thread I had a little adventure yesterday...
In that I actually left the neighbourhood to go to Westminster Abbey. We've been gradually relighting the inside over the last couple of years.

They wanted me to reprogramme the lighting control system a little... to turn the chandeliers NHS blue for a photoshoot with a nurse, since they can't hold the annual Florence Nightingale nurses service today. It's FL's 200th anniversary, and particularly poignant given the current situation.

So I spent the morning in an empty Westminster Abbey with just me, the Deputy Clerk of Works, the Dean's Verger (who are both friends after all the time I've spent in there), a photographer and a very pretty nurse with a big smile and Florence Nightingale's lamp.


permalink That's fun., good excuse to get out.
Though I note CJ got his set up so his 4 year old child could change the colour...

permalink This is just a very slightly more complex system...
It was a lovely morning. I drove down in a zipcar - Bow Road to the Abbey AND PARKED in 23 minutes.

It had warmed up by the time I left so I took a TfL bike home.

Cycling at noon in the sun, Parliament Sq-Whitehall-Trafalgar Sq-Strand-Fleet St-St Paul's-Bank-Leadenhall-Aldgate-Whitechapel-Mile End-Bow with hardly any traffic and few pedestrians was wonderfully surreal....
permalink I can imagine...
I must take a ride into town one evening.

Also, you should try one of the Uber jump bikes.. they are amazing fun to ride.
permalink I will sometime.
If you want the empty City experience, do it soon. Traffic levels are rising fast.
permalink Although a quick look says it's still pretty damn quiet for 6pm...

All TfL's camera feeds, live, on a map. Brilliant thing for remotely observing the apocalypse.
permalink I'm in a church leadership zoom
I had to stifle a laugh.
permalink on the high street
we saw someone shout to someone else that 5G radiation was killing birds.. because he saw an ill looking pigeon...

you know pigeons, the healthiest looking animals normally
permalink 7th fastest living thing on the planet.
Pretty healthy on the whole.
permalink you havent seen the ones that hang around the bins
near sainsburies in walthamstow
permalink Nice.
Westminster Abbey when it's empty must be awesome.

Eve is 4 on the first of june.

For her first birthday we were at Big Church Day Out, so her birthday party was a music festival with 20,000 people.

For her second birthday we were at Big Church Day Out again, and she was old enough to really enjoy it.

Then BCDO North got cancelled, so for her third birthday we got church and school together for a 200+ people BBQ party.

We're thinking of stuff to do for her fourth. It might involve people dropping by the back fence to say happy birthday.
permalink It's amazing.
I've spent a lot of time in there with 3 or 4 people in but it's usually at night. Middle of a sunny day, and with all the chairs out too was quite special.
permalink On my phone that broke the line at
"...and a very pretty nurse with a big"

So there was an instant of mind boggling
permalink It's back to (virtual) work today
Not much has happened in production that is new, novel or out of the ordinary so I'm a bit stumped on what to do with my time. Plus an O&G slump is on its way.

The NHS in general, the nurses and midwives specifically, have been amazing at looking after my family for the last few weeks.
permalink I'M ALERT
Which means I'm allowed to go out to a barbecue golf rave on Wednesday.
permalink good
we need more lerts
permalink OH REALLY
permalink It's the revenge of the comedy logins

Also a preemptive happy birthday to my birthday twins Amy and Manley!
permalink happy birthday trins
permalink Happy birthday
in Futureland!
permalink Happy birthday in about 15 minutes
back in the past!
permalink Ah yes!
I had quite forgotten.
permalink That it was also Amy's and my birthday too
or that is was yours?
permalink All of the above.
I mean, I know that we all share a birthday, but I had not realised it was today.
permalink Happy birthday all!
permalink I'M SO ALERT
permalink That'll learn it.
See, it's good being a lert.
permalink How long do I need to stay alert for, exactly?
I could really do with some sleep now, it has been 4 days.
permalink A
permalink L
permalink E
permalink R
permalink T
permalink I'm heading to Gretna with my 2m pole
to help man the defences
permalink I say give them gretna and annan
No great loss to anyone.
permalink we overheard someone saying that
5g radiation is killing birds...

because he saw an ill looking pigeon.. as if they were all the picturees of health a few months ago
thread And now little Richard .... Who I sort of thought was already dead
Oddly I had a bit of a YouTube binge on him and Rosetta tharpe last night after a few beers...

permalink I must admit I was slightly surprised that he had still been alive.
permalink Staying this alert is fucking exhausting.
I made a Nathan Barley version and unsurprisingly it makes no less sense than the official one.
permalink I think it's actually clearer and much less ambiguous, to be honest.
What are you to keep it? Dusty. Very straightforward. How Mexico? Totally. Well what? Plastic. Just well plastic.

