thread FYI... spacehopper badges posted tonight to UK folk who've paid but need postal delivery
I'm saving them for anyone else who has asked.

Overseas people - sorry, but you'll need to wait till I get back from holidays!

Thank you everyone for generous donations... eventually I'll pass it along to the hospice and let you know the total.

permalink No worries
I have been lax in deciding what to do with regard to delivery method

So you're turning Japanese, you're turning Japanese, you really think so?
permalink Even in first class
I think they take a dim view of that
permalink I thought in first class
Someone helped out?
permalink Several people.
permalink On board now.
Slippers on, champagne in hand.

We already did a bottle of £130 Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle between us over breakfast in the Concorde Room...

I expect the oral sex will come along after takeoff, possibly as an amuse-bouche.
permalink I have never flown first class.
I did recently get a first class seat, but I got an economy plus tray meal, which ruined it.

Business is enough to sleep and have all the lounges, so I stick to that.
permalink Noodles,
permalink HACKED smoky ham/cheese/coleslaw/mustard
on rye bread.

Primarni skids.
permalink How do I sign up?
/not paying attention

cowjam hat cowjam .co .uk if you need to mail me details.
permalink I will
If I don't get around to it this morning, I'll be back in a couple of weeks.
permalink I tried to German here
but the board didn't like my scharfes S.

So have fun.
permalink Wait, ß
Na, it's probably just the usual post eating algorithm.
permalink Viel Spaß!

EDIT: Apparently so.
permalink we'll fix that when brexit kicks in
permalink But will we fix it hard, or soft?
is no fix better than a bad fix?
I thought this board was generally strong and stable...
permalink Fix it
Means fix it
permalink I know we're all like-minded people (and Manley) on here, so may well all just agree:
If the inverse correlation between voter turnout and the Conservative majority is clearly set out by a Tory overload such as Lord Ashcroft, doesn't that completely admit to having an undemocratic electoral system?

To me this seems like such a spectacular mike drop, I'm slightly knocked for six by it.
permalink I'm not sure I follow
isn't the conclusion simply that socialists are lazy?
permalink The more people vote,
the fewer tories get elected.

Lazy socialists is a sub-conclusion, I think.
permalink I think it is pretty much the only conclusion
we can pull with any degree of confidence.
permalink If there are any badges left,
I'd like one... Will try to remember to nudge you in a couple of weeks - don't have any of your contact details but I can be got here:

permalink DOGHORSE!
I cannot even remember why I used to do that.
permalink I was very lax sorry,
am I still ok to get one after both you and I get home from hollibobs?
permalink I didn't get an email.
What are the deets mon?
permalink you'll have to wait
until he gets back from Turning Japanese I Really Think So in a few day's time.
permalink did you nick that off me?
I keep saying Turning Japanese I Really Think So about Mr DC's upcoming sojurn to Yokahama.

BTW CI and I were talking about how it would have been surreal if he and Mr DC had managed to go to Japan (I really think so) at the same time. Now that would have been cool.
permalink we were talking about
it at Scotty's sendoff last week but that tune is constantly in my head anyway :) The album it's from (New Clear Days, did you see what they did there) is pretty good too.
thread Nearly fucking finished enough fucking work that I can go on holiday
Should be able to start packing by about 10pm.

Tomorrow is vote at 7am then off to Heathrow with the lovely Spaniard... First Class BA to Tokyo at lunchtime!


Going to be weird spending Election Day on a plane and waking up in Japan as results start coming in...
permalink And yet, I'm rather jealous.
Sounds awesome.
permalink Headed back south tomorrow
Night. Will be getting the midnight* train going aaaaanyyywhere**

*Quarter past
** Euston
permalink Awesome
We're heading back to Japan in November. I love that place!

If you're jet lagged and culture stunned I can recommend a walk round Koshikawa Korakuen Garden up by the Tokyo Dome - good for the soul.
permalink Excellent, Tokyo is mentally brilliant
Yeah, one of the disadvantages of being 11 hours ahead, is that all the results come in during the work day on Friday. Like with Brexit, one of the worst Fridays ever.
permalink *jealous*
But will be in Japan for three weeks in August. Can't wait...
permalink I postal voted, I can't decide if that's old or clever. Pointless as the Tories will walk it here
The wife's having her wisdom teeth out tomorrow, probably a metaphor. Have a good jolly.
permalink I postal voted too
And I think mine may just be the vote needed to overturn a 20000 tory majority*

*no, I don't, but fuck it, gotta at least try
permalink Best place to be
As far away as you can get
permalink Hello there!
From just about as far away as possible!
permalink still not finished.
At home, working with wine.

