thread It's a tad warm.
permalink Yes.
It is just a tad on the warm side.
permalink hello you
how's tricks (besides the obvious melting)?
permalink Berlin ist
sehr heiß
permalink Yes, we're at 41C in Fontainebleau.
When the Tour stage finishes we're going to try and find a shop that sells beer and electrical fans.
permalink It's still 37 in Shoreditch...
People are not functioning well.
permalink The inside of my handbag
is cooler than outside
permalink (hope everyone has office air con)
permalink *waves from behind a desk with a tiny USB-fan*
permalink i've seen quite a few people with 'analog' fans this year
i was using one last year (while wearing a chinese 'paddy' type hat) and getting queer looks
apparently this year it's ok..
maybe next year the hats will take off and everyone can do their shittest rendition of 'kung-fu fighting' or impressions of marlon brando..
permalink I have a proper fan-shaped fan I bought in Japan a few years ago,
quite a good quality one. Despite the fact that it's a bloke's one, in matt black, it still gets me odd looks.
permalink That and the fact you were
bollock naked when people spotted you fanning yourself
permalink It was *very* hot
on that train.
permalink *pulls the emergency brake*
permalink That's not a brake!
I'd wash your hands now if I were you.
permalink yep.. one like that that i use in public and one with 'brothel scenes'
(not quite tentacle sex) all done in-the-best-possible-taste..
permalink Ah yes,
vintage Japanese porn. So beautiful and tasteful and JESUS CHRIST WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT PENETRATION SHOT!!!
permalink It's thunder and lightninging
in Sarf Lahndahn. But still vvv warm.

It was 36 in Old St today, and the pollution was horrendous. Fucking place *stunk* of burnt hydrocarbons.

Edit: and now it is absolutely *shitting* rain. Which is better than raining shit, I suppose.

Edit: and now the sun's come out and steam is rising from the garden.
permalink it was 25 at about 4am
when another storm broke.. glorious weather
permalink Now it's just shit. Still pretty warm ambient, humid, rainy, occasional blasts of quite chilly wind,
permalink Lovely now,
it's just shat rain again, and the garden smells all lovely and fresh and earthy and grassy.

Also, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, ice cold beer.
permalink it's surprisingly nice here
given that the norm, once it gets over 16C, is for the entire city to get overexcited and transform into Mad Max 2

it's quite nice now that it's properly hot and those same ne'er-do-wells have abandoned the open air, leaving it to normal folks with picnic blankets
permalink we always get the helicopters out 'on the search' when temps
hit 25 and above
last night there was nothing.. just lots of eastern block peeps chilling in the parks
a bit more civilised and reminded me of sydney where everyone takes these temps (and their intoxicants) in a much mellower way
permalink I drove to Derby and back today.
The new van doesn't have air con, and both my bottles of water slid off the passenger seat and headed out of reach behind me pretty much as soon as I set off.
permalink I asked a local farmer on the market to
if he is planning on growing peaches next year. As a half arsed joke.
He said that cold springs still killed of all his apricots this year, but he's planning for growing some cantaloupe melons.
permalink after the water wars of 2025
they'll all be growing avocados..
permalink Only 30 ish today
Yesterday when I went out to empty the car, I blinked and my eyelids were hot
permalink it's now a fact
that those of us in Cambridge are the hottest people in the nation.

Went to the Public Service Broadcasting prom last night, which was ace.
thread I'm fed up
Things workwise seem to be either boring or a fucking mess.

permalink Same.
Lack of strategy from the top of our corporate parent means everything's bogged down in uncertainty and delay.
permalink I started a 6 month secondment to the gubmint today
the sensible one, not that silly one down south that's fucked everything right up

I have been introduced to about 3 million people and 14 billion forms to fill out
permalink Our bit of the universe having been massively fucked over
In the reorganisation, motivation is generally very very very low at work.

On the up side, we're off to Fiji on Sunday. Which hopefully is nice, bit of a punt to be honest. At least we're staying on 4 different small islands, so we're not stuck any one place. Doesn't sound like it'll be as warm as London though.
permalink try the fish curry
... but fingers crossed the island paradise will be at least tollerable
permalink Thanks, thoughts and prayers, right?
It's more that we haven't done Fiji before, and have heard mixed things. So never sure how paradise-like they'll be. It will, if nothing else, be nice to have some time in the hot sun and not at work.
permalink it sounds like it's pretty much paradise for the fijians
for the indians.. not so much
permalink Yeah, Bananarama is a right tinpot dictator
We're not spending much time on Viti Levu, so I guess won't see much actual Fiji. I'm mostly hoping the small resorts we're in aren't full of drunk Aussie twats
permalink Although the architect I accidentally offended in an almost MFC stylee
a few months ago... appears slightly reconciliatory.

