've experienced from Kirkcudbright) but we genuinely avoid staying with them for long because you just get the shits, came home today rather than tomorrow because I couldn't face being fed leftovers of dubious sanitation

ANYWAY venting here because you can't say ought, aware I'm blessed my familial issues are so minimal
permalink Oh yeah my forums are full of people venting
We saw my family on the weekend and had Al's family from Monday until tomorrow, I like all of them very much but it'll be nice to stop ignoring half-heard sentences in case they were accidentally offensive!
permalink that's impressive, I can't do more than 3 days even with people I get on with 100%
my favourite line of xmas, overheard when I stepped out of the room to get a drink: my mum to her friends: "when he comes back, we really need to stop listing who's died or dying, or he won't come next year"
permalink Now your say it
having people in the house is really the problem, more than anything else.
permalink people
are the worst!
permalink Bea headed back to London today, having arrived on Christmas day after a few days in Spain..
I'm heading back tomorrow once I drop Minilluminator home at lunchtime.

One of the main reasons I headed for the hills last weekend, with a night at the Nevis Inn bunkhouse, was to get some peace and quiet before being stuck here for a week. My mum is basically fine, but I'm running out of patience and am a bit fed up with being seen as her excuse to do very little and "have a rest from being busy" because I will do everything. Busy? She's 89, on her own, long retired obviously, and spends most of the day drinking tea, sleeping and reading the fucking Telegraph. I'm the one who could use a fucking rest.
permalink This.
We had a dry Xmas Day, which was weird.
permalink *high fives*
permalink Making up for it today;
just made two huge margaritas of my own design.

165mls home made raspberry gin
165mls Muestro Ocho tequila
165mls red merlot grape juice
1 egg white
2 ice cubes

- Shake like Bejasus in a cocktail shaker.
- Strain into champagne coupes.
- Neck.

This makes enough to do two rounds, and ensure a *right* buzz.
permalink Hahaha, splendid work.
I decided to have an ale and PC gaming day going through Bioshock again, but the machine I'd build especially for this was having real issues and no matter what I did the game just wasn't stable. Went to get another ale and when I got back the machine was off and the room smelt.

Yep, my brand new 750w PSU had blown chunks. Put an older (heavier) 450 back in and it stayed stable the rest of the day. Much ale and fragging until I realised it was half 2am :)
permalink Merry Christmas
You cocks
thread Computery types, I have some bad news.
Chuck Peddle, the bloke who brought us the 6502 processor and therefore every decent machine you care to mention, died on the 15th.

More from

RIP you excellent bloke, you.
permalink I'll be honest, I don't know who he is
but hats off to the innovators.
permalink He's the bloke who spawned
the Commodore PET as well as allowing the creation of the Apple 1 and 2 series, the BBC Micro, Super Nintendo and loads of others.
permalink “With this chip we can build a personal computer."
is a bit of a fucking moment.

permalink Aye, absolutely awesome
bloke. He single-handedly created the PET and when he left MOS/CBM came up with the VICTOR 9000, marketed over here as the ACT Sirius 1, a gobsmackingly well specced machine that spawned Apricot (yes, yes, fruity based) and some lovely pre-DOS machines.
permalink Why aye
permalink I'm a tad sore
having done 9 hours at work in shops that aren't really designed for comfort when standing up for a long time.

And i've just made the mistake of sitting down when I've things to do.
thread Calling the Meeps!
If the weather isn't horrible, are you up for a cheeky Munro next weekend? Sunday probably ideal, could be Saturday. Monday at a push... flexible as to where - follow the weather is my usual mantra.

Let me know?
permalink If anyone else happened to be around central Scotland (Al?)... you're welcome of course...
permalink I lack suitable equipment
what with not having done any serious walking like that in years, else I would. Not even a pair of boots.
permalink I have
Beer shoes though
permalink No boots?
I cannot imagine such a thing. Although, to be fair, I always needed them for work (less so these days, but I do get allowed out into the field occasionally still).

Mind you, I'm more likely to be wearing trail trainers too in the hills as well. Although maybe not on a snowy hike!
permalink also
going to meet Spacefish and Amiga Beanbag at Bo'ness next Saturday, for TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS.

no choo choos, all diesel
permalink Naturally I demand
photos and hugs.
permalink Sounds lovely
Can't beat some winter walking

Although my legs are a bit tired after walking up/running down Mt Cargill repeatedly in upside-down Edinburgh on Saturday.
permalink hello!
yes, hills are good, Sunday is best for us too

don't have much in the way of winter gear, but that can be remedied during the week, always good to have an excuse to splurge at Tiso

happy to wait and see what the weather brings, I haven't done much up Crianlarich way for some time, or something Perthshire way like Ben Chonzie
permalink Cool
Lets stay in touch through the week.