The Spaniard went to post badges for me.

I'm hoping to start packing before midnight.
thread I went to Milton Keynes at the weekend, it was alright
did you do anything passably acceptable at the weekend?
permalink It is Al's birthday today
and I spent the whole weekend worrying if he would have a good time.
permalink Ta
I went gin drinking with my mother on Saturday. This was fun. Still got a nasty cough.
permalink What you need is
a nice cup of tea and a sit down.
permalink I've had many
They help
permalink saw the Divine Comedy in a bandstand
took a powerboat down the Clyde
watched the missus do a 10k
went to 4 restaurants
drank much beer, cider and whisky

taken today off because groan
permalink perfect venue for D.C
never seen them live
permalink Flew back from a week in Rome

And it turns out someone I know has gone missing since the attack on Saturday night
permalink fuuuuck.
permalink ooh blimey
fingers crossed.
permalink oh no
it's not good news i'm afraid
permalink Yeah
Just seen his sister's posted something on FB...
permalink jebus i heard her on the radio.. poor woman
deepest condolences it's fucking awful.. was he a colleague?
permalink He was a flatmate of a really good friend
I spent a lot of weekends round there a few years ago
permalink Oh shit
permalink Ballbags
Sorry to hear that.
permalink Shitbags,
the news ain't good. Poor family.
permalink Shit!
I'm a bit out of the loop, though. Who is he?
permalink Showed off a load of
my Binary dinos in the Computer museum in Cambridge with a load of other geeks and visitors all day saturday, sunday drove to Worthing to meet a bloke who had a few brand new versions of the phone system I've been restoring for the last 7 months including all the source code so I'm slightly excited.
permalink sounds suitably nerdy
when you say brand new you mean unused from the 70's or something?
permalink unused from 1984 yes.
Unfortunately also missing power supplies because they were a bit of an achilles heel thanks to badly vented cases resulting in overheating.
permalink You are
permalink *waves*
permalink Like really properly fucking
permalink We went to Windsor
and picked up a big box of bees. We perfected last week’s monkfish dish (see www.nikandedwinascookb... for details, but not till tomorrow because i haven’t got round tp putting it up yet). We went to the gym. We went to an art thing. All very nice thing, though with a rather sombre tone to yesterday for obvious reasons.
permalink I bought 2.5 metres of bright orange fabric on Saturday,
to make some cushion covers.

Sunday, I took the boy for his swimming lesson then to a local national trust place for a wander about while his mum got some sleep, recovering from the bug he and she have had.
permalink we went to a rather fabulous weddign in the prossecco hils near treviso
permalink As it was a bank holiday weekend (thanks Liz)
We rented a bach* up the coast at Waitarere Beach and had a very chilled weekend of sitting in front of a roaring fire, reading books and relaxing to some nice tunes. With occasional beach/forest walks and runs.

*small holiday home.
permalink It's her biffday next Monday
according to the Australian calendar.
permalink Taking of which...
Hoopy Buffday, Witchy, I believe?
permalink Indeed.
permalink ta!
50 is as 50 does...
permalink Oh, it did have a zero in!
I thought it was 7x7 this year. God, you old bastard! ;-)
permalink I'm having a lovely* time in Majorca
It's pissed it down half the day.
I went dizzy and decided not to run in the rain.
Went out to lunch with my sister Inlaw which was nice.
Sat outside for dinner with brother & SIL & twins and nearly cried.
Had to explain why I was upset after kids went to bed, and brother said I will feel sad and guilty for enjoying myself.
I completely don't. I'm still angry and jealous I don't have the kids and now I don't even have the husband to share my life with and sit around a dinner table. I've not got that to look forward to unless I go visit someone and eat at their house. It's so fucking horrendously unfair I want to scream and cry. My chances of happiness with him have been ripped away and I have to start all over again without him. Fucking cunting bastard shit whores of a world.
permalink Fucking cunting bastard shit whores indeed
I can't really add anything, other than some sympathetic swearage
permalink Cunt sucking mother fucking son of a bum fucked Eskimo.
That is something my father used to say if, for example, he hit his thumb with a hammer.

Now I write it down it seems a bit off.
permalink I certainly think
you may have put your foot right Inuit
permalink Other pearls from the gentleman known as 'Old Man' include
"That'll stop 'e farting in church", generally after tying a knot or tightening a bolt, and "Fuck pig fall over".

This last is amusing in that none of us know quite what it means. Turning up at a farm, the lad in the yard went off to fetch his father. He returned shortly afterwards and reported that "Father says, Fuck pig fall over".

