thread Anita Pallenberg - got to be one of Tabz's
No reports of her dying during a game of Russian roulette with a teenager either.

Pre-lunch anticipation thread:
Don't know (but I've just had a Crunchie ice cream); M&S trunks (blue); and presumably, Sympathy for the Devil?
permalink That is sad.
She was just living on her memories.
permalink She was lush
Home made pot salad cold gammon, commando and cricket semi final on to a flier 24 for no wicket off 3.5 overs
permalink A little early in the day for that,
permalink No..tis lunch soon...
permalink pot
permalink Oohh
There's an idea...
permalink Got to make sure
you get your greens
permalink Happy birthday
By the way.
permalink Thank you
Very much
permalink Would someone care to explain
How I woke up to the news of us getting thrashed by Pakistan then?
permalink Egg mayo with bacon
Mr Blue Sky

Also, in cycling world deaths, Hein Verbruggen. Former UCI president. As it's rude to speak ill of the dead, I'll just say this:
That'll do
permalink Noodles,

In Other, Fucking Irritating News, a racist on the train this morning announced that she blamed the Grenfell house fire on Muslims, because it's Ramadan and '...some Muslim was probably making his Ramadan meal over a fire'. I didn't need to tell her to fuck off, plenty of others did.
permalink To clarify the situation now the time has come and gone:
for lunch, I had a pint, with two pieces of Wrigley's Spearmint Gum to follow
permalink calabrian salami pizza from Paesano
(which is far better than any pizza place in Glasgow has any right to be)

paisley M&S trunks, Mungo's Hi-Fi (dub/reggae soundsystem based up here)
permalink wtfayboa the glaswegian italians have some of the best cafe grub coffe gelato &c.
permalink I am in commie Kensington
it is wrongly hot. Wrongly.
permalink Is that because part of it has been on fire for a day or so?
permalink Oof
permalink I was in Shepherds Bush this morn
It appears that Londoners show solidarity and charity by flytipping
permalink Well, it is less energetic
than cow tipping
permalink How hot is it further north?
I'm going to Yorkshire tomorrow, I don't want to be underdressed.
permalink no idea
it was warm when I left the barbarian wastes, but just normal warm rather than a monument to man's arrogance
permalink It's good and warm in the midlands today.
18.5C when I arrived at work at 8am.
permalink Hah,
pretty sure we've been over 20 here all week. I'll take a coat.
permalink pre-breakfast here
So nothing (in dressing gown), cup of coffee, contemplating some muesli and yoghurt once the coffee is gone.
permalink Green tea
And a poo...early start
permalink I am hoping you are having a poo
rather than wearing or eating one
permalink nevr heard of her but she looks in here hayday she looks spookily like an ex
a plosh sandwich and a plish beer (polish both) in a 70's park half naked
permalink Kobe beef. In Kobe.
Therefore I win at lunch today.

And it's all true. Kobe beef. Oh my beefy lord.
permalink Better than
Kobe Bryant in Bryant
permalink You see, I just thought
'not a bad steak, this' and that was it.
permalink You have definitely been replaced by some sort of agreeable clone.
I thought exactly the same; nice steak, but why did it cost a fiver a mouthful? The restaurant had the nose print and the name of the cow we'd eaten some of in a frame on the wall outside, but that doesn't justify a steak that costs ~£50

Far better meat in Japan is that served in bowls of ramen; some of the nicest pork I've ever eaten.
permalink Well... I'd say the same about most wagyu.
But the sliced rare Kobe I had at lunchtime was extraordinary, melty, buttery,

Insanely expensive but Im glad I've tried it.

We've had loads of great food... some of the best has been very reasonable in modest little izakaya where no-one spoke much English but all made us welcome...
permalink Go to Niigata, and have the sushi.
You will die of pleasure. Or Osaka. Or Miyajima. Have the sake steamed oyster in Miyajima too. You will come back to life and die of pleasure again.

