thread So who else is doing Dry January?
I'm on Day 10 (yeah, I didn't start on NYD), and feeling fine. The occasional jazz cigarette helps, but I'm not missing teh BOOXE at all. Oh no.

AQ - what's your prediction for the vote tonight?

I drew 187 against May in the office, but I'd predict 66...
permalink you mean she'll win or 66 tory rebels?
my guess is lose by a margin of about 170
permalink We are living
in interesting times.
permalink it's enough
to turn you to drink
permalink Wow 230
that is impressive. At this point, I actually don't know what's going on. Is this still the incredibly long poker game to ensure it doesn't happen, or are they just a bunch of disorganised fuckwits. It's so hard to tell.
permalink there's no master plan on either side
Tessa just wants everyone to shut up and let her be captain of the hockey team and is happy if there are no brown people

Jezza just wants to shovel in the socialist paradise even if it's composed of mud farmers eking out existence from the ashes of society

My money is still on eventual remain purely because that's where the parliamentary brains are, although the Bastards are going to get their time in the sun first. Starmer and Grieve will save us all, but it's going to take a while.
permalink Hopefully two casualties of this shitshow
will be both Theresa and Jezza (the twat)
permalink Also, I don't know who's responisble for this potatoshop
But it is truly terrifying
permalink fuck this thing
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permalink like it
permalink corbyn has been such a disappointment but i'm suprised his crapness has been allowed
to continue.. i mean after the first year it was pretty obvious he couldn't do the job
if he'd fucked off then who knows where we'd be now
labour in power and the the tories self imploding to nothingness.. and of course none of this silly brexit stuff
permalink it was basically impossible to critisise corbyn until about 6 months ago
without being labelled as some sort of tory scum.

It'd be interesting to see how all those people who joined labour to elect him are feeling about it now.
permalink oh i was doing it to friends but more importantly any labour rosette wearers
i'd see.. it reminded me of being pre-teen & talking to religious enthusiasts that believed the bible word for word and how easy that is to dismantle
permalink I still feel like I did the right thing.
We were never going to get David Milliband, so JC was the next best thing, and he's given Labour a right kick up the arse, it's been one the best things to happen to Labour for years.

However, he is so not the right leader to take them into a General Election, and as they're going to lose the no confidence vote this afternoon anyway, they now have the time to sort themselves out a new leader.
permalink I don't see what the great kick up the arse achieved
They are more divided, the unions have as much control, they look unelectable to me.

And Diane abbot.
permalink is there a problem with unions taking part in democracy?
and they have been a very powerful aid for labour
permalink I don't think it's right that large organisations
have written-in-stone rights to control a major political power.

The fact it's a union maybe makes it slightly better (eg i'd also think it'd be odd if the CBI had such rights in directing tory policy etc)

I mean what's wrong with one-person-one-vote and all that. If a union member wanted to cede their vote to the union then fine, but now they are effectively doubling up.

basically parliament wasn't built to deal well with parties controlling blocs of MPs.. having third parties, who have no responibility to wider society, control those parties is worse
permalink You don't think it's right
That the party created by unions to represent the interests of workers in parliament is heavily influenced by the unions?
permalink I think that if we are to have a credible opposition
they shouldn't be controlled by other groups who have self interest (less that 10% of people in the UK are in unions EDIT:6% are in unions affiliated with Labour)

I dont really care if that's labour or not, but right now it'd be easier to sort out labour than invent a new party.

permalink so
where you going to find funding?
permalink because the tory party
have hell of a lot of funding from the people that want to destroy workers rights, whether those workers are unionised or not.
permalink He was supposed to shake things up a bit then fuck off after a year
I don't think anyone actually expected him to be around this long.
permalink yeah... did anyone tell him this?
or remember neil kinnock?

i mean 80% of his MPs voted to remove him as leader and he's still there. he doesn't strike me as the sort to take a sublte hint.
permalink The idea that David Milliband
Would have won when Ed didn't is one of the weirder delusions
permalink david could eat a sandwich without looking like a total moron
sometimes this counts for something.

