thread Is it time for a new thread yet?
I transferred hosting from Dreamhost to UK2.

It's nice to be back on cpanel, but email hosting isn't unlimited. You get 1,000 email addresses and 1,000 forwarders for your primary domain name. If you have additional domains then you're invited to pay through the nose for a 'professional email service', which is rubbish.

I could use an MX forwarding service but I don't think that'd be GDPR compliant, though emails aren't secure anyway so I don't really understand how there could possibly be any control over it.
permalink I'm on hospital number 4 of my recent tour of London establishments
I'd give this one 3/5 the wayfinding needs work but clean and well lit. Their patient alert system seems broken so it basically involves doctors wandering into the loud waiting room and whispering peoples names.. I now have self-check in angst.

permalink Leeds general infirmary had the best wayfinding I've seen,
they have lines painted on the floor that you follow for various departments.

Alder Hey children's hospital have big TVs which show patient's name when it's their turn. It feels a bit wrong to be broadcasting names like that, some of the screens are in the main open area.
permalink If there's a reception desk
make yourself known there as well, that's what you have to do at UCH.
permalink Although hopefully
you're not still waiting.
permalink All was fine, got called in straight away
permalink In other news I'm rather liking Affinity.
I can now take big panoramas.

permalink that's pretty cool,
particularly for getting the colour balance the same across all the pictures.
permalink Good innit
permalink I may never get used to the different keyboard shortcuts
but at least the photoshop ones don't do anything odd
permalink The ECG guy was nice but the PhleBotomist
Could have been friendlier... That said he was able to unroll that surgical tape one handed which was pretty cool
permalink Hopefully he wasn't
too bloody rude!
permalink I do not think
I have ever seen the word "wayfinding" used before. I know what you mean, but just have never come across that way of saying it...
permalink maybe it's an architects thing, we mean it as signage
but distinguished from branding or artwork or such like.
permalink Similarly for urbanism
And roads stuff, wayfinding distinguishes from warning, instruction and informational signs
permalink Yup
Not limited to signs either... wayfinding can encompass all sorts of things that become a system of navigation, placemaking, landmarks, etc.

I eal with wayfinding consultants a lot...
permalink I prefer my own
"Stuff wot gives you directions. Innit."
thread Giving up sucks
What horrifically destructive habit have you considered taking up?
permalink reddit
permalink Driving.
Nupnupnupnup. Hate it.
permalink Oh fucking hell yes
It's a fucking awful thing to do
permalink "throwing myself out of open windows"
..keep passing them
permalink None that spring to mind
In other news, the Death of Stalin, fuck me. Brilliant
permalink God yes.
I watched it on the way back from Dubai a few weeks ago. Stunning.
permalink I just filled out a form to put my gym subscription through work
Never mind b3ta membership number, my employee number is 8.
permalink that's pretty good
mine's 14, although to be fair, there's only about 25 of us have ever worked in the UK office.

To Al. I might start arguing with people on the internet. Just off to reddit/facebook to talk to idiots, brb.
permalink I think we've got about 150 now,
in the UK and Australia.
permalink we're about 50 overall at the moment
mostly in Germany, but them and the yanks do their admin separately.
permalink Using a Visa card…
permalink god
imagine being, at each stage, the person having to tell their superior that the entire system is fucked across Europe
permalink I've been away at a festival
since Thursday, I seem to have missed the visa thing.
permalink Visa completely collapsed for both debit and credit cards
across all of Europe (not just the EU, Europe)
except, the kicker is, some people are reporting that transactions that were declined have, on checking their accounts, gone through
permalink lol
permalink Yep
I bought my mom a National Trust giftcard for her b'day. Transaction was declined. Tried again the day after, it went through, and so did the one from Friday...
permalink apparently
"falling off my bike in a hilarious manner"
permalink I wish midges would give up sucking
Starting the week in Torridon campsite, which claims to be a free facility provided by Highland Council- but in reality was created by highly-organised midges as a centralised feeding point
permalink Smoke.
A lot.
thread Which would you rather give up,
drinking or smoking?

And I don't mean drinking as in a glass of water, a cup of tea, I mean the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
permalink Smoking,
I'd have to take it up first mind
permalink smoking.. crack really affects your tastebuds
when it comes to booxe ;)
permalink I heard crack smoke
tastes like burning biros
permalink I heard
it was very moreish
permalink this would explain
morris dancing
permalink Nothing explains
morris dancing
permalink I gave up smoking, that was rubbish
I'm not giving up booze.
permalink I've taken up smoking again lately.
Well, more than one or two a month. Now it's two a day, which is a bit shit.
permalink I was a proper hardcore smoker
and had to use the horrible tablets to do it, I'm glad I did. Even now, 7 years on, I reckon if I had a couple I'd easily be back on them full time.
permalink Mrs Me was on 40 a day till September 2007.
Then she did the Alan Carr course, and stopped, hasn't had one since. But I can't smoke around her, and she doesn't like being near smokers, because she wants to smoke every day.
permalink the major benefit from properly giving up
is that as soon as I got into cycling again, that really helped my mental health, so it's been good like that.

