thread Well Stansted airport is an effing joy isn't it?
permalink I quite liked it,
the one time I used it. September the 18th, 2001.
permalink It feels odd to think of Stansted as being any part of the
"good old days" but if it had any thems were it.

permalink A constant source of delight
Seriously Southend airport is the future
permalink Is that the one with the Vulcan?
permalink It used to have one, not sure if it's still there
permalink I prefer it to Luton
A: Because Luton
B: because I can get to Stansted much more easily
permalink it's a hellscape
but the scrambled eggs in the airside Giraffe are nice.

Selling it to Manchester Airport made it worse, now instead of a monopoly that didn't really care whether you went to duty free, every penny you spend is shoring up Manchester so they're desperate to gouge you.
permalink Classic album that
Scrambled eggs in the airside giraffe
permalink Very much
a Primus walbum title, that.
thread Morning! I have a question.
What's the best and/or cheapest way of doing wifi in a church building (large open space often interspersed with big stone pillars), could do with an "i accept the rules" sign-in page.

Edit: Did you know it's Sherbet Dip Dab, not sherbet Dib Dab? (thanks to roxy on FB).

Editedit: I can't decide whether unfriending pro-trump and pro-brexit ppl on facebook is good for my mental health or whether it'll simply plunge me into a liberal elite echo chamber. I think I'll take the risk.
permalink I did an A3 poster for a church thing
which used a nice picture of the canal near my house as a background.

It was only when I came to laminate it that I noticed someone had written "FUCK" on a wall in really big letters.
permalink run ducting up the pews and hard wire the cassocks?
reflector dish on the font?

re: the 2nd edit. Ditch Facebook completely, only follow people you're actually interested in on twitter, reddit should be 3 subs max, and you're allowed to come here. That's the only way to stay sane these days.
permalink The font of all wifi
has a certain ring to it
permalink I keep readign "cassocks"
as "earsocks"
permalink Re edit:
Yes, I did.
permalink Re. Edit edit
I suspect twitter is better for keeping your information pool open, I know people who actively seek different voices. At least them you can choose stuff that's writtn properly and with some knowledge.
permalink The best way to do it, is to hire a company to come in
to do a wifi survey, set you up with the necessary number of access points/mesh nodes and a captive portal solution.

The cheapest way of doing it (if you mean in terms of upfront cost only), is to get a router that can run something like pfsense or openwrt and configure that with one of the open source captive portal solutions, then chuck a series of cheap wifi mesh nodes around the building. If you select this route, then I hope you like maintaining stuff and dealing with hideous amounts device incompatibility issues.
permalink he returns!
*waves around linux server made of coconuts and palm leaves*
permalink I do lurk from time to time ;-)
permalink Thanks.
I have 29 church buildings, most of them also have halls, and I don't think there's any interest in anything that actually costs money.
permalink forget abouth the capture
and use a regular changing password,

put a disclaimer on the bit of paper you print the password on.
permalink Nice. I wonder if a password of "I agree to abide by the rules"
would count?
permalink you'd hope you can trust the christians
permalink shouldn't you be looking into phone blockers
so people are paying attention to what the bloke on the lectern is saying rather than wiring everyone up?
permalink If someone doesn't want to listen they'll not listen.
It'd be better if those who preach could actually engage people by being interesting and relevant. If he/she is boring and irrelevant there's not much point in forcing people to listen.

But largely the wifi is for non-service times. We'd like our buildings to be more widely used, they're expensive and tend to be barely used.
permalink fair enough
can't argue with logic like that
permalink Whatever you do is going to cost money
Even if it's just the minimum ~50 access points so you can have one in each building, that's probably £3-4k just for the access points, then you'd have cabling & routers etc.

On an individual building basis, it's probably not too bad a cost and so long as you get a decent commercial grade access point like a Ubiquiti you should be pretty stable and get reasonable coverage from a centrally positioned AP. So you could roll things out gradually as money is available.

Configuring your network so that the public wifi doesn't have access to any other machines you've got and connected and blocks things like tor and other bandwidth hogs that might leave you liable for a malicious user's behaviour can be a tricky job - network security is a particular skill set - which is why it's best to pay someone to do it for you.
permalink Ok, thanks.
At the moment the buildings that have wifi tend to have a domestic hub on default settings left in a public area, which is a bit rubbish.
permalink Don't people have enough
Mobile data to get them through mass?
permalink Signal can be a bit iffy.
And if I'm working in a church building all day I want decent wifi.

That it tends to be fairly rubbish broadband is an entirely different issue.
permalink shirley
churches are such solid stone that signal can't get through.
Also they're lovely and cool...
permalink Indeed, cathedrals have been advertising that fact
during this hot spell
permalink I was clambering around in the Triforium of Westminster Abbey on Monday.
Not quite so cool up there!
permalink Is that
Where they keep the trifle?
permalink No it's where the triffids run the country from

Oops I've said too much
permalink Probably
They keep bloody everything up there. It's mental.