Tip: go to a big department store at about 6pm when they sell off all that day's sushi at half price; buy a big whack of it, and some little poncey fruit jellies and a half bottle of sake. Go to the nearest park and have a picnic, and die of pleasure with every mouthful.

God I'm in love with Japan.
permalink Waiter!
Bring me different types of rice wine, and don't get all sake!
permalink Bring me a crocodile and
make it snappy.
permalink Bring me a lion
and make it raw.
permalink Waiter, have you got frog legs...yes sir
Well hop over the bar and get me a drink
permalink Me too. Amazing country.
Managed my to fit a lot of different experiences into this trip. Tonight, we're in a Ryokan/Onsen in the Iya Valley. Pricy but Naoshima and Kyoto accommodation were cheap.

Insane location, middle of nowhere, clinging on to the side of the mountain. Driving here was brilliant... super twisty, narrow road for miles. Had a soak in the indoor onsen before the ten course dinner. Some brilliant, some not to our taste... some unidentifiable. Very little English spoken here.

Tomorrow morning it'll be time to jump on the ryokan's cable car in our yukatas, and have a soak in the onsen pools down in the gorge...

Japan is totally fucking awesome.
permalink Oh... and... Naoshima.
Oh my god.

Benesse House, Lee Urfan and Chichu are extraordinary. Any doubts I may have entertained about Tadao Ando are long gone. Never seen a fusion of art and architecture like it. Some of the sexiest concrete ever. Utterly staggering.
permalink Isn't it though?
We're going to try to stay at Benesse this time.
thread Frankly it's amazing I remembered
To turn up to work, feels a bit much to expect me to be productive /post holiday blues
permalink hat hat hat this
permalink I'm going on holiday on Friday
to say I cannot fucking wait to be on holiday would be an understatement.
permalink this was my first day of birthday
hols, 4 more to go motherfuckers AND I go up to see the lovely Mrs W for a few days which is totally made of win.
permalink hello from the Toon
where it's Bastard Hot.
permalink It was also scorching
in That London.
permalink butbutbut this is TEH NORTH where
yesterday morning it was 11 degrees. Still, not complaining. It pissed down earlier for 2 or 3 minutes and nobody noticed. Also tonight I saw a band called Viva Belgrado who appeared to specialise in hitting and playing everything as loud as possible, during one song the drummer broke 4 sticks.

Excellent stuff, and one of the reasons why I love the Toon :)
permalink A much better band than Viva Belgrano,
who sank without trace.
permalink Nobody cried
for them.
permalink I haven't just been on hollibobs
But fuck Tuesday nonetheless
permalink I just re-read that as
Buttfuck Tuesday, which sounds a lot more fun.
permalink I had four days off, and took meetings on three of those
I am now dealing with questions about how I can justify taking so much time off.
permalink I also feel like my job might be at risk
which is odd, given that they cannot cope with my being off for four days, I mean, why would being off forever be better?
permalink Why indeed?
permalink If you took a meeting
You quite clearly didn't have a day off
permalink This is, I am afraid, my world.
If I do not work when I am off then I cannot catch up when I get back.
permalink Right but
And I get that you earn vastly more than I do, but that fucking sucks and means you're being vastly taken advantage of. Assuming that everyone at your level and above in your organisation and at your clients is doing likewise then the entire system is fucking itself
permalink I think I would quit today
if I had any ideas as to what I would like to do.

I could get by on a tenth of my income now, so that is a real option, except that I have literally no idea what to do and no life. I basically work, travel, sleep, prep, iron and am here.
permalink How much would a tenth of your income be?
Would bar work get it?
permalink Probably not, but then I would never see my wife either
I need to find something I want to do.
permalink This has been the case for, at a guess, 18 months or so.
What are you doing to help work out what you want to do?
How's the therapy (etc.) going?
You need to take action to remedy the situation, however small, or eventually you will just become a sad old man who never fixed his life.
Don't say "probably not"; check; find out if that's correct or not. If it is, start looking for other things which are more feasible. There are no bad ideas, but ideas which you dismiss out of hand without investigation are useless.

