thread I just found some old app on my PC
was using 11gb of HD space and with a bit more ruthless deleting of shit i now have 25 free Gb on my laptop which makes me very happy as it'd been bumping along at nearly full (it's a paltry 120gb SSD)

that, and a pleasant ride on my new bike... not a bad day.

What minor nonsense cheered you up recently.
permalink Turning on my Out of Office notice
made me giggle with glee.

Off to Korea tomorrow!
permalink this, from the popbitch newsletter
permalink old skool
permalink I've been doing some Augmented Dickey-Fuller
which is my favourite named statistical test, along with the Box-Cox Transformation and Grubb's Outlier

in fact, I'm going to start a microbrewery where all the ales are named after statistical tests
permalink I like this.
Good for me.
permalink Doing the Ring of Steall solo yesterday
An epic mountain day in the Mamores, near Fort William. Steep ascents, amazing ridges, a bit of scrambling, horrible descent at the end. About 5,500ft of ascent and descent.

Sore legs today.

Very satisfying as I bailed out of it in winter conditions with some other guys - and having now seen what comes after the point we bailed, I'm bloody glad we did!
permalink i'm guessing ickle_I wasn't with
sounds awesome.. any pics?
do you use micro spikes or full on crampons?
you might like this guy (american over the topness but has some interesting tips) he can be funny

the midge situation looks terrible around fort williams (sorry to go on about it.. want to go up there around mid-sept)
apparently sweden has midges half the size of the scotish ones so noseeum doesn't work! arrgggh!
permalink Pics on instagram (Iain.ruxton)
I’ll see if I can get some up elsewhere.

No spikes needed at this time of year but in the winter I use C1 crampons - you need boots rigid enough... my Scarpa Marmolada Pros are the nearest I’ve ever found to an all-round boot. Micro spikes are not appropriate for any serious mountain winter environments. They’re for not slipping on the way to the pub.

Midges will be gone by mid sept. Ideal time of year given good weather!
thread Well.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a blast, isn’t it?

I thought it would be tricky and involve quite a lot of falling in to get the hang of, but minilluminator and I both cracked it in about a minute and a half, without anyone getting wet.
permalink We tried it in Mexico,
I fell in A LOT, but I do agree it was fun.
permalink How weird
One of my best mates tried it this week for the first time, she plans for it to be her main exercise after cycling to work. She also really enjoyed it (in Cambridge. Presumably warmer)
permalink There's a couple of friendly local
Facebook and WhatsApp groups if she's after people to paddle with, tips on good places to go
permalink She doesn't use social media
but I'll make her aware just in case.
permalink It’s been very pleasant here... almost certainly a touch colder, but fine
The loch is surprisingly warm.
permalink It's like surfing.
For Volvo drivers.
permalink It’s not like surfing
But it works for this Volvo driver... :)

Daughter loved it.
permalink People do surf them
Also they do white water rivers on them
permalink nutters
permalink the white water lot are insane
your head has an extra 6ft of acceleration before it bounces off the rocks
permalink yup, lots of fun
I've got an inflatable one of my own
permalink *resists incredible urge
to edit c_i's post*
permalink whatever
floats your goat

(I guess potentially not work safe)
permalink That pic has everything really!
permalink I'm in Girton
permalink hello from near there
permalink I was nearer there than yow
at 12:27, sadly I am no longer near there.
permalink I used to drive through Girton
on the way home. But not for a while...
permalink Anyone would think you'd gone
upside down!
permalink I drivey underneath it
at about 8, then again at about half 4, tomorrow I will cycle through it.
permalink I figured there were a few of you
round that way. It's quite nice.
permalink which bit were you in?
it's certainly quite posh. The big pub on the hill is nice.
permalink hello there
permalink I stared at every cyclists.
None of them were you.
permalink I do go through Girton Corner
on the way to work. But not, usually, on the way home
permalink I worked in Girton in 97/98,
and once had sex in a car park there.
permalink they don't put that in the tourist brochures
permalink Yeah they do.
Just not very good ones.
permalink the dogging corespondent
for the local paper is, last time anyone heard, suspended awaiting trial for possession of cocaine.
permalink Funny you should
mention nose candy...
permalink even its name has a rough northern sexual suggestion to it
gir ton girt-on guurTonne
permalink I was hoping to try some SUPping in Fiji
But the last place we stopped, sadly the swell was a bit fierce for that sort of carry on.

