thread It's gone full Christmas in here today,
two fake trees are up, dressed solely by people who weren't tall enough to reach the top, and Bing Crosby is currently on the radio. I might get Konditor and Cook mince pies at lunchtime, if my bank balance is looking resilient.
permalink There are threats of tree installation here.
but more to the point... Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium at Hammersmith tonight.

Show starts at a very early 6pm. Presumably because the Apollo are fed up with them overrunning by miles every year...
permalink Doors at 6, but show's at 7
Gutted I'm missing it
permalink Yes. I discovered this
I was misinformed by the Spaniard.

Should be a blast.

I had tickets a couple of years ago and had to sell them because my bloody work bash ended up being the same night.
permalink I just got flagged in a post where someone is looking for singers
to do some carols in a week or two.

I asked for details, they're opening an Apres Ski lodge near London Bridge. I've suddenly lost interest in pimping the gig to my choir.
permalink our tree went up yesterday at work
for home, I'll get it from the charity round the corner and I can't get there until next week.
permalink they sell aluminimum poles at your charity shop?
permalink Yep,
poles everywhere.
It's why we need brexit.
permalink real ones man, it's all about finding needles until April
it's a charity for kids with disabilities and/or special needs, they refurbish bikes too. It's very Cambridge.

And when you go, you get to walk past a bloke in a large shed on an industrial estate who does welding and stuff, which is terrifically macho. They also filmed a bit of an episode of Antiques Road Trip in one of the places on the same estate. Good place to go.
permalink And I've been suspended on Twitter again.
Called Branson a cunt. Again.
permalink haha.. nice work
really boils my piss when he gets held up as this great british entrepreneur
the parasitical cunt
permalink I agree, he also is really weird with women

I dislike him.

That all said, this furore about the NHS thing is straight off the stable floor - if public servants are deliberately engineering contract awards to benefit their cronies then I am damned glad that Virgin sues them for it and raises the problem.
permalink yeah if i was blonde and a woman i really wouldn't want to work for him
and his work parties sound like frat parties.. creepy motherfucker
permalink I did work for him
and I had my photo taken with him when I was 19.

But I was way to ugly and fat then for one of his girls, and had short hair.
Still he wasn't that nice to meet.
permalink Have you seen @LiftingRichard on twitter?
permalink i had to look up konditor.. i like their mission statement :)
still haven't heard any xmas songs yet which is nice
no screenwipe this year but chris morris has made a film http://www.independent... so that's something
permalink TJ....
hi guys long time no speaky, but I didnt have anywhere else to turn :)
Can you recommend a laptop in the sub £300 range for an 11 year old?
Crist I remember posting here when she was born! Or was that my lad. Hmmm anyhoos best bang for buck laptop if youd be so kind, Im out if touch with all things tech now.
permalink Hola Sir Biscuit!
We're a bit like a bad smell in that we never really go away.

Ebuyer are constantly trying to flog laptops for under £300 so give them a nose, this morn they've mithered me with a Lenovo V110 which is probs fine for an 11yo. It won't play Crysis or GTA4 tho ;)
permalink Hola Witchy!
Weirdly I got an ebuyer email this morn with the same ( obvs). I mean weirdly because i dont normally get them. ITS AS IF THEY KNOW!!
permalink Stick some sparky
tape over your webcam STAT. Also what Amy said about SSDs.
permalink Make sure it has an ssd
That's all I know.
permalink I have just got round to upgrading my desktop
After having it for 8 years and limping it along on XP. The new to me machine came from a heavy smoker so had to be fully stripped and cleaned, and I finally got the ssd I bought a few years ago installed and working.