If you ask us to, we could give you 20 ideas for things you could do that you could then investigate properly and begin to consider.
Probably take us no more than 15 minutes to get a list up here, and at least 30% of them would be serious suggestions.
permalink 30% is a bit optimistic, surely.
I have some pretty hefty meds now, but they are not cutting the proverbial mustard as they were (and I have doubled my dose).

I have a full on psychiatric evaluation on Friday, after which either:

1. I get a further diagnosis on top of the PTSD, which they think is likely to be autism, which will make me (illogically) feel like a lesser person or
2. Nothing is wrong, in which case this utter despair is just part of my life, there is no underlying cause and I just have to put up with it, as well as acknowledging that I am worse at life than other people.

I am frankly not looking forward to it.
permalink Well, it seems to me that either outcome
can be helped by doing what I've described above.

Even if we accept your assumption that your situation is hopeless, the despair can still be alleviated however marginally by changing your life in some way for the better
But only if you choose to do so and take action about it.

In fact, a definitive diagnosis can only help, if you look at it correctly - it will give you better parameters within which to work.
For example, if you're autistic, there's nothing anyone can do about that, but you can then take measures to structure your life to accommodate it, instead of unknowingly fighting it, and things will improve.
A diagnosis will be a tangible thing, which if you allow yourself to, you can begin to build a recovery around.
permalink Indeed
and I am terrified that I will pin my hopes on that and be disappointed.

The trouble is that (contrary to any opinions which you might glean here) I am quite exceptionally functioning. In real life I occasionally am a moody arsehole who my wife's more feminist friends think is right out of order, and at work I throw my toys out of the pram every 6 months or so, for 20 minutes. After either event I am utterly ashamed. Apart from that, I'm utterly under control from the outside. On the inside I sometimes wish I did not have kids so that i could end my life and nobody would be hurt.
permalink I find it hard to believe that
any feminist wouldn't take to you like a duck to water.
permalink I am an awful shit.
The "one in five suicides are women" quote the other day made me stabby as hell.
permalink Those stats are massively unhelpful, I think
It diminishes the struggle of everyone on either side of the stat, i think.
permalink Indeed, but the idea that more women's shelters should be our priority
because 1 in 5 suicides were women, actually made me point and laugh.

I am not allowed to point and laugh at feminists, Jim gets very cross.
permalink Nothing holiday shaped for a few weeks,
then Dublin in July, Japan in August and Berlin in September. But a massive Stage 4 Issue deadline in among them...
permalink Kyoto
Spend time in Kyoto. It's fucking awesome.
permalink Yeah, been to Kyoto a couple of times,
it’s an amazing city. Planning on going back to Takamatsu and Naoshima too, but aside from a couple of days in Tokyo on either end of the three weeks, we haven’t made any firm decisions.
permalink We'll be on Naoshima in a couple of days' time...
permalink It's an amazing place.
Get the hydrofoil out from Takamatsu (it's a charming city, stay there a few days if you can), and the big ferry back, it's a lovely trip. Be sure to see the Lee Ufan Museum and the Chichu Museum.
permalink don't use their trains
they're shit https://allabout-japan...
permalink British trains can be
Equally rubbish
permalink I was looking through that, thinking it looks rather nice,
and then got to the holidays page which said "Price on application" and I thought hmm. Then I found the page with some prices on. Fucking hell.
permalink Well yes
Some of the carriages have two double suites. That shit doesn't come cheap.
permalink Even their bog standard intercity bullet trains
are magnificent.
permalink Btw... anyone get badges yet?
A load were posted before I left...
permalink Not me
which seems odd
permalink Well obviously I always seem odd,
what I mean is that it seems odd that I've not received it yet
permalink Hmmm
Drop me a note if it turns up?

I did post them 2nd class as no rush and maximising profit for good cause.

