thread so is everyone trying to remember if they
still have torrenting software installed to watch the new star warsy thing or are you going high tech and VPNing your way into the netherlands?

permalink I have ExpressVPN and can pretend to be pretty much anywhere.
But in this case, I don't give a fuck.
permalink I feel the same about modern Star Wars as I do for Marvel etc
in that it's impossible to create dramatic tension in a setting where the rules are constantly re-written, nothing is fixed, and anything can (and usually is) resolved by some completely random invention.


but then, I'm slightly too young to remember the originals the first time around so am lacking the warm memories they elicit of cycling to the cinema on your chopper to eat spangles
permalink while i agree about marvel
the newer starwars things aren't too bad in the "we fxed it with magic" stakes.

and this one looks like the grittier end of things
permalink nah, I'll get it on dvd 6 months late like everything else, might see Spiderman at some point
My friend was trying to explain VPNs and data packets to me at the weekend, he wasn't too keen on me comparing it to Mike Teevee off of Willy Wonka. I'm still none the wiser but it was nice he tried.
permalink nah, but this wont be coming out on dvd
you'll have to sign up for disney+ subscription.

which seems to be the way things are going which is bad..
permalink bah
permalink torrent
because I too want Star Wars with Herzog
permalink I slightly fail to understand why anyone still gets excited about Star Wars
given the utter wank that has gone on since the original trilogy (I don't fucking care that it started at part 4).
permalink the new new stuff has been a lot better
certainly les wank than the avengers stuff
permalink Hey, I thought Les Wank
was quite good in the last couple of Avengers
permalink Maybe I'm thinking of
Les Cargo

permalink He's a bit slimey
for my tastes
permalink now Star Wars *by* Herzog
would get my attention
permalink Dunno
Assume we're talking about the TV show. I'll be off to see the fillum in the cinema.

It looks quite good, but there's enough quite good stuff available that I never get around to watching. So if it shows up on a streaming service I subscribe to, all well and good. If not, so be it
permalink all new Disney stuff
is Disney+ exclusive. As that's not launching in the UK for another 6 month fuck knows when it'll be available in New Zealand, probably two thousand and never
permalink Well, the hope is it doesn't launch in NZ
and thus appears on something else, like Neon/Lightbox (local streamers sort of attached to TV stations)
permalink Well I totally legally found a really long telescope and watched it through the windo of some guy in

I officially pronounce it "alright" very much a western.
permalink aye
much western. That's no bad thing
permalink But more importantly
Very wow?
permalink no big epic battles and that sort of thing (yet?)
but interesting characters and well shot / acted / put together.

Though maybe you'd want slightly more for $100m per episode.
permalink What new star wars thing?
The only pirating I do these days is a little YouTube downloading, and that's because churches haven't really bought into the idea of free WiFi where you're getting the public in.
permalink "The Mandalorian"
it's a TV series (40 minute episodes), set after Return of the Jedi/before The Force Awakens. Improbably, Werner Herzog makes an appearance.
permalink Cool
I'll add it to the long list of stuff I'd like to watch but will never get round to.

permalink I'll add it to the long list of stuff I have no intention of watching ever.
Then I'll wipe my arse with the list and flush it down the bog.

Except I'm not even going to bother making an actual list anyway, so I won't.

Fuck it all. Shite.
permalink Aren't you a wickle ray of sunshine!

*tickles C_i under the chin*

permalink I am!
Just really can't be doing with Star Wars since 1983.
permalink I so can't be arsed with Star Wars any more.
The Force Awakens was utterly average, I haven't seen The Last Jedi all the way through, and I can't imagine I'll be bothered doing so in the near future. Rogue One was OK, Solo was barely acceptable (both watched on planes). The prequel trilogy can fuck off, and I haven't even watched the original trilogy for years.

I'd like to add here that both Marvel and DC can fuck off too. The Deadpool films were OK, I suppose - I watched them both on planes too - but I can't imagine watching them again; same goes for Watchmen.
permalink deadpool and guardians of the galaxy (pre avengers)
were good.

the spiderman into the spiderverse animation thing was excellent
permalink Yeah,
Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2 were great.
permalink Y'old curmudgeon ya!
Force awakens was pretty meh, largely as it was a retread of the originals. Last Jedi was better. Hopefully the new one is better again.

I generally enjoy watching the Avengers fillums at the time, although not a lot stays with me afterwards. Which is fine, as they're popcorn B-movie entertainment. Nobody enjoys obscure Finnish arthouse movies as much as me, but sometimes being distracted by people blowing shit up for a couple of hours is a perfectly fine way to pass the time.
permalink Yep,
I like to see people blowing shit up, but when it becomes the whole fucking film, and they start to blend into each other, it just becomes tedious.
permalink We've just got the new mx3 mouse on display
it's very lovely.