Just as well.

Alastair - this is someone you know of old...
permalink he spells it Ali
look, just up there ^

(as do I)
permalink I knew that
And was just being incompetent.
permalink Oh yeah?
At heatherwicks or bdp?

Or A&M

permalink sounds familiar
I've just been to Legoland. Quite a place...
permalink Did you meet Mr
Legolan D. Windsor while you were there?
permalink I met one of the Lego Friends
possibly Mia
permalink I went there
When I was a kid.

Also went to Windsor Safari Park a few years previous to that
permalink The Danish one?
Did you have lunch on the Lego house where you order by placing blocks on a menu
permalink only Windsor
but the Danish one would be cool. It was fucking expensive.
permalink Were you faced with a massive
Billund at the end?
permalink arh arh arh
permalink don't be so Odense
and so on
permalink I Zeeland
what you're trying to do...
permalink I really ought to get a job
I want local and part time. The stuff I'm skilled at doesnt cos in local or part time flavours, and apparently loads of purple have a punt at unskilled jobs so I'm not getting anywhere
permalink damn those
permalink i think there's a general malaise over the UK in general
what we've got ourselves into.. miserable future and just too damn hot to give a fuck
thread my 'to do' list this week
has "1. WTF post meeting" on it. I have ticked it off. This is a major success.

If you could visit any country you haven't been to before, which country would that be? I'd like to go to Japan. I am not a weeb.
permalink Can I only have one?
Because I'd like to visit Iceland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. But I'd also like to see less-travelled countries like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tuvalu. And territories like Greenland or Svalbard, or the Falkland Islands.
permalink I fancy Georgia
although my hairdresser's husband says it's like Ireland in the 70s
permalink And Faroe Islands and Japan
are the other two currently top of my list
permalink I was going to say which one because Mrs Witchy is from the US
version and she may also argue it's like Ireland in the 70s.
permalink My neighbours have just been to Georgia.
They enjoyed it. Lots of churches with pools outside.
permalink Are we talking about
the same Georgia? I mean only one is a country...
permalink I was in Ireland in the 70s.
I lost my virginity there.
permalink So was I
But I did not. To be fair, I was only 7 when they finished
permalink Should have gone
to the Jesuits.
permalink Thankfully the Presentation Brothers
seemed not to have any of that shit, or for that matter the massive sadism of the Christian Brothers
permalink Which Pres
did you go to? I used to go to the Pres disco in Glasthule.
permalink I indeed went to Pres Glasthule
although they'd stopped anything like dischos by the time I went through!
permalink And speaking of Pres disco:-

'5. Asteroids in the Pierrot'

permalink Although I walked past the Pierrot
often to catch a 7 bus home, I can't remember actually going in. I was too much of a nerdy/bullied kid for that. I do remember mooching about the shopping centre or Easons a lot though. I can't believe the ferries don't go from Dun Laoghaire any more though, that's just daft
permalink Used to go to the Pierrot
for the machines, and Ben Halls for the pool tables.

Have you been in the shopping centre in recent years? It is fucking *tragic*. Almost every unit is closed. Long overdue for demolition and replacement.
permalink Nope, not even been in Dun Laoghaire in donkey's years
On our rare visits back to Dublin these days, we're visiting Lou's brother and family, who live in *gulp* the Northside, in Glasnevin. So we're either staying out there, or somewhere in the city centre.
permalink The Northside?
Hope you’ve had your shots.
permalink I did, of course
I tell you what though, fecking hell Dublin has changed. To be fair, I have now lived longer away from the place than in it, but there's plenty of bits I barely recognise any more.
permalink This.
Apart from a couple of art galleries, we don’t tend to go into town though. We tend to spend most of our time in Dalkey and Killiney, or down in Wexford.
permalink Don't really have any ties in south Dublin anymore
Although sometime when we're back, I must go for a nostalgic wander

I do occasionally have a pootle about on Google street view to see how things are looking
permalink Does Poots mind?
permalink Not that he's mentioned
permalink Iceland I've been to many times, but passing through for work. On the way to Greenland
So I'd like to spend more time there on holiday.

Canada is ace, would love to go back again. Vancouver Island is such an awesome place.

Been slowly picking bits of Straya off, as it's "next door". But there's still fuckloads to see. Great place, although they don't half do a good racist cunt.