Win10 installed and it seems to run fine.
permalink I have the same challenge exactly!
I was planning to research this weekend...

let me know if you come to a recommendation? I'll do the same.
permalink likewise
permalink Considering the HP250 G6... £320, but gets you to a 256Gb SSD
Hmmm... will keep looking.
permalink £320???
permalink You said sub-£300... that's only just over.
permalink No Sorry, I mean
Where have you seen that for 320. I'm getting over 600 when I Google it.
permalink here
just use the shopping tab in google search
permalink Yup ebuyer was where I saw it.
I think that's about the best bet I've found so far...
permalink debenhams nearly match it (i thought they went out of business?!)
permalink I think Debenhams had cashflow issues but that got resolved
Debenhams Plus is an online sub-brand, and great for cheap surplus electronics. I bought a 10" Asus tablet from them for less that half-price.
permalink fuck!
we missed the 'bodias 10th birthday, the domain was registered 19/12/06
permalink When did it go live though?
It's like the queen and has an official birthday
permalink How does this look?
permalink bit expensive for what you're getting
but what will they use it for.. hardcore gaming.. video editing?

stick to something light and fast (14" / i5 / 256gb ssd / 8gb ram) try refurbs or ebay for bargains. it's going to get lost or nicked anyway

i can't remember where you live but i was just idly looking in the windows of those scruffy internet cafes cum phone stores cum laptop resellers* near mile end and they had some great deals on thinkpads £99 even had a tidy looking t440 12 ram 500dg SSD for £325

*most places have those right?
permalink I don't know...
what do 11 y o girls do? Probably internet/streaming/youtoob be fair, but going forward secondary school stuff.
Doubt hard-core gaming at any point but something that can process hd tv/movies streaming would be advantageous.
permalink i just think it's easy to go overkill for something that will largely be used
for word, youtube and skype
but important to avoid chromebooks
permalink Ahh thats good was going to ask about
Chromebook and other 'cloud' based laptops. Will avoid now.
Will prob get the HP above, time is ticking on

Cheers all x
permalink Just fell out with Jim
because I did not know who was on the phone. She screamed in my face, but I stayed calm. We came home and she screamed at me again for shouting at her, when what actually happened was that she shouted at me.

Now I am sitting on the sofa, wondering what to do. All the things I am guilty of (no, sone of the things, I can be an arse too) are not things which are actually happening, they are her viewing every scenario as if I know what she is thinking, so I am stuck in a world where she is angry with me and I am scared.
permalink Maybe a marriage guidance thing might help

permalink Read about
permalink if he was setting fire to his farts in public
she was right to shout at him.

permalink Surely that suggests deliberate acts?
I think this is just an assumption that if she is grumpy them I must have caused that.
permalink I'm not sure the gaslighter
is consciously planning their moves. I'm not sure that they don't think their behavior is reasonable, sometimes at least. It could be that the word is being used in incorrect circumstances now and that it doesn't really mean what it's being used for.
permalink I think they have to know they are doing it though.
If you believe things are as you say they are then I do not think that you are gaslighting.
permalink AAAGGGHH!
I am fucking terrified for my presentation on Tuesday, I hate it so very much, so what did I do?

I fucking dropped my laptop and managed to kill the entire thing. I am currently rebuilding from memory.


I am a cunt.
permalink Take a valium
Smoke a spliff
permalink Of the two options
I only took one.
permalink Better
than none.
permalink You already knew this, but I did not.
I fucking killed it, obviously.
permalink you are still a cunt though
so let's not get carried away
permalink Oh,
that is a given.
permalink ha! and they were dutch
so didn't understand his accent and were just being polite
thread Sleigh bells ringing and all that
Got "The Ghost" from the Star Wars: Rebels animated series in my advent calendar. Lego. No chocolate.

Freezing my nuts off at the Mill Road Winter Fair tomorrow morning, what are you lot up to?
permalink Oh.
permalink you got this?

how big is your advent calendar? what do you get on christmas eve?
permalink I've got red and white
socks on.

THIS is as Christmassy as I get. Nothing more. Not until the last week and then I still don't put decorations up.
permalink Mine is one of the few desks in the office
not to have sparkly crap all over it. I have a Vader bauble, but I can't even be arsed to put that up.
permalink I'll be at the fair too
but not volunteering. My mates The Scissors are doing a gig as always and it's the Dev ale festival.
permalink I'm parent-in-sole-charge this weekend
so dealing with a 3.5 year old. I'm assuming the park, some sort of National Trust trip, covering shit in glue and paint, maybe swimming, and whatever else I can get away with.
permalink why is it always about what you want to do though?
doesn't the child get a say in this?
permalink because she chooses really boring stuff
we're also making Christmas cards apparently.
permalink we went to the park, and a garden centre
made Christmas cards and watched Peppa Pig. I'm knackered.
permalink My nearly 3 year old doesn't get to watch much TV,
Just an hour or so at the weekend.