I have the mx, it works fine, and I rarely use a mouse these days anyway. But if I were after a new mouse I'd definitely get that one.

Edit: although they've ignored my suggestion of making it heated to keep your mouse hand warm.
thread If any of you London types are down near the river on Saturday evening...
within sight of London Bridge, Cannon St rail bridge and Southwark Bridge...'ll find that the "Illuminated River" bridge lighting will be doing silly things for one night only, celebrating the Lord Mayor's Show.

That's been me, that has.

Ridiculous amount of work for one night only, but hey.
permalink sounds fun
do you finally fancy catching up at some point for a pint? I can give you:

A) this very evening in Clerkenwell (hatton Garden)
B) Friday Evening in Walthamstow
C) Somewhere near a bridge on saturday Night*
D) Lunch on sunday somewhere betwixt thee and I (or possibly leytonstone

* subject to familial approvals.

permalink Note for husbands and others
that I am doing choir things on Friday night.
permalink Sunday might be best.
I'll check with Bea.
permalink cool.
we are in clerkenwell anyway this evening catching up with a mate... so if you decide that beer is required at the last minute, we have the available infrastructure
permalink I am full of the cold
and going home to work slowly there for the afternoon, so I'll pass on tonight!
permalink On for Sunday lunch though - suggest a place via an appropriate channel...
permalink will do
permalink hang on
you can't tease us all like that then not finish here.
permalink We may or may not go to a pub

Have emailed
permalink I feel cheated
permalink We went to a restaurant
and then a pub.
permalink Splendid afternoon it was too.
Lovely to ser you both.
permalink I'll message you if I see any bulbs out
permalink Don't you start.
permalink One for those who feel strongly about what biscuit goes in their tea,
and can bear poetry
permalink Also. I take it we all have seen this pile of bonkers

"Not tonight Josephine, I've chopped your head off?"
permalink Yes, we did
Fucking hatstand unpleasantness.

Those crazy Russians, as some wise German/Americans once sang
permalink Here's some slightly lighter
Russian news. Involving fat cats, but not the oligarchy!

thread fact of the day
Seagrass is the only plant that lives entirely underwater.

Seaweed is technically algae

permalink why did the lobster blush?
because the sea weed.
permalink I have this desperate compulsion to stare at seaweed
I really must see kelp
permalink Nice work.
permalink I've been bladderwracking my brains for a worse pun
But afraid I came up empty handed
permalink I've got Fucales
Does that even work?
permalink Dunno
algae me coat!
permalink The fact is slightly less impressive
when you realise that "Seagras" is simply the trivial name for all vascular plants that live under water, Zosteraceae, Posidonia and other shit.
And honestly, defining plantae to not including green algae! Tut!
permalink But, as I understand it, there were good reasons
to kick the algae out of the plant kingdom
permalink Him and fucking
Biggles, aye.
permalink Ha!
Wot japes!
permalink Just the ones that turned out
to be fungi incorporating other cells. Some are fine IIRC.
permalink they are all-gay
permalink More to do with the fact
they never get a round in in the pub. Tight fisted little bastards
permalink pffft
permalink nice
permalink Gordon Bennett!
That was mentioned on Radio NZ this morning. Although nothing to do with question 2
permalink He's clearly tried.
permalink wouldn't you?
though you probably wouldn't lie about it
permalink Of course you would!
There was a young man from Nantucket...
permalink gradually learning the difference between academia and civil service
me: *quotes half-remembered figure about some technology*
all the other academics in the room: well actually no we've got 100 top-rated journal papers on the subject who are you anyway shut up

me: *quotes half-remembered figure about some technology*
civil service: you are now the official resident expert in this subject and from now on all requests to do with it are going direct to your inbox
thread Happy November / Friday Everyone
Did everyone make it through halloween without being attacked by a hoard of the undead?
permalink Yes.
But some company of chancers is claiming to be a "proactive co-ordination hub", which is pure Nathan Barley. Presumably they also keep it dense and are totally Mexico.
permalink I could be a semi-passive coordination hub today I think
if i really put my back into it.
permalink I'm shooting for unresponsive discombobulation hub
That's about my limit today.
permalink Yeah, small twats in shit cosplay avoided
Awaiting tomorrow
permalink Happy Blade Runner day!
am I glad we dodged that dystopian future
permalink I'm in Ipswich
and I'm not so sure
permalink i think we should crowdfund a remake of blade runner set in norfolk
"not from around here are you.. are you a robot?

