thread I think this might be one of the signs of the coming apocalypse

permalink oh god.
End of days.
permalink looking forward to Rat and Jonn from Ned's vs Jimbob and Fuitbat
permalink winner takes on Megadeth
thread Hello from teh North!
hmmm, I've typed that before.

Actually got here yesterday but I've been doing FAR more important things than you lot (the lovely Mrs W) and now I'm trying to fettle a bus over the river to my old local which is surprisingly difficult in 2018.

Combined city of culture clearly doesn't include public transport unless I get the Metro and spend a lot of time hanging around in bus stations.
permalink Hello from teh Middle!
we have excellent bus services here /smug
permalink Bah.
Thankfully I found one (ONE!) that leaves the centre of town every 15 mins and drops me 5 mins walk from my old local, and if I time it right I can get the last one back at nearly midnight.
permalink I guess it depends.
I'm informed Northampton is teh Middle, and I can't get a bus to Ocarinas wedding reception, because I'm arriving after 6pm on a friday. Bah!
permalink Where are
you flying to?
permalink Birmingham.
A mere hour by train away.
permalink it's like 50 miles across the midlands
of course you can't!

I bet there's a National Express fro the airport.
permalink The train is fine.
I want to go from Northampton station the the place of the wedding reception by bus.
Anyway, I'm hoping for a cab.
permalink there will be loads of cabs.
i doubt uber works around there.

permalink I'm driving over
and staying the night so can me and my car help?
permalink Hello from Taht London.
We haz ALL teh money.
permalink I'm fucking
permalink Bloody hell!
That's a fair old weapon. What a cunt.
permalink identified by two road engineers
as a tooth from a road planing machine. The cone part is solid steel.
permalink yoink.
where was that?
permalink Green End Road
just off Milton Road.

my inner local news commenter is yelling "FUCKING PIKEYS"
permalink quite
permalink Fuck's sake.
There's some right cunts out there. I don't suppose you got a plate number or owt to identify them?
permalink Nope
By the time I'd registered what was happening they were well away
permalink But reported to the police
As this isn't the first time things have been chucked at people on bikes by vehicle occupants in that part of Cambridge.

Hell, it isn't the first time I've had something chucked at me in that part of Cambridge, though the previous time it was more certainly someone from irish-heritage demountable home community.
permalink Baby arrives imminently.
I'm at home, shoving some sugar down my throat and summoning up the mental fortitude to be in theatre again.

We've had an abundance of offers of help from friends. I don't thing we got this last time, we're obviously doing life better.
permalink Also
they know you've already got one to deal with.
permalink Plus
you might want some protein with your sugar.
permalink plenty of protein in placenta
permalink Omnomnom.
Be careful to get your HIV test.
permalink I had flapjack
So it was oats, Raisins and sugar.
permalink Excellent
good choice.
permalink I will cross everything
for you and yours. Because really this is not the time for Mrs Jam to cross anything.
permalink don't forget your phone chargers
good luck
permalink Good luck to the 'jams,
present and future.
permalink Hello, from not leaving the EU anytime soon.
I would be bragging about my ruthlessly efficient public transport and how it's alway on time yadda yadda, but these days I'm cycling 7 min to my new work in the city center. From my affordable flat. So no bragging. At all.
permalink At least our airports open within 7 years of their completion

permalink A fair point and well made.
But to save the good name of German engineering we still have our trustworthy car makers. Oh joy.
permalink yeah but poo shelves
permalink *snurk*
permalink I'm about 15 minutes walk from my office
next to the canal, and I work three days a week because housing is cheap.
permalink Sounds idilic.. until the whole "wigan" thing comes to mind.
thread Well that was a fucking faff.
My choir is rehearsing in a new church because the old one's being turned into a museum or a library or something.

They asked for someone to collect the key, so I offered, I'm about 20 minutes away, walk and tube. The administrator knew I was coming this lunchtime.