And obviously we liked NZ enough that we moved here!
permalink Can it involve a bit of time travel?
I'd like to visit Libya in the gaddafi era.

Otherwise, Namibia.
permalink In other news,
I'm on a train to Poulton le Fylde to buy a van.

We've gone for a Renault traffic.
permalink I'm now in Poulton waiting for a lift to the van place.
permalink I had never heard of Poulton le Fylde
and figured you're going to France to buy a Renault.

To my disappointment I did a quick google before posting here.
permalink Poulton is alright
as it happens. Bit close to Blackpool though...
permalink Yeah,
one of my colleagues was in Libya a few times during the Gadafi era, and indeed during the very end of the Gadafi era, having to escape by fishing boat to Italy. It does sound like it was a fascinating place, though you had to watch your step all the time.
permalink one of my work colleagues is Libyan and came here after his family fled the country
it's always fun when someone new talks to him about it and assumes he must have fled the Gadafi regime, when in reality they fled after the regime fell, his family were connected to Gadafi, and he's a total fascist with some great diatribes about how the country has gone to the dogs and everyone should be shot
permalink We made friends with a Libyan couple recently
and chatting to the bloke he said life was good for him, but he understood why it wasn't for everyone.

They're an amazing couple, but then refugees generally are.
permalink I had several trips to Libya*
Towards the end of the Gadaffi era. And it certainly was an interesting place. Obviously the regime was not necessarily the nicest, but it was a stable country with a working economy etc. Compared to the complete fucking mess it is now, and likely will be for generations. Go us, eh?

*or to give it its full name, the GSPLAJ, that's the Great Socialist Peoples' Libyan Arab Jamihiriyah
permalink Poor ol' Jay Kaye
gets the blame for everything.
permalink Well, both he and old Mumar
Do/did have a penchant for silly hats
permalink I was working on a project over there
Towards the end of it... Fortunately I didn't have to visit

Bits of it looked spectacular though and it was apparently pretty liberal..
permalink Japan is way cool. I love it.
I'd like to go to Iceland, and Taiwan.

Edit: Current favourite country is S Korea, which is handy, as we're off there in 3 weeks. Did I mention that?
permalink I really enjoyed Taipei.
Probably helped that my brother had been living there for three months and speaks the language, so could be tour guide.

The restaurant at the top of Taipei 101 is quite touristy but still surprisingly good (or at least, it was in 2012).
permalink I second this. Japan is awesome.
As is Iceland.

As is New Zealand (Hello Scoff!)

As are lots of places.

Don't bother with the UAE, and especially don;t bother with Qatar.

I fancy South America a lot - Argentina, Chile, Peru. More of Brazil than I've seen.
permalink Spent 28 hours in Qatar.
Hated it. Spent 26 hours in Abu Dhabi. Hated it.

Nearest I got to S America was Cuba, 15 years ago. It was OK.
permalink Abu Dhabi is fairly crap, although not completely bereft of value if you know where to go.
But Qatar is just awful in every single way.
permalink Madagascar
tried to go many moons ago but it fell through

for similar animal-related reasons, would like to see more of eastern Indonesia
permalink I think I'd like to see bits of Indonesia
That aren't Jakarta!
permalink It'd have to be Mexico
because we've already booked the flights.
permalink Floaty clothes are your friend.
Where in Mexico are you going?
permalink Oh yes, you mentioned that,
I'm going to use it as an excuse to buy a new dress. The wedding is in Merida, not sure yet what else we'll do.
permalink A woman on our allotment loves Merida,
Valladolid is meant to be worth a visit.
permalink Definitely going there
Well, as definite as anything is
permalink I am wearing a tweed kilt and waistcoat
It could get messy
permalink When is it you are going?
permalink February
Which is the only way it's feasible... But only just
permalink If it was somewhere I'd not been before
It would probably be most of Latin America. Probably especially Peru/Chile. We will at some point. But I wish my Spanish was better*

