thread Cuntybaws
I am fucking knackered. I really need to remember how to sleep properly.

Not having to be in Westminster Abbey at 7.30am would help too.

permalink My sleeping has just about got back to normal after christmas
Not that I'm being massively productive mind...

We have purchased a small mountain of haggis for Saturday which will be good.
permalink Splendid.
Looking forward to it!
permalink does anyone remember if this was one of the signs of the coming appocalypse?

In other news, I filled in a form on the council website last night at about 8pm to ask to swap our wheelie bin for the smaller size.... the new bin arrived at 7am this morning. which was rather surprisingly efficient.
permalink What could possibly go wrong?
permalink if they used that one in hackney
they could make a b-movie featuring loads of hipsters getting eaten when they escape into the canal.
permalink Bethnal Green?
Alligators using the canals to stealthily invade East London...

..a massacre of West Ham fans by the stadium... carnage at Westfield - the water filled with Primark bags.
permalink Primark bags?
Is that what we're calling the ladies of Westfield these days?
permalink We should trademark this
permalink it's not your bin though, your next door neighbour requested that one weeks ago and
it's been delivered to the wrong house.
permalink The South is the Florida of the UK
but this is a bit on the nose.
permalink I am also feeling knackered
And utterly unmotivated. Also, as the rest of the country swelters in hot sunshine, we seem to have a patch of unpleasant cloud stuck on us

Also, RIP to the most excellent Terrence Jones
*looks over shoulder whilst playing organ naked*
permalink Don't watch this if you've recently lost a friend.

But it is rather sweet.
permalink That is exceptionally
permalink I'm in Chicago locked in a meeting room
I am also jetlagged a bit, but not hungover today so that's an improvement on yesterday at least.
permalink I'd give anything for an apple though
permalink I too am destroyed,
31 days moving house with only boxing day as a real break. Tonight is the first night I've not had to move something from old Witchy Acres since the 20th Dec so instead I've fixed all the upstairs window locks to let this place warm up! Tomorrow, downstairs window locks.
thread Waaaaaaaannnnnnnkerrrrrrrrrssssssss
permalink Well.
permalink Christ
Who knew you were still alive?
permalink Clearly not me
As I promptly went to to see a man about a dog and forgot all about posting
permalink What do you feckin want,
you wannabe culchie?
permalink I'll be fully assimilated
by the end of the year
permalink Careful you don’t go too far.
You don’t want to go full skanger.
permalink Oh yeah
Takes Onan to know Onan
permalink Some light relief from inhaling
roof insulation huh?
permalink Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!
permalink Who you callin a caaaaaaaaaahnt?
You caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhnnnnntttttt!
permalink Today I discovered
that Witchy is a Real Ale Goth.

permalink I suspect he'll quite happily take that.
permalink Hahahaha, that's almost
a frighteningly good description :D Even the shoes further down the thread (dust, spider corpses) is right. Also I've been known to say 'a flagon of your finest foaming ale, barkeep' at mates who work in pubs.

Don't have a sword though.
permalink I'm pretty sure I've heard you say that
To self service checkouts in Tesco.
permalink I'm sure you could fashion one
...out of some left-over bits of Dragon 32s and VIC-20s.
permalink I've just fashioned a washing machine hose fitting out of
some cable ties and a bit of swearing, works nicely so my moving-in clothes are WASHED. Aw yus.
permalink Pork
permalink And now, for no good reason, my branes is thinking
"Porksword calling Danny Boy"
"Porksword calling Danny Boy"
thread Hello from Copenhagen airport
A quick 24 hour work trip... and I did work until 9pm last night, although the architect took me home to his house and we went through the drawings on his kitchen table with beers while his lovely wife made us dinner.

Which was nice.

He then walked me to my hotel via a last beer in a proper locals' bar.

A nice change from eating on my own in a bar...
permalink Hello from Berlin Schoenefeld,
where I am waiting to head to Amsterdam. Last year I was in 14 countries in total. By the end of this month I will have been in 5.
permalink As you know, I used to do that.
Much calmer these days. I think I only did about 7 last year.