When I got there, there was a concert going on. So I had to wait for that to finish. Then I spoke to the lady for 10 minutes or so. Then I went back to the station, and failed to find the entrance for a couple of minutes (the one I came out of is out only). Then I got on a train going from the correct platform, but to the wrong destination, and because of the vagiaries of London Transport, in completely the wrong direction. Then I had to wait 10 minutes for the right train going back to the other way. Then I bought tuna maki rolls on the way back to the office, which were the big upside.

All in, it took me about 1h30.
permalink I had to go from Bow to Ealing Broadway then to Old St this morning
which is a pain in the arse.

And yesterday I had to go to Battersea Powerstation, which is shittiliy connected to everywhere.

Afterwards, I had to go from there to London Bridge, however, which got much better when I realised that I could get the boat.
permalink You should get
a helicopter.
permalink I reckon a jetski would work quite well for Thamesside destinations.
permalink No good
for Ealing, though.
permalink True, but I only seem to go there about twice a year
I'll cope.
permalink They should build some sort of extension to the tube network
permalink one day...
but the northern line station is a good while off yet!
permalink no good deed goes unpunished.
permalink I'll get my reward in heaven
permalink For anyone interested
I got an Eastbound train from Tower Hill and ended up at Whitechapel (because I wasn't paying attention and went past Aldgate East without noticing), rather than getting the Eastbound train and ending up at Farringdon.
permalink I've previously mentioned how shit the district and associated lines are
... I think this is what I don't like about it
thread Happy Birfday Mizemma!
Pub pub pub!
permalink I like this!

but i cant come to the pub.
permalink This!
But not that.
permalink Hippo bapsday indeed Mizemma!
Pub? Sadly not just now
permalink ^^
In other news, my host did some upgrades and didn't tell me. Lots of things stopped working and it took a while to figure out why.

mysql has gone from not caring that fields are marked as not null to actually preventing non-null fields from being null. Now Iv'e got to go through about 50 tables and change all the relevant fields.

Edit: Anybody dealing with hosts and GDPR?

I switched to UK2 in a hurry because dreamhost weren't GDPR compliant. I don't like UK2, they're not as good as dreamhost (I love having cpanel but not having unrestricted emails as part of it isn't something I expected or wanted).

Dreamhost say they're GDPR compliant, but I don't actually think they are. Given how terrible we are in general about GDPR I'm thinking of switching back on the basis that having a US host that says they're gdpr compliant is good enough for us.
permalink Thanks! Lovely to see you and the SS last night!
And thanks for my fab prezzie! Cor, that was good food, wasn't it?
permalink It certainly was!
And a most convivial evening all round!
permalink Hoppy bapsday hunny!
Snogs ahoy xx
permalink Happy birthday indeed.
on an unrelated note a colleague recently ordered a footrest thing for under her desk. I've just noticed she's not opened it, she's just using the box to put her feet on.
permalink steal it.
leave the box

thread Friday, Friday gotta have a baby on Friday
everybody's looking forward to the weekend, weekend.
permalink is it still in the oven?
permalink Yes.
Until Friday. Unless it comes before that, which is unlikely.

permalink You already have a baby
now you're becoming greedy. Any news before hand concerning the name?
permalink No.
I really struggle with talking about names without being stupid about it, so we haven't really tried. I find it much more straight forward when there's an actual person in my hands that I need to name.

That said, we've got one unisex name floating around that we like but we're not telling anybody.
permalink Is it

But more seriously, good luck for the arrival of the latest Calfjam!
permalink Starbuck?

permalink FB Most recent stories
is showing me things from yesterday at the top of the feed. They're so shit.
permalink i have a call with a guy called rusty staggs tomorrow.
permalink he's American, yes?
permalink How did you guess
permalink is he a porn star?
permalink Or a C&W singer
Or, of course, both

At least he's not called Rusty Spoons
*has Salad Fingers flashbacks*