thread in a job description for a role which involves some middle eastern ownership
"He will also have the ability to deal effectively with internal and external customers, some of who will require high levels of patience, tact and diplomacy."

they might as well say "the boss is a nutjob"

EDIT: and if that doesn't tickle your ivories, this surely will. Pony Gallopin
permalink I do a lot of work with one major drug company
as far as I can tell "must have dramatic and unpredictable mood swings" is the key essential requirement in their job specs.

2 weeks ago I got real grief from a programme manager for some perceived slight, yesterday I get a call from my gaffer saying they'd just sent amazingly positive emails about me. Fucked if I know.
permalink Maybe previous incumbents
have cracked, and told them where to stick it.
permalink This is how it should be.
Shout at people if they do not perform perfectly, but never tell their bosses that.
permalink certainly keeps you on your toes
permalink Awww
but his little leggins don't go fast enough!
permalink ps.
you got email.
permalink on it.
just having lunch then i'll pack up and head over
permalink This afternoon,
I am having a sit down with my Group Director. I shall be demanding the reasoning behind the leaving out of one of my Junior CAD Monkeys in the latest round of promotions. He's been with us 5 years, and is *superb* at his job. He's great with Microstation and Revit, he knows more about Rhino and Grasshopper than I do, he's clever and inquisitive and hardworking and is a nice bloke to boot.
permalink There's your answer.
Being a nice bloke gets you nowhere - I have always got more when i threatened to quit, never when I worked hard.
permalink True.
I got passed over until I called my team leader a 'prick with ears'.

What annoys me is that we CAD Associates don't get consulted by management when it comes to promoting CAD Techs, only the team leaders do, and they know less than fuck all about CAD.
permalink And he's cancelled the meeting.
Wants to do it on Monday afternoon. When I'll be 9533km away.
permalink going anywhere nice?
permalink Skeggy.
Lovely at this time of year, you can get a bag of chips and a handjob under the pier for a fiver.
permalink Skegvegas eh.
I drove through the place a few years ago just to see if it was as shite as I remembered it from the 70s.

permalink You can Skype it!
permalink I'm waiting for some cunt to suggest that.
permalink Also the job spec uses "he"
That's a red flag
permalink If you did Latin and Grammar at school
He and man are gender neutral.
permalink What about He-man
(and the masters of the universe)?
permalink He-Man is male.
Man and He were always gender neutral, and we made up names for the female version of man, which is woman.

It is like dogs, where all dogs are dogs, but female dogs are also bitches, or cows, where all cows are cows, but male cows are bulls.
permalink they may originally as roots be gender neutral
but in modern common use, WHICH IS WHAT ACTUALLY MATTERS HERE, they are gendered. The vast majority of job adverts are written using terms that in modern common use are understood to be gender neutral. By using terms that are understood to be gendered there is a clear implication that the successful applicant will be a man. Given the other supporting information given it is hardly a stretch that this is probably intentional.
permalink Common usage can fuck off.
All that matters is what the person saying it means.

Your inference does not dictate the implication. There is no clear implication.
permalink Although it does state Middle East
and in AD we took males along to represent the females as the Emirates just ignored women. We did not even bother taking any black colleagues.
permalink no
how language is understood is what matters, not how it was intended. If you have to explain intention language has failed.
permalink No, I categorically stand opposed to that.
Inference does not ever alter implication.

If my grandmother says that the day was too gay for her then it does not matter who is offended and thinks that she is being homophobic, she still means that it was too bright and cheerful. It may be she causes offence and that there is reason to apologise, not for what she said, but for the fact that someone was offended by it, which was not her intention, but the inference never ever represents any sort of lever to change the implication. This is a modern left-wing knee jerk way of behaving and it is precisely what has left to the militant right-wing arseholes who are reacting to being pulled up for saying the wrong thing when what they meant was not the wrong thing. It is vile and it needs to stop.

Also, if my grandmother said that it was too gay for her it would be a fucking miracle as she died the best part of a decade ago.
permalink but this stuff fucking matters
if you use "he" rather then "they" in a job advert then you will immediately alienate talented women- some because they sincerely believe that the recruiter is specifically looking for a man and won't consider a woman, and some because they believe the recruiter is a tone deaf arsehole that doesn't understand this stuff and therefore the working environment would be toxic from the get go. Your dead grandmother has been offered up here as a strawman, she is not recruiting anyone.
permalink to be fair it's actually a typo
the rest of the document always uses "S/he" but they must have missed this one.
permalink fair enough
Manley is still wrong and they could have used "they" instead of that clunky construction.
permalink They could have
but the use of 'he' does not mean they do not want women, just because you decide they mean that.

Whether they want women applying is entirely down to whether or not they want women applying and cock all to do with your inference.

I understand that there are people out there who do not understand how grammar works, but fuck 'em, they should have paid attention at school.
permalink This actually explains everything.
Manley is Humpty Dumpty.
thread 私は日本に行く前にさらに3回寝なければならない
Pronounced:- Watashi wa Nihon ni iku mae ni sarani 3-kai nenakereba naranai
permalink Are you, by any chance,
visiting Japan soon?
permalink Did I not mention it already? How remiss of me.

