thread Morning all
One trusts you're not all getting tossed about too much by Ciara*

*this is made weirder by me having a cousin Ciara
permalink So far I've been
very impressed at how wind-proof the new Dino Acres is. The old place would've been howling like a banshee and rattling like a comedy ghost film corpse. My back door, however, leaks.
permalink Nothing worse
than a drippy back door
permalink I got absolutely soaked through
walking to the cinema earlier.

Parasite, by the way, really ain't all that. Huge plot holes, lazy scripting and a messy narrative with some very clunky devices. Looks beautiful though, and the sound design is excellent.
permalink still good though
but why THAT of all the foreign films has been sooo hyped fuck noes.
permalink See, I'm not even sure it was merely good,
apart from how it looked and sounded. The more I think about it, the more its narrative and script and plot annoy me. I'll watch it again when it's online though.
permalink try watching some greek/turkish fillms if you think that was a messy narrative! ;)
still refreshing in a non-western/hollywood way though

edit: oh i didn't realise it actually won! that IS odd
permalink was meant to be doing my first proper trail race this morning
it was still on, but I think only half the people turned up, and I didn't fancy the probability of half a tree in the face, and bed is soooo comfy when it's blaein a hooley
permalink But it's so much more invigorating on the trails in the wind!
Which is just as well in Wellington, as there are some notoriously windy bits of ridgeline trail
permalink problem is it was in a forest
so should really have been cancelled, given that a lot of parks with trees are closed for safety with 50-60mph gusts, and getting to it would have been hard too with closed roads due to fallen trees

given that it would have been towards my ability limit on a nice sunny day, I thought probably better not
permalink Fairly muff
It's actually falling branches that scare me most on windy days, not getting blown over. You can always slow to a crawl if it's super blowy, but not much you can do with a 2-tonne branch falling on your noggin
permalink mainly hidden from it
going to take the bad way to work today (driving). Glad this doesn't involve going anywhere near Duxford, as the M11 and A505 are shut thanks to bits of the roof of the big modern hanger at the museum peeling off.
permalink yes, that enlivened my commute
permalink this week
it'll be interesting to see what effect the Extinction Rebellion mob have. They've certainly raised a lot of gammon blood pressure already.
permalink Not entirely sure why they dug
up the lawn outside Trinity though, but a falsely attributed pic on the twitters with an ambulance turning round certainly brought out those who are quite happy to advocate the murder of people they disagree with, which was an entertaining read.
permalink aye
every story on Cambridgeshire live* facebook (who are fucking loving the web traffic I bet) has a link to a Private group called "ANTI EXTINCTION REBELLION! IT'S GONE TOO FAR!" (set up today, and already changed from "ANTI XR!! LET'S NOT TOLERATE THESE IDIOTS!") which I'm presuming is for discussing vigilante violence.

*Cambridge News, formerly Cambridge Evening News, formerly credible
permalink I've been enjoying
winding these vigilante-action advocating cunts up on FB. Got myself banned from one anti XR group I joined specifically to annoy them.
permalink I had to bite my tongue
reading comments like 'I'd just go get my car and run them over'. People are cunts.
permalink I've been hitting the "report"
button. had a few comments removed but no accounts deleted yet
permalink she gave my gutters a good rattling
I need to get up and have a fiddle about to stop water gushing out.
permalink Ditto,
It's occurred to me I don't know where the downpipe is for all the guttering on the back of the house.
permalink it goes straight into next door's washing machine
permalink Next door would probably like that
TBH. They're a bit Tom&Barbara and I mean that in a nice way :)
permalink Yesterday I only left the house to go to the shops - about 3 mins walk each way.
By the time I got back, I looked as though I'd been pulled out of the sea by a lifetboat.

A couple of fence panels blew up the street, but not too bad round our way really.