I'd still love to smoke, but then I'd not be able to get out on my bike anywhere near as much and that's been pretty key in keeping me relatively stable.

If I could have the odd one and it not get me right in, I would, but it's not worth the risk.
permalink i heard charlie brooker on adam buxton's podcast.
he was a 60 a day man.. he said that he used to smoke in the shower.

permalink I'm sure being married
to Konnie Huq is some small recompense for his loss!
permalink I gave up smoking in 1998
So, drinking.
permalink Drinking, definitely
Seeing as I have given up smoking, which I only really did when drinking anyway...

I have been known to give up drinking for a month, usually in the run up to a race, and that's fucking hard.
permalink If you don't need a couple of drinks to take the edge off
you're not training hard enough.
permalink If I've been training hard enough
Then I'm falling asleep on the sofa after half a beer, like on Saturday evening
permalink I’m doing Monday to Thursday
sans drinking these days, but not smoking on those days is especially hard.
permalink We generally try not to drink Mon-Thu
But with differing results. I mean, a quick pint in the pub after running on a Tuesday doesn't count, right?
permalink Nor a snout just after tea.
permalink Given that I don't smerk and
gave up drinking for a year in 2015 I guess it'll have to be drinking again :)
permalink I've given up both.
Drinking was far, far harder but then I was properly addicted.

By comparison giving up smoking was so much easier that I'd stop and think "that was easy, might as well leave it til next year" and start again.
permalink I already gave up the evil weed
so I consider myself exempt from this question.

I did stop drinking for a couple of months last year, but I allowed myself a pint at weekends if I'd done exercise.
permalink It all goes to shit at the weekend,
especially when there's parties and funerals and reunions planned and unplanned that tend to involve vast quantities of beer and indeed cigarettes.

Last extended dry phase I had was about 10 years ago, three months, three days and three hours without a drink.
permalink I gave up weed at 34
ready to have kids.
gave up smoking at 35 because I needed to stay alive for Scotty.
I'd give up booze if someone said it would save my life. Its what the boyfriend has done. I don't think I'd find it that much of a hardship now.
What I do find hard is not having Chocolate or sweet things after dinner.. I eat too much so someone controlling my diet is the difficult thing and i can't seem to do it for myself properly. I'm working too hard and not getting enough exercise so even eating 2000 calories a day means I gain weight. I like food WAY too much.
permalink I know what you mean.
Especially if one is a *fucking* good cook. Which one is.
permalink Certain food hygeine
issues spring to mind...
permalink I read that
as 'good cock'.
permalink weyhey!
and of course, who hasn't got one of those hur hur hur.
permalink *looks to camera*
permalink 2000!
luxury.. i was brought up eating coal
thread Any of you using photoshop elements?
I'm using a full version of cs2 from 2005 and it's not very happy, so I'd like to actually purchase a copy but don't certainly can't afford a full copy.

I'm trying to figure out whether elements will be enough.

I use layers, layer styles, and filters but rarely bother with masking or blending.
permalink Photoshop CC is on monthly subscription.
The personal sub is pretty cheap. Of coruse it means you end up giving them a fortune in the long run, but at's very affordable on an on-going basis.

Photoshop and Lightroom (brilliant if you take a lot of pics, expecially in RAW) for a tenner a month.
permalink Affinity photo is a really good substitute and only
About 50 quid. Affinity designer is also a good illustrator substitute
permalink having just sepnt the mornign using affinity designer, it really is
a serious contender for photo shop and they apparently bring out their indesign competitor at the end of the year which could make a serious case for ditching CS
permalink That looks very interesting, thanks
Edit: that's better than 13 year old photoshop so I'll be spunking £50 on it.
permalink There are a few UI quirks but functionality it is
Very close to photoshop
permalink Don't we call UI "quirks"
features now?
permalink i just mean a few things that dont work
in exactly the same way as photoshop
permalink But elements is fine for that

But remember you can't work in cmyk
permalink for those on the giro velogames
this is interesting on what the optimal team would have been
permalink certainly wasn't mine
although I might aim for the worst possible Tour team.
permalink I had 3 off the perfect team
and 3 from the worst possible team.

carapaz really nailed it for me.
permalink Thanks.
I rarely bother, I don't think I've had a problem working in RGB and letting the printer sort it out.
permalink I've never used Potatoshop
So buggered if I know.

But in good news, the new HMHB walbum turned up in the post yesterday*, so it's a good day.

*yes, I have been listening to it on Spotify for the last couple of weeks, but still, nice to support the lads. Plus now I can do the crossword
thread So meep is drink in a field
CI is busy ' entertaining his Spaniard

I'm full of kebab

And the rest of the planet seems to be watching the footy.

How is eeveryone else spending their bank holiday.
permalink Kept the baby alive.
Had a fry up.
Did all the gardening.
permalink 3 for 3
Well done
permalink Mine was last week.
I went to the outskirts of Berlin and had beer in the sun.
permalink went to a kid's birthday party earlier, better than expected
went for a bike ride, blew out my arse, just watched Thor Ragnarok and am half way through a decent Chilean Sauvignon. I'm absolutely shagged out but not bad all in all.