Hotel in Hakone booked for the first two nights, Airbnb for the next 5 in Kyoto.
permalink Kyoto is ok
But we much much preferred Tokyo.

I just don't know enough about Buddhism to tell all the temples apart, although there are many excellent gardens there.
permalink I really liked Tokyo,
but I ❤ Kyoto. This will be our third visit there; the Airbnb is right next to Nishiki market, so I'm looking forward to buying all sorts of mad produce and cooking it.
permalink 私のホバークラフトはウナギで満たされています
Watashi no hobākurafuto wa unagi de mitasa rete imasu
permalink that's easy for
YOU to say.

Oh. It was. Carry on.
permalink Too windy for sailing in Whitstable
So I headed off on my own to Margate, which seems to have cultural whiplash. Has all the grotty arcades, Wimpy fast food etc if any other run down seaside town, but I'm having a marinated halloumi kebab for lunch and next up is a wander round the Turner Contemporary. Weird.
permalink Excellent place, the Turner,
and not just cos we built it. Oh no.
permalink It is
Very good
permalink Konichiwa!
Heading for Cairngorm with Minilluminator...
permalink Arigato
Or some such.

Hewo. Been on a date. It's strange being attracted to someone else. Jen is trying to keep me sane but now the bathroom is done I might start to relax and enjoy some of what is left of summer.
permalink TJ
I see that the torch tower has caught fire again

One of yours, CI?
permalink Everyone's ok?
Can't find anything saying anyone was hurt.
permalink all good apparently
permalink Sooner or later, the irony of the name
will be come too much for them.
thread Tuesday
for me this week, Friday, but next week Monday. Glamorous Whitstable tomorrow. Will be good to get away
permalink I am catching the late train (as I have a call which I have to take first)
so I am not going to be in Baker Street until almost 1

Lazy days.
permalink I was having an okay day
but my father just called to say that my friend died.

I am weeping openly on public transport.
permalink Oh shit,
that is sad. So sorry to hear that. It's happened to me, and it's horrible.

I went to a quiet pub, and drank to their memory.
permalink fuck, that's
grim. Sorry mate.
permalink Sorry to hear that old bean
That is very shit. There seems to have been far too much of that sort of thing of late
permalink It has been warm and wet
that shit kills folk.
permalink What a load of tosh!
permalink Care to expand
upon that?
permalink You never do
Why should anyone else?
permalink That just is not true.
Expanding on things is the one thing I do do.

All the time.

On and on and on and on.
permalink Is your middle name
permalink I do not have a middle name
permalink Five moar sleepz!

(till Japan, btw)
permalink I like Whitstable as a place to
visit occasionally for work but I bet it's full of cunts really.
permalink Very decent seafood.
permalink I'm going for a sailing regatta
Been a few times before. It is lovely/full of cunts
permalink Full of lovely cunts?
permalink I am training things this week.
Good session this morning, very productive.
Tomorrow's session, however, features nightmare lady, who is already complaining about the invitation e-mail briefing I sent. I am really not looking forward.
Then I have a 9.30am in Newbury on Thursday, which involves a horrifically early start for me.
permalink Actually, leave by 5.30am should do it,
but still bleurgh.
permalink I'm pleased that
due to company changes I don't have to go to Newbury any more. This pleases me.
permalink Considering it's so "well connected"
it's a bloody long way from most places
permalink all i know is that it has a bypass
permalink I used to use the quite a lot
it was good, don't know what the fuss was about.
permalink I think they were worried about the cars getting in stuck amongst all the trees
or something
permalink I thought it was just a bit
permalink yeah that was it
permalink And a racecourse.
They are building ALL THE HOUSES IN THE WORLD next to the racecourse at the moment.
permalink We have an application in for 2000 of the buggers
on the other side of town.
permalink The town is actually quite nice.
They've done a very good town centre renewal thing, the market street is nice, and the new shopping centre is genuinely mixed use, and has streets that are open 24 hours and go from one place to another instead of indoor corridor things that shut at night and don't go anywhere.
permalink thinking about it in all the
years I've been going there I've never actually beein INTO the town centre.
permalink that's the point of a bypass!
permalink I don't think I've been on the
bypass more than once either, go me.
permalink Me neither
That's the catch with actually going there - no bypass action...
permalink right, all of us
take Friday off, beano to Newbury.
permalink I'm not bloody going two days in a row
permalink In honour of Swiss National Day...
Do you know what's so great about living in Switzerland?

Well, the flag's a big plus!
permalink This week is mostly being brought to you
by a shitty headcold.

Bleurgh. That is all.
thread Morning
What fresh hell does your week bring?
permalink My back hurts a lot.
Also, I am still Manley.
permalink idiots
largely idiots.
permalink adjust that
Idiots who insist on using Latin terms that they don't know the meaning of.