*or actually functional
permalink Chile is nice, Santiago is very civilised
Argentina is great, and massive
permalink Vietnam, Iceland
and mainland Greece. Not necessarily in that order. I’m going to Goa next year and that will be the first time I’ve travelled that far East.
permalink Goa is pretty cool, once you get away from the hippies.
If you have time, I'd recommend heading down to Mysore, then Kochi, then over the hills and down to Pondicherry and up to Chennai.
permalink We’re going to South Goa,
are they far away?
permalink An overnighter to Mysore on the train.
Then another to Kochi. Then another to Pondi, possibly with a day or two break at Trichy. Chennai is just an hour or two from Pondi. Book online and go AC2 Class on the train, you get a proper berth with bed and brekkie and all the chai you can drink. Excellent fun.
permalink I feel like this must be posted
If nothing else, RIP The Revd D-Wayne Love
permalink The Moon too, and, especially, Mars.
Been watching a lot of the Moon landing stuff over the last few days, and have often found myself getting a tad tearful about it. Have also been trolling Moon hoax pages on FB and Twitter. My record for getting blocked is less than 3 minutes.
permalink Also,
anyone been to Tbilisi?
permalink Denmark
Then the other Norse countries. And Estonia.
permalink Skip Sweden
Denmark then finland then Norway then Sweden


Im ignoring iceland

permalink oh no
Sweden is fantastic.
permalink agreed.
permalink although I do have a slight ongoing problem...
...with being stalked a bit by a Swedish woman I shouldn't really have shagged a few years ago.

permalink Have you spend some time in the Ecuadorian embassy lately?
If so, how is the cat?
permalink estonia has just opened a new hiking trail
that goes all along the coast.. looks pretty cool
permalink That sounds
permalink i always wanted to go to bhutan and check out there one traffic light junction
and i like the fact they charge tourists 250$ a day just for rolling up.. but seems recently they banned homosexuality and did some other retarded thing
so fuck 'em

oh i know.. faroe islands.. hire a shit tonne of professional gear and just live/breathe photography for 2 weeks
that would be cool
thread Back from a week in West Welsh Wales
with the lovely Mrs Witchy, first holiday we've had since 2016. What a week! Fantastic scenery around Aberystwyth, Rhayader and Cardigan, lovely weather (apart from thurs), steam trains, mountain railways, museums, castles, art, butterflies, Portmeirion and more pub food than either of us were expecting :D

Had a little Cardiacs 'do' in Salisbury last night with GONG headlining, so after leaving the cottage on fri morn we ambled down to Cheltenham (where I'd found a serviced 2 bedroom apartment for £70) via Hay and Ross on Wye, then more museums yesterday morn before heading off to Salisbury.

Back via the Henge then dropped Mrs W off at Peterborough earlier so she could get home. Total miles for the week in the car: 1307. Total miles on foot: 29.6. *dies*
permalink first business travels with the new* employer
flying Ryanair and staying in an Ibis Styles (near the client) on an industrial estate. Oh the glamour.

Train was considered but would have been about 10 hrs and £400 return each (to Lorient)

*since November
permalink this is the glamour of international business travel
permalink As business travel goes, that it seriously low-rent.
permalink my flights this year have been as much ryanair or wizz air
as anyone else.

permalink Tbf
The hotel room is spacious enough, comfortable and clean? The location is shite, but is close to the client.

And Ryanair threw in some extra excitement as just before the wheels hit the tarmac on landing the pilot decided the wind sheer was above safe limits and hit the go-around switch. Never had one of those before. The head cabin crew (I was in 1A) was quite disappointed that everyone took it calmly, he thought that should have produced screaming and crying.
permalink Actually, Ibis are usually OK these days
God I hate RyanAir though.
permalink Oh Ryanair are hateful
But it was that or easyjet from fucking Luton. Stansted at least is only 40 minutes by train from Cambridge North (including a change), getting to and from Luton is a serious ball ache
permalink Also
Hurrah for French lunch breaks.
permalink However it's not entirely clear why we're here all week
Maybe it's to try the veal?
permalink Oh yes.
2 hours, a proper feed and a couple of wines?
permalink God yes. You'd be nuts to go to Luton.
Anyone is nuts to voluntarily go to Luton.
permalink luton is a LOT less shit than it used to be
whilst stansted has got a lot worse.. right now i consider them about equal.

and ryanair has got better since people realised that small bags that fit under your seat are much easier (and they charge as much to guarentee a wheely suitcase as to check one in.)

or maybe my standards have just slipped
permalink When there's two of you traveling
And one of you is in Cambridge and the other Saffron Walden, then Stansted really is the most convenient. And wasn't too bad yesterday. The perfume meander though is excessively long.
permalink idiscovered a whole room of additional seating downstairs next to gate 91
which was less crap than the bunfihgt upstairs
permalink I stayed at one of the super cheap ibis once.
It was rubbish, and they sold my room again so someone came in in the middle of the night
permalink That's

Weirdly there's a "proper" (red logo) next door to the Ibis Styles that doesn't actually look as nice. And there's an Ibis Budget (blue logo) about 500m away, which looks awful. And another (red) Ibis in Lorient town centre which a colleague said he stayed at once and won't make that mistake again
permalink And an F1 beside the Ibis/ibis styles
For the truly desperate
permalink If you truly want desperation
go to the Ibis/F1 in Barking on the A406 North Circular.
permalink I believe that has rebranded as Ibis budget now
permalink That sounds lovely
If I'd have known, I'd have asked you to give my regards to Rhayader, as my folks lived there for ages, as indeed did I for about six months. Sadly the one really great pub has closed (again, and permanently, so I gather).