but it wouldn't have taken much improvement to limit the tories a bit more and perhaps mean the referendum was in a different form / had some sensible provisions in the event of a close result etc.

permalink This, basically.
He's a far better poltician than his brother. And he's less... dorky.
permalink He'd have been just as destroyed
By the same anti-Semitic press
permalink I joined to oppose JC and support Owen Smith
how different it might have been if the opposition leader had been pro-EU
permalink I deeply dislike JC's european position
I sincerely believe that had Owen Smith won, Theresa May wouldn't even have called that election, but even if she had, she would have strengthened her majority
permalink Parliament's really exciting but I DON'T KNOW WHAT ANY OF IT MEANS.
I'm on day 1700*. It gets much easier.

*ish. I last had a drink** at a friend's wedding in May 2014, but don't know the actual day.

** Communion wine doesn't count, but I really wish they wouldn't occasionally fail to water down the sherry.
permalink I'm just now picturing a drunk god with a scottish accent sitting leaning over the edge of a cloud

"gowan, take a drink.. huv a we dram"
"gabriel, this fulla's no having a drink... "
"aww get it in yeah.. take a drink"

but well done
permalink when i was an altar boy the priest was always at the sherry
which made our life a lot easier.. grumpy fuckingBastard
permalink I liked this snippet from the BBC live feed
"a ten minute rule bill will be introduced by Conservative MP Vicky Ford (it's about banning low-level letterboxes), before MPs begin to debate a motion of no confidence in the government."

permalink good one vicky
hopefully next she turns her stern gaze next towards gillette and vegan rolls
permalink why is everyone annoyed at gillette?
this has passed me by
permalink It turns out
men could get something better
permalink Actually,
I think it's a great ad. It's annoyed an awful lot of broflakes, which helps.
permalink I knew nothing about it
until I saw that Piers Morgan had shot hs bolt over it so that instantly means it's a Good Thing(tm)
permalink I'm still clueless and have no wish to
Actively seek out an advert to watch
permalink i found out about it this morning (first time on twitter for ages)
if you type in gillette on youtube the first thing that comes up is an article from the guardian (i think) over images of the ad
then the last seconds of what seemed to be men just being nice

i also found out 'Africa' by toto is a big thing on the internet, people get excited by the most banal things
permalink This is a much better version:-
permalink There's a gillette ad which basically says
"Boys being boys" isn't sufficient justification for being a bully or a sex pest. Knock that shit off and grow up. Try actually bettering yourself.

Man-child sex pests and bullies of the word are using this as an opportunity to out themselves as man-child sex pests and bullies.

Edit: what with that and the remain HSBC billboard ads it's almost like someone in adland has said "Hey, how about we get a bit political? Do you think that'd work?"
permalink yes but it indicates something that gets overlooked by the media
in that for the past 2 years our legislative processes have been completely stuffed by the sheer volume of brexity shite coming through the pipes, business as usual is barely getting through

I was told in 2016 by a civil servant that it was useless lobbying for the next 2 years because there simply wasn't the possibility of getting anything before parliament

yesterday the house was jeering at Leadsom as she tried to get an energy conservation bill squeezed in before the no confidence the normal running of the country just doesn't matter any more to these folk
permalink yep
apparently posties have been campaigning for this since 1958

permalink Nope
But I am having a "drink a bit less in the second half of the month" January, if that helps.
permalink i listened to some talk radio last night (which i'd avoided for sanity reasons)
to check the flavour of oi polloi's madness over the vote

still after all this time idiots were regurgitating lies (and some famously exposed ones) .. just a wash of anger

had to laugh.. what a fucking mess.. fail better
permalink I hate the way the Beeb keep on trotting out
'...the British public voted to leave the EU...'

permalink A majority of those who voted did.
permalink but that wasn't the majority of the UK
by any demographic. Especially as many yooves of today had no say then, and those "british citizens" living abroad didn't get a vote either. It was not representative or nonpartisan.
permalink ...and we've just gone over
'Remain Saturday' where the demographic has shifted with enough leavers dying and enough yooves coming into voting age. 2nd ref would be interesting.
permalink Does it account for people shifting to 'leave'
because 'remain' are glorifying the deaths of leave voters?
permalink Who's glorifying anything?
I'm merely quoting statistististics.
permalink Not you, but the "fact"* is being used in that way
and is turning some people's opinions.