Normally his choice is either cars 1, cars 2 or toy story, but today he asked to watch a David Attenborough series on cold blooded animals. Well he asked for the gecko show, and I apparently interpreted it correctly as he sat enthralled in front of it for nearby an hour.
permalink top work
permalink she doesn't watch much really
loves the Snowman, will watch 15 minutes of Frozen, Sarah and Duck sometimes, Peppa Pig gets an outing as a last resort.
permalink I do love
Davis Attenborough.
permalink eve, now 18 months,
watches Blue Planet 2 and says "WOW!" roughly every 20 seconds for about ten minutes, then she's had enough.
permalink Mill Road
will probably have things to entertain a toddler
permalink Works Xmas bash tonight.
90s theme. I have glowsticks.
thread Someone I know was in the restaurant with me this morning
And then at Paddington they walked slowly to the same tube. I am just typing this so that I do not catch them up and can convincingly pretend not to have not noticed them, engrossed, as I am, in my telephone.

Tell me a dad joke.
permalink I do hate it when that happens.
I can't think of any jokes though.
permalink I once met a kangaroo in crocketford and offered to give him a lift
He said no thanks, I'll just Spring Home

/you perhaps need detailed knowledge of villages on the A75 between Dumfries and Castle Douglas.. which my dad does.
permalink ahahahhahhhahahaah
*slaps thighs*
permalink you see, it's not about pleasing everyone
it's about getting your target demographic
permalink Is right fucking now

Oops, unintentional caps.
permalink I'm already home and have already quit
so you are pushing against an open door there.

Though i'm still technically supposed to be working
permalink You have a plan though, right?
I think I would probably just sit and rot until March.
permalink Or as some people call it
permalink Called my MD in today
for a chat.

Then last night Jim told me she is thinking of leaving her job, so I may have to rapidly come up with an idea of what I am going to talk to him about, now that he has travelled over with an SA from LA.

Any ideas for something important that is not quitting?
permalink I sincerely doubt your implication that he flew over from LA yesterday
just to have a meeting with you.

However, you could still talk to him about whether you could change your job to be something different. Work 3 weeks a month or something.
permalink Or discuss with him a plan to transition to something less high pressured and stressful.
Not like, quit next month, but "what can we do to reduce my stress while still keeping my talents in the company"
permalink I like that line.

permalink Reading it back, it does sound a bit like
it means testicles.
permalink Dirty
permalink You should that did not happen.
He is in EMEA anyway - the SA flew over, so I have him coming in to see me and to see the SA. I was astronomically unclear.

Just for the record though, my CEO would absolutely fly out to talk to me if I asked him to - I am too closely associated with the brand in the UK and I am too senior to ignore. And it would be rude not to, right?
permalink I think it would be rude to ask him to fly over especially to talk to you.
But it was especially improbable that you might have asked him yesterday to talk to you today, and that he might have dropped everything to got straight on a flight.
permalink Yes, it would be rude,
but that is not improbable - If I asked he would come if he could.

I was going to quit - today i am not so angry with life.
permalink I thought Jim didn't have a job? and did you mention at the same time that you thought the same?
talk to him about cutting your hours a bit or the possibility of a sabatical or cutting out the bits of your job where you don't add the most value*

mumble mumbel work life balance.

*the bits you dont want to do
permalink I think that the reality is that reduced hours will mean reduced income
and the same workload.

Jim is a TA - some months I pay more tax than she earns in a year, but we need some income and our non-salary income is only £400 a month.
permalink I reduced my hours
and workload..

it certainly increases flexibility
permalink I do not have such knowledge,
so I am at a loss.
permalink Trust me,
it's not funny either way.
permalink the concept of humour didn't reach dumfries and galloway until 1993
shortly after moveable type and opposable thumbs
permalink Our mate was telling me yesterday
about the great needle exchange of Kirkcudbright. No humour with heroin.
permalink apparently some ridiculous proportion of uk heroin comes through that area
helps with the long winter nights I guess
permalink Does a fair chunk of it still head north to Peterhead?
and surrounding?

