thread On a new corporate interwebs link
lads, so far only f*ceb*stard is blocked (like proper 'company policy' blocked), all the other stuff I do is fine.

Still, got a nice fat router at home running OpenVPN so that's good innit. *fires up*
permalink This is very nearly interesting if you jump to 3:30
and see if there's anything you recognise:-
permalink Nope, but I'm only just
getting into synths thanks to the analogue folks needing digital folks like me to help them fix stuff; latest is the PPG Wave as used by that there Vince Clark in Depeche Mode. And the Motion drum synth used by Dave Stewart on songs like 'sweet breams are made of fleas'
permalink It’s the sample at the
beginning of Michael Jackson‘s Beat It, innit?
permalink We've got a new pr0n filter here
among the interesting casualties is M&S
permalink You want to see if
the British School of Motoring is blocked as well.
permalink Or
permalink You know the score
permalink or
permalink happy days of
Pen Island, Therapist Finder, Experts Exchange etc...
permalink and the sadly missed
Powergen Italia
permalink I know it certainly a loss
having to make do with unpowered ones now
permalink call me a hipster
but I always preferred a bit of manual cranking
permalink ha!
never seen that one before :)
permalink On ours
If you Google something and click on the sponsored links, those are a violation. Fucking idiotic categorisation.
permalink We noticed that
too, not that I ever click sponsored links anyway but they're verboten regardless.
permalink I'm often lazy when looking up companies
(suppliers etc) and just Google the name. And then forget I can't use the first results
permalink Just noticed this
morn it won't even let me get to to update my VPN client despite it having an https:// address. Fortunately my home VPN lets me do this anyway. I wonder how long it'll be before we're blocked from doing that.
permalink we got "hacked" at work. well, some knobheads opened an attachment
so everything is locked down to fuck now. not this place so far though...
permalink Watched the first episode of the BBC adaptation of The City and The City
It's damn good so far. All four episodes up iPlayer. I'd love to here the opinion of someone watching the first episode without reading the book first.
permalink Still bingeing on Preacher.
permalink noah taylor is a scream!
permalink What a role, eh?
permalink You leave sick_boy alone
permalink The first season was fantastic.
The second seemed to lose its way.
permalink It was doing fine till the mid-season hiatus,
but now I'm on Episode 9 and it still hasn't got going. Still quite watchable, and the character of Herr Starr is nicely evil
permalink fucking
permalink Can't wait to watch.
It'll have to wait until I get home on Weds though
permalink what's whitney hustons co-ordination of choice?
permalink If nobody else will
I'll have an 4rf
permalink So the Cruddle's are on manoeuvres this week
Dropped Mrs C to the airport this arvo, she's off to Brisbane for 2 weeks. Forecast: 29° and sunny tomorrow

Me, I'm off to Westport for 4 days tomorrow. Forecast 18° and rain (as is usual on the West Coast).

Oh well.
thread A quick round of guess the airport?
Awaiting a 9.35 departure.

Also... guess the destination.

In fact, a point for each of the five airports I'll have been through by Monday lunchtime.
permalink EDI
permalink gesundheit.
permalink 4 points!
One wrong.

Just landed at no.2...
permalink LCY via Amsterdam
permalink LCY to ABZ this morning
Sunday is EDI-LHR-DXB!
permalink this is like a wordsearch
I can only get 3 letters.
permalink BZZ
permalink Sadly, I realise I have only flown into/out of one of those
Although I've been to one of the others
permalink I've been to GIG
tres cosmopolitan me.
permalink I've been to PDS
but I've never been to MEE
permalink Only Noumea for me
Although ADL will likely happen before too long
permalink LHR arriving from SEA
That's what we've just done
permalink I SEA
what you did there
thread Last day in the office
and after a week off, someone else has turned everything over and I've no idea what is going where and when so I'm going to sit back and just make sure I dot and cross my things I need to do.

Boyfriend has first day in his new job today.

Then pub and chips tonight.
permalink Have a good last day. I'm quite jealous.
(Mostly of the chips)
permalink you could have them for tea tonight
I think we're having some sort of thai curry, so chips doubtful.
permalink Not easily.
Very hard to get decent chip-shop style chips here in Berlin :(
permalink there must be somewhere that caters to the fry-up whims of the expat?
there was an Irish pub near wherever I was lat time I was there. admittedly that was probably 5 years ago.
permalink There's a few Irish pubs,
although they're not much good. And their chips are generally... unerfreulich.
permalink Go to The Lir Irish Pub
on Flensburger Strasse near the Englischer Garten. Very decent fish and chips.
permalink Good tip, I hadn't heard of that one.
permalink you didn't take a chip pan..
what kind of englischer are you?

permalink Does anyone still HAVE a chip pan?
I just assumed all those chip pan fire PSAs scared people off them into oven chip territory
permalink I used to share a house with a bloke with a chip pan
every wednesday, regular as clockwork, egg and chips for tea.
permalink I've never had one
My parents, long before I came along, managed to burn out the kitchen of their flat in Glasgow with one.
permalink I've still got a
'profeshnul' deep fat fryer but I've not used it for 2 years or more. Maybe I should bin the spry that's still in there...
permalink if Fight Club taught us anything
it's that you can probably make soap out of that. Lovely chip shop-style soap.
permalink mmm, go to work
stinking of the stuff, like the blokes that work in the biodiesel place in WIlburton.
permalink My mum did have
A dedicated (if not professional) deep fat fryer on the basis it was far safer than pan on the stove top (because it is)
permalink my mum bought me one when i mived into my student flat in 1995, for the safety reaon
we never used it, just bought chips form the chippy if needed.. it's still sitting in a cupboard in my house with the instructions inside it.
permalink Sounds OK.
We had a roast and a pint yesterday, on the way home from seeing the Markfield Beam Engine operating under steam.