Absolute clarity.
permalink I always keep it dusty.
permalink livid, foolish, and chopped out
were other things that Nathan liked to keep it.
permalink Should make one of those websites where people can make their own or randomly generated ones
Be internet famous for a week
permalink From the looks of my Facebook people have got on this one
Very very quickly.

permalink It's such an easy one
Although not many people have bothered to match the font.
permalink I too was
surprised to hear of his non-deadness right up to the point he DID die. Younger than my Dad too which surprised me for some reason.
thread I see Florian out of off of Kraftwerk
has shuffled off this mortal coil. This is sub-optimal. Onto the autobahn of infinity, RIP.
permalink pissoff
permalink Bollocks!
Had heard he wasn't well :-(
permalink one report I saw said "unconfirmed causes"
but most of the others say cancer
permalink Rather wonderfully...
I found out because the Clangers tweeted about it.
permalink here...
permalink Aww
permalink Mind if I ask you a stupid question about lights?
I'm putting a bit of cheap RGB strip along my daughter's bed with a rotary encoder for her to change the colours.

What's going to be the best way to cycle through colours for a three year old?

Each click round gets a different colour or cycle through the spectrum or...?
permalink just buy some christmas lights
the normally have the option to do either
permalink I don't think there's a right answer...
And only having a single interface means you can only change one parameter.

I assume there will be an an Arduino or similar involved.

How about assuming that you don't want to change saturation and you'll just let her have fully saturated colours? Use the encoder to cycle through hues. Think Hue/Saturation/Intensity, and fix S and I at max.

You just need to convert from HSI to RGB, which isn't too painful. Plenty of code snippets on line.

permalink In fact, if you use a Pi (and hence Python)...
There's a Python module that does it for you: https://docs.python.or...
permalink If not in Python...
this is the maths:

permalink Thank you.
I'm using an arduino. I started with an ESP12 but I'm not confident enough with the pinout. Didn't take long at all to get the hardware working with an old Uno.
permalink This guy has just what you need in Arduino
Should be easy enough to hack to your needs:
permalink Adjusting the hue has worked fantastically, thank you.
And I found someone else's hue to RGB function so it was easy.

I'll get a video when I've got it installed.
permalink Yay!

Fading through Hue is a lovely trick, and you should get nice subtle journeys in colour, rather than weird transitions that go from nice to nice via weird and brown.
permalink Not sure if this link will work...

I've packaged it into a book-shape box.

The button toggles between RGB (with colour change), white (with brightness adjust), off.

I need to tidy up a bit but I'm really happy with it.
permalink Nice job!!!
permalink As an aside, looks like you and mizemma will get the red arrows over
Your neck of the woods at 10am.. going over East ham and Westminster.... If it was like the 150 years flybast they go over the Olympic velodrome

permalink I wondered what that noise was
I even stuck my head out of the window but couldn't see enough clear sky to work out what it was. 10am is a bit early for a fly-by I'd say, or maybe it's a significant hour re this VE Day malarkey.
permalink probably to discourage crowds from gathering.
permalink I was still in bed so that worked for me
permalink I was still in bed too.
I did hear some noise but was only half-awake...
permalink I was still in bed at 10am
too and got some noisy aero bastard but I doubt it was the Arrers.
permalink I think they are based towards kings Lynn so it might well have been.
permalink Ah bollocks, I should've
been more alert. If only there had been that sort of advice 2 days ago.
thread everyone still alive?
I seem to be simultaneously managing to get fit and fat
permalink With you on the fat,
and I don't get out of breath walking to the big co-op and back (a mile) so it's not TOO bad. I've found my shed key so I can finally get the bike out, given how few people are out and about here I've really not got an excuse. Any more.
permalink 111kg this morning
I may actually explode, a la Mr Creosote.
permalink Farkin' 'ell
Better get a bucket
permalink OK suddenly I feel
a bit better.
permalink *checks*
Yes, I think so. Finding it hard to remember what day it is though.

And yes, definitely getting fitness back again (which is as well, as starting training for a 100k race in October). But any initial weight loss seems to have stopped. That'll be all the beer and baked goods that are being consumed I suspect
permalink I'm working on the basis that the 3 marathons I was going to do this year
are all going to still happen

unfortunately the rescheduling (as it currently stands) means they're all within 6 weeks, and my first one - ever - would be the rather brutal Glencoe Gathering rather than the nice pancakey Manchester

it seems unlikely there'll be any mass events this year though, I'm just working on the assumption they will so I have something to maintain fitness for

100k is madness, by the way, in case you didn't know
permalink Yeah, everything is up in the air
And certainly rescheduling things like that is not ideal. May be worth dropping one/two of them? Although until certainty arrives, who knows!

And yes. Having run as far as 62k previously, this is a go at going longer to see whether I enjoy or utterly hate it. May be a one time thing! Although we've been watching too many inspirational running fillums about milers and above of late.