Do they still have an epic smack problem up there?
permalink i think anywhere they land fishing boats.
seems to have a problem with it.
permalink I think you're right.
Smacked-up trawlermen. Scary.
permalink I thought it was more
number of police/coastguard per mile of coastline, D&G has always been a smuggler's paradise
permalink I ws talking about where it gets used, rather than where it comes in...
permalink Most smackheads I've ever seen per square kilometre
was in Great Yarmouth. Mind you, if you lived there, you'd seek the oblivion of diamorphine. *Such* a shithole.
permalink spoiler alert


permalink Those are two identical maps -
I still do not get it.

I mean, I now know that Crocketford s a place.
permalink A streetmap link, how rare.
It was not worth it.
permalink I hope Crocketford
Is twinned with Tubbsville
permalink I have no dad jokes
but I'm considering taking up scrabble again.

I've installed the app on the iphone. I will be on there under my facebook ID.
permalink What app?
I shall lose to you with great alacrity.
permalink just scrabble
the EA games one
permalink 13 points for alacrity
... not sure it''d be worth the extra 'a' over clarity though
permalink ooo it's snowing
permalink same here
in Norwich
permalink *shakes fist*

It's been brilliantly sunny all day here. Cold, but sunny. Almost purty for a shitty industrial estate in the middle of nowhere :)
permalink replying to myself without green crayon
permalink I like this.
permalink ...
permalink hah!
permalink The french breakfast one
remains my all time favourite.
permalink go on then, put me out of your misery
permalink Oh, sorry, assumed everyone knew
Why does a Frenchman only have one egg for breakfast?
Because one egg is un oeuf
permalink Oof
permalink A woman is up for parole for beating her husband to death with his guitar collection
Judge asks, 'First offender?'

She says, 'No, first a Gibson. Then a Fender.'


In other news, for some reason the CEO decided to give the Technology team some kind of pseudo-psychological test today.

We all went in to a room one by one, and an game of Operation was unveiled. We were told to remove the pieces as quickly as possible without setting off the buzzer.

Apparently everyone else took it very seriously & diligently removed them with the tweezers.

I just tipped the thing upside down and shook it...
permalink I like that
both of it.
permalink in the next room over a different sort of buzzer went off
next to the 'psycho' sign.

permalink Nowhere in the brief did it say I had to use the tweezers
It was that or take the batteries out
permalink hehehehe.
permalink yes.
you are so right.
permalink The trouble with this snow is that my wife just stands at the window and stares.
If it gets any worse I'll have to let her in.

The 'attached devices' thing on my virgin media super hub doesn't work, which is rather annoying.

Anyone experience with SIP trunks? I'm contemplating getting one at home as they appear cheaper than 'normal' line rental.

Edit: Or any other IP based telephony solution that doesn't involve paying £15 a month for a landline number.
permalink I set one up about 11 years ago for my office at the time
i don't remember how we set it up.. but it worked ok.

permalink Surely you can do a lot cheaper than that.
I used to be signed up to an Aussie plan which cost AUD$5 per month (so about 3 quid) and offered 100 free calls per month (of up to 3 hours a time) to any of around 35 countries.
Once you used all 100 calls, other calls were charged at 10c an untimed call to the same countries, and mobiles were 12c/min.

After a while we realised we weren't using that much so scaled back to having a DID for $5 a year, then charged calls at 10c untimed for national calls, 15c/min for mobile calls, and 1.9c/min for (most) international calls.

Now we just use our mobiles for calling within Australia, and facetime / skype anyone else.
permalink did that include a landline number?
trouble is most of this is aimed at businesses rather than home use.
permalink Yes
thats the DID I mentioned above.
permalink I love that joke.