I spent Saturday running 62 km around the hills of Wellington for about 9½ hours or so. Which was massively fucking hard, but also a great day too. Yesterday was recovery with some beers.

And of course this morning, I awoke, expecting the cricket to be done and dusted, but instead ended up with probably the most insane end to any sporting event ever. Nice one England, but jebus, do it a bit easier next time!
permalink I awoke in California expecting it to be done and dusted too
And the tennis went as tight as humanly possible too. Bad day for fingernails.
permalink even the missus was starting to get involved after the last over overthrows
And she hates cricket
permalink All sounds pretty idyllic.
24 days to go till our hols. Have bought our flights, rail passes, first three hotel nights and a wifi box. Will start planning itinerary in the next week or so.
permalink Enjoy sah!
permalink Thank you!
permalink you probably passed amy at peterborough station
permalink Oh bugger, around 1pm?
We were sat in the Pumpkin and a local mate I'd not seen for yonks wandered by and was surprised to see me. She's a geordie lass and was packing her Olds back to the Toon.
permalink sounds like a good jolly
nice work
permalink People are amazed to find that we're not
married, yet XD. Tonight Mrs W said the best domestic situation we'd had last week was her cooking tea while I was reading out Portmeirion Facts for us both to learn.
permalink One hopes you took an after dinner stroll on the beach
and were chased down by big freaky white balloons?
permalink I tried,
but Rover was nowhere to be seen. Largely because the tide was in. Maybe.
permalink that does sound like a lovely time.. 3 yrs between hols is not healthy man
i prescribe many more and in short shift!

speaking of cardigans.. staticGirl around or anyone that knows about these KNITTING & things?
my mum is after a 'traditional' pattern (no silly frills, buttons or hoods) and if possible not pay for it.. any ideas where such a repository might be?
permalink Splendid!
I have been ill at home today, but still spent half the day on phone/email trying to tidy up some hideous shite.
permalink you must have been
thread I don't like cricket!
Oh no. I love it!

Well, well. England vs NZ on Sunday then. I just don't fancy my chances of staying up and awake to try and watch it after running 62km tomorrow (and planning on Sunday arvo in the pub). Oh well. May the best team win (as long as it's England).

In other news. Nope. That's it really.
permalink Apparently
no one else here likes cricket :D
permalink I've only just checked in
it's very good. Quite a game.
permalink Yay sportsing!
We are off to wombletown today,. Unfortunately they are putting both men's semis* on centre court, whereas we are in number 1*

permalink The band Scrotum Clamp are playing at a festival we're going to in August.
I realised just in time that it wouldn't be a good idea to Google them on my work computer....
permalink Ah... you're off to CBTFest2019?
Have fun!
permalink I mean both cricket and tennis can get fucked, really
the Tour's bubbling along quite nicely though, Giro Rosa seems to consist of a race for second behind Van Vlueten though.
permalink tempted to cash out my 10p each way on Alaphilippe at 22/1
better to have 16p than nothing.
permalink right but are you
sure about that?
permalink he made pinot look like a wheezing middle aged man at the end of that stage
permalink yes
though without Pinot the peloton would have caught him again.

And no-one was catching de Gendt. Not in this universe.
permalink Perhaps
But at least a few teams were chasing because of pinots GC gap...

permalink And now
Wish I'd actually seen yesterday's, sounds like it was full on mental.

Though with the big surprise being Quintana on the right side of a spljt
permalink cor lummy
that was a lot of tennis. the womesn final was over in a flash but the mens doubles was a 76, 67, 67, 76, 64 5 hour madness.

I seem to have featured a few times in the background of wimbledon footage, and my mum got the wrist band he threw in the crowd. we were sitting right beihind serena's seat. second row.
permalink my mum rang to tell me the news.. england had won the world cup
i thought she was off her rocker until i realised she wasn't talking about footie
her husband had recorded it and was watching it, while all the time she knew the kiwis had lost (he's a kiwi). i suggested she make a union jack cake and play the anthem realFuckingLOUD
he was sure they'd turn over the 'poms' HA!