* The fact is based on the false presumption that everyone would vote/abstain in exactly the same way, and that the 'new' voters would vote as previous 18-20 year olds. That's actually contradictory - it's assuming people of a fixed age would vote a certain way and that people of a fixed age wouldn't have changed their voting patter from two years ago.

So it's just bollocks, innit.
permalink But the quote isn't "the majority of all british citizens voted to leave"
permalink but the British public
didn't all vote
permalink Which was their choice, so the British public [who voted] voted to leave the EU.
Imagine the referendum question had three answers, "Yes", "No", and "I don't care". "No" won, narrowly beating "Yes" and significantly beating "I don't care". The "I don't care" option wasn't on the paper though, it was simply a matter of not turning out to vote.

Those who didn't vote aren't some hard done by group, they're not a mystery that should somehow be factored in with the Yes or the No. They exercised their democratic right not to vote.

So "that wasn't a majority of the UK by any demographic" is wrong. It's a majority by the demographic of "those who voted" and also "the total electorate".

The anger here is entirely misplaced. It should all be directed at the conservatives, who spend the poor for the benefit of the rich and are quite happy to have scapegoated the EU for the social ills they have caused and aren't bothered about misery and hardship for the many if it benefits the few.
permalink according to John Curtice on R4 right now
(who comes from a very august institution so must know what he's talking about)

the swing in polling towards a remain result in a second referendum is predominantly due to people who didn't vote the first time now having an opinion, and would vote now, and those people being 2:1 remain:leave

which doesn't undermine your point at all, but I thought it interesting
permalink That's actually a good fact.
And interesting. And doesn't hint of "we'll win in the end because you're all going to die".
permalink youre again
excluding those who were too young, those unable to vote due to arbitrary rules and other factors. It won't be fully representative until you ask in a full census
permalink That's the case with any vote though,
so it falls into Cowjam's other explanation. Meep's makes more sense to me than 'yes but some people didn't vote!!!!11'
permalink Those all appear to be straw men.
"too young" is an innumerable number. You have to draw a line otherwise there won't actually be a vote because you're always going to exclude some people due to age who are old enough to vote by the time the action happens.

What "arbitrary rules" are you on about? Do you mean the 0.13% of the population who are in prison? The UK has an easy to join and easy to use voting system, what exactly is the problem with it?
permalink the result of the referendum
was that the country is incredibly divided on the issue

and so the way forward would have been to create citizen's juries and cross-party commissions to investigate the matter further, and to determine if a consensus option exists (such as remaining but with specific additional protections, or leaving but with ring-fenced legislation copied across)

Of course, that would have required an eventual admission that people mostly voted on the basis of domestic policies such as austerity, so was never going to happen.
permalink that would also
mean them doing something useful instead of pocketing taxpayers money to fund their duck ponds.
permalink That presumes that referenda aren't a tool for getting the public
to think they made a decision.
permalink No they didn't.
You're missing the point. It wasn't a constitutional referendum; they didn't vote to leave the EU. Some of the British public expressed an opinion, that's all. And the Beeb (and *not* ITV) keep expressing it in such a way as to make one think it was a a hard and fast, binding vote.
permalink I'm with Mick on this
I know someone who voted leave to stick it to Cameron nothing else.
permalink yes
it's important to note that had it been a binding referendum, there is no way the question as presented would have got past the Electoral Commission, because one option did not have a clear legislative outcome.

Because, as is the whole nub of the clusterfuck, as soon as you actually try to define Brexit, nobody likes it anymore.
permalink very much
thread Big Engineering somewhere near Peterborough, or Newark, or somewhere...
...means that Edinburgh-KX tonight is due to take 6 hours 8 mins.

