thread I can't be arsed.
permalink Isn't that the point of Sundays
We did a bit of gardening, cleared out the greenhouse

And we are about to wander into walthamstow for a pint soon
permalink Compost heap tidied up,
lots of plants mulched with compost, loads of branbles cleared, greenhouses hosed down. Looking forward to the next few weeks of planting stuff, and getting the whole garden (and indeed the beehives) up and running.

Phase two of the day's operations, making fish soup (this one:- ), some for tea, some for the freezer.
permalink nice
we have some tomatoes in seed trays, and out over-wintering pak choi and broadbeans seem pretty happy.

top tip. plant cavalo nero, done really well for us.

and dill and corriander in winter in the greenhouse has worked well also
permalink Cavolo Nero is one of my favourite veggies.
It grows incredibly well in our warmer greenhouse.

The soup tonight was, it has to be said, fucking *amazing*. We've tweaked the recipe a bit, adding a really nice trick with the prawn flesh blitzed in the stock. Just orgasmic.
permalink Ours is thriving in our raised beds
permalink Planted too many okra plants this summer
so am having to eat it several times per week just to keep up with the supply.
Luckily I have found a method to cook it where it doesn't get slimy.

Also currently harvesting kang kung, malabar spinach, bell peppers, chillis, pumpkins, ginger, tumeric, galangal, papaya, bananas, watermelons, lemons, limes and jasmine.
permalink cooking with anything acidic aparently, eg tomato
or vinegar

get you with your exotic selection though
permalink Didn't they soak in salt water beforehand
or something?
permalink baking the shit out of it?
permalink Water makes it go extra slimey
Stir fry seems to be the way to go, then add an Indian slice masala at the end.
Or stir fry then add to whatever else you are cooking.
permalink I've just been for a massive pub lunch with a load of old friends
Now I'm going to watch the Town match I taped, could be worse.
permalink excellent result there
if mooey is back in play you might have a chance
permalink he's got a massive cut on his knee, so probably out for a couple of games
hopefully Pritchard can fill the gap for now. He's been out of sorts recently, but I'm remaining positive that Wagner has been telling him to not play 100% over games we have no chance of winning to save himself...
permalink I made it as far as the corner shop
to get some beers to drink during Scotland-France... which was absolutely cracking.

Managed a game of Ticket to Ride. Drank some coffee. Ate some hummus.

Sex, obvs.
permalink I trust the hummus
was used like the butter in Last Tango In Paris?
permalink is this the first
documented case of 'fucking hummus' then?
permalink Could be...
Although it's a bit gritty to use as a lubricant I would think. Unless you like that kinda thing, of course.
permalink did you manage to get Munchen to Brest?
and how did Ticket to Ride go etc
permalink Why do I suspect that this is not the first time you've cracked that gag?
permalink seems like my grandpa couldn't be arsed either
still, 95 is a pretty long go at it, even if the past few years have been in the weird world of dementia
permalink Sorry to hear that Al
But a pretty long innings
permalink aye
it's been years since he was able to hold a conversation of any sort (not that he was ever talkative)
permalink bah, but if he was
suffering with Dementia then it's better all round. Damn good innings.
permalink my mum did say
she was, to some extent, relieved.
permalink oh sorry for your loss
dementia is the bitch
permalink I can't be arsed either
Sadly it's now Monday
permalink Monday, Monday, gotta go to work on Monday...
permalink My builder just rang to say that he could not get through my drive gates.
I went down and let him in and there was nothing wrong with the lock at all. I entered the code and turned the handle.

"Oh, anti-clockwise! You should have said"

This man is meant to be a builder.
permalink Is this your way of telling us
You have poncy front gates with a security code thingie?
permalink nah, he's living in a Big Yellow self storage unit at the moment
permalink No.
They open onto a building site.
permalink I'm imagining them to be somewhat like the gates at Willy Wonka's factory
permalink They are just wooden gates.
Stop being weird, you weirdos.
permalink Look, normal fucking driveway gates:
Gates with open wicket