I don't really miss the days of 150 flights a year.
permalink I had my first meeting of the year today
had to leave the house and get on a train and everything.

and dont have any travel booked, which is a refreshing change, though i should likely be hunting down some additional work.

permalink there was a project at the end of last year
that if it had gone a bad way would likely have resulted me being out the country for most of January-April, fixing someone elses mess.
permalink meanwhile for summer holiday
got part of travel booked, ferries between Italy and Greece. Oddly a ferry from Italy & Greece in the third week of July is "medium" season pricing, but back the other way is "low".

I do not understand these people but I will take their cheaper rates if that's what they insist on selling me.

Now just need to wait for Eurostar, Thello and Trenitalia train ticket bookings to open.
permalink We booked a Eurostar today
for July
permalink We booked flights to Korea
last Sunday.

Only 206 sleeps to go!
permalink I looked at the possibilities
Of putting a bike on a Eurostar train to Lyon.

The answer was not positive, in a not-even-nearly kind of way. Which seems stupid.
permalink yeah
I think if you want to go to anywhere other than Gard du Nord or Midi then they go NO to bikes. Fuckers.
permalink (I'm not taking a bike
no space on the yacht, and Thello, the Paris to Milan (and on to venice, but I'm getting off at Milan) are shitty about them
permalink Eurostar are the problem,
it's direct London to Lyon.
permalink yeah
they've got apparently a fairly good system if you're taking a bike from London to Brussels or Paris, but all their services to other destinations are simply "no" for ??? reasons (been looking into this)
permalink You have to pack it in to one of their boxes
And it still costs £30 each way, and there is a max of 4 bikes per train. So doable but not great, especially since you can take normal luggage that isn't so much smaller than a normal bike bag or box.

permalink Hello from Murchison
Where I have been walking up rivers hunting rocks. Often up to the waist, and also getting attacked by brambles, nettles, bush lawyer and sandflies
permalink sound
permalink I'm going to Chicago for a week on Monday
it was supposed to be an overnight to a place near Amsterdam, so fuck knows how it ended up being there.

thread Hello via my phone hotspot in
the current temporary office space of the new Dino Acres. Me and a cow-orker moved all the heavy shit today which was excellent, a job well done. Didn't make much of a dent on the stuff in the garage though so by this time tomorrow my limbs may be screaming for a day off.

Hurrah for a new house! Chin chin.
permalink excellent
permalink D'you know, this is my 5th
house move on the flatlands and I've never had a housewarming, possibly because they were never my houses. This one is so it's a possibility! Would people schlep the one extra stop from Ely though? 80p in train fare? Bus at weekends while they extend the platforms at Littleport station?
permalink Yes
permalink It's not so much the extra stop beyond Ely
as the 18000 km to get to Ely in the first place!
permalink Well you WILL
live on the other side of the planet.
permalink well done,
just burn down the last place, much quicker
permalink She's selling it so
may get a little miffed. I still have to clean the place though, and since I know I'll be a liquid mess by the time I've finished moving everything (car's currently full of monitors) I'm getting a man in.
thread Anybody got any bread puns?
I love rye humour any way you slice it
permalink i never knew any when i was young, came to it in later life
i'm a bit of a late bloomer
permalink Though that one was a bit COBbled together, some critics would pan it.
But I'd just roll with that criticism

Thankfully it's not how I earn my crust.

permalink You can kill French vampires with a baguette
But its a very painstaking process
permalink Jesus Crust.
permalink Some fucker posted that over christmas
and I reckoned you lot deserved it!
permalink Yes, it was
the yeast we deserved.
permalink I'm not fucking
rising to that!
permalink You need some
self raistraint, flower.
permalink Oh yeah?
Well, you're barmy!
permalink I like that
a lot
permalink "I bought some Italian white bread today"

"No, it was for a fixed price"
permalink I have been reminding myself of the excelent "chuck norris facts"

Chuck Norris can speak french.. in russian
Death once had a near-Chuck-Norris experience.
When Chuck Norris enters a room, he doesn't turn the lights on, he turns the dark off.
permalink chuck norris has horrible politics
just the fucking worst
permalink Always assumed that Norris
Was in the Ted Nugent side of the ledger