Kyoto is epic. You'd love it.
permalink I haven't, but second class from a Friday night will take a while
permalink Nope
But not had email from thee yet :(
permalink Nope.
Nothing here.
permalink Not yet
probably get a note through my door from the delivery chap saying it wasn't delivered any time now....
permalink nope
thread Tabz?
Adam West?

Holy cracker Jack, man.
permalink I shall have to controversially say I never cared for 1960s Batman
However, loved his work as Mayor West in Family Guy, and am sad that we shall hear him no more in that role
permalink Yeah, agreed.
I mostly found the old Batman to be cringe making and awful. But his raconteuring and anecdoting were most entertaining, and Mayor West was great.
permalink I loved it.
It was intentionally awful though, it was a parody along the lines of Top Secret.
permalink Which was also shit.
permalink It is like you are an AI bot,
Designed to be my antithesis.
permalink No it isn't.
permalink Argument is an intellectual process.
Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says.

permalink No it isn't
permalink I am sorry,
If you want me to go on arguing, you'll have to pay for another five minutes.
permalink I put my shilling in,
it's not my fault if the system doesn't work!
permalink hehehehehehe!
permalink fuck my non meat based hat,
this is the 4th time in as many weeks I've agreed with Manley. Someone hold me.
permalink I'm sure the humourless hippy's been
kidnapped by the pod people.
permalink *holds*
permalink ta,
that's much better :)
permalink When rewatching some episodes recently
I found it hilarious.

In the 90's i thought it was trash. Half of the jokes are written in English though and I didn't get them at the time
permalink madness!
permalink It's an embarrassment!
permalink I've opened up Scotty's old laptop today and I think I found a full copy of 4rthur
If someone wants it let me know, but I also have to get an older style magnetic power cable for his mac because Jasper has chewed yet another apple cable. The little shit.
permalink Hmm
If it is like this then I might be able to find one. If it is like this then I cannot.
permalink I have bought one
it was the first, but this laptop I'm on now is the 2nd and his new one is USB C apple are complete arses when it comes to power and maintaining functionality.
permalink Bugger -
That is a shame - I have a load of them kicking about :(
permalink Are you back in Blighty
permalink it would be rude
not to save it somewhere, though I assume Jonas and Meep have copies?
permalink if they dont
I have all the assets deffo, and I have absolutely no idea about the code.
permalink nope
c4mbodia was written from scratch by jonas, different language and almost certainly different db structure to 4rthur. I don't have anything from before I took over hosting.

(I think jonas and I did discuss migrating the db for continuity but I decided to do a clean slate, partially because I fixed the b0rked posts glitch when I took over and would probably have had to do some db bodging to make the old content still work ok)
permalink You sure you fixed
The borked posts glitch?

permalink well if you want any of it
its here for you, as soon as I get a new power cable
permalink Shouldn't it be in the British Museum or somewhere?
Konichiwa, btw.
thread FFS,
all those cunts who voted Tory because they didn't want to vote for a terrorist sympathizer, and she's roped the fucking DUP in to prop up her shambolic attempt at a Government? A party with strong links to the UVF, the UFF, Red Hand Commando and.., oh the other lot, Ulster Resistance? Murdering Proddy Cunts? Something like that. Bwahahahahahahahahah you fucking cunts.

And they're going to hate the shit out of anything remotely resembling a hard Brexit.

Anyway, how are you fuckers? Ham hock salad, Sloggis, and TOTD is:-
permalink I am of the opinion that, as a remainer,
this could be the best thing for brexit, as they are likely to be hard lined on borders.
permalink Ah for Jayzuz sake,
this is the second time I've agreed with you. What have you do with Manley?

permalink hahaha aye
and where's the body :)
permalink It all seems entirely reasonable
given that a key part of the election strategy was a picture of Jeremy Corbyn with Martin McGuinness, it all seems reasonable and above board
permalink Stealing that.
Stealing that now.
permalink local pub for
chicken curry'n'chips and a couple of choice beverages from one S. Miguel.