Also, it's where all the actual working bits of the organ are. I was clambering between clusters of organ pipes when someone started playing it... which was rather intense!
permalink A veritable throbbing organ
Oh, matron!
thread Good moaning fuckos,
For the first time ever for me, guess the airport!

permalink Manchester
permalink I know it's always a long shot
But Ulan Bataar?
permalink Bless you, my child.

What is the point in priority boarding?

You still have to wait for the normos to board, bit get to spend extra time in the tiny seats!
permalink but you get your bag in the locker , and sit at the front so are first in the immigration queue.
.. plus with some it's the cheapest way to get a secodn bag and guarentee it's not taken off you and put in the hold

permalink Still waiting at the gate,
Due to take off in 3mins, can't see it happening!

No and no btw.
permalink Liverpool
permalink I can happily report
That the plane still has it's wheels present.

Edit:airplane mode on.see you on the other side peeps.
permalink Hope you're going on holiday
and if so, have a lovely time.

I'm happy to announce its almost a year since I started talking to tall and hairy. I'm so happy. He's moved in and got a good job and we are fish tank deep in relationship now. That's quite a commitment. Also a new joint bank account for bills. Never done that before.
Also NEW BIKE and surprisingly my arse isn't that sore after a 20 mile ride yesterday.
permalink We are, first abroad holiday for just the two of us since we our honeymoon.
Just checked in at the hotel.

We were in Stansted, now in Rome.
permalink Rome is ace
Have a great time!
permalink Go here:-

Have the octopus starter, the tartare entree and the tripe main course. That is all.

Well no, that's not all, there's nice Aperol spritzers and great desserts and *superb* coffee etc etc. If you fancy a two hour lunch, that's the place to do it.
permalink So I've got this SD card that I've had in an android phone
which has a 16MB partition on and a big partition.

I can't get rid of them. Everything I try says it has worked, and then I have a look and the two partitions are just sat there gleefully looking back at me.

I think I'm going mad.
permalink ntfs or FAT?
because fat can only format so large.
permalink I'm not at the format stage.
I can't get rid of the two partitions. I've tried removing the MBR and giving it a low level format and nothing changes.

I want to remove the two, replace it with one and then put an image on it.
permalink Looks like it might have been a dodgy card.
permalink it's where the chinese spyware sits
permalink Hello Echelon East!
permalink E
permalink C
permalink H
permalink E
permalink L
permalink O
permalink N
permalink O

permalink N
permalink O
permalink L
permalink I
permalink M
permalink I
permalink T
permalink S
permalink Echelons
the best thing to happen on flat Tour de France stages, unless you're a rider and caught out on the wrong side when they split
thread meanwhile
on the Tour de France, TV's Ned Boulting surveys his latest hotel room
permalink I've stayed in worse
at last he's not in bunkbeds with David Millar.
permalink Anyone who has ever stayed in any of the hotels near Russell Square gas stayed in worse...
That would be about £200 a night in central London.
permalink Oh god yes,
I ended up in the Bedford Hotel once because it was the only one near work I could get within budget. It was grim.

Although I counted myself lucky that I avoided the County Hotel, where you have to share bathrooms IIRC.
permalink All the hotels around there are utterly fucking horrific...
And still charge a bomb.
permalink the principal has just been done up and is good, though small rooms
and IHG have just bought it so expect it to be called something else pretty soon
permalink Apparently for last night, rest day and tonight
Sky have been allocated a Campanile
permalink Talking of mad prices
they're taking the fucking piss
permalink isn't that just door prices though?
like if you just walk into any main chain and ask for a room for the night you'll probably pay 2-3 times what you would by booking, nobody actually pays that price
permalink some do, but very few
.. the campanile is about £210 at the moment.

permalink Yeah,
it's what they call the rack rate. Hardly any hotel charges it, except when they get a walk-in.

We were nearly charged it when the Icelandic ash cloud stranded us in istanbul, but we just popped down to the desk with the iPad, showed them what it would have cost on Trivago/Expedia/ - about 2/3 of what they were quoting - and they gave in quickly and charged us the discount rate for the next few days. The websites were showing it as booked up, but there's always a room or two available.

Stayed in Istanbul an extra week - there are waaaaaay worse places to get stuck - and got most of it back on travel insurance.
permalink I knew someone who was stuck in istanbul
they ended up in some madcap bus adventure through italy to get home.
permalink We got a bus
through Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Austria and Germany to Dusseldorf, at which point the flight ban was lifted and we flew to London. We were with BA, so they let us into the 1st Class lounge to shower, as it had taken 48 hours to get from Istanbul and we minged.