Which was splendidly geeky.
permalink Was that the one in walthamstow with all the fire engines?
permalink No... but it’s not far away
Close to Tottenham Hale. 1880’s restored Beam Engine. You can visit every weekend but they run it a few times s year, which is brilliant.
permalink Ah yes, I keep meaning to try that
The one in walthamstow is interesting but you get trapped by extremely keen volunteers who want to explain the detailed history of absolutely everything in there.. my mate told his daughter in Danish that she had to suddenly kick up a fuss and say she needed the loo so they could leave.

permalink Last day goodness,
so you're now in a SEP situation :)

Also Manley's tweet earlier now makes sense.
permalink that's a first
permalink I like this!
Good for me.
permalink sounds like perfect timing
thread Hola!
Too much food and drink Thurs/Fri/Sat.

Today has been largely inactive.

Now slightly bored.
permalink Same!
Although less in the way of food here. Much drinkage. Easter in Berlin is a very special time for my people...
permalink We have been drinking our way around Oregon and Washington for 10 days
Today has been extremely restrained.

permalink We are now in the pub, normality has returned
permalink Aq-
Having been inspired by our visit to the town where they filmed Northern exposure we looked but it seems there is no source of a legit copy of the boxed sets, and we no longer have a way of playing DVDs

Would anyone have any idea of where it might be available??? Or is there a better dvd-digital method nowadays?
permalink If you can rediscover a way of playing DVDs...
I have thw whole box you can borrow...
permalink Cheers, let's see what we can find in the loft / charity shop
permalink dvd? don't bluray still play them?
anyway a usb dvd costs a tenner at argos etc
permalink We don't have a blue ray player either obviously.
We used to rely on laptops but of course upgraded without thinking about it.

My car is litterally the only way to listen to a CD as well
permalink My car
Doesn't take CDs (or tapes, obviously). Bluetooth is the primary media source, it does have an aux-in and a USB socket too.
permalink Just back from a lovely little festival called Tora Tora Tora
About 500 folks, beautiful setting on the Wairarapa coast, great tunes, great company. Somewhat sleep deprived, moderately hungover but really brilliant.
permalink Just lost a good friend, Stuart Brock.
Fell over with a brain haemorrhage on Saturday night, died yesterday evening. A huge part of my life is gone, end of an era, one might say. Me and Mrs Me got drunk about him last night, and are subsequently feeling a tad delicate, not to say emotional, today.
permalink fuck, sorry
to hear that.
permalink Ta.
I have a feeling his funeral is going to be pretty rock'n'roll.

*notifies liver*
permalink the best type
of send off!
permalink Oh yeah.
At his wife's funeral, about 18 months ago, there was a walking brass band*, playing Joy Division and Massive Attack tunes at the pub and the crematorium in the morning, and they played 90s rave tunes at the wake at the pub in the evening. She was sent off by a mass of drunk people dancing their tits off.

*This one:- http://www.mrwilsons.o...
permalink It took me three attempts not to read that as a "wanking brass band",
because I'm a terrible human being.
permalink Who among us can say we've not thought about
cracking one out at a funeral? I know I can't.
permalink i want to have that
oh they worked with the 808 state guy (the only madchester shit i liked)
permalink It was actually the first
funeral they’d ever done. They were more used to festivals and street parties. But everyone who was there wants them at their funeral. Dunno if they’ve done any more funerals, though I do know they got well paid...
permalink Oh bugger
That's really shit mate! Well, sounds like he'll get a good send off though.
permalink Actually,
I think you may have met him. At a bash at our place on Waldegrave rd...

But yes, I have a feeling there'll be a lot of imbibing happening at his funeral.
permalink Quite possibly
My memories of that evening are exceedingly hazy
permalink Me too,
TBH. The delivery of Class A chemicals arrived too late for me not to be utterly rat arsed, and while I did get pretty twatted when they did, I can barely remember anything after about midnight.
permalink I recall a very hungover
drive back to Cambridge, but not a lot of the night before!
permalink ah shit
sorry to hear that fella.. i hope he had a great life X
permalink Happy easter!
We had a busy week in the run up to Easter, so had a big lie in this morning.
permalink Much fun with my
old pub family yesterday, arfs aplenty soundtracked by the Rockin' Mantas and some horsey types who have no concept of personal space to the point of pure fucking rudeness.
Today has largely been idly checking the interwebs and eating all the fried food.
thread no no no
where have you actually been to?
permalink should that reply
be down there? vvvv
permalink absolutely not
permalink Nyom.
Duck rillette spring rolls washed down with Mad March Hare IPA in a rather lovely little country pub FTMFW
permalink Also,
ooh look, a new mixtape from talented podcaster/deluded old man DJ Flere Imsaho:- https://djflereimsahos...
permalink Shepherd's Bush Empire
Ned's Atomic Dustbin, beer. Made the train by seconds.
permalink you're not the only person I know
that was there. Which to be fair is unsurprising. Saw the landlady from the Haymakers tweeting about it.
permalink I was supposed to be at Flight of the Conchords
but that got postponed. Haven't drunk that much in years, and surprisingly got away with only a moderate hangover.
permalink Basil, Edinburgh, Stockholm,Brussels
In that order. Also: WTFAYBOA?
permalink Wheelie bin
Really been
permalink jamaica
permalink Oh!
permalink Everyone taking about
Pop music