I'll be on the verge of insanity when I get there.

I do however have food, wine and internet.
permalink That sucks
Almost as much as me having to go back to work this morning. Fuck. That. Shit.
permalink Christ... you've done well to string it out this far!
I have a day of insanity tomorrow.

Westminster Abbey at 9-11, then to Broadgate for 12, via the office near Old St to pick something up, out of Broadgate at 13.30, and up to Farringdon for 14.00, until 17.30.

Then home to collapse.
permalink Well, xmas break is more of a big thing here
What with it essentially being summer holidays. Most people take 2 weeks, quite a lot 3 or more. I took an extra week (unpaid) just cos my branes needed a break after the shitstorm of last year. Back at my desk now though, feeling like I never left!
permalink ah.. yes.
That makes seasonal sense.
permalink It's almost like the weather knew!
Been mixed weather over the break, but lots of sunshine, and general mid 20s. Yesterday: pissing rain and 17°
permalink You get to go via Cambridge
So that's nice
permalink Do I?
permalink are you on an HST
or one of the electrics? If the latter (power doors, not lean out ones) you'll be getting a diesel loco hooked up to the front at Peterborough
permalink as illustrated
permalink and whilst I'm at it
this shows what's going on on the bit you're going round
permalink electric
(they mostly are, but I do end up on an HST occasionally... god that rolling stock is showing its age.)

I look forward to this exciting diversion and will wave at Witchy and you as I pass.
permalink Peterborough.
Awaiting diesel couplage.
permalink Keep talking dirty,
I’m nearly there.
permalink Oh yeah baby
The big, potent engine is relentlessly pounding its way...

Sorry, I can't be arsed. Hope that was enough.
permalink Who doesn't love being shunted
By a big dirty engine?
permalink Aaaaaaaand
I'm done.
permalink Damn
And I was just ready to start making Ivor the Engine sound effects too.
permalink *lubes up*
permalink Morning.
I set up a thing at work that checks emails in a certain account then forwards them on to specific addresses.

It got into a bit of a tizz at the weekend. An email got stuck, so was being forwarded every five minutes. At least one mailserver didn't like that so sent a warning back, which also got forwarded on every five minutes, along with the warnings that kept on coming back.

When it got to over 4000 our host shut us down because it thought we were sending spam.
permalink MFC.exe?
permalink haha.. i thought you'd learnt your lesson with emails
permalink The funny thing is the error messages
that cause the problem were "You're sending too many emails at the moment so we're delaying sending this one."
permalink 6 hrs sounds ok to me
it's like 600km away isn't it?
anyway sounds like you had a proper picnic with you
permalink it normally takes 4h15 though
permalink 4.15 to 4.45, depending, but definitely not usually 6.08
It was a bit interminable.
thread Whatever happened to vbloke here?
He just posted a recipe on Reddit, and I think it might be a work of art

or an abomination. I can't decide.

Soreen bread and butter pudding

permalink i vote abomination
but then i'm not a bread and butter pudding fan.. and dont' really like sorreen.

the only B&B pudding i ever liked was made with croissants and double cream... it was a cafe that used left over breakfast croissants... and a shitload of cream.
permalink I'll have your portion then.
Soreen is fab and b&b pud is yum too. Not sure I'd combine the two but I'd definitely give it the taste test.
permalink ^^ this ^^
You bunch of heathens
permalink I'm with alistair
permalink I'm with you both.
Morning all.
permalink oh.. i wasn't expecting company
*ties up dressing gown*
permalink *climbs quietly back into wardrobe*
permalink hmmm.

btw i am in a bit of a man-flu induced youtube binge, i can imagine you enjoying this pleasingly angry electrical engineer.