permalink They are more like prison gates
Drive gates round here look more like this
permalink That looks like a field gate to me.
But either way, they are just gates, there is nothing weird about them, the fucking builder just cannot understand numbers.
permalink I assume the builders are in knocking up one of these:
permalink Of course.
permalink either they have very heavy cameras
or everyone has a personal ark of the covenant
permalink Yesterday was all the lovely
we walked the dog and had lunch in a pub and napped through a film... so nice.
But I'm back at work today and my fucks are barren.
I'm in that London for the day tomorrow.
Got an agent looking for work for me, but its a 3 grand pay cut on the first job she's offering me up to. I'm going in just for the experience but ehn. The job front is looking shitty right now
permalink Best. Tweet. Ever.
permalink In Other, very very Stupid News,
I just found out that an ex of mine, who was always a bit tinfoil hatty, is not only trying to sue a mobile phone company for putting one of their sector antennae up near her house, thereby putting her health at risk from all that non-ionising radiation, but is also trying to get Morgellons Awareness Week off the ground. When my sister saw her last year, she told her that her ME was due to chemtrails from planes.
permalink oh dear.
without being unsypathetic a "what's really wrong" is probably the question.

permalink Fucking hell
"Morgellons Awareness Week" would cause actual harm.
permalink you are just worried they'll find out that you
chemists are putting in chemtrails.

permalink Dimmer skies
Are safer skies
permalink I mean
It's a disease literally transmissible via the internet (as is wind farm syndrome)
permalink That's what they want you to think
Are you sure you're not shilling for "The Man"?
permalink Oh and
she’s an anti vaxxer too
permalink Why doesn't this
Surprise me?
permalink I didn't see a contrail
for three weeks. It was quite nice.
thread Mrs Me has, for nearly 20 years,
refrained from DJing the Friday night soundtrack. So I made her a present of a 3tb hard drive absolutely stuffed to the gills with music. She has now plugged it in to her iTunes, and is discovering the wonders of playing when-you're-drunk-and-have-135,849-songs-at-your-fingertips.

I love her so much I'm doing 1 song in 5, sometimes 6
permalink Cocktails already?

We tend to put in last week's Craig Charles funk and soul show.

We haven't got our music playing set up optimised.

We did however have a very nice but of cod with garlicy gnocchi, and a chablis
permalink A vast Margarita for her, then a switch to wine,
a vast Yo Da Horchata for me, then a switch to beer.

99% of what we listen to together tends to be soul. Thing is, I have waaaaaaaay wider tastes in music than she does; put it this way, I love 99% of what she likes (soul, northern soul), she hates 99% of what i like (metal, techno, hiphop, house, heavy rock, hardcore etc etc etc)
permalink Love the Tongan guy in the winter Olympics

No top in minus 5
permalink honorary
Geordie, right there
permalink to be fair he's had a whole 3 months*
of practising with snow

*in his life!
permalink Oh fuck,
it's Taylor Swift.
permalink Christ,
somebody kill me.
permalink How long was that Taylor swift song
permalink Minutes,
but then there was Britney and some other shit. At least now we've agreed on a fuckload of Nile Rogers.
permalink That's my favourite album of his
permalink Produced by Quincy Jones
permalink And huzzah
for agreeing on the Pet Shop Boys
permalink I broke Jen
before 9pm

permalink caveat
she didn't tell me she'd had sake with lunch.

also she's on drugs that don't work with booze but she told me to go to the pub and she bought dinner.
permalink Saké
is ALL teh lovely, but fuck, is it dangerous.
thread this is a surprisingly interesting article about CRTs

I've just spent 10 minutes calling myself of google hangouts from my tablet to my laptop to check it works for a meeting i've got this afternoon.. that's a deeply odd thing to be looking at yourself from 2 angles at once. .. in then end i set one up to point at homes under the hammer in the living room.
permalink That is very cool.
Oh well. Back to the boring stuff I should be doing.
permalink Uh oh
does this mean you've discovered the chinese symbol I shaved into the back of your head?
permalink I like this
good for me.
permalink I saw another Nam June Paik piece in Japan last year,
that was basically a huge pyramid of CRTs, all flickering away with all sorts of different images and sounds. Quite beautiful it was, mesmerising.

Today, I are mostly swearing at Revit, because it is ALL teh cunting shit at 2d detailing.

Noodles, Sloggis,
permalink I think revit for detailing is hell
the only good thing will be that it'll prove that nobody looks at the drawings.

permalink This.
It's taken me 4.5hrs to do 9 details. That's about a third of my usual output using MSTN or AutoCAD. We're not going to hit our C01 cast-in connection plate issue today, and possibly not even on Monday, despite having 4 of us CAD monkeys working flat out.