Did have my first kayak in years, which was great fun, although Mrs C had a few issues that made it more exciting than it needed to be
permalink Oh yes,
how was Fiji?
permalink It's a fuji actually, not a fiji
it's nice and blueish green and the 40mm tires were very good on the tow paths and th dry forest paths..

am i talking about my new bike too much?
permalink Fiji was very nice, thanks
Lots of hot sunshine, great snorkelling and top food. Not sure what the main island (Viti Levu) is like as a whole, but the Yasawa Islands where we mostly were, are very very lovely
thread Oh bollocks
Festival time in Edinburgh. Which makes the trains from KX a nightmare for those of us who do it regularly all year round.

I swear these cunts think the city only comes into existence in August for their benefit, like some sort of Brigadoon.
permalink I used to like going to the Festival
when I lived in Scotland. But I was based in Glasgow, so that helped.
permalink I like it very much.
But the twats who head up from London for it and get in my way and on my nerves can do one.

Anyway... off up to the Cairngorms with minilluminator tomorrow for a few days.
permalink now that does sound like
a much better place to be (have the mozzies died off yet?)
permalink the midges will be going strong.
Apparently they are having a particularly good year (if you're a midge).

We'll see.
permalink So you'd describe it as pretty good
Midge Ure?
permalink this means nothing
to me
permalink I just got stung on the ear by a wasp
stripy shitehawk
permalink There was an old man from St Bees
Who was stung on the ear by a wasp.
When asked does it hurt,
He replied fuck yes,
The stripy shitehawk.
permalink well that's not very magnanimous
if you choose to live in a cool city you have to put up with retards.. look at london
we have it pretty much year round here.. you get a month
permalink I live in London these days
But make my regular trip to Scotland every couple of weeks...
permalink so what you're saying is
you're a London sort catching the train up to Edinburgh with the rest of them?
permalink Except I do it regularly
Not only in August in the belief that it’s some kind of theme park...
permalink still
they're now running the new trains on some services. Southbound this includes the 0540
permalink it's only a couple a day so far
They won't filter down to the 7am Friday and the 5/5.30/6pm on Sunday for a while. Should be on by the end of the year though.
thread So I've been writing this set of interlocking
SF short stories. And I sent them off to a publisher. And they've offered me a contract!
permalink I like this
permalink Wow.
Well done sir!
permalink well done
In joined up writing and everything?
permalink Typed.
All properly spelled.
permalink Even the made up words?
permalink "Zognom, the leader of the Phluuuurg, raised his Thogwave Plasminator and fired..."
"... At last! The Sbangaaaaaaa were no more. Zognom holstered his weapon and went for a celebratory shit."
permalink 'We Immortals are far more likely to survive serious,
potentially life-threatening injury than non-Immortals, it’s a given among our kind, so contact with mortal medics is kept to a minimum. Although our own scientists have never been able to find out why we are such tough motherfuckers, we can’t rule out the chance discovery of our secret by one of theirs, their interest piqued by how suspiciously fast we’re healing. So I wasn’t best pleased to wake up in a hospital bed.'
permalink "The last thing I knew, I was going for a celebratory shit.
Those fucking Sbangaaaaaaa bastards really krump my ghulph."
permalink SPOILER!
permalink Shit! I'm sorry!
You might have to slightly rewrite volume 43.
permalink I am now going to write a competing series of scifi short stories under the series title of
"Krump My Ghulph".

There may well be tentacle porn.
permalink Krump My Gulph 3 - Debbie does Smongle Minor
permalink Oh my goodness
Who'd have thought Krump would get his whole tentacle in there...
permalink whoop!
I have bought a car to celebrate.
permalink Is it a Phluuuurg StarFrangler 6?
Hybrid obvs.
permalink I once read a thing about how
a bad scifi writer would describe modern things like going on holiday if it happened in their books (as a way of pointing out where the "sci" gets in the way of the story

stuff like "the twin pods mounted under the aluminium wings roared into life as the roatting turbines compressed the hydrocarbon mixtureto and explosive pressure level, and pushed forward the twin walled aluminium and composite fueselage up into the air and towards magaluf"

maybe there is some milage in taking hollyoaks scrips and re-wrting them in a bad sci-fi style.. or do a different style each week.
permalink all I know is that it's blue
and works on the bit of A737 between Linwood and Milliken Park