a random selection

permalink Ooooh.... I'll have a look at him later!
permalink It looks like
a square sausage lasagne.
permalink now you're talking.
permalink shit yes.
I may have to make that sometime.
permalink I'd wait
until you're ready to die.
permalink Die happy
permalink I could take that on.
With training and preparation.
permalink Is the sausage replacing the meat
Or the pasta?
permalink possibly both,.
permalink with nice thick slices of cheese in between.
oven baked.
permalink Then battered and deep-fried
permalink or in a pie casing
instead of the usual macaroni / mutton
permalink To my mind,
the sausage replaces the meat, but the final layer is meat.
permalink I think it's
meat, pasta, cheese, repeat to desired depth.
permalink This calls for a bash
permalink I'll bring
the defibrilator.
permalink Cheese sauce, cheese on top.
Otherwise it's not lasagne.
permalink I meant cheese sauce. I'm not a complete heathen.
I think it should be a very very cheesy sauce though.
permalink No, just no.
Don't like Soreen, don't like BBP, though I used to make a cheese and bacon savoury BBP which was ALL teh lovely.
permalink I think I boiked at that on FB
I'm not a great fan of B&BP, and whilst I do love malt loaf, not in a B&BP thank you very much
permalink do you have a link?
i do like soreen squidgy goodness*.. toasted on one side with butter
though i'd prefer a proper jamacian spiced bun

*quite high in protein
permalink Toasted malt loaf
what madness is this? Doesn't that destroy the squishiness?
permalink toasted malt loaf is amazing
bit like a hot cross bun or currant teacake.
permalink indeed.. it's all about the textures and mouth feel
and at the moment at 50p a loaf.. quite a bargain
permalink snow!
snow everywhere.

disclaimer: may be somewhere colder than UK
permalink Colombia?
permalink not quite, but one of their key export areas
Zurich. This evening we were taken to an all-you-can-eat veggie indian buffet place. I say all you can eat, once I filled my first plate I was directed to place it on a set of scales which printed me a receipt. £24. There was no second plate.

Yesterday I was taken to an all-you-can-eat veggie indian buffet place in London. £7. No scales. Infinite plates. Better food.
permalink Ahhh. Switzerland.
Amazing, beautiful country.

Unfortunately inhabited by the Swiss, who are an utter bunch of cunts.
permalink See I'd agree that almost all the Swiss I've met outside Switzerland
have been nobbers

But almost everyone I've met here on my several trips have been lovely

Although all Swiss children/teenagers appear to be spoilt brats, which is possibly why they still have national service
permalink the teenagers slinging drugs usually have a waft of 80's americana suburbs
about them
it's quite humorous in a repoMan kind of way
permalink in that sense, aren't all restaurants "all you can eat"
I mean you can order as much as you like in most places.
permalink Yeah I was just mis-sold
And a buffet by weight is obviously to be faced with planning and tactics
permalink they're really popular in Brazil
beans and meat are cheap, but pretty heavy and filling. Kilo restaurants.
permalink the veggie aspect is a twist
i suspect i'd be goingheavy on bhajis and samosas, then your masalla chaat type bean curries.

and then chapatis perhaps over rice... tough call.

i might have to try a few different stratetgies
permalink Having spent yesterday dibbling about a snowy alp
And returning to somewhere that now seems very cheap, I may just have rendered the Heathrow T5 Wagamama temporarily out of stock
permalink I don't remember eating this.
Found in our toilet this evening.

permalink Cute!
permalink have you named it?
permalink I've spent the last half an hour trying to think of reptile /poop
Pun names

But I've failed... If it was a stick insect I might have something...

If it was posted on social media maybe the sub headline could be "you know those nature documentary pictures where the alligator looks like a log..."
permalink He's a monitor lizard
So you could ask if he was monitoring my "movements".
permalink I think yer bog needs
permalink Dammit
thread First day back at work
Everything is on fire.