"Yeah, but BIM" say the engineers, conveniently forgetting that BIM is all very well, but it still comes down to guys with drawings on site.
permalink Most people aren't even trying to detail in Revit...
What we see is people attaching 2-D dwgs made in something sensible into Revit for details.

Revit is an awful pile of crap. Autodesk have achieved their long-term goal of making the worst software possible, which looks alright until you actually start trying to do anything real in it at which point you immediately consider suicide.
permalink The trouble is, clients.
These ones – LendLease – are making it very difficult for CAD monkeys to do their jobs. The cunts insist that we split the model into 5, sub, super, frames, roof and existing, and ref them into a master sheet file, which slows things down hugely (by comparison, the Bishopsgate job is three times the size of this, but is done in one file, and is waaaaay faster than this one). This means, for instance, that all superstructure steel is in one file and the concrete in another, which is fucking ludicrous. And the cunting fucks insist that *all* CAD work, including all the detailing, is done in Revit, or we’d be doing all our details in AutoCAD and reffing them in.
permalink ...which would be the sane thing to do.
People who haven't any idea what they're on about trying to dictate how BIM should be done is a disaster.

(says the guy who manages to avoid actually doing BIM personally...)
permalink “Yeah but BIM!”
has become an angrily sarcastic catchphrase in my team.
permalink Right with you
BIM is hideously shit for lighting... it wants everything to be standardised and modular, which lights aren't.

BIM will result in hugely compromised design for a lot of buildings, because it doesn't like doing difficult things like, say, curves... consultants won't be getting enough fee to spend the time fighting it, and will go for the easy option. Everything will be like an out-of-town B&Q shed and it will be Revit's fault.
permalink The bendy wiggly Zaha style stuff
we do a lot of *can* be done in Revit, but it is painfully clunky and awful, sometimes needing to be left overnight, so we draw it up in Rhino, turn it into Grasshopper scripts, and export them to Dynamo so they can be generated in Revit. Means that the Rhino model needs to be editited every time the architect changes his alleged mind, but it’s still quicker than doing it all in Revit. Sadly, we weren’t allowed to it in this project.
permalink A colleague of mine is a king of that sort of stuff
He has made some great Rhino/Grasshopper tools for making linear lighting and so on for Revit.

Yes... it can be done... but it is so insanely painful that people will start to design according to what doesn;t hurt too muvh in BIM world.

BIM is the enemy of good design.
permalink Yeah,
we use a lot of GH scripts. If you know GH, you can use Dynamo, it's pretty cool; gets round the stupid Revit problems that all the other CAD packages sorted out in the 90s, like adding revision numbers to PDF filenames, uprevising, and distinguishing between A1 and A0 when doing a print run.
permalink Cool article.
And with the bonus that TIL how Duck Hunt worked.
permalink Unsurprisingly I know Ian Primus.
Other TV trickery came to light in the ZX Spectrum era with game designers coding games specifically for a 50Hz screen refresh giving 'flicker free' games, the first of which was Bug-Byte's 'The Birds And The Bees' which also was the first game to properly support Steve Currah's 'Microspeech' add-on which unfortunately resulted in a lot of melted Spectrums.

Early 80s technology in the 'computerphone' STC Executel relied on the 'gap' or pause while the electron gun moved back to the top of the screen during a complete refresh to update background screen memory with new information so you got an instant swap of screen content without waiting for it to update and redraw.

Teletext worked in a similar way
permalink I remember covetting a Currah Microspeech
when I were a lad.

My dad borrowed a light pen for drawing from somewhere, which I assume worked the same way. For a given value of 'worked' anyway.
permalink I swear that turrican 2 managed to get brown
on the spectrum, which is imposisble.

the person I was playing with was colour blind and didn't believe me either.

permalink Tj
I drew a ninja dinosaur for bongos Facebook post but he didn't notice it... so you lot better bloody like it, it's the first hummus I've had in several years

Btw, JoS and ci should check out the Samsung tab s3 with the pen thing, it's amazing for pdf Markups and sketching. It makes me look like I can draw ffs.
permalink I like it
A lot.
permalink I like him.
thread Guess the airport!
Heading home edition.
permalink I wasn't paying attention
Munich? Liege? Charles de Gaulle?
permalink Does liege have an airport?
None of those
permalink dunno
but Bayern Munich led onto Standard Liege in my head.