At the Romania/Hungary border, it turned out that the American NATO general and his wife and daughter we were carrying didn't have the right visas (the check on boarding in Turkey had been cursory), so they were removed from the bus. Sadly, it took 4+ hrs to get the argumentative cunt off, so we could continue. And at a service station on the autobahn near Munich, we lost a Turkish guy, who was presumably having a crap when we drove off, with his bag and his phone and his passport, not having done a proper headcount. It was all a bit seat-of-the-pants, but it's quite a nice story to dine out on, especially the 10+ stroppy Germans up the front of the bus and the problems they caused, and what happened when one of them overheard me referring to him as Himmler...
permalink I'm sure that was a lovely hotel
In 1975
permalink Mashups. Yes.
permalink The page seems to link to the previous mix...
unless I'm being an idiot, which is quite possible. So I listened to that one and thoroughly enjoyed. Sounded amazing coming out of the HomePod at high volume.
permalink You're right, spacky fingers strikes again.

permalink having finally read Player of Games
I now understand your DJ name
permalink I like this!
Good for me.
permalink Reading that is a very good idea
Now read all the others!
permalink I wasn't overly impressed by it
cf his others
permalink some of them are terrific
Excession is really very good scifi, but some aren't all that good (I'm looking at you Surface Detail).

still, the world would be a very dull place and all that.
permalink *Loved* Surface Detail,
thought Algebraist and Hydrogen Sonata overrated. Best of his Culture stories is Look to Windward; terrific hard sci-fi with the most extraordinary love story in the middle of it. Heartbreaking in places, but ultimately uplifting and life-affirming. And

[spoiler alert]

the revenge taken at the end is so elegantly, gleefully sadistic and badassed that I gasped out loud, reading it on the bus.
permalink I liked Hydrogen Sonata
Algebraist was actually the book that made me go back and give him another go after I'd struggled with whatever it was I'd tried before.

I've got a signed paperback of Look to Windward. Worth upwards of £3 that.
permalink I've lost my signed Complicity.
It was dedicated to me, my name spelt right and everything.
permalink Also, NYOM.
Fucking NYOM.
permalink Oh Yus!
I think that might be happening this week. Next weekend at latest...
permalink If you and the SS haven't been yet
can I recommend the deep fried sea bass at . It's AMAZING
permalink Noted.
permalink 75g of fish and a prawn each?
and no chips?
permalink Now I have a hankering
For scampi and chips!
thread Stansted is an absolute delight this afternoon
.. a mere 1h15minute delay which should get me to Gdansk a little before midnight.

I can only be very glad I didn't go via Luton... As always
permalink Could be worse
Next week we get to spend a few hours in LAX
permalink you'll be interested in this..
(and when you go tell them to get their arses to england)
permalink I saw that
There a band I'm aware of, but not overly familiar with, as they were finished before we got here
permalink there's a bloke in our office block at work I see occasionally
who looks like David Thewlis in Fargo. It's very off-putting; I always let him go first on the coffee machine upstairs.
permalink A lady in my office
wants to keep running an expensive printer because it's on her desk, and she'd have to actually stand up when she wants to scan something if we got rid of it.
permalink send her to a website
that proves toner output from printers gives you cancer and she'll soon give it up.
permalink if she just wants a scanner
you can buy dirt cheap usb flatbeds. bet you can get one from aliexpress, I know you're fond of them.
permalink Or she could just go to the large printer
that has a sheet-feed scanner that's set up to email her the scans with three button presses.
permalink how glamorous
we're not allowed one of those, some IT bollocks excuse.
permalink The data protection is non-existant
but I've also given her a USB stick and said "if there's any personal data then use the USB stick, NOT email".

I've not been told who our data person is or what the data breach reporting procedure is, or whether internal emails are considered secure.

But this employee emails invoices over to HQ so the scanner isn't the weak point.
permalink I don't think it's data protection
I just think our IT people are too lazy to sort it out.
permalink "Stansted is an absolute delight this afternoon"
is a sentence that has never been uttered with sincerity.
permalink It can hardly be a coincidence
that no language on Earth has ever produced the phrase "As pretty as an airport" - Douglas Adams
permalink I was not being sincere
I went through security behind 40 Spanish school kids..
permalink I hope you had earplugs in!
God I still remember hoardes of them roaming Dublin in the 80s causing havoc, whilst "improving their English". I wouldn't recommend getting caught in DART (local train) carriage with 50 odd of them!
permalink They're still there.
One very cool thing my Mum did at the weekend was to plough pointy elbowed through a hoard of them on Dalkey Main St, telling them loudly to get the fuck out of the way in Spanish, with us giggling in her wake.
permalink Excellent
permalink haha!
permalink Oh, I realise this of course...
The only thing worse is Italian school kids
permalink i stoopidly attempted a 'pop-in' to the british museum yesterday
being with walking stick meant i was expressed through the queue to get in
but once in.. oh my days.. i fucking hate school holidays