Since you're on VM/Liberty you can't escape the landlubber number I don't think, I'd love to do it too.
permalink I can switch to a broadband only package
rather than broadband, landline and TV (which I don't use). We have a landline because old people expect us to, I don't really want to dump it.
permalink cant you just buy a number and have it forwarded to your mobile?
permalink I learned recently, that the Hub 3 and SIPs don't like each other
I don't know what that means, but apparently it's important.
permalink The Hub 3 and internet connectivity
are not good friends either in my experience.
permalink the hub 3
has 2 SIP ports for hooking up IP phones. Given that the hub 3 is shoite as Sir Jack Of Speed points out this is no surprise that SIP doesn't work either.

The hub3 is made by a company that were unheard of in the UK until Liberty Global bought VM and foisted this shitty thing on us. The firs version of the firmware didn't let you turn off the DHCP server and you STILL can't use a different IP address other than 192.168.1.x which naturally I do.
permalink Oh, VM?
I was referring to the Bt Home Hub 3, but I suspect the shiteness is universal.
permalink for the 3 it was,
the HH5 is what I'm using to run my LAN thanks to OpenWRT (or LEDE or whatever it's called this month). Nobody tell VM I'm running a BT hub within their network eh.
permalink Was newmat referring to VM??
permalink Even if he wasn't
it's true of the Arris abomination they provide. Or was for the first couple of firmware releases, no idea about now.
permalink I like this
Good for me.
thread Dolt45 just RT'd Jayda Fransen,
what an interesting* time to be alive. Typically for BF bollocks one of the videos in question was supposed to have been taken down because the suspect has been arrested and it turns out he wasn't a muslim OR a migrant.

permalink Apparently,
1000s of people are clicking 'report for being a racist cunt' on the Scrotum-in-Chief's Tweets
permalink I did it
and it has been deleted.
permalink Looks like it.
Wonder who took it down.
permalink His lot, not twitter
the original tweet from the Nazi is still there.
permalink Yeah, I know.

permalink She was convicted for that
I wonder how we will respond to his repeating behaviour which is proven to earn a conviction in the UK?

My guess? Kiss arse, because we have no other friends.
permalink have you all seen the pictures of the White House Christmas decorations?
I'm thinking of changing my theme at home to 'Dystopian Narnia', that's obviously the in thing this year.
permalink Some of the pisstakes
of them are excellent.
permalink you might be interested in this, Pxyxyxyxyxyx too I guess
Microdisney are doing a reunion thing
permalink I never was much into Microdisney,
much preferred the Fatima Mansions meself.
permalink Ditto, absolutely adored the Fatima Mansions
but wasn't so into Microdisney. But Cathal is the man! Good to see him still active.
permalink And spent the morning
Listening to Microdisney, really good. Better than I remember
permalink They are good
I'm not saying I'll be going, just making people aware.

I'm still waiting for the New FADS come back. Or indeed the Family Cat.
permalink Sir Gideon of Coe played
a bit Family Cat the other day, two things struck me - I didn't remember ever hearing any FC before and b) it wasn't shit.
permalink I love some of it
they get a bit up themselves occasionally, but Furthest From the Sun and the singles are great.
thread It's time for the proletariat to rise up
Overthrow the corrupt elite and needless privileged we call government and monarchy and seize the means of production.

But, well, that's not happening. So, plans for the rest of week assuming there's no revolution? I'm off after work to see if developers have truly learnt from our fearsome power to lobby planning committees and have redesigned their awful building properly.
permalink Manchester tomorrow
I broke my journey up a LOT - I have 28 tickets, all of which will need to be stamped in one day, but it saved almost £500 on the fare.

Well, not really - a Standard return would have been £295.80 and I paid £174.80 for 1st class tickets, so I actually saved just £121, but 1st class should have been £651.20 so I feel like I saved £476.40.

Then London for a couple of days.
permalink The ticket guy will love you!
Sounds like a good plan, you've definitely saved £475, even if you wouldn't have spent the £650
permalink The man at the ticket office was over the moon.
Apparently 1 first class ticket per week sold at the office is not a bad number, one a day is enough to make him top of the league - my 12 first class tickets will mean he gets a bonus for sure. (There are also 15 seat reservations and my previous count of 28 must have been wrong, it must be 27).
permalink Are we taking bets
On how many of these trains are going to break down?
permalink All one train.
I just get on and it takes me the whole way to Manchester.