I am hoping to successfully extrapolate from that sample
permalink This sounds reasonable.
permalink a/s/l?
permalink a 5yo Hyundai i30 with 30k on the clock
my only previous car was a Golf that ran for nearly 20 years and 200k (and only got scrapped cos of emissions), so I'm hoping that this is a good purchase in similar run-it-into-the-ground terms
permalink the wife had an i30 as a hire car recently
she said it was ok. Better than a qashqai anyway.
permalink Yeah... I've driven those as hires.
They're fine.
permalink we had a Renault Captur
for work in France. Fucking awful. Steering wheel vibrated as soon as you got it moving. Hateful
permalink dodgy bearings somewhere I shouldn't wonder
My dad's got one of those, he loves it. But he does drive very slowly.
permalink it was
pretty much brand new. Just shite
permalink ok and fine
are everything I'm looking for
permalink I have driven it home
and it has not gone

so that's a win so far
permalink anyhow
fucking hell that dam in derbyshire
permalink Indeed
That looks extremely sketchy.
permalink i saw some of the footage of helicopters dropping off aggregate
pinpoint accuracy.. amazing stuff
the sheikh crew have turned up with food.. pizza companies are sending in pies &
apparently if the rain stays away the town has a cricket game arranged for tomorrow.. proper resolve
permalink W/Y/H!! fucking excellent news!
now get an agent and sell it to that boyle guy that made the horrendous beatles film
the interlocking bit will interest him and he's done sci-fi before.. that would be fucking cool
i raise this hobgoblin IPA to you my man.. very well done *slurps*
permalink *raises IPA back*
Remains to be seen what this lot want. They have said in the intro - which I haven't signed - that there may be 'author investment required', which I feel could well be edging towards vanity publication, which they can cunt off with.
permalink They are,
I have to say, *fucking* good stories.
permalink And now they've told me they want
£2400. They can, indeed, cunt off.
permalink Cool
Will you bung us a copy?
permalink Yep!
Sounds like it’s going to be a few months before it gets published
thread you know what i like
i like coming back from holidays to a pile of screaming chaos.

still, nice to sleep in your own bed eh?
permalink Ice cream for tea?
Well, ice cream and cucumbers.
permalink good idea.
permalink mmm.. cucumber ice-cream
yes please
permalink Screaming chaos sounds familar
I currently have:

1 An external slab that's been cast to the datum of the wrong building and is therefore 20mm too high for the paving buildup to accommodate my uplights as I specified them.

2 A load of kit that has been wrongly supplied, to the mockup spec, not the final spec, and now 130 hard-to-access lights that have been installed need the LED modules changing out. In a major historic building.

3 A terrible detail by a guy who is no longer employed here that looks shit and has to be improved somehow so we don;t piss off a significant client.

4 Some public realm lighting where the contractor had no idea what they were doing and didn't install any of the control cabling.

5 Calatrava + Middle East.

6 Other shit that isn't even making it onto the radar today because of 1-5.
permalink Number 5 sounds like a recipe for disaster
I can only hope the fee proposal thought process went.... Oo nice building.... £... who's the architect...No better double that.... In the middle East... Better double that.... Hmm.. better double again to be safe.
permalink Not far off....
It's a perfect storm of awfulness.
permalink I think screaming chaos
is the default setting?
permalink On fire
Screaming down the disaster highway towards a chemical factory next to an orphanage and a donkey sanctuary
permalink Standard opening to an episode of Casualty?
permalink apparently
whoever sources stuff for us is shit at ensuring continuity of supply, which means our ink factory can no longer make the yellow ink as the pigment supplier went out of business
permalink (having an absolutely unchanging pigment supply
is really fucking important)
permalink I can lend you a load of crayons and felt tip pens
if it's any help
permalink Are they yellow?
permalink What even is
permalink Oh god.
Don;t talk to me about definitions of colour. A huge hassle in my world too.
permalink we do at least ISO/Pantone standards
although even the definitions for specific Pantone colours can change
permalink 573nm for preference