'de novo' means the exact opposite of what you think it does you fucking arse.
permalink Are you sure? I did study Latin for 6 years.
Unless you mean an entirely different fucking arse?
permalink Weren't De Novo a shit 80s synthpop band
from Walsall?
permalink Tunbridge
permalink Tenbridge
permalink don't forget the "Royal"
they get very eggy if you forget the "Royal".
permalink My home railway station as a child was
permalink 3 mega-busy days...
Then at 6pm Wednesday I get on a train to Edinburgh and the hell ends.

4 days camping, with miniluminator (unless totally rained out which is very possible)... then dropping her off on Sunday night, picking up the Spaniard from the train, and a week of camping, walking, and latterly Edinburgh-festivalling.
permalink haha.. read that as 3 mega bus days & thought blimey that's some radical company cut backs!
i'd love to get out and do some camping it's been aaaages.. do you tent or hammock?
permalink tent.
Big tent on campsite with minilluminator,

Small tent wild camping with Spaniard.
permalink Hello!
Did you post the overseas badges? Or are you waiting for money? Not sure whether mine's got lost between Royal Mail and Deutsche Post or I misunderstood the instructions...
permalink I just need to get my shit together.
Monies received! I will try to post before weds night.
permalink I don't think I've sent any money yet,
wanted to check what the postage would be but shall we assume I'm right and it's £2.55? If so I'll send it now, otherwise can send it once you've confirmed it at the PO. No hurry, obvs :)
permalink a rather stonking monday mornign hangover
solihull, basingstoke

in that order
permalink Condolences
permalink just getting one foot
in front of the other..
permalink How is your tight rope routine coming along?
Or is it a gymnastics beam?
permalink The fall out after a big issue on Friday,
plus quite a bit of 3d substructure modelling. However, next Sunday, Japan! For 3 weeks! Huzzah!

Edit:- Also, I've just heard someone say "No, I never liked Tom & Jerry because it was too violent". What's the stupidest thing you've heard said lately?
permalink Not sure about stupidest
But I loved the electrician who said to me last week,

"I couldnn't do it last week - I had to install some sockets for Peter Gabriel."
permalink My brain hurts for all the stupid my parents spout about Brexit.
Not sure why someone not really enjoying slapstick violence is stupid though, surely that is just subjective?
permalink was this fallout down
to you insisting you were leaving at half 6 regardless? :)
permalink No, it's more the fact that
Aconex is SHITE. We've had to re-workflow 244 drawings out of 472 today due to the fact that some twunt hadn't properly OKayed the previous iteration of them, despite the fact that that was FUCKING MONTHS AGO, and they'd been informally OKayed through Google Drive. When we brought it to their attention today, they were Okayed in minutes, which means they weren't actually looked at.
permalink excellent, I can't see
that causing further problems down the line at all.
permalink Absolutely
I am sure everything will be just fine
permalink hungover and travelling back from Harrogate
after in-laws 40th wedding anniversary

and just put an offer in on a flat that's all location,location,location and probably quite a lot of work over the next few years
permalink what's the location?
permalink Glasgow still, top floor south-facing flat
overlooking the Kelvin and botanic gardens
permalink I once had a fuck
in Glasgow's Botanics
permalink Standard
permalink Is "Glasgow's Botantics"
some sort of rhyming slang I'm unfamiliar with?
permalink /something about bushes
permalink Did you take her up the Kibble Palace?
permalink Botanic Crescent?
I used to live just up the road...
permalink Clouston st
Still waiting to hear back
permalink I know it well
I used to live in Garrioch Road.
permalink didn't get it, which in some ways is a relief
now after another one a few streets away
permalink A combination of working from home
and supervising the small_jimbobs. I'm basically on secondment as a referee.
thread Oh my.
Go to The Manor Restaurant in Clapham.

Have the 7 course tasting menu with wine matching.

Die of pleasure.


Mmmmmmm, kohl rabi.
permalink Cabbage cricket balls
I am a fan.
permalink Me too.
We grew them very successfully in the greenhouse this year. Cut into 1cm slices and char on a griddle, or grate raw into cole slaw instead of carrot. Nyom.
permalink Wait!
Is that why it is coleslaw?
permalink Kohl slaw?
permalink Like that
Sort of thing, yes.
permalink It actually comes from
the Dutch for 'cabbage salad', 'koolslaa'
permalink And kohlrabi comes from cole too.
Cabbage rape.
permalink I just made your ricotta pancakes
They are good, but I think the batter was a bit too thick. Maybe due to the type of ricotta.
permalink It is a pretty thick batter.
They're more like drop scones than pancakes.
permalink Well I had to shape them myself
and I only got 8. Not a problem though!
permalink Noted...
permalink bloody food snobs :P
I've just had some Nissin noodles and tesco peri-peri chicken because nom.
permalink I hope you ate them in a Nissan
parked beside a Nissen hut!
permalink cabbage!?
never guess that you'r irish ;)