Whether the farmer said 'fucking pig' and then fell over, said that the Fucking pig has fallen over, accused my father of bestiality with a fallen over pig or, like Old Man, merely adopted the phrase, we shall never know.
permalink I want to write something profound and comforting here, but I cannot
Your current situation is fucking shit. Just terrible.

You will grow immune to it, used to it, never over it, and it will stop being as painful, but it is going to take time. There is no snapping out of it or getting over it. Nor should there be.

You will be properly happy again, but nothing I can say or do will make now okay, it is just shit. If I could syphon off a portion of your pain, or offer answers, I would. All we can do is be here for you and remind you of that as often as you need. We cannot be strong for you, but we can be here, and I think the last few days has shown how much everyone here is behind you, not to push you, or even really sure what role we could serve, but merely here, in reserve, just in case you do need us.

I said that really poorly, and I hope it doesn't come across as glib or offensive, I make no pretence of knowing what you are going through, nor how you feel or what you need, so if I got it all wrong, then do tell me to fuck off, but all of us mean well, so if you do need ought, just tell us how to get it right, once (or if) you know what that looks like.

Right, I am going to stop before I put my foot in it and upset everyone with my clumsy bollocks. In other news, I just pasted a screenshot into an email to my M.D. Except I didn't, I pasted the phrase "Son of a bum fucked Eskimo." Jammers, I blame you.
permalink Dunno about how Jiva feels about it
But to me that reads very clear and sensitive and says what I think I'd say if I could get it down in words
permalink I find myself in the somewhat difficult position
of having to wholeheartedly agree with Manley, even having to say, hear hear
permalink aye,
odd innit.
permalink This,
permalink Manley in "spokesman for the bodia" shocker!
permalink On this subject
permalink Well said.
Well said indeed.
permalink Well said.
Accidentally pasting expletives is so five years ago.
permalink Thanks
I appreciate you all being here for me. Xx you put that just right
permalink great to hear you have family with you
screaming and crying to exhaustion is very liberating if nothing else
my favourite places are cliff tops overlooking the sea with the wind battering your face
primal gutt swears are a given ;)
permalink I went to Big Church Day Out North, which is a Christian music festival.
I was part of the kids tent team, so I spent all day jumping around like a loon in the kids tent then all evening jumping around like a loon at the main stage.

MiniJam loved it, which was good because it was her birthday.

I felt like I'd been hit by a train when I got home.
permalink This sounds excellent
I am very much a CofE restrained organ and campanology kind off man, but it does sound like a good day.
permalink It was two full days, so slightly wrongly named
And we arrived the night before and left the morning after.

I got in free for being on team, and they fed me.

And Tim Vine did a set, he was excellent.
permalink He is a lot funnier
than he should be.
permalink Had my stepboy over for the weekend
we build some Star Wars Lego and cooked a casserole containing sauerkraut, als you do.
In the extra day of weekend we get here ( Whit Monday ), Me and the gf did a little cycle tour ( weather was fantastic ) and ordered Turkish food.
thread well that was completely fucking lovely.
and the internet support is rather fabulous too. I'll be able to use all of that when I've got tough days.

permalink *HUGS RIGHT BACK AT YA!*
Sorry I couldn't be there today, but I did do sort of tragicomedy stuff munkt0n would, I'd like to think, get a giggle out of, partly for him, partly for you and just a little bit for me. I think he'd be pretty darn chuffed at how well people thought about him and waved him off.

Edit: I did try to explain what was going on to the colleague I got to take a photo of me with the spacehopper on the iPad screen. He kind of didn't get it at first, then he said something that made me laugh elderflower squash all over my lap, to do with coffin bearers and spacehoppers...
permalink yeah
we didn't put coffin bearers on spacehoppers, that could have been all kinds of messy.
permalink I just woke my wife up
with a snort at that.
permalink It was suitably lovely.
Waiting for the train back to that London... Witchy is off to Ely, Dominocat to crash out for the night. Great to see Batsgirl, EvilStevie, and other folk.

I hope we represented well.

There was much orange and a huge amount of love.
permalink I'lll be sorting out your PayPal post haste!
And hello everyone. I somehow missed this until jiva mentioned it yesterday.
permalink well done, I can't imagine how hard it is
unfortunately we're all going to be here for you, electronically at the very least.
permalink MOAR HUGS
There was an awful lot of orangeness coming from the interwebs this afternoon. Top stuff. Plus you know where I am when you come back from teh Spains :)

cya munkt0n, save me a spacehopper yeah?
permalink so happy for you that it went well
& it was lovely what people did online (especially that pic of scott's flickr feed you ended up using on his page)
now you look after yourself
permalink All the hugs from NZ
Glad it went well, sorry we couldn't make it, but thinking of you xx
permalink awesome.
I'm glad we got there for a bit. We made it back safely too.