Milers and above still seem insane though!
permalink yeah I'll definitely drop one as it stands
and stick to the two small scottish ones, the big mass events like Manchester have never really appealed that much anyhow, just thought I should do something like that before adding a hill to the equation

got any links? here's a few I've been watching (amazing for many reasons)
permalink Nice
We're chugging our way through this playlist. Some better than others, but really interesting seeing films on the top guys at a race and then a mid/back-packer too!
permalink Last Woman Standing is great.. she's fantastic.. the Barkley is definitely interesting
the Cape Wraith films are interesting especially since top hikers do it in 9 days unsupported
'Paul's Boots' is a hiking film (AT) very sentimental quite lovely
'Free Solo' is pure on the autistic scale focused free climbing amazement
permalink Love Nicky Spinks, she's an absolute legend
Paul's Boots was very unexpectedly lovely

The Barkley is fucking insane, as is Laz!
permalink No one dead
could have eaten as much lamb chop as I did earlier.
permalink I am fitter than ever, thanks to indoor cycling
Weight is coming off... very slowly..

See above
permalink alive?
doubt it
permalink I'm possibly the only one of us
that actually needs to bulk up, and I'm actually losing weight albeit extremely slowly. I am slowly building mass where it matters; the losses seem to be primarily fluidic, the remains of older problems
permalink Good luck
fattening up a bit!
permalink are you on the vital/ensure* drinks?
they really helped me get some weight back.. doctor prescribed

*which ever one doesn't give you diarrhea
permalink no
although I have got access to some protein-rich soups, I'm eating plenty as it is and my nutritionist's happy with my progress. I'm eating more than I have in a couple of years!
permalink we can send pie if that helps

permalink I would love a decent steak & kidney pie...
can't remember the last time I had a good one
permalink Not any fatter but fat enough
Feeling less fit daily. Not sure how to get fit with a small child in my immediate vicinity 22 out of 24 hours a day.
I spend most of it looking like a zombie wondering if I’m entertaining him enough or even doing half of enough of the housework and not feeling good enough because I can’t even find the time to shower without Dave taking him, let alone time to get fit. The TV is taking a lot of load recently and I know he’s only nearly 9 months but what the hell am I supposed to do in lockdown? I’ve absolutely no idea how to parent and nobody to get ideas from.
permalink it sounds really hard, it's bad enough without a sprog
I'm no expert, but I think at that age as long as food is going in one end and everything coming out the other is being dealt with, you're doing pretty well
permalink This^^
Everyone is fed, surviving and not totally insane.

I think in the circumstances, that is perfectly acceptable!
permalink They'll be toddling soon,
That's when it gets really fun.
permalink A friend sent me a photo of us from 2004
and I'm ridiculously skinny.

Turns out Baz Lurhmann was right back in '99.
permalink sunscreen?
permalink Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth.
Oh never mind, you won't understand until it's gone.
permalink I'm struggling to lose weight.
Currently on my dinner break in a lay by near St Albans and I'm constantly grazing.
permalink St Albans?
Could be worse, could be St Evenage!
permalink sicne i've stopped travelling for work and commuting
i've lost a lot of weight...
permalink Someone I know has recently started taking blood pressure meds
They aren't agreeing with her, and as part of her moan she said she 'just didn't like taking government approved medicine'.

Uhhhhhhh that's not how science works.
permalink I can only hope she'd rather be taking class As
permalink Actually
it turns out she did mean boring drugs as opposed to party ones.
permalink More or less
Exercise balanced out by beer and cheese, so probably about even.

Pretty fed up with working from home all day every day though.
permalink working "all day" ?
you haven't grasped the point of this wfh malarky

That is better - I had 12.5 hours of back to back calls one day last week. I did not have time for a wee, even.

I am exhausted.

How is everyone else? Is anyone in the shit?
permalink You are suppsoed to wee while on mute
or not.. depending on how you feel about the call.

my work is on a go-slow.. which is not a major concern in the short / medium term.. but not ideal and not helping days fly by, my non-work productivity has taken a similar nosedive.. though i might start some repainting of the front of the house tomorrow.
permalink It is all video for me.
Not that it would be hard to hide my tiny penis from the screen.
permalink Bucket under the desk.
permalink just use a commode
instead of an office chair
permalink video seems to be very much optional on our
permalink I mean if you were in a real meeting, youd just excuse yourself and leave
Do the same.... but dont come back for 10 minutes just to make it awkward
permalink We’re in the
Middle of buying a house, and Dave is self employed working from home but still trying to get work in. The government would give us nothing. I’m a housewife now but will be a “shareholder” when the taxman asks after the house goes through. I have money now but every single penny is going on the new place. Hopefully to become a dreaded landlord.... to help pay the new mortgage.
permalink I am a dreaded landlord,
but my tenant is not working at the moment, so I am not charging rent.

In fact I am secretly putting extra money into his bank account without telling him (although my wife knows).
permalink I'm not my own boss though, remember...
We have quite a lot on... and everything takes longer this way.

I'm doing at least my usual hours most days... sometimes quite a lot more.