permalink Senorita Beater
permalink Kensington and Chelsea!
Some young hooray Henrys are going to be in trouble with their parents.
permalink Either that or they are in for some
Luxury socialism
permalink aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh
permalink haha
permalink I mean
It isn't hard to understand
permalink I just got this,
Three days later.
permalink I've been at the pedantry on this
across multiple sites. Because Chelsea is very much still represented by a Tory.
permalink Yeah, but:-
permalink Just let it go Al
It really isn't that important!
permalink I will die
On this hill of pedantry
permalink Wait, is it not a deliberate
AGA pun?
permalink no
the constituency that has been taken by Labour is Kensington. This lies wholly within the Royal Borough of Kensignton and Chelsea, however the part that is "Chelsea" is is the parliamentary constituency of Chelsea and Fulham, containing part of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. This constutuency is represented by Greg Hands, a member of the Conservative and Unionist Party.

This concept seems to be hard to understand
permalink Well, it's either
(a) hard to understand, or
(b) you're so riled by this minor administrative district misunderstanding, that it is now a point of honour to keep this going...
permalink it's (b)
permalink That is a shame,
It was a good pun.
permalink AGA?
permalink AGAs are like big Rayburns,
much favoured by the upper middle classes.
permalink OIC.
permalink You are an
permalink AGA KHAN?
permalink The crowd got angry, and this one man, he was gonna throw a bottle
He was gonna chuck a can.

Chuck a can,
Chuck a can,
Chuck a, Chuck a,

Well . ..
permalink excellent news from Rochdale
arsehole and nonce Danczuk got a fucking shoeing
permalink That article may contain truths,
but it is clearly the rabid ranting of a deranged mind and I will not lend it credence.
permalink well she agrees with them on LGBT rights (not sure about the abortion bit)
it would likely mean a softer extraction from the eu and she's fuckered when it comes to english/welsh politics
but just shows how desperate she is for power that she'll put the good friday agreement into risk
stupid cunt
permalink mutterings that Ruth Davidson
is really not fucking happy about the whole situation.

permalink I wonder what she's doing on July 12th?
permalink I did like the comment that ever since meeting Trump
she's been strangely attracted to orange men
permalink 4rf!
thread everyone else oop north staying up to have a fiddle
with their swingometers? Or have you all gone to bed, ready to see what a fresh morning brings?

Sadly, I am at work, but keeping an eye on the results through the Grauniad. Fuck knows what's going on!
permalink for the first time since 2010
I have the twitters turned off, it's quite nice. Of course this instead means I'm posting on b3ta but hey :)
permalink I'm up for as long as it takes
whatever happens from this point, it's a fuck of a lot more positive than anything was a few weeks ago

(excluding the new scottish tories of course)
permalink The New Scottish Tories
sound like an unlikely folk group. Terrible knitwear and all
permalink starting to get Teh Fear
that the scottish swing to Tory might hand May a government
permalink Delighted to see the SNP lose seats
but not to the bleeding tories.
permalink yeah what the hell is going on with that
when i was a kid all the farmers voted tory for the EU subsidies.. but now...

I mean do we need to draw a diagramme for scotland or something about how voting works?

I'd blame the teuchters but i bet my dad voted tory.
permalink I have got nothing done since 2pm because
I'm too happy
permalink Similar, but 11am
But I ain't happy yet...I still suspect the tory bastards are going to *just* pull it off
permalink But
a) things are so much happier than I expected them to be
b) they set the expectation that they'd get a bigger majority
c) it might force everyone to get sensible
permalink Oh, don't get me wrong
It's a lot better than we could ever have hoped for...
permalink Fun while it lasted
but I don't expect the Democratic Unionist Party to offer go against them much.
permalink except on the issue of borders with the EU
because of the Irish one.

which will be fun in a brext negociation.
permalink and the fact that Brexit
bollockses the Good Friday Agreement
permalink NI could get really fecked up
The Secretary of State can step in and suspend Stormont if the parties can't agree. That made sense while it was some English person without a dog in the race. What happens when the referee is from one of the sides?
permalink Or if that made Sinn Fein say fuck it
And take their seats