Today it's sunny and lovely, albeit cold as fuck.
permalink snow!
permalink Just regular interludes of pissing rain here.
My colleague who is sitting in Edinburgh reports slushy grey snow shit.
permalink Just seen post match interview
From Scotland England women's 6 nations at Murrayfield and its pissing with snow
permalink just got on a train to that London
shall be interested to see if I make it

if not, no worries, tis a silly place
permalink I met my brother and family for a Nandos of average delinquence
but they had to get a train, so they ran off leaving me to finish off the remains

some teenagers passed me gnawing the final shards from the bones of two whole demolished chickens and nodded with respect
permalink Ha!
The scruffy teens cheeky Nandos nod of approval!
permalink i'd promised someone we'd go out camping and they were still determined even with the forecast
so we went to the kent coast as far away from trees as possible & setup in a pyramid tent
flickered off the gusts like they were nothing.. made lighting a fire was interesting though

it did help to set a flight record though..
permalink O.o
Great idea. Let's all sleep in a sail in a winter storm.
thread Isn't it lunchtime yet?
permalink It's coffee time
and I'm researching how to change the settings on the coffee machine, because some bugger has made it so a cappucino only has 11 seconds of milk, which is about half as much as I want.

Desperate times.
permalink Eleven Seconds of Milk
sound like a rubbish emo band from the early 00s
permalink they curdled pretty early on
permalink Well, they were really creaming it in
for the first couple of years
permalink yes, yes it is
/early lunching

Does anyone want to buy a car?

Mates rates available
permalink I'm holiding out for another half hour
Then going to the pub for a pie.
permalink hmmmm pie
permalink and mmmm pint.
permalink waaaaaaaay ahead of you
just wolf'd one of those yummy new flavoured Soreen loafs.. 16g protein for 50p
can't argue with that!
permalink Noodles and Calvins
permalink hmmm chewy
permalink The banana ones are great
and unpopular, so I got a load heading for landfill for free
permalink great score!
haven't seen the nana ones.. definitely look out for those
permalink I was in Helsinki the past two days.
Crazy Finns eat lunch at 11am EET. Which is 10am in Berlin where I live. And 9am in GMT where my brain still thinks it is despite having lived in Berlin for over three years.

I was essentially eating braised ox for breakfast. I mean, it was nice, but still. By the time we finished at 5pm I was ready to die.
permalink we were in helsinki exactly 6 years ago this week
it was bloody freezing but i liked it a lot.
permalink It was chilly,
but at around -5ÂșC minimum, not as cold as I'd expect for Finland in the first week of February.
permalink I assume you broke out the Hawaiian shirt
And flip flops
permalink Morning.
I've started using the percolator for tea. Not loose leaf or anything, just three tea bags in the filter.

It tastes fine and stays warm without stewing, and I can use an Internet plug so I can set it going from bed.
permalink this is the future they warned us about
permalink I've also won a miele triflex to test and keep.
Not sure which model yet.
permalink Well, don't make
a Miele out of it
permalink or get a trifle
thread happy 02.02.2020
i guess we are in for one palindromic dte per year for the next 28 years(ish)

EDIT: nope just next 2 years

AQ: my favourite new joke is:
A skeleton walks into a bar, asks the barman for a pint of beer, and a mop.

permalink where does a frog get its eyes tested?
at the hoptician.
permalink My current fave was told to me by an 8 year old boy:-
Why do girls wear makeup and perfume?
Because they're ugly and they smell.
permalink it's funny because its true.....
permalink That'll be why
I rarely wear either
permalink Next door's 8yo twins
told me these:

What's an angry train company? Cross Country
What's an even angrier train company? Greater Angrier.

Top stuff.
permalink please pass on
my highest regards
permalink GRRRRRRR western railway?

permalink Yarrrriva, Blackbeard's
favourite train company.
permalink The hardest railway company?
Why, that would be Ironrod Eireann
permalink *polite applause*
permalink twentyTWENTY though
that used to be THE future.. where's my jetPack?
thread After a little over a decade
my QNAP NAS has died.