*Edit. If you're into that sort of thing, the Underworld thing on the Biggest Weekend business is terrific. I'll assume it's on iPlayer.
permalink much troubleshooting and swearing at
a Sharp MZ80A followed by ale and garden nekkidness when the weather unexpectedly picked up later this aft. Braii tomorrow :D
permalink Not a BH weekend here, that's next week for Liz's birthday
Went for a long training run for the race I am doing in July, feeling pretty shatnered thereafter. Currently having lazy Sunday morning and thinking I should get my arse into gear
permalink bbq with a few friends
now I'm awake a litle late, shovling breakfast down alarmingly fast and about to go cycle I think?
permalink I am of course hungover
there's a reason I slept through the thunderstorm
permalink What
permalink 8.05
is definitely early
permalink Spot the person with no children!
I can't remember the last time I got to lie in that late.
permalink Sure, but
Al doesn't have kids either.
permalink Indeed
just idiocy
permalink I worked at the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday,
which was a lot of fun. And sat out in the greenhouse for an hour or two last night watching the thunderstorm raging over us. Today, down to East Sussex for shenanigans.
permalink cor!
were bees involved?
permalink The one that stung
me in my friend’s garden yesterday certainly was.
permalink I hope your "friend's garden"
has recovered acceptably
permalink could have been worse
and stung him right on the old friend.
permalink My ex brother in law,
an utter, *utter* cunt, once got stung on the frenulum by a bee, in mid piss in the countryside. Oh how we laughed.

Mrs Me has a friend who, dabbing herself dry with a Kleenex after a fuck, got stung just above the clit by a wasp that had been in the tissue box.
permalink I walked to Liverpool (about 21 miles)
which was very nice, and culminated in visiting both cathedrals. They're spectacular in very different ways, and the anglican one has a rather large representation of the moon in it.
permalink Today we did a dedication service.
The chap who used to be in charge of the church we used to go to has kids who have spent the last ten years sprogging, and we were asked to do the dedication service for all but the first one. This was the last, and we went to the parents' house for a buffet on the sun.

There were loads of other small kids and a bouncy castle, so eve loved it, and we had a nice time chatting.

Between the service and the do I got news that my grandmother had died at midday. It s expected but sad nonetheless.
permalink I have no idea, and am scared to ask what
"wishy the last ten years sprogging"
is meant to mean.

Actually, no forget I even mentioned it.
permalink Spent the last ten years having kids.
Don't know where 'wishy' came from.
permalink I am herding 6 Spaniards around Edinburgh...
Thickest haar I’ve ever seen today!
permalink Here haar here?
permalink awesome thunderstorms down here with lots of internal cloud lightening
right over ally pally without any thunder.. usually see this stuff on the pacific rim.. kind of unusual here
but no doubt a metreological reaction to the royals cloud seeding earlier to make sure their wedding was sunny & went off without a hitch
not realising meg brought along a mentalist preacher.. haha just seen the footage of his speech.. nicely played rev.
permalink I went to Cheltenham to see John Finnemore
Then I went to North Yorkshire to get the land rover into some awkward positions on some rocks, spent a night under canvas, and went about a bit on some steam trains.
permalink That all sounds splendid.
Taking the Spaniards to Stirling Castle and a distillery today.

Then from tomorrow morning I just have the one Spaniard again, and it's off to Glasgow for a couple of days to see some friends and mooch about.

(meep? possible lunch opportunity on Thursday if you're around?)
permalink I'm afraid I'm not around
back from the festival last night, but about to chuck the tent back in the car and head for the Cairngorms and possibly further north thereafter

making the most of this weather while it lasts
permalink talking of walking,
a friend wants to walk from Wigan to Lindisfarne. Do either of you know about wild camping in the UK?
permalink Wild camping isn't legal in England, but it is in Scotland.
Some campervan forums have information on out-of-the-way areas where you're unlikely to be caughtt.
permalink as amy says wild camping is technically illegal outside of scotland (and most of dartmoor)
but as long as your not being a dick & being respectful of the place and 'leaving no trace' he should be OK
pitch up after everyones left the area or it's dark.. leave early in the morning etc.
that route takes him through forest of bowland through the dales and pennines all places people wildcamp and kielder is mostly legal so should be fine
just typein wildcamping and the area into youtube and there should be some good tips
permalink I have little to add
other than a) as others have said the joy of freedom to wild camp in Scotland definitely does not extend south of the border, but b) in the Lakes I've found that if you ask a farmer if you can camp in an empty field they usually don't mind and c) if going up the northumbrian coast there's loads of vast beaches you could camp on where no-one is likely to notice or mind
permalink Excellent!
Have an awesome time!
permalink Sgor Gaioth was done today- excellent peak
Tomorrow we head north west to the vicinity of the Summer Isles, where we shall ensure a bumper harvest