I just have 27 tickets for it.
permalink I am genuinely
impressed. Must have taken a while to figure out all the splits for that. Good work.
permalink Fair enough
In which case, my guess is one
permalink it's all a doomed ploy
to try and outsmart fate
permalink but it'll break down 28 times.
permalink I am approaching Bristol -
all well so far!
permalink one should always
approach bristol with caution.
permalink I do love
permalink understandably
permalink My friend Derron makes the badges for those still.
He is also the only man in the world who can make any trans red badge (e.g. Alvis or pre-war RR) and he owns the die stamp for pre-war RRs, and is the only person licensed to make discontinued Bentley badges.

Not as good a story as I had envisioned when I began typing.
permalink Disclosure: I used RR
because, whilst i know how to spell Royce, I was unsure how to spell Rolls when I typed it. It just looked wrong.
permalink roles roice
permalink I don't know
there's always something interesting about something that only one person can do, especially if it's a bloke in a shed with a hammer and all the world's supply of something.
permalink like the bloke
in Embra who is the only one who can make red pillar boxes.
permalink There are not many enamelers who specialise as he does.
If you want a new BMW badge they cost about 50p for the machine to kick out. If you have a Bentley badge it needs to be burned out, re-carved, the texture behind the badge created with letraset, be acid etched to shape the wings, be repeatedly enamelled, depending on how many areas of colour there are, fired, kilned and linished.

He does it in his shed - he has just mentally unsafe stuff there - proper old handles for massive power units for the plating lines, belt driven tools, a home made spot welder, a machine engraver that scares the pants off me and the way he stamps dies with a swing stamp is amazing.

And yes, he has the world's only remaining supply of trans red, which can no longer be made (lead content), so if you have a red Alvis badge that is cracked then PDEnamels is your guy.
permalink A "home made spot welder"?
permalink "what are you up to in that shed Stan? why do the lights keep flickering?"
permalink and you ask what you'll do with your life if you quit your job
hang around there drinking tea sounds pretty ideal
permalink He sadly lives about an hour away.
I would go and work for him, were he less of a workaholic. He does about 16 hours per day, every day.

permalink Would he pay you?
An hour is less than you do now, and you'd just have to agree that you didn't work 16 hours a day.
permalink My mum has an Alvis badge on her shelf at home
because she did her apprenticeship there in the 60s.

permalink I've got a smashed in Renault badge
from when my wife drove my lovely Clio into the back of a stationary lorry. This isn't the same thing either.
permalink I remember that happening!
permalink I loved that car
permalink I like this
good work
permalink *applause*
If ever there was summat that you should blog it's this. Plus you've impressed Al so double win all round, and at least one #traingin.
permalink It is still on time at the moment, too.
Of course, CrossCountry trains first class is about half as good as GWR standard class, but still.
permalink Bristol Parkway
and the Wi-Fi is terrible.
permalink Birmingham - I have had a breakfast muffin and I am a mere 1 minute behind schedule
I am doubting this is a real train.
permalink last time Mrs W was first class
on Cross Country her muffin was stale.

Bit like the GN trains into KGX it seems like 1st on a service like that is fecking pointless but a fantastic money earner for the shareholders.
permalink And no proper lady
should have a stale muffin
permalink indeed.

(also she was jel that because I was on VTEC I'd got a full english)
permalink I got cock all last night on the way back
Just two cups of tea.
permalink but you got home,
which as far as a Manley Train Trip goes is 100% successful. Be proud.
permalink Huzzah!
I am in That London now.
permalink and it's still more than double what I'm paying to go to Manchester and back
(including about 50% of the journey 1st class) on Friday, which is a roughly similar distance

are south-west rails made of gold?
permalink Tonight, Chiropractor (for back cracking only, no holistic crystal bollocks)
Tomorrow, date night, probably a crappy movie (Orient Express, Justice League or Battle of the Sexes)
Thursday: gym, Friday: rest.
Weekend: I have a chum visiting, if it's nice we'll go and explore some ruined lead mining buildings.
permalink I'd imagine holistic
crystal bollocks would make you walk funny.
permalink Can you imagine?
The weight and how high standard crystal balls score on the Rockwell scale would be bad enough, but holistic too?