How're you?
permalink mine died recently as well
i need to get some disk recovery software it seems
permalink I think mine was update related.
I've just go the drive out, I'm hoping it'll spin up ok.

I'd been shifting data off onto cloud storage and I think I got all the important bits.
permalink mine was in raid
and it seemed to tbe the power supply that failed, but one drive had already gone and i think the boot sector was borked or something... there is nothing much i need but i must do it at some point
permalink THE drive?
Tsk. Bloody amateurs, etc.
permalink The whole point of RAID?
My little Buffalo NAS has had a drive fail... but I was running RAID-thingy and replaced it. I'll probably have to replace the other one sooner or later...

I know RAID on two drives isn't that smafrt, but it works for domestics...
permalink We always hang in a Buffalo NAS
We do the drive every time we dance
permalink I'll give you love baby not romance
I'll save your files nothing left to chance
permalink Raid 1 (mirroring) on 2 drives is absolutely for domestics.
A backup to a single drive isn't a backup and I'm baffled why 'reputable' NAS people sell single drive options.
permalink Of course.
But at least it works at that scale. It is R, and it is an A. Generally the Ds are fairly I.

A single drive solution isn't R and isn't an A?
permalink Correct.
It's just something else that could fail messily.
permalink I know.
It was a gift, and I've never been able to justify spending on a two bay NAS given I don't use it for anything important.
permalink Where do you back up your
family pics to?
permalink owncloud and google photos
I've lost so many over the years I find it all a bit pointless now. If they go they go.

Edit: Although now I've got kids I suppose I should do better. I might start making photobooks.
permalink I've just amused myself by setting up a joke
for the wife next Christmas. Playing the long game.
permalink ...pation
permalink consti?
permalink Eggs again,
I'll be bound.
permalink Sure as eggs is eggs
Or, as they'd say round these parts "iggs is iggs"
permalink With some fush and chups?
permalink My ex-brother-in-law went out with a New Zealander for a while
They visited a family friend in the US, who was showing off the huge house he'd spent a few years building. They were having drinks and a barbecue on his extensive outdoor timber terrace.

She is enthusing about it all and says, "Wow, Fred! Your dick is bigger than our whole apartment!"

Cue explosive emission of beer from everyone else...
permalink Having a cold one
Out on the dick is a favourite summer pastime
thread Any of you globe trotters
been to Taipei?

AQ - What's your favourite secretion?
permalink Yep
My brother lived there for 3 months in 2012 so I visited while he was there. The restaurant at the top of Tapei 101 is surprisingly good and reasonably priced.
permalink Ooh,
I like the look of that.
permalink our mates/ neighbours went and really liked it
though said the booze offerings were lacking and they found gay karaoke bars the only place you could get a drink sometimes.

my secretions are secretive.

in other news i've been really busy busting the spreadsheets today.. then someone sent over a different version that "might be useful", it's 56k lines with columns up to FA (131 columns? )and has broken my brain a little.

Oddly enough the FA column is Taiwan so I can tell you if you should have a mini-bar in your hotel if you want.
permalink Nope, have not been to Chinese Tapei
(Just in case the PLA are listening, hello ECHERON!)

Have considered it occasionally as a stopover, as China Airlines do do cheap deals back to Yurp.
permalink No but I have been to Perthshire
and had a Tay Pie
permalink I know someone who urinated in bangkok
permalink my mother in law really did go on holiday in Dorset last year
. .
permalink Should have just gone to Cuba!
permalink It's a no-rosette situation
for new_matt's Mum.
permalink I went on holiday to dorset

stayed next door to Monkey World and the Tank Museum
permalink Me too, oddly.
Not far from Piddletrenthide.
permalink We did that a few years ago
We stayed in Ebbsbourne Wake at the Best Pub
permalink Also, this is just utterly delicious:-