thread Yesssss!
We have a Vasquez, a Gorman and a Hudson at work now!
permalink No Ripley though?
permalink Not yet.
permalink Believe
It or not
permalink Who's on first?
permalink Hudson gets dragged
through the floor just after lunch
permalink the first Gulf War is now closer in time to the Kennedy assassination than to the present day.

and less politically

the same amount of time has passed between the release of Blood Sugar Sex Magik (red hot chili papers) and the present day as between then and release of the Beatles' first album 'Please Please Me'
permalink Ha ha
we're well old now, innit
permalink I was born less than 20 years
after the end of WW2. Kennedy was still alive when I was born.
permalink That's cos you're really well old, innit
All the interesting Kennedys were gone by the time I turned up...
permalink Why I oughta...
...sit down and get my breath back.
permalink Hi
I'll be 36 a week tomorrow
permalink Fuck.
permalink This.
permalink are you being mean deliberately?
*cries into ibuprofen*
permalink haha
two regrettable occurrences and a couple of financial adventures that went astray..
thread Merry Monday, all. I am currently on a conference call
with a large number of people discussing Mobile Fast Chargers. Or MFCs. Nobody in the room understands why I'm grinning.

What's made you stifle laughter recently?
permalink Our premier concert hall here in Wellington
is called the Michael Fowler Centre, after a former mayor. Having recently seen Tim Minchin and Eddie Izzard there, which is, of course shortened to the MFC

So I know how you feel. Also, in other news, what the blithering fuck Straya? It's like the UK in 92 all over again. But even worse...
permalink Eurovision?
That was my second favourite after the Danish tweepop.
permalink I have no idea what happened in Eurovision
other than Iceland didn't win

No, yer actual politics. Labor* managing to lose an unloseable election to the worst government ever

*no, I don't know where their "u" went to either
permalink Eurovision was more fun, Sweden we're furious
Not going well for Australia, guess people just like mad racists.

Edit. Now I'm reading it, I like that Pauline Hanson's One Nation sounds like a brilliant 90s illegal rave organiser.
permalink It does sound like that
But alas, the lovely Ms Hanson is the sort of racist only Queensland could provide. Imagine a Farage/Yaxley with all the charm removed
permalink blimey is she still about?
I remember everyone getting het up about her when I was in Aus 20 years ago - as you say, a perfect figurehead for thick racists

the main thing that put me off the country was the number of people I was working with who went, "yeah, but you can see her point"
permalink Sadly, yes...
permalink racism runs deep in oz (no to mention homophobia)
it's pretty scary.. but the youth have a lot less hangups so hopefully it'll get better
permalink A German architect called
Helmut Koch
permalink Hopefully generally referred to as
Koch, Helmut
permalink In his emails, yes.
Thing is, he's a cock of the first order.
permalink In which case
nominative determinism at its finest
permalink I have similarly known an Israeli engineer
called Isaac Koch

which apparently isn't that rare a name
permalink My Dad claims he knew a guy called
Ulick McGee which, if you grew up in Dublin, means ‘please perform cunnilingus on me’
permalink my friend always claimed he worked with a bloke called
Pat Mycock
permalink The first person who told
me about the Twin Towers was a colleague called Christopher Peacock who NEVER tired of us shouting 'Morning Crispy" every day. Never.
permalink See also
Drew Peacock.
permalink It means "chef/cook".
permalink Not in this case.
permalink What does it mean in this case?

permalink Say it out loud
and listen for something rude
permalink they're just launching 4.0 aren't they? i was just about to get a bright spanky 3.0
then that reveals it's ugly head
it's never ending updating.. when they get to 10k powerbank in an hour that'll be me good for the rest of time
anything else is just greedy
permalink Billy bragg just talked to me on twitter.
Billy Bragg!
permalink Fee Waybill
talked to me on FaceBook a few months ago. Fee Waybill!
permalink I just met a husky puppy.
A husky puppy!
thread After an overnight flight on Monday, and two long days' of workshop meetings...
today is lazy... daytime flight back in First on BA. Loads of Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle and a snooze ahoy! Maybe a movie.

Oh, and I need to sketch a couple of details, but I've got 7 hours for two rough sketches... and that'll be about the sum total of my actual productive work today.
permalink I might have to do a trip to the States in the next few months
but it'll be AA cattle class so I'll be lucky to not get stabbed.
permalink I'm not sure that alcoholics anonymous
should run an airline
permalink they'd do a better job
permalink And now it's the early train to Edinburgh
I can't bloody wait for holiday time... off to Canada in less than three weeks!
permalink I'm headed to Zante
on an 0725 flight out of stansted on Sunday morning
permalink I'm on a boat
Awwww yis
permalink A motherfucking
permalink Take a good hard
permalink More hiphop:-
thread Manley has just invited me to be buddies on LinkedIn
Where is he these days and how the fuck did any of you ever get hold of an email address of mine?

I blame c0wjam!
permalink Morning
permalink You'll have been suggested to him by linked in because of your algorithms
permalink I doubt if that's Manley's actual doing.
I got an invite from him some years ago, and he and I despise each other, and block each other on FB and Twitter.
permalink I think we're all LinkedIn chums
but I'm still not sure what it's for. Like Instagram. And rugby.
permalink I'm only Binary Dinosaurs
on Linkedin, it comes in handy for finding folk that worked on rare species of mine.
permalink Ah, so he still exists then?
Haven't heard owt from him since he flounced off BaceFook.

In other news, may I be the first to laugh at Leeds? Favourite comment so far; dirty Leeds, done dirt cheap!
permalink Such a pity.
But we lost it a couple of months ago. You can't win the Championship with one point games.
permalink yes, it is a terrible shame about Leeds
*muffled sniggering*
thread I just tried to walk down an up escalator
I got 2 or 3 steps onto it before i noticed my mistake....

one of those days.
permalink I just went for a job interview for a job I don't really want
and now I'm worried I might get it
permalink You can always turn it down.
My friend did a great interview for her perfect job last week, and spent Sunday telling me the many reasons she should turn it down.
permalink it's a great job, civil service
so it has things like a decent pension and benefits, flexible working, career development tracks etc and all that sort of crazy stuff you seem to have in the real world, unlike the clusterfuck of academia that I wouldn't even really call a career

so it's like a grown up decision thing I don't want to have to make, research is fun but utterly dysfunctional
permalink fucking hell
don't tell my missus, who works for the Home Office, that's what it's like!
permalink this is ONS/International Development
who (relatively speaking) seem to have their shit together

Home Office sounds terrifying
permalink they're a fucking shambles
International Development sounds good, lots of backhanders from shady despots?
permalink just tell them you don't know how escalators work
and you are unlikely to be offered the job
permalink I wasn't offered it anyway
so it's all good, crisis averted