If you're not heavily winter-equipped, then Crianlarich or Perhshire would make sense.

Personally, I'm happy to get out the crampons and axe... but I'm sure we can find something a little less wintery...
permalink Hmmm Forecast for the weekend not looking great for now, but we’ll see...
permalink I think Sunday is now scuppered for us
but Monday is still possible, and the forecast looks ok Perthshire way

you can ping me on graeme[hat]lutralutra[dot]co[dot]uk
permalink OK. Will do. I could do Monday if viable and we don;t need to make a decision until the day before
I might take myself up to Glencoe or somewhere on Saturday anyway if anything looks doable...
permalink the mountain weather for tomorrow is distinctly meh
rain and fog on the peaks while the sofa is looking very soft and toasty

I think I shall formally wuss out like a big softy lowland wuss
permalink Yeah... I went to Glen Coe on Saturday afternoon and did the Buachaille Etive Mor on Sunday
Couldn't see a thing above about 900m. A good day out though... plenty of snow, although it was a bit soft and wet. Plenty of ice axe and crampon fun.

Left the car at first light and was in the pub before last light, which wasn;t bad going on the shortest day of the year!
permalink got some new iranians in the other house
who asked if they could watch telly. MrsJam suggested one of our xbox 360s. Now discovering neither want to go online anymore and it's the most frustrating time of year to want to buy a smart tv stick, what with them having been really cheap until not very long ago and with them likely to be going really cheap on boxing day.
permalink it's taken me about an hour to figure out
that you mean the Xboxes won't connect to the internet, not that the Iranians have gone all luddite
permalink I was wondering where Xboxes even came into it
Whatever happened to just attaching the co-ax cable from the aerial into the back of a television?
permalink Obviously MrsJam suggested some fortnite instead of boring telly,
and after an encounter with some 12 year olds neither of the Iranians want to go online anymore. I can relate to that story.
permalink It's quite difficult to get farsi stuff through the antenna.
An xbox passes as a media centre and we have spares. We don't really have much else kicking around, other than a first generation fire stick which will have to do for now.
permalink The other house?
Are you a Wigan slumlord now?
permalink If he keeps this up
He'll be made a life pier!
permalink i guess he's on the right road there
permalink Have I not told you about the other house?
In case you didn't think me a religious nutjob already, a little over five years ago God told my wife and I (separately) to buy a house. So we did.

Since then we've housed drug addicts, homeless people, people in need of temporary accommodation for various reasons (domestic violence, stupidity, being australian, being granted refugee status). It's also been used for 40 days of non-stop prayer, housing a team of korean prayer missionaries, stuff like that.

We generally look to cover our costs, or we charge whatever the council is prepared to give as housing benefit (which is less than rent actually costs, even in Wigan). Sometimes it costs us council tax and bills for a while.

The Iranians have just had a baby, and the dad was granted leave to remain ten days after the baby was born. They moved in a couple of days ago.
permalink good stuff.
bet santa only needs to check your bit of the list once.
permalink I'm pretty sure you mentioned it
although that's a nice summary update. Do all your tenants/lodgers come through your church?
permalink He cruises round the area at night looking for fresh meat.. er new tenants
I'm surprised thee neighbours aren't suspicious that he digs up the patio every week...

maybe that's why the neighbours have been on "holiday" for so long.

permalink No, mostly it's through people we know
either on the estate or through being involved in and known by various charities and groups. Mrsjam now works for a charity which provides help to asylum seekers and other immigrants to Wigan so that's where the latest family came from.
permalink and lo! he did appear in a shiny suit and having a fag outside the estate agents
and said to them "you should buy a house, and they did, and he was mightily pleased with the commission".

Good stuff that man.
permalink oo they have started to put The Far Side online
at long last.


permalink the one with the icecream truck
genuinely been there, done that
permalink "get us a mivvy"

/Obscure chewing the fat sketch
permalink woohoo!
after a lengthy and incredibly bureaucratic process I've just been promoted to Fellow, meaning I'm now a proper academic and everything

at some point I hope to be a fully-tenured Bloke
permalink but what about your ring?

permalink Jolly good!
permalink Huzzah!
permalink Woop woop!
I say, good fellow.
permalink well done there, fellow is a great title
I got promoted too, principal, nice.