Thankfully, metaphorically
permalink Especially given the sort of substances you're presumably surrounded by.
permalink I am enjoying day 2 of extra week of holiday
Even better, it's going to be a sunny 26° today, rather than drizzling like yesterday. Does, however, mean I need to get fuckloads done in the garden. Oh well...
permalink yesterday i sent some books to nz
worked out about 3 times their initial cost.. when the hell did THAT happen
these post companies are raking it in and with amazon* and online buying in general they're making a killing

*the recent southpark episodes on amazon were brilliant
permalink shipping stuff is expensive
and i dint think anyone thinks that bok publishers are raking it in with amazon.

but, they still make south park?
permalink Yup
Shipping anything remotely heavy has become ridiculously expensive
permalink Especially if air transport is involved
Weight directly means fuel means cost
permalink happy ELVIS day!
thread A bit too much red wine last night
on top of the white wine and the beers.

permalink First alcohol free Saturday
for quite literally decades - normally it's 2 or 3 cocktails followed by 1.5 - 2 bottles of wine. Nice to wake up with a clear head this morning, though I woke ravenously hungry, presumable because I'd had 800-1200 fewer calories than usual. We also tried some of those alcohol free drinks - G&T flavoured pop and the like, and they just gave me horrible reflux. Tea it is then, for the next 29 days.

/rolls spliff
permalink check this guys overview
he does abot 20 all in i think
permalink I'm reliably informed
the Brew Dog Nanny State stuff is good if you like that sort of thing. Although really, as you say, the benefits of not drinking like a middle-class wanker is the massive drop in calories.
permalink Nanny State is ALL
the lovely as long as you like hoppy ales. Adnams Ghost Ship is excellent even on tap and tesco do a 'cider' by Sheppeys which is fucking lovely. My local now does 3 different types of alcohol free, yay them.
permalink Big Drop is also good.
Ghost Ship isn't low alcohol...
permalink big drop stout gets recommended all the time
and even made silver up against 'real' stouts!
it's a quid at tescos at the moment
permalink Alcohol free Ghost Ship is ;)
£1.30 in tesco and if you're feeling flush £4 fucking 40 in the Old Ticket Office in Cambridge Station.
permalink At the moment, Brewdog are also doing Raspberry Blitz
"alcohol free raspberry sour ale"

If that rocks one's boat.
permalink TBH,
I'm not sure if I want to drink near beers. I've tasted Nanny State and hated it (and I do love a good hoppy ale), and there's one by Thornbridge that was bloody awful. I think they just make one want a proper drink. Nah, I'm going to do tea and my own homemade cordials from now until the 4th of Feb.

Like I say, having the occasional spliffette helps, even if it's a just a one-skinner, with a tiny sprinkle of hashish at the tip. Just enough to dull the pain in my foot, and give a mild buzz for a short while.
permalink Yeah... I think a lot of them are actually very good...
... but may make one pissed off that they're not the real thing. Because one is a booze-hound.

Nanny State is nice. But I understand the disappointment.

I'm only going for "Moist January"... ie definitely not dry, but hopefully less sodden than usual.
permalink our dry january has so far just described the type of prossecco we are drinking
permalink I did not have an alcoholic beverage at all yesterday
I think, for the first time in over a month. Oops. From here on in, January is certainly not going to be dry, but maybe just moist, rather than drenched
permalink it's just a mindset thing
i drink them for the bitter taste after doing something physically taxing
permalink Finished off the belgian christmas ales last night
Now the tricky bit of returning to work that is trying to reassemble some kind of daily schedule
permalink no booze
no caffeine. Trying not to eat too much but getting dizzy easily. Not unwell as such but ehn. Think I might need extra iron and sunshine.
permalink my latest snack delight is a
bite of snickers and while you still have it in your mouth 2 ginger nut biscuits
if i was serving it or could be arsed it'd be a snickers ginger nut sandwich but i'm just taking the slob way out
permalink This flu is kicking my arse today
Feel like I was being weighed down by a hippo all night
permalink I think the 6 mile walk yesterday
was probably a mistake.
permalink We were up at 4am to drive
from Bristol to Wigan.

MrsJam stopped about 40 minutes from home and I drove the rest of the way as she was tired. Only I didn't really drive, it was more like parking and forgetting to put the handbrake on and rolling forward a bit.

There were at least three accidents, the biggest involving a couple of lorries and four cars.