Imagine your balls being connected to literally EVERYTHING.
permalink I am doing no travel this week which is a blessed relief
next week it's Wigan (via Crewe and Hoylake) and Amsterdam

Following week is Belfast and Wigan.

permalink I seem to have eleventy billion things to attend to at work
With the net result that none of them are being efficiently dealt to. Oh well.

This weekend we are flying up to Auckland for the weekend, largely to see some dodgy downtempo/psy music. Courtesy of Deep Forest and Gaudi. There will probably also be beer.
permalink tomorrow night I am going to the football, in the hope-over-experience
that Huddersfield Town can win away at a vastly superior side. Or indeed at all.

Friday is my work Christmas do, which I'm not looking forward to. It is also my work annual appraisal, which I am also not looking forward to.

But writing that has made me realise it's only Tuesday, so I have an extra day to meet my deadline, so that's good.
permalink They do your appraisal
at the xmas party?

permalink (It's not that awful a building reall)
and they've moved it by 2.5m so that it is no longer alongside the cycleway they had already built, so there's space for pedestrians between the cycleway and shops, so they don't have to fuck the cycleway up. Simple. Pity they had to go through a full cycle of planning submission and rejection to get here.
permalink Pfft
"Cylcle" you and your development and planning jokes
permalink my new phone failed to be delievered
although my new blanket has arrived.

so I'm snuggly but miffed.

the rest of the week looks do-able. I'm back with the tall and hairy. He's sorted himself out and I want to give him a chance to never make the same mistake again. So its good. but someone else who lives here and might read here has not taken him back...The trust for her is lost. So its all a bit complicated in this house. sigh.

but I will be officiating at this weeks park run so if you want a super fast time, come to Catton Park 9am Saturday morning.
permalink A vodka martini
snuggly, but miffed
permalink For breakfast?
That's good going, it's normally at least 9:30 before my thoughts drift to alcohol and how I will survive the work day.
permalink Having worked until 4am last night...
then got up at 5.45, gone to Liverpool (whilst working frantically on the train), pulled off a good result, and now on a train home...

I'm hoping for a light couple of days.

Off to Hammersmith on Friday to see Robin Ince and Brian Cox's Compendium of Reason.

Birthday celebrations commence for about two weeks thereafter.
permalink nice
I'd like to see that
permalink "pulled off a good result"
isn't that usually called a happy ending?
permalink Pulled off a good result, eh?
Why am I thinking of Big Train?
permalink I have tickets for that
but can't make it due to family commitments...
permalink ...
permalink ah bugger, i cant do friday
permalink That's good
as he wasn't actually offering the tickets...
permalink I hit and killed a dog on my way home this evening.
I stopped and searched for it with the distraught owner and left my details with his mother. The car in front had clipped it, I didn't see it in time.

Also I am now without a car that I cannot afford to replace at this point. His sister called me to check details but neither of us knew what was supposed to happen in this situation. I informed the police bit am just feeling lost now.
permalink only 3rd party insurance I guess?
permalink Worse.
I have a trade policy that only covers the "trade in" value of the car, which is about nowt. It isn't a huge monetary loss, as it was only an old volvo but I am going to be begging a loan of my dad's van until I can afford to replace it.

I am the lucky one, though I cannot envisage the trauma that poor man is going through.
permalink Oh mate,
poor you (and him) :\ maybe ask around your mates in case anyone has a car that they use rarely?
permalink 2 more days at work
then a long weekend (2nd of many) featuring much electronic tinkering, a mate visiting from the Toon which coincides nicely with the Mill Rd winter fair, a couple of mate's bands playing and the beer fest at the Dev. Sweet.

Also tonight I fixed my long dead TRS80 Model 4P so I'm chuffed.
permalink Have you made a vow
to only live in places with a Mill Road?
permalink it's in the T&Cs of any
new house I move into.
permalink I've got a cold, which I seem to have had for ages,
but it's worse than it was. I'm at work anyway.