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. bags of chips on fire off the boot of a ford Orion. I watched TK Max tops glitter in the dark near the bull & Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like piss in rain.
permalink Blade Runner
is now set in the past.
permalink and LA in it
looks considerably less "on fire" than the real one.
permalink This.
permalink Made it to work through the sweeping Brexit riots today
permalink C'mon now,
they were never gonna riot in East Grinstead.
permalink but you should hear them tut
permalink There'll be some cutting remarks
on the local Facebook groups though.
permalink Some menacing* teens nearly** egged me, but I managed to escape***
* About 10 mid-teen lads who were all skinny and about 5'6 at best with their tracky hoods pulled tight around their faces, who actually moved aside to let me pass as their first reaction

** they clearly had eggs and were looking at me as if they were waiting for one of the others to throw first, but none of them did

*** I managed not to laugh out loud, and my headphones were loud enough that I couldn't hear if they said anything. I probably knew a couple of them and it's likely they all know who I am.
permalink I found out that google do an online retail training thing
that rewards you with massive discounts on some of their kit.

I just got a chromecast for £3 and a nest mini for £4.90 (both 90% off). A twin set of their wifi mesh (which are now smart speakers too) is about £60, so I might get one for Christmas.
permalink nice
went to look at tellies yesterday..... they are all fecking massive nowadays, the 40 inch ones were tucked in a corner like you'd be a freak to want one. Thos LGs do look good though, we might have to mock it up and see if we can squeeze in the 43" (ahem) and wait to see what happens in the sales obvs

btw, if oyu ever see a stereo system (idally like a midi system) which takes a mic-in and mixes it karaoke style, my mane wants one, surprisingly hard to find, they are all either super crappy karaoke machines or top end audiophile systems.
permalink It's because party speakers have cornered that market
I'll have a look later

I had a Persian chap in recently who couldn't understand why we sell 65 and 75 inch tvs when all the houses in England are small
permalink Yeah, she doesn't want 2 separate things
Which is the tricky bit

75 is monster sized,. You'd need do move your head all the time .
permalink Just spotted that that LG tv is £30 off at the moment
But I don't know how you get that online, we use a barcode for it in store
thread happy monday everyone!
delightfully the sun is coming before I wake up and will set before I leave work because changing the clocks is a fucking nonsense,
permalink hooray!
You can set your clocks (back) by Al moaning in October!

Now, if someone could point me at some nonsense poppy rage I can start my week properly.
permalink it's better than thinking about
[the politics]
permalink apparently the EU might stop it in 2021
which the UK then might follow suit, however the notion of losing GMT will probably mean we stay on the wrong one.

in other news I want one of these

permalink 8°C
A slight change from the 22°C in Marseilles. But well, mustn't grumble. I still have a day off to get the flat in order, before work starts again tomorrow.
permalink Does anyone (cj ???) know about decent PVRs / freeview recorders
we are going to ditch the virgin box and get a freeview type set-up with a recoding box thing.

mainly it needs a half decent series link option, not be deathly slow.. i see some tv now come with them built-in which could work as we are in the market for a new tv as well.. but my suspicion is they will be rubbish.

permalink Do you not just stream everything?
Bt do a nice one, but this is entirely based on the box as we don't have any set up in store

Edit, tellies though... What's your budget?

If you're not going for an LG oled then this is next best thing:

Dolby atmos, a7 processor (same as in their £1300 oled), nanocell. Good telly, awesome sound, just not oled.
permalink budget is small-ish
as will the telly be, we currently have a 32 which is basically fine, a 37 ould be idea but they are rarer.. a 40 would be a bit chinky for the space

we would stream, but I like having a stash of recorded series etc, we often fall way behind then find stuff is no longer available. it's also better for remembering what you've watched and what you havent.. and obviously means you skip ads, which you cant on ch 4's player
permalink Depending when you last bought a TV
it might be worth going into a shop with a tape measure (currys have paper ones up by the fridges), bezels have got much smaller in the last ten years so you may be able to go up a size. But there aren't many 40"s, it's usually 43".

Probably worth waiting til black friday (or at least a week for retail Christmas to kick in).
permalink yeah, i've measured over the bezel of this one...
going to 40 would be relying on the 'bezel dividend' quite heavily.

permalink Jesus Christ
why do I need to spend £700 on a telly?
permalink oh....
*puts credit card down*
permalink You don't, but if your budget is around £700 then that's
by far the best. You can spend £100 more on the next model up but there's no perceptible difference, or £100 less and lose the processor and Dolby Atmos, and the next step up is £1300 for the lowest model LG OLED (which is remarkably good but beyond most ppl's willingness to spend on a telly).