Now enjoy the escape to Spain!
permalink Yay - just as it should be
Glad that all of our surrogates did us proud.


edit/ fuck me I'm up early. This'll never do.
thread Greetings from a flipping freezing Friday morning
Obviously sorry we can't, for purely geographical reasons, be in Naaarch today, but will be thinking of you all, and of course Jiva particularly. In homage, I shall be wearing an orange shirt to work. xx

And maybe even orange pants too, which you may turn into an AQ if you like!
permalink Yes indeed,
good luck tomorrow. I don't own anything orange so I'll just think orange thoughts.
permalink NAARCH is always a bit behind the times,
today isn't today yet., it's still tomorrow.

permalink NFN
permalink Ha!
permalink after failing to herd cats for a trip to celebrate a friends 50th
i was planning on going up but i received a txt* telling me of a hospital thing i've been waiting ages for
so that scraps another plan.. where's hannibal when you need him?

so biggest biggest internets hugs ever to Jiva
and i'll be wearing orange socks in memory of one of the best internet weirdos

*thankfuck nhs do these backup notifications as letter not received
permalink I have no orange shirts,
but I will be trying to get phrases such as 'munkt0n's send off', 'earsocks required' and 'wanking into a hat' into either or both of the meetings I will be in today. And thinking of him, of course, and of lovely Jiva too
permalink good luck today
we're all thinking of you.
permalink Guess the airport
I got up at 4.40am.
permalink We're not even
having a pint.
permalink Gin?
permalink Tea
then coffee.
permalink It's at EasyJet, so
permalink Correct!
Then Venice. Now a car rental office.
permalink Eh?
Whilst you're right, that's not a logical leap that works. From London, EasyJet could be Standard, Luton or Southend too.
permalink It does work.
Look, it just worked.
permalink That car is red
Therefore all cars are red
Therefore that other red thing is a car.

^^ this logical leap could work too ^^
permalink orange, surely...
permalink Yes, right.
permalink Currently sitting at 55 badge orders
Even if some of the FB expressions of interest don't come off, we're going to be giving the hospice a good few hundred quid...
permalink BADGER!
permalink BADGER!
permalink BADGER!
permalink MUSHROOM
permalink SNAKE!
permalink excellent.
permalink Cellent,
Oh, it's a lent.
permalink He used information to inform his guess
He didn't say all easyjet flights flew from Gatwick.
permalink I only really know 6 airports in the UK

I know it's not Heathrow, Exeter or City and I doubt you'd be in Birmingham or Edinburgh. My limited knowledge helped me out. But stop defending me, that is not on at all.
permalink I'll do what I like
and you can't stop me.
permalink I'll like what I do
and that is the same thing, said Alice.
permalink There are six airports
with a claim to being "London" with regular passenger services. Easyjet operate from four of these as base airports.
permalink Not in my experience
and that is all I have.
permalink Stop
Just... Stop
permalink You cannot deny that it
permalink Stunted?
permalink All the best for today Jiva.
We'll be thinking of you.
permalink Similar sentiments from me.
I don't own anything suitably orange to wear to work, but I'll put a very orange t-shirt the very second I get home tonight. xx
permalink Everyone will be missed, but I'm sure there in spirit.
permalink I'm in Scotland
Not Scottland.

But I've got an orange t-shirt from Mushybees
permalink I bet my orange shirt
is brighter than yours.
permalink Doing night shifts in B&Q again?
permalink You say that
but I regularly work at night for B&Q.
permalink Probably not wearing the uniform and stacking timber though.
permalink I'm going to assume
"stacking timber" is a euphemism here.
permalink "mocking up a kitchen"?
"wheeling out the barbecuss"?

"emptying the orange buckets"?
permalink Oooh
Emptying out the Orange buckets, eh?
permalink Dispensing
The sealant
permalink It's worth ignoring the twats and having a llok at the FB thread.
Lovely orange tributes today... shirts, t-shirts, hair, pants, a plane and a digger...
permalink I just accidentally reported a post to Admin.
If that is you, please ignore I.
permalink It was Mr Tingley
He rather kindly deleted the offending post because power went to his head.

His mum knitted my daughter a scarf. It is excellent.