*edit. apparently, with flights to Alicanta, Malaga, Las Palmas and Tenerife
permalink Liege is a very important airport
But, to be fair, mostly for cargo
permalink A clue
I have to go through Pastaport control soon.
permalink Milan?
Fiumicino? Lugano?
permalink Milano!
I'm guessing Malpensa
permalink Oh. No. Torino, as the meep says.
permalink Sure that's grand!
/Clint Eastwood
permalink It was Malpensa

But you withdrew so no points im afraid
permalink It's the safest way*

*if you're into catholic contraception
permalink or stick to doing choirboys up the arse.
permalink That
Would be an ecumenical matter
permalink Turin
permalink I was in Turin (lovely)
But that airport is not
thread Happy birthday
permalink THIS!
permalink VERY MUCH THIS!
And a cheeky fondle of course.

Phone tried to correct that to fondue. A cheeky fondue can only possibly be a good thing too.
permalink indeed
40 too, a sensible number.
permalink A mere
permalink board done ate my reply to this
but yes, in essence.
permalink I remember my 40th
like it was 10.5 years ago :/
permalink *shuffles past, smelling of wee*
*remembers 50th birthday being 4 years, 3 months and 21 days ago*
permalink Jebus!
Ye old gits!

Some of us are still in our early 40s*

*for about 3 months, anyway
permalink crikey
I was having an existential crisis yesterday because I'm 44 in a few weeks. Now I feel positively sprightly!
permalink I am even younger than you. I feel like a spring chicken
Well, by comparison.

I am still older than Jiva.
permalink wait until Al gets back on
he's only about 15
permalink I'm hurtling towards 40 (in 4½ years)
and it's already giving me conniptions.
permalink 40 is fine, all just jokes and parties.
41, is much less fun.

But I basically consider that I've been a functioning human being for 25 years (I'm 42 ish) and I hang out with a guy who is 25 years older than me and has loads more energy, travels more, is more creative and I figure if I can double my current experience and get somewhere near there, I'll be happy.

permalink You'll have to start taking uppers
permalink 34

(I got into RideLondon. yay! 2nd time I've got in on the ballot)
permalink Fucking he'll, I've never got in, and can't this year because we Are in hols.
All the more reason for you to do the dunwich route with us in June.

permalink good job
I was going to go for the ballot again this year, then didn't and was using the justification that I won't have time to do enough training. But really I just can't be arsed.

One of my mates is trying to convince me to do an 80-miler in May, and I can't be bothered with it.
permalink I was 48 in December
But Bea's 35... :)
permalink Giles is 67 I think
And Nat is 42? So you have a way to go before shocking

But obviously youve punched so far above your weight, one wonders if somehow Don King was involved in setting it up.
permalink No way is Giles that old
Ocarina is only about 12.
permalink Different
permalink I refuse to accept that there are people I do not know.
If you are not someone I know then you are an extra.
permalink I am frequently amazed.
permalink *waves zimmer frame*
permalink Indeed. Old enough to know better,
but young enough to do it anyway.

And happy birthday from an occasional visitor to these parts.
permalink yes indeed
Birthday contrafribulations of all sorts for Jiva!
permalink Aw thanks you lot.
I had a really nice day. The tall and hairy did me a treasure hunt t with presents, we went and gave blood, wondered all round the shops then watched the new blade runner in 4K with takeout
permalink In boring news
I've just discovered that our fancy radiator valve system has an 'open window' function which will change the target temperature of a room to 5 degrees if it sense a sudden large drop in temperature. As evidenced by the fact I just opened the door to the garden to help the cat get rid of an intruder.
permalink Interesting,
This may explain a few things... How long does it last for?

And in case you were wondering, I don't have the app set up on this new phone yet so it wasn't me turning your heating off....
permalink 30 minutes
If anything the heating was on today, not off! Downstairs got down to 16.5 by 10.30am.
permalink Honeywell?
You can disable it per TRV if you go into the menu on the trv itself.

You can also adjust the time it goes down, how much it goes down by and I think how sensitive it is to change in cold.

Edit: you can actually turn it off at the controller now too. Which is nice.
permalink Cheers for the info
It isn't a problem, I just noticed today because I was trying to work out why the bathroom radiators were on. Turns out, it was just cold.
permalink Yep the eco home shizit. Generally really like the system,
Certainly cuts the heating bills, just because you don't heat all of the house at once.

permalink Yeh. It was the first thing I installed when I got my new place.
We now only pay £4 a month for gas, which is nice.

I’m sure that’ll change when little ‘un arrives though.