All the same shit but slightly more money and better business cards.
permalink I think I'm in with a shot of employee of the month this month
If the cat doesn't pull out some q4 sales that he's been keeping very quiet about
permalink Given that he just ran away from a squirrel
I think you're a shoe-in.
permalink Hang on, I've lost track
Bertie or alistair ran away from the squirrel?
permalink Excellent!
I'm a Fellow, but only of a professional institution. Not remotely academic. I'm a Fellow of the Society of Light and Lighting.

You may now all take the piss.
permalink But are you jolly good though?
permalink goes without saying
thread Oh dear holy fuck.
permalink So, in summary:
More fucked than a fucked thing, that has been repeatedly fucked over and over and over again.

permalink Fucking this.
What the actual fucking cunting fuck?
permalink I am currently updating an HD full of music.
It just started spontaneously playing this:-
permalink Great tune
And indeed we do not
permalink As the saying goes
The fucking fuckers have fucked it
permalink CUUUNTS
permalink anyhow
looking forward to getting a Republic of Scotland passport
permalink and dear fucking lord
the DUP Westminster leader losing to Sinn Fein is a giggle
permalink beaten by
Pat Finucane's son, for extra spiciness.
permalink This is quite amusing,
as I despise the DUP, obvs.
permalink Remember when we used to do secret santa mix tapes on cd?
Why don't we do Spotify playlist limited to a maximum of two hours?
permalink Me and a bunch of mates
still do the CD thing every Christmas, our favourite songs of the year. This year it's a double album, our favourite songs of 2019, plus the best 25 songs *ever*...
permalink because this is 3hrs 35
and I refuse to cut it down

Additions are welcomed, however.
permalink I'll be honest, I'm drunk
Still, panto tomorrow,l.
permalink 3rd xmas do of the week
tonight was the massed Glasgow public sector one

I don't know much about much, but East Dunbartonshire Council seems to be where the party is, possibly living free from Jo Swinson

also, the DJ looked just like Corbyn and I have never seen such fear as the incomprehension among the Edinburgh visitors when the Slosh came on and the floating venue lurched sideways from 300 bespangled weegies sprinting across the dancefloor to do their unexplained line dance
permalink I've got our works do tonight
at Haydock racecourse.

I hope the food is good.
permalink The food was excellent
and the company was good.
permalink Ah... the Slosh. You know you're in Glasgow at tht point.
Was it the traditional "Beautiful Sunday"? Or close seconds Amarillo or Knock Three Times?
permalink Beautiful Sunday
I have heard tell of a wedding where it was done to Du Hast
permalink Beautiful Sunday is canon.
There's a great joy to a Slosh danced by a bunch of drunken Glaswegians to Beautiful Sunday. Very happy to be part of that any time.

Rammstein? I'm struggling there tbh. I'd love to see it.
permalink AQ: beans?
A close friend has landed a good job. His wife bought him a bean to cup machine. Could someone please recommend some beans to buy him?
permalink I use two places
permalink I like
https://www.nudeespres... and https://perkyblenders....

Don't accidentally buy something that's already ground
permalink Thank you both
permalink hienz

though some people like HP
permalink Just found out that my mother voted Tory.
My single parent with two boys, lives on a council estate, is a Christian, mother.

I've warned MrsJam not to talk politics with her at all.
permalink my mother in law is Tory
My single mother, council house, council house parents, additional tax credit, shit all pension, reliant on free healthcare mother in law votes Tory. In Cambridge it's pointless admittedly but I just don't get it. Guess she might be a billionaire one day.
permalink Lifetime viewers eh.
I daren't ask my mum if she's pro-Brexit in case she says yes (my dad isn't) (although I imagine he still voted Tory)
permalink I had to unfriend someone today
because he was banging on about how great it's going to be with a ban on industrial action because 'inconsiderate tube drivers' had caused him some grief getting to hospital appointments. I didn't know where to start with that one. His mates were all 'go boris' so bye-bye Clint.
permalink My mum and my brother are both pro brexit
For my brother it appears to be based exclusively on some EU mortgage law that was about 90% not for for purpose in the Uk, and of course that's Europe's fault rather than our incompetent MEPs or parliament passing it into law.

My mum pays enough attention to form kneejerk opinions but doesn't actually research anything. Which makes me unfathomably angry.