If you combine UK average hours watching telly with an expectation of a decade lifespan of your telly then that's 0.05p per hour for your £700 telly.
permalink we will mostly be watching repeats of QI on dave
if that helps
permalink Pick a telly you like the look of with a remote your happy with.
There's not a lot of difference between them at that size.

You'll struggle to get better than that LG.

This is the TV box I like the look of:
permalink we were between that one
and this one
the downside being that it needs an aerial for some reason, but it can record 4 things at the same time.

permalink It's because you want to record live telly, isn't it?
permalink yep
permalink probably something around £300

I note someone marked this down because it had no teletext

maybe stretch to £350 if i could be convinced it was better.
permalink Good telly that,
it may well come down for Christmas.

We had it on at £200 a few weeks ago and sold out.

I had someone ask if a telly came with teletext last week.
permalink noted
... cheers
permalink I can recommend LG as well
We got this one a couple of years ago and it's great!
permalink You can have a happy Tuesday
as yesterday was Labour Day bank holiday. And welcome to being 13 hours in the past for the next few months

Good weekend, sadly didn't get to see the rugby live, but have enjoyed catching up subsequently.
permalink in case anyone was in need of confrmation that there are some crazy people out there

and by "people" i mean, conspiracy theorists
permalink I saw The Damned last night
and they were, as always, splendid.

Today I have signed a publishing contract. In about 6 months time, my book, Very Very Old, will be published.
permalink WTH
and all that
permalink Scifi-ish,
7 interlocking short stories (40,000 words), Book 2 - more short stories - already being written. Novel to follow.
permalink will there be decent beer at the launch party?
permalink Fuck yes.
I shall make it so.
permalink I can be reached at the usual address
I can wear a roll neck jumper if required
permalink Only if you're prepared
to smoke unfiltered French or preferably Turkish fags
permalink *puts down pipe*
permalink Ceci
n'est ce pas une pipe
permalink It was meant to be w/y/h
permalink What the hoopla?
Woo that helps
Why the heck?
permalink Well, I'm two days into working for myself
and it's not gone red and fallen off yet.

I also now have a couple of grands worth of Dell's finest, and by Timothy laptops are very swish when you spunk shitloads on them. I figure I'll be on it 8-10 hours a day for two years, so better get it right...
permalink I don't think they'll work well for very long
if you spunk shitloads over them
permalink I maybe should have phrased that slightly better...
permalink To be fair
I was impressed you could manage it for 8-10 hours a day!
permalink Nice
Remember you have a Christmas party allowance to spend soon.
permalink But watch out for the boss
He's terrible after a few drinks!
permalink Hands like a bloody octopus
permalink I've had high end Dell laptops for years.
I find a specced-up 15" XPS pretty much spot on for my needs, which include some fairly hungry tools.

Speaking of hungry tools, I'd better check on The Politics...
permalink This is an XPS 13 2 in 1
with the new 10th gen i7, and 32gb of RAM.

I had a Surface Pro at my last job, and wanted the same ability to take it absolutely everywhere without thinking about it.

I may augment it with an external GPU for use at the desk though.
permalink I find mine drives an external monitor as well as its own screen quite happily
without the GPU struggling too much.
permalink This seems to do some strange things in AutoCAD
currently, but there doesn't seem to be a speed issue.
I'll be keeping an eye on it.
Photoshop performs brilliantly with all that RAM...
permalink I've got 32Gb in this too
and a couple-of-years-old i7

It's great. PS is fine, video editing is fine, AutoCAD, Max, Rhino all cope OK.

Even some of the weird realtime lighting visualisation stuff I use are alright.
permalink My 7 year old i7 with 8gb ram
is suddenly feeling sub-par
permalink I dunno
back not so many years ago, Moore's law would have rendered a seven year old laptop laughable, these days, there's really not that much difference.
permalink Yeah, and fortunately
the currys I work in doesn't have high end laptops on display, so there's only a couple of i7s and they have 8gb ram in them.
permalink I'm getting a new tumble dryer today
thanks to the old one being in hotpoint's recall. Which was a bit unexpected as it's around 15 years old and third hand.

We had it up in the loft, but we've put bookcases up since then, so I don't think the new one is going back up there. Which is a bit of a pain.

Edit: I keep getting spam inviting me to